1 A STUDY ON SELECTED THEMES OF JHUMPA LAHIRI NOVELS , D.SUMALATHA Assistant Professor of English, Department of English, University College of Engineering, Acharya Nagarjuna University
Jhumpa Lahiri’s modern approach is evident in her themes as well as narrative style. In the present article, an attempt is made to show how the themes of identity, alienation, isolation and diaspora have been a focal point of the fiction of Jhumpa Lahiri. Indian writers have been contributing significantly to the world literature since independence and Indian fiction continues to flourish in the global market. The immigrant experience, the question of identity and the expatriate experiences continue to furnish abundant material for fiction writers as can be seen in the works of various women writers. For instance, Kiran Desai’s, ‘The Inheritance of Loss,’ reveals the pain of exile and the ambiguities of post-colonialism. Lahiri’s literary works are concerned with the diasporic postcolonial situation of the Indians and Indian-Americans, who are caught between two identities and two cultures – the Indian traditions that they have left behind and a totally different western world that they have to live in. Concerned mostly with the disappointments, the failures and the occasional successes of Indian immigrants in America, Lahiri’s works abound in characters who, on being displaced, struggle to survive in the unfamiliar surroundings they are forced to live in. What sets Jhumpa Lahiri apart as a writer is the combination of her absorbing concern for the moral and psychological truths related to the immigrant’s discontent and the outstanding literary qualities which make her writing unique. Her works reveal her commendable grasp of bi-culturalism and authoritative grace.
The problem investigated by this study is the distance learning and learning style of middle school English teachers in underdeveloped area of China from life-long education perspectives. There are few empirical studies on the role of distance learning from the middle school English teachers perspectives. Furthermore, there are few studies on the relationship between teacher age and studying style. The study investigates this gap in the research, identifying factors that impact teacher’s life-long education in rural west China. Key words: distance education; English teachers; underdeveloped area of China INTRODUCTION Middle school English teachers in rural west China as adults are not only learning as individuals, but as members of a group. Teachers expect information that is up-to-date and authoritative, courses that are flexible and accommodate different learning styles, guidance on what and how to study, opportunities to do something with what they learn (assignments and projects), feedback on their work and progress, and help dealing with administrative or personal problems related to the program. In addition to influencing the design and implementation of courses, these expectations should be considered when determining the nature of instruction and support services provided. The most important criteria are determining the best supports to ensure student success [1]. Three areas of support services that are critical include advisement and counselling, administrative support, and teachers’ interaction with faculty and others. BASIC THEORY Distance education students may require additional advisement throughout their student tenure which may include advice on course selection, course requirements and testing modes, and assistance in understanding the relationship of various courses to program completion. Distance education may impose a greater demand on student time than expected. This can impact their work and family responsibilities. While issues should be addressed during the students' orientation process, counselling support services should be made readily available to address additional family, health, and employment issues that may arise. Counselling support services should be proactive as well as reactive to ensure that students who may not seek assistance when in crisis can be identified in order
3 EXPLORATION AND PRACTICE OF CHINESE-ENGLISH BILINGUAL TEACHING IN 3D ANIMATION COURSES , YANG CAO Nanjing Normal University Fine art School, 1st Wen Yuan Road, Nanjing Jiangsu province 210046, China
More and more Chinese University offer 3D animation courses to students. The Chinese-English bilingual teaching becomes one kind of choice in the course. 3D animation bilingual teaching mode is a thematic teaching method, an advanced mode of the Chinese-English bilingual teaching. The Chinese-English bilingual education practiced in China from the beginning of the 20 century, but it is still a new area in animation subject. Learning advanced animation concepts and precious experiences from foreign countries is quite necessary for promoting the industry of Chinese animation while bilingual education is so helpful to quick dissemination of advanced knowledge. 3D animation Chinese-English bilingual teaching in China has own strategies for actual teaching including: stimulating student's interest with appreciation, helping students memorize specialized vocabularies under animation software teaching, Compare learning between the original textbook and the translation version, making full use of Internet information for better practice, participating overseas exchange students program. The final purpose of education is not to teach existing knowledge but to induce the creative power of human beings and to arouse the sense of life and sense of worth.” Animation education does not only involve academic research, occupation training and software training, but also is more of cultivation of creativity. And bilingual education is just one of the essential channels to stimulate creativity. Key words: 3D animation, bilingual, thematic teaching
4 APPROACHES TO STUDENT ACADEMIC WRITING ANALYSIS , SHEN Li-fen China West Normal University, Nanchong, 637000, China
There has been a recent increase in interest in the research of student academic writing. This article reviews the studies concerning student academic writing both broad and at home. The author describes: the previous studies with restricted research designs do not provide an adequate foundation for global conclusions concerning student academic writing; the new approach-MD analysis can combine a much broader perspective with an adequate empirical analysis of the linguistic measures involved. The article has shown more studies in English major student thesis writing need to be conducted to enrich the research of student academic writing. Key words: student academic writing; MD analysis; register variation; Biber; academic prose