1 A Comprehensive Review of Fuel Cell and its Types, Amit Kumar, Tanvir Singh, Satnam Singh, Dr. Yunfei Liu
A fuel cell is an energy conversion technology that allows the energy stored in hydrogen to be converted back into electrical energy for end use. Fuel cells are more predictable and last longer, so, they are more effective than batteries for backup power. In this paper, we have carried out a detailed study on fuel cell and its types.
2 A Detailed Study on Fuel Cell Market: A Step Towards Energy Sustainability in ICT, Tanvir Singh, Amit Kumar, Dr. Yunfei Liu
There is need for dependable and economical backup power due to increasing socio-economic benefits of mobile phone technology and rapid expansion of wireless communication systems. Telecommunications companies are installing fuel cells at cell phone, radio towers etc. So, in this paper, we have discussed about the fuel cell market which acts as a step toward energy sustainability.