1 Intra Oral Multiple Pyogenic Granuloma- A Rare Case Report, Subashini Suyambukesan M.D.S, Gopuchandran Lenin Perumal M.D.S.
Pyogenic Granuloma (PG) is a type of inflammatory hyperplastic lesion seen in the oral cavity. The etiology for this lesion is hyperplasia in response to various stimulus corresponding to low grade local irritation like interdental calculus, traumatic injury or hormonal factors. It commonly occurs in young females as a result of the vascular effects of sex hormones. Intra orally it is mostly solitary and occurs commonly in the gingiva. This case report describes a rare presentation of multiple pyogenic granulomas of the maxillary and mandibular gingivae in a 48 year old female patient.
2 Entrepreneurial Empowerment of Self Help Group Through Micro Finance – A Review of Literature, Mr. T. THILEEPAN, Dr.K. SOUNDARARAJAN
Micro finance programmes like the Self Help Group Bank linkage programme in India have been increasingly hailed for their positive economic impact and the empowerment of women. This is based on the view that women are more likely to be credit constrained have restricted access to wage labour market and have limited decision making and bargaining power within the household. The SHG’s in India playing prominent role in the empowerment of women and they constitute major proportion among participatory development organizations. Women’s productive activities, particularly in Industry, empower them economically and enable them to contribute more to overall development. Whether they are involved in small or medium scale production activities or in the informal or formal sectors, women’s entrepreneurial activities are not only a means for economic survival but also have positive social repercussions for the women themselves and their social environment. The paper was made an attempt to evaluate the role of SHGs in the socio-economic empowerment of women through micro finance.
3 Are Effective Communication Helps Building Trust and Improving Performance of A Service Industry: A Literature Review and Theory Building, RAJESH KUMAR SINHA
In the fast growing and changing competitive market, it is inevitable for the business to win the trust of their customers. Building trust with the customers is a process of creating an emotional bondage between them and that needs to be seriously taken. Past studies showed that in service industries, trust with the customers can be created by positively engaging with them through an honest and effective communication. The current literature review is to show how effective communication influences the customer satisfactions which help to build strong relationship between the customers and the business in the context of service industries.The argument is therefore built along the extra-organization trust development between the business and the external customers, where studies of trust development and impact of communication in service firms like Financial Services and Healthcare have been taken for example. Finally a theoretical proposition is developed for future research to explore whether firm performance is positively influenced by effective communication and trust between the service provider and the customer.
4 Are Effective Communication Helps Building Trust and Improving Performance of A Service Industry: A Literature Review and Theory Building, RAJESH KUMAR SINHA
In the fast growing and changing competitive market, it is inevitable for the business to win the trust of their customers. Building trust with the customers is a process of creating an emotional bondage between them and that needs to be seriously taken. Past studies showed that in service industries, trust with the customers can be created by positively engaging with them through an honest and effective communication. The current literature review is to show how effective communication influences the customer satisfactions which help to build strong relationship between the customers and the business in the context of service industries.The argument is therefore built along the extra-organization trust development between the business and the external customers, where studies of trust development and impact of communication in service firms like Financial Services and Healthcare have been taken for example. Finally a theoretical proposition is developed for future research to explore whether firm performance is positively influenced by effective communication and trust between the service provider and the customer
5 Scenario of Online Tourism Marketing in India and in the State of Tamilnadu, Ms.P.Premakumari, Dr. R.Saraswathy Arvinda Rajah
Tourism is travelling for predominantly recreational or leisure purposes with a view to enhancing the knowledge and widening the wisdom of an individual. Tourism is the world’s largest civilian industry whose growth, economic significance and potential are phenomenal across the globe. Technology and the Internet have created a revolution in tourism marketing. The Internet not only inspires and provides consumers with information on potential travel destinations, but enables them to take immediate action by booking online. And, this is only the beginning of their online engagement, as the Internet continues to play a role during the vacation as well as long after the visitor returns home. Online tourism is rapidly becoming a growing topic of research and its importance as future mode of acquiring information and purchase of tourism products and services is growing day by day. This Paper reflects on how Online Tourism has caused several changes in the tourism industry in India out of which the main impact has been on the interrelation between service providers and traditional intermediaries. Moreover, it also ascertains why this scenario has given an upper hand to travel agents while looking for information or details about tourists market trends, service providers, destinations, facilities, availabilities, prices, tour packages and also in maintaining direct contacts with their partners.
6 Trade and Commerce in Ancient Karnataka (India), Dr. Jagadeesh Kivudanavar, Smt. Veena B. Biradar
Ancient Indian merchants, traders and men engrossed in commercial pursuits. Manusmriti and other works and inscriptions refer to sea borne traffic as well as inland and overland trade and commerce in India, according to Chamber’s Encyclopaedia, “has been celebrated during many ages for its valuable natural productions, its beautiful manufactures and costly merchandise,” and describes it as a seat of commerce. In the early period, the southern parts of India including Karnataka had a rich trade relations with neighbouring and western countries. The exports and imports consisted of precious stones, gold, silver, cloths and commodities. Karnataka maintained inter-regional and intra-regional commercial contacts, for which there is abundant evidence as also international trade relations with other parts of the World. Among the factors which favoured the promotion of commerce were the frequent pilgrim-tours to holy places such as Sravanabelgola, car festivals and jatras which gave opportunities for the merchants who were also devotees to sell their wares to the local inhabitants and carry back goods demanded in their own lands. The present paper throws light on the trade and commerce in ancient Karnataka.
7 The Impact of French Revolution on Romantic Poets, Dr. Mohammad Rizwan Sheikh
The French Revolution was a series of violent political and social upheavals that rocked France between 1789 and 1799. It overthrew the French monarchy and installed a Consulate.The Revolution inaugurated the golden era for mankind in general. It’s ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity remained as sources of inspiration for the European Liberals in the nineteenth century. The political thought of Rousseau remained the basis of political democrats of Europe. Rousseau’s thought prefiguring the major trends, which were to converge in the Romantic Movement, he glorified nature, including human nature, favoured feeling and emotion as against reason and formalism.
8 Impact of the Special Central Assistance Scheme on Scheduled Caste Beneficiaries – A Field Study of Two South Indian States, Dr CHIKKALA KRANTHI KUMAR
The Constitution of India is very articulate about improving the lot of the weaker sections of society, especially the Scheduled Castes. The Government of India has been equally vocal about proving equitable justice to all and improve the quality of life of the hitherto deprived sections of society. The SCSP is one initiative in this direction. Under this Plan, the Centre is providing financial support to the State Governments for improving the living conditions of the SCs. This paper will seek to examine the impact of special central assistance on scheduled caste beneficiaries in one district each of Andhra Pradesh (East Godavari) and Telangana (Nizamabad) States. The intention is to gauge the satisfaction level of the beneficiaries and see whether any mid-course correction is necessary.
9 An Evaluation of Agricultural Finance - A Study With Special Reference to Kaveri Grameena Bank, Dr. M. Kumaraswamy, Jayaprasad D.
Even today agriculture retains its importance in Indian globalised economy; about 70% of the population has been directly or indirectly depend on agricultural and its allied activities. The requirement agricultural credit has been increasing. The Indian sector banks have been experiencing a growth in profits, to retain the tempo the banks are more focusing on commercial lending by ignoring agricultural credit. But many drivers of profits of not sustainable in the long run, They should focus on key factors like diversified loan portfolio, CD ratio, Loans and advances healthy Internal risk management techniques by putting in place appropriated risk Measurement. Indian banking has witnessed tremendous changes in the wake of the new economic reforms ushered in the year 1992. The reforms have positively impacted on the banking system, which has become flexible, Competitive and efficient with better productivity. The winning strategies for them could be clear customer segmentation and product offerings focus on Cost efficiencies and entrepreneurial ability to face stiff competition. Reserve bank of India which is aims at financial stability through structural and regulatory measures. It envisages the new economic reforms in the banking sectors as those aimed at enhancing operational efficiency thorough completion and prudential norms. The new global banking environment influences the Indian banking sector to keep away for priority sector lending. The biggest challenge for the banks in India is efficient management of non-performing assets (NPA’s). So the study focuses to know what is the non-performing Assets are, and how they can handle to reduce loss. The present agricultural financing polices followed by public sector banks including RRBs are needs to be evaluated.
10 Working Women and Protective Laws in India, Dr. Neena Vashisht
Contrary to common perception, a large percentage of women work in India. National data collection agency accept that statistics seriously understate women contribution as workers. On the one hand, there are women workers in unorganized sector both in rural and urban areas who may be called invisible, behind tall buildings, highway, city roads and government programs, they shed their sweat, they are the most crucial but most underpaid and neglected link in the labor chain. On the other hand, there are women in the organized sector who participate in work force in impressive numbers. For example, in the software industry, 30% of the workforce is female and enjoy parity with their male counterparts. This paper analyzes the profile of women in various economic activities industry-wise, zone-wise and sector-wise. It also highlights the protective legislation for working women in our constitution.
11 Incidence of Sports Injuries Among Secondary School Students with and without Disabilities in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State: Implications for School Sports Development in Nigeria., Donatus A. Aniodo, Eskay, M., Ezeudu, F.
The main thrust of the study was the inventory of sports injuries during inter-house sports competitions in secondary schools in Nsukka Local Government Area and their implication for school sports development in Nigeria. The study took account of the various types of injuries which occurred during the 2010 inter-house sports competition in the area. Six public secondaryschools were used for the study. Fifty student-athletes from each of the six secondary schools were used. On the whole 300 student-athletes formed the sample for the study. The questionnaire served as the instrument for the study. It was made up of two sections. Section A contained he demographic variables while section B had the main variables of the study. Simple percentages were used to analyse the data. It was found that 89.7% of the students participating in secondary school intramural sport program in Nsukka Local Government Area Enugu state suffer sport related injuries.The result also revealed that poor sport facilities and equipment are responsible for the causes of sport injuries during school inter-house sport competition. The study further revealed that most students (86.3%) do not make use of sports protective equipments when participating in school inter-house sports competition, it was found to be part of causes of sports injury during interhouse sports competitions.It was therefore recommended that Government should improve the quality of sports facilities in the secondary schools so as to help reduce the risk of students sustaining injuries during inter-house competitions.
12 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Physical Activities Among Undergraduate Students of University of Nigeria, Nsukka, DONATUS A. ANIODO, ESKAY, M., EZEUDU F.
This study investigates the knowledge, attitude and practice towards physical activities among undergraduate students with and without disabilities. Physical activities means organized and selected body movement produced by contraction of skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure which is low, moderate or high intensity that aims at improving physical fitness of an individual. The investigations were carried out in University of Nigeria, Nsukka Campus.Descriptive survey research design was used and the population for the study consists of all the regular undergraduate students of University of Nigeria, Nsukka, campus totaling about 35,600 students as at 2012/2013 academic session. A sample of 320 students was used and multi-stage sampling techniques was adopted to select the sample.The instrument used for data collection was questionnaire administered to students with and without disabilities in selected departments in NuskkaCampus.The statistical tools used for the analysis were frequency, percentage and mean. From the findings of the study, the students had high knowledge on physical activities, meaning, they had positive attitude towards physical activities participation and their practice of physical activities was very high. The study recommended that physical activities should be incorporated into school programme to be practiced once in every week. The study ends with some suggestions for further research which includes the motives and barriers to physical activities participation among undergraduates and health implications of body inactivity on undergraduates of UNN.
13 A Comparative Study of Teaching Aptitude of B.Ed.(General)Pupil Teachers of Kurukshetra District in Relation to Their Gender, Location, Stream and Professional Experience, MRS. HARMEET KAUR
It is experimental truth that effectiveness of a student’s learning is largely dependent on teaching skills of a teacher .The Twenty first century has witnessed a phenomenal change in every aspect of life due to knowledge information and population explosion.To cope up with these changes, teachers have to be prepared to keep abreast with latest developments and time to time evaluations should be there to check the specific abilities gained by them in their field .In the present study,an attempt has been made to test specific capacity of pupil teachers by using teaching aptitude test battery and a comparative study has been done in relation to gender, location, stream and professional experience.Data collected reveals that there is no significant difference in teaching aptitude of pupil teachers in relation to gender,location,stream but a significant difference has been identified in relation to their professional experience as a teacher before joining b.ed. training course.
14 Correlation between Emotional Intelligence and Teaching Competency of B.Ed Trainees - A Gender Wise Analysis, S.Subramanian, Dr. R. Selvaraju
This study examined the relevance of emotional intelligence of B.Ed trainees in relation to the background variable, gender. A standarised tool was used for assessing emotional intelligence of 100 B.Ed trainees from Tirunelveli district, Tamilnadu. Simple random sampling method was adopted for obtaining the data and also framed the suitable hypotheses also. The results showed that the emotional intelligence on teaching competency of B.Ed trainees was correlated with reference to gender.
15 Optimum Financial Allocations on Repair and Maintenance of Railways According to Their Current Technical Status, Zdenek Hrebicek, Dr. Petra Bednarova
Transport Research Centre, v.v.i. has completed the research and development project within the research program of the Ministry of Transport, dealing with research on the optimum allocation of funds for repair and maintenance of the railway infrastructure taking into account its current technical status. In addition to extensive and detailed analytical work a significant part of the solution was a calculation that demonstrates how available outputs of the railway economy information system can be currently used for that purpose (with minimal additional financial cost). There is a current interest of the project outputs by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure and Railway Infrastructure Administration.
16 Application of Multi-criteria Evaluation Method for the Selection of Check-in System in Urban Public Transport, Ivana Olivkova, Dr.Zuzana Svedova
In the transition to a new system or upgrading an existing check-in it is necessary to take into account several important facts affecting the activity and organisation of urban public transport (PT), the quality of transport process, and the associated satisfaction of passengers. This article is focused on the possibilities of modern check-in technologies, which are intended for the urban public transport, their subsequent comparison and evaluation
17 Home Without Space: A Study of Chitra Divakaruni’s Women Characters With Special Reference to Arranged Marriage, Ritu Sharma, Dr. Tanu Gupta
Indian woman has remained entrapped in a world coded by patriarchal order. By and large, she is subjected to the unjust treatment meted out to her. Her mute sufferings, unshed tears and unexpressed sorrows have been delineated effectively in Indian English Literature. Even the poets, dramatists, novelists and prose writers all over the world lay bare the unbearable pain of woman out of her exploitation in their respective works. One such eminent voice is Chitra Divakaruni. Settled in the United States, she brings into portrayal the different strata of Indian women in her magnum opus Arranged Marriage(1997). A unique collection of stories, Arranged Marriage presents a panoramic view of Indian society in true colours. Discrimination against the ‘Fair Sex’ in the forms of domestic violence, economic dependence, female foeticide and wife battering highlights the plight of women in the words of Chitra Divakaruni.
18 Aquaculture of First Larval Stages of the North African Green Water Frog, Meher Bellakhal, André Neveu, Mouna Fartouna Bellakhal, Hechmi Missaoui
Frog rearing is becoming a common activity in aquaculture since demand on frog legs is increasing. We evaluated the relationship between starting body size and multiple measures of larval growth in the North African green water frog Pelophylax saharicus; we analysed within-clutch variation, to remove co-variation between provisioning and genetic maternal effect. We reared tadpoles from multiple clutches in a common environment under two food treatments (high-and low-protein content), and measured the mortality, tadpole size during development and development rate. Tadpoles with a large starting size remained the largest ones through the entire larval development, and attained metamorphosis earlier. Food with high-protein content reduced mortality and increased the growth and development rate; the choice of food may be important in captive-breeding/headstarting programs. We did not detect effects of the interaction between provisioning and type of food on tadpole growth. Our study confirms the importance of egg provisioning in amphibians, showing that it can affect multiple traits, and that their effects can last through the entire larval development.
19 A Study on the Pre-monsoon Thunderstorm Spells over Kolkata, Ranjan Sarkar, Debasis Roy
Pre-monsoon thunderstorms are common in Kolkata. A study has been carried out on the number of Pre-monsoon thunderstorm spells over Kolkata. The obtained trend and concerned probable causes are very significant. Further physical study is also proposed.
20 The Potential Use of Vesiculararbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi of G. Fasciculatum on Medicinal Plants of Tropical Moist Deciduous Forest of Chhattisgarh, Bhavana Dixit, NeelimaTiwari
An investigation has been made about the potential use of vesicular arbuscula rmycorrhizal fungi of G. fasciculatum on some medicinal plants. Medicinal plants species selected for the study are Asparagus recemosus, Rauwolfia serpentina , Coleus forskholii, Gloriosa superba and Acorus calamus. The percentage of VAM association is 88+1.0 % and the intensity of formation of vesicles and arbuscules are 70+1.5 % and 20+2.0%, respectively in VAM inoculated Acorus calamus plants. The Dry Matter yield (DMY) of plants grown in different soils (shoot and root dry wt), are seen to increase in VAM inoculated plants in comparison to non inoculated plants . In Acorus calamus DMY in Coal mine soil( 171.84gm/plant), Copper mine (181.20 gm/plant) , Fly ash( 44.76 gm/plant) ,Skeletal soil (114.30 gm/plant) , and Forest soil( 231.90 gm/plant) was found as compared to control plants. Percentage root infection was higher in Acorus calamus was found 71.00 in forest soil in comparison to other soil.
21 Aesthetic and Artistic Appreciation of B-40 Janamsakhi Manuscript, RIMPY AGARWAL
Janamsakhi manuscript deals with the first Guru of Sikhs, Nanak Dev. Janamsakhi means birth stories of Guru Nanak. The sakhis (stories) in Janamsakhi manuscripts were like an artistic instrument to spread and share the teachings of the Gurus more effectively with the help of visuals as these facilitated the understanding of thought and helped the people to relate to the age and the legend. The popularity of Janamsakhis in the society increased due to their usefulness. Most of the people were illiterate at that time, so these paintings in Janamsakhi were a cagiest way to teach the doctrines of Sikhism to the people. These paintings upheld the Sikh aesthetics to reinforce spirit of the Janamsakhi tradition.
22 A Geographical Study on Positive And Negative Role of Private Housing Cooperative Societies in Mysore City, K.K. Somashekara, B.N. Shivalingappa
People’s preference and opinion on the sites and layouts developed by Government agencies and Private Housing co-operative Societies has been compared. Mysore city has 1048 private housing co-operative societies and land developers functioning in 72 villages. The number of sites developed is for middle class citizens. However both government and Private housing societies are responsible for unequal aerial expansion of Mysore city. The poor performance and delay by government agencies has indirectly encouraged private participation. The negative effects on the growth and development of Private Housing Cooperative Societies are more pronounced as compared to positive effects.
23 On Dengue Prevention Activities of Kmc During 2013, DR. DEBASHIS BISWAS
In 2012, an outbreak of dengue occurred in the city of Kolkata, India. To prevent its recurrence in 2013, the Health Department of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) undertook some unprecedented initiatives and brought down the number of dengue cases from 1852 with 2 deaths in 2012 to 238 with no deaths in 2013. The success came in through the route paved by a young, staid and sturdy political leader — Atin Ghosh. Anti-dengue activities carried out by the corporation during 2013 at the behest of Mr Ghosh are reported in this communication. Political leaders around the country may find this story quite inspiring.
24 Women’s Reproductive Health Status in Hyderabad Slums: Institutional Based Cross Sectional Study, Dr. P. Surender Reddy
Introduction Women in the Reproductive age group are more vulnerable group in terms of health care in developing countries. In India, women are suffering with some kind of reproductive health problem and it is more alarming in slums particularly with RTI problems. Objectives 1. To understand the perceptions and knowledge about various STI’s among women living in slums. 2. To study the type of treatment preferred and undergone by slum women with regard to sexually related problems. 3. To study the knowledge and use of contraceptives by women. Methodology Institutional based cross-sectional study Results Lack of awareness particularly on emergency contraception, non practice of safe sex, unhygienic living conditions, pain during sexual intercourse, fungal infections, white discharge with foul smell are the major problems. Conclusion Since there is poor knowledge on the practice of safe sex, emergency contraception, more targeted interventions along with general awareness strategies are needed.
25 Glimpses of Princely Mysore During the Period of Purnayya, Sreedhara. H
As Dewan for over a decade between 1799 and 1811, Purnayya gained the trust and esteem of the British residents and laid the foundations of the modern Mysore state. Over the next 150 years, among all the Princely Indian states, Mysore became the byword for enlightened public administration. The state was characterized by an efficient, orderly and publicly oriented administration; high quality and spirited leadership from a succession of Dewans starting from Purnayya to Mirza Ismail, and perfect amity between the conscientious rulers and their devoted subjects. We need to acknowledge our debt to Purnayya who must rightly be recognized and lauded as the first, eminent civil servant of Mysore. At a time, when heroes are in short supply – especially in the bureaucracy – Purnayya is a role model to all those who believe in the efficacy of public service.
26 An Empirical Analysis of India’s Merchandise Trade, Mrs Monalisa Singh, Mr Dilfraz Singh
The present paper explores the potentials of enhancing trade between India and Germany and aims at identifying the possible gains that would accrue to each of the economies. Also, identifies the pattern of trade flows between the two economies in a perfectly competitive world characterized by free trade. An analysis of trend, composition and intensity is needed for international trade as it assist in finding out why exporters are not able to exploit their full potential and to what extent it is imported. Analysis of data is done with the help of comparisons of tables and formula of intensity indices of trade.
27 Scientometric Analysis of Endocrinology Research Publications (1993-2012) : A Global Prospective, K.Sivasami
The present study discuss on Scientometric analysis of Endocrinology research publication during 1993-2012: A Global prospective. This study reveals that, year wise research output shows that on increasing and digress during the study period. Document wise output shows that Erratum type has more number of records in Endocrinology research and next position has articles. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism has 27.20 per cent of records. Single authors Contributions are less compare with Collaborative authors contributions. Further this study found that Martino, E. has published more number of publications in Endocrinology research during the study period.
28 Online Grocery Shopping Subscription-Expansion Strategy for Large Retail Formats, Prof. Rajlaxmi Pujar, Dr Arun Handa
According to Crisil Research, the online retail business in India is expected to grow at a whopping 50–55 per cent annually to become aRs 50,000 crore (US$ 8.32 billion) business in the next three years. Looking at the growth of online retail business large retail formats can explore the area of online grocery shopping. Also a subscription strategy can help increase revenue by ensuring they have returning and repeat customers.A feasibility study was carried out to understand the potential of online grocery shopping with 50 households in Pimpri-Chinchwad area, having dual income and having access to internet.
29 A Perspective on Service Quality and Closing Service Quality Gaps, Tulsi Raval
The Indian service sector contributes a large part to the Indian economy in terms of employment potential or its contribution to the national income. There are many challenges faced by the service providers. These challenges come from the basic characteristics of services like intangibility, inseparability, heterogeneity variability, perishability etc. Along with these challenges the service providers have to tackle with different gaps of services to provide the best qualitative services. Gaps in services design and delivery can harm relationship between services providers and customers. Therefore the goal of any service provider is to close or narrow these gaps as much as possible. The objective of this paper is to make an assessment of these service quality gaps and identify the ways to close these gaps.
30 Stock Markets in India: Need for More Robust Mechanisms to Check Misgivings, Santosh Kumar Munda
This paper while discussing the characteristics of the Indian stock market also discusses the problems associated with the same with a historical perspective. It goes on to prove that efforts have been placed by regulators to control the misgivings like insider trading and other trading violations, there has been cases of these galore in the history. Some of the incidents are discussed in detail.
31 Present Status and Challenges of Indian Financial Inclusion Initiatives, Dr Amitava Basu
In recent decades, economic and social inequalities have increased along with high growth rates in India. It is not possible for us to sustain our growth process if we fail to include a huge number of vulnerable groups in our mainstream society. As a result, Inclusive growth has become a national policy objective of our Government and it is possible only through Financial Inclusion. It has been unanimously and globally recognized as one of the key elements for eliminating poverty and narrowing down the glaring urban-rural economic disparity, but it is quite difficult for the formal financial institutions to penetrate into every nook and corner of India to financially include our huge unbanked population. In this back drop, this paper highlights the innovative use of ICT which can deliver cost-effective and efficient services at the door step of the target groups.
32 Liquidity Management - A Review of Relevant Literature, Dr.W.C.Singh, Elangbam Binodini Devi
Effective liquidity management is one of the requirements for the survival of an organization. Various components of working capital should be managed in such a way that the organization is able to maintain appropriate working capital. Adequate working capital enables an organization to meet its obligations in time. It avoids the organization for making payment of unnecessary interests to the creditors. The firm has to invest enough funds in current assets for generating adequate sales capacity; there should be proper quantity & quality of inventories for maintaining and improving sales capacity. Working capital can be assumed as a lifeline of every concern. Without adequate working capital, no progress is possible; inadequate working capital leads to shortage of raw-materials & underutilization of machinery & finally failure of business.
33 A Study on Information Technology Professionals’ Perception Towards Quality of Work Life, Performance and Satisfaction- A Parameters at Work Place, G.S.Indumathi, Dr.R.Thamil Selvan
The success of every organization is highly dependent on the utilization of organizational goals. To achieve organizational goals, individual goals have to be satisfied, in that the Quality of work- life directly contributes to the utilization, development and achievement of organization and human resource goals. A high quality of work- life is essential for an organization to continue, to attract and retain employees (Sandrick, 2003). The basic premise of our Quality of Work Life (QWL) construct and measure is that employees bring a cluster of their wants to their employing organization and expect to enjoy a sense of Quality of Work Life (QWL) to the extent that these wants are satisfied by means of work in that organization. But due to various reasons the employees are forced to do the work and the organizations miss chances to concentrate on the quality of work-life of the employees. The aim of this study is to examine the relationship between the Quality of Work-Life with performance and satisfaction. Based on the interview with the employees in the organization the simple random sampling technique was adopted for 750 respondents. In this study the researcher applied the statistical tools like Confirmatory Factor, Independent sample t-test and Bi-variate. The result of this study clearly proves the employee’s resolve not to stick on in their job in the same firm has it’s because of heavy work load, Leader always criticizes the poor work, not having enough time to spend with the family and friends, Dissatisfied with the grievances handling by the management, no opportunity for promotion, no job guarantee. Hence require HR to concentrate on employee’s quality of work life in the IT companies
34 To Study the Impact of HR Practices on Employee Retention” - a Case Study of L & T Ltd, Hazira, Surat, Prof. Niyati R Patel, Prof. Dr. Mitsu B. Patel
In this paper, an attempt has been made to analyze the challenge of hr in new millennium – to retain best employee in company. Employee Retention is one of the common challenges facing by most of the organization currently. There are various dimensions of HRM practices namely compensation, benefits and rewards, training and career development and work environment, and work life balance which affect the employee retention. The objective of this paper is to analyze the important determinants towards employee retention and its impact on it. For this purpose, a case study was undertaken by choosing manufacturing company situated at Surat. The methodology used in the study is quantitative in nature and data is obtained through structured questionnaire filled by 60 employees. Eventually, conclusion and recommendations were mentioned
35 Perceived Quality of Work Life and Commitment of Employees: An Empirical Analysis of A Private Hospital of Manipur (India), Dr.H.Ramananda Singh, Anuradha Khoirom
Quality of work life (QWL) is believed to have a positive influence on organizational commitment, job satisfaction and performance of the employees. What makes QWL salient to practitioners and scholars is its relationship to organizational Commitment as indicators of Quality of Work Life. Developing a committed workforce is an important concern in a health care sector where there is a growing complexity of modern hospitals. Further, organizations can enjoy competitive advantage if the employees are committed. Hence there is a need to develop committed employees by creating a positive and satisfying feeling amongst the employees to enhance employees’ perceived Quality of Work life. This study attempts to examine the relationship between the level of perceived QWL and the level of commitment of employees in a private hospital of Manipur. The type of research followed is descriptive in nature. The population consists of employees belonging to different categories such as doctors, nurses, technicians and front office personnel. The sample size of the study is 180 employees. Findings reveal that except for the Front office personal, employees’ level of perceived QWL of the hospital under study and their commitment levels are highly correlated.
36 A Study on Ascertaining The Influence of Promotional Activities on Consumer Behaviour in Case of Consumer Products in Urban Kerala, Dr.R.Geetha Ramani, Dr.D.Jayanthi
Modern marketing has now become consumer oriented. Therefore, every business firm has to find out first the consumers and how consumers make their purchasing decisions. During recent years, the marketing field in India has undergone tremendous changes. Research and development activities in marketing have brought some revolutionary changes in this field. Hence, a study has been conducted for ascertaining the influence of promotional activities on consumer behavior in case of consumer products. Data pertaining to the study is been collected from primary and secondary data and 125 respondents has been taken using convenient sampling from urban Kerala. The statistical techniques used in research are Chi-Square analysis and Mean-Rank Analysis. The consumer’s prefer quality products in taking purchasing decision and the effective promotional techniques is Advertisement .So scientific advertising strategies using electronic media should be formulated and implemented by the manufacturers of consumer products. To conclude, the modern marketing is the guiding element of business.
37 Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Retail: Myths and Reality, Dr. Shefali Dani
India is the second largest country in the world in terms of its population. In terms of purchasing power, it is considered one of the biggest economies in the world. Indian economy has certain noticeable elements like vast consumer market, big retail sector, inadequate domestic supply, weak infrastructure, lack in technological background, low GDP, poor management skill, inadequate finance, unemployment etc. Recently, the Indian government has decided to allow 100% FDI in multi-brand retailing; but the question is: does our nation really require FDI? This paper is an attempt to visualize the consequences of FDI in multi-brand retailing. The paper also contains suggestions to improve the domestic market and precautions to be taken for FDI in India.
38 Mathematical Analysis and Accurate Solving of Four-Center Arcs For Fitting Ellipse Based on Dichotomy, Guoshun Wang, Libo Tang
It is a common method in numerical control machining field using arcs to fit ellipse. As many numerical control machines do not support ellipse interpolation, ellipse machining is usually realized by arc machining using fitting method. Thus mismachining tolerance depends on theoretical fitting precision. However, present fitting ellipse is not precise due to inaccurate error algorithm of four-center arcs for machining. This work derives analytical form of normal error and determines finite solution interval of four-center arcs method for fitting ellipse. The transcendental equation for getting the error is derived on the basis of graphics theory, and the equation is solved using dichotomy. The minimum error band of fourcenter arcs for fitting ellipse has been determined for a given normal error, and this is realized by Visual LISP language for programming under AutoCAD environment. The optimal solution of four-center arcs for fitting ellipse has been determined, and the accurate criterion is supplied to determine whether four-center arc is feasible to fit ellipse for a given form tolerance.
39 Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Intestinal Obstruction Due to Ladd’s Band in Pregnancy: A Case Report, DR OMANA E K MBBS, DR. VIDYA S. PRABHU MBBS, DR AJITH S MBBS, DR. J S DIVYA LOUIS MBBS
Intestinal obstruction in pregnancy is rare.It carries significant maternal and fetal mortality,often due to delay in diagnosis and treatment. A 30year old G3A2 with history of acute renal failure due to increased vomiting and intra uterine fetal demise at her 21 weeks in previous pregnancy,now presented with vomiting and elevated renal function test at her 23 weeks.USG: dilated stomach and duodenum with increased peristalsis with a live fetus. MRI: midgut malrotation. Laparotomy done. Obstruction was due to Ladd’s band. Ladd’s procedure done. At her 38weeks she delivered a male baby vaginally. Ladd’s bands create an obstruction of the duodenum. Most cases of intestinal obstruction during pregnancy result from pressure of the growing uterus. A surgical operation called a Ladds procedure is performed.The possibility of a congenital band must be included in the differential diagnosis of patients with symptoms and signs of bowel obstruction and no history of abdominal surgery, trauma. A reluctance to operate during pregnancy adds unnecessary delay, which increases morbidity for both mother and fetus. Often vomiting is misdiagnosed as hyperemesis,such misdiagnosis should be avoided as prompt diagnosis and appropriate therapy are crucial.
40 Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Conservative Management of Cervical Pregnancy: A Case Report, DR BEENA GEORGE MBBS, DR OMANA E K MBBS, DR. VIDYA S. PRABHU MBBS, DR AJITH S MBBS, DR. J S DIVYA LOUIS MBBS
Cervical pregnancy is a rare form of ectopic pregnancy, which accounts for less than 1% of all ectopic pregnancies. This case has been reported because of its rarity and successful treatment by methotrexate injection alone, in early viable pregnancy. A 25 year old G3P1L1E1 with history of previous caesarean section and previous abdominal pregnancy, presented with complaints of bleeding per vaginum for 10 days, after 7weeks of amenorrhoea. Transvaginal sonogram showed – single live intrauterine gestational sac with live fetal pole of CRL7.2mm in the cervical stroma, with surrounding increased vascularity. Her Beta-HCG was 53,280mIU/ml. Inj. Methotrexate 70mg i.m was given on Day1,3,5,7 and Inj. Folinic acid 7mg on Day2,4,6,8. Transvaginal ultrasound after 5days showed decrease in vascularity . Ultrasound after 1 week of treatment showed normal uterus and cervix. Beta HCG was 2300mIU/ml. Patient was on follow up with weekly serum beta-HCG. After seven weeks her Beta HCG became normal. Though studies have shown unsatisfactory results using methotrexate for Beta-HCG more than 10,000mIU/ml and cardiac activity is present, in our case we considered methotrexate, because vascularity will be reduced and bleeding will be less when we add other adjuvant conservative procedures. There are also studies showing treatment with methotrexate in viable cervical pregnancy less than12 weeks gestation carrying a high success rate. As with increasing caesarean section and artificial reproductive technique, there is increase in cervical pregnancy, a life threatening event. Early diagnosis allows early intervention and increases the likelihood of successful conservative treatment,there by preserving patient’s fertility. Methotrexate multidose regime as a conservative treatment is found out to be highly successful in viable cervical pregnancy.
41 Huge Retroperitoneal Liposarcoma-Case Report, Dr.Mohammad Raza, Dr.Shivanand Reddy, Dr.Dileep
Liposarcoma, the most common type of retroperitoneal tumor, usually presents late with average weight of 15-20 kg, mostly in men(1). Surgery is considered to be gold standard even in giant retroperitoneal liposarcomas.We report a case of 65 year old woman with a giant retroperitoneal liposarcoma and show that large tumor size is not necessarily a contraindication to surgical resection.
42 Study of Results of Minimal Invasive Plate Fixation in Metaphyseal Fracture of Tibia in Adult, Dr Rameez Musa, Dr Kaushal Anand, Dr Nimish Patel
Modern way of living has lead to increased incidence of comminuted fractures of bones. This is due to the ever increasing vehicular traffic and industrial activity Management of these fractures by itself is challenging. In this we have studied 40 patients with complex metaphysical tibia fracture and treated by minimal invasive procedure. We have studied the operative time, technique and various post operative outcomes (mobilization time, callus time etc.).At the end of study we have concluded that minimal invasive procedure is treatment of choice for close tibia metaphyseal fracture due to its early post operative mobilization and early callus formation.
43 Psychogenic Skin Excoriation (Skin Picking) : Case Report, Radhika Majlikar Kelkar, Sagar Karia, Avinash De Sousa, Sushma Sonavane
Compulsive skin picking is a new disorder called Psychogenic Excoration or Skin Picking Disorder coined in DSM-5. It is known to be seen in patients with other mental illnesses as well as a stand alone psychiatric disorder on its own. The disorder has been reported in numerous anecdotal case reports and case studies and needs further research. Here we report a case of 12 year old girl with the disorder who responded well to medical treatment
44 Capgras Syndrome : A Case Report, Harshal Sathe, Sagar Karia, Avinash De Sousa, Nilesh Shah
Delusional disorders are of various types like erotomanic, grandiose, jealous, persecutory, somatic and unspecified types. The delusional misidentification syndromes (DSM) are characterized by misidentification delusions of others or of the self. They may occur in various psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia, dementia and various organic disorders. Here we present a case of 45 year female having Capgras Syndrome.
45 Clonidine as an Adjuvant in Axillary Brachial Plexus Block for Below Elbow Orthopedic Surgeries: A Comparison Between Local and Systemic Administration, Dr.Parul N. Panchotiya, Dr.Hardik Bansikumar Modi, Dr.Subhashchandra shyobaksharam Gora, Dr. Kuntal Revabhai Patel
Background: Axillary brachial plexus block for below elbow orthopedic surgery provides a safe and low-cost technique with the advantage of prolonged postoperative analgesia. Clonidine, with selective partial agonist activity on adrenergic receptors, has significantly demonstrated its role in this regard as an adjuvant to local anesthetics.The current study compares the locally administered clonidine with systemically administered control group in terms of onset and duration of sensory block, motor block, and analgesia; hemodynamic variability; sedation; and other side effect profile. Materials and Methods: Seventy patients (ASA I or II) scheduled for below elbow orthopedic surgeries were randomly allocated in equal numbers to receive either 30 ml of 0.5% plain bupivacaine with 150 g (1 ml) of inj. clonidine locally in the axillary sheath and 1 ml of normal saline (NS) subcutaneously (Group L) or 30 ml of 0.5% plain bupivacaine with 1 ml of NS locally and 150 g (1 ml) of inj. clonidine subcutaneously (Group S). Standard monitoring of vital parameters was done. Duration of sensory and motor block, analgesia, hemodynamic changes, and any adverse effects were observed and recorded for different duration up to 24 h. Results: Duration of sensory block (625 ± 35 min), motor block (690 ± 38 min), and analgesia (930 ± 45 min) was significantly longer in Group L than in Group S [sensory block (480 ± 30 min), motor block (535 ± 25 min), and analgesia (720 ± 30 min)] (P < 0.05). Significant alteration of heart rate, systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure, and mean arterial pressure in Group S was observed compared to Group L (P < 0.05). Side effects like nausea and vomiting were comparable,but highly significant sedation score (?² = 47.75 and 49.51 at 120 and 240 min, respectively;P < 0.01) was observed between the two groups. Conclusion:Compared to systemic administration,local clonidine as an adjuvant in axillary block resulted in significant prolongation of duration of sensory and motor blockade, and analgesia without any hemodynamic alteration, probably by locally mediated mechanism of action.
46 Nurses’ Practices Concerning Isolation Techniques for Patients with Burns At Baghdad Teaching Hospitals, Ali D. Abbas
Objective(s): The study aimed to evaluation of nurses’ practices concerning isolation techniques for patients with burns in burns ward, and to find out the relationship between the nurse’s practices and the demographic characteristics that includes (age, gender, level of education, years of experience in burns wards, and training session). Methodology: A descriptive study was carried out at the isolation rooms at burns wards in Baghdad Teaching Hospitals. A non-probability (purposive) sample of (50) nurses, was selected out of five teaching hospitals in Baghdad city. The study instrument consisted of two major parts was constructed. It is based on the review of literature. First it is concerned with demographic data for nurses; and the second part is observational tool (checklist) is composed of two sections in which there were (95) items. Reliability and validity of the observational checklist were determined through the analysis of a pilot study. Data were collected through the use of the observational tool. Starting from Nov. 14th 2013 up to the 16th of Apr. 2014.which analyzed through the use of two statistical approaches. They are descriptive statistical analysis (frequencies, percentage, SD, Range of scores, mean of scores and relative sufficiency; and inferential statistical analysis (correlation coefficient and chi- square test). Results: The finding of study reveals that the evaluation of relative sufficiency was low on 32 (33.7%) items, moderate on 25 (26.3%) items and high on 8 (8.4%) items, while 30 (31.6%) was out of comparison and there is no significant association between ages, gender, level of education and nurses’ practices scores, while there is significant association between years of experience in burns wards, training sessions and nurses’ practices scores. Conclusion: The study concluded that the more years of work with the nurses working in the field care of patients with isolated burns increased their excellent performance in the provision of care for burn patients isolated. Recommendations: the researcher recommends establishing new standard checklist suitable for nurses’ practices concerning isolation techniques for patients with burns and increase the educational level of the staffing nursing.
47 The Interplay of Language, Violence, Revolution and Liberation in Frantz Fanon’s African Political Philosophy, Kanu, Ikechukwu Anthony (OSA)
Frantz Fanon was born in Fort-de-France on the Island of Martinique. He was a son of a descendant of African slaves; his mother was said to be an illegitimate child of African, Indian and European descent, whose white ancestors came from Strasbourg in Alsace. This piece focuses on the concern of Fanon, basically to resolve the problems of Black-White relationship, which was fostered by colonialism and colonial rule. He proposes violence as a potent instrument for resolving this relationship. In relation to colonization, he argues that speaking the language of the colonizer instead of one’s own language is ipso facto to assume the colonizers culture and to reject one’s own culture. This promotes cultural and political domination. How then can a person gain freedom? He argues that one’s freedom is a function of one’s determination to act in other to remove obstacles that stay in one’s way. Fanon believed that violent revolution is the only means of ending colonial repression and cultural trauma in the third world. Violence he believes is a cleansing force. It frees the ‘native’ from his inferiority complex and from his despair and inaction; it makes him fearless and restores his self-respect. While understanding the cultural circumstances surrounding the birth of Fanon’s philosophy, this piece asserts that his position, which is based on violence, cannot give an enduring peace, for violence cannot give what it does not have.
48 Civil Disobedience: A Catalyst for Transformative Leadership & National Development, Dr. Asogwa Nicholas Uchechukwu
There is a preponderance of opinion among political philosophers that civil societies as we have them today were borne out of social contract resulting from the observed insecurity and non self-sufficing nature of man. However, the activities of most leaders elected for the purpose of interpreting the terms of the contract and championing the common welfare of the people smack of betrayal of the people’s mandate. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate that civil disobedience is a veritable mechanism for engendering transformative leadership and national development. It provided support to this position by undertaking a review of some civilly disobedient acts carried out by certain public-spirited individuals at different points in history and their attendant positive results. Since the act of civil disobedience is anchored on the existence of a higher moral standard, the paper justifies its use only as a weapon of last resort in relation to constituted authorities.
49 Lyotard and Habermas on Modernity, Post Modernism and The Present Cultural Crisis, Dr. Jatinder Kumar Sharma
Renaissance proved to be an important turning point in cultural and civilizational history of humankind. Human endeavour of flight from facts towards contra-factuals, or the apprehension of more just values and voyage of realisation of apprehended values, both received a very strong impetus from the renaissance. But the spread of crime, terrorism, violence, pornography, drug addiction, alienation, dehumanization, environmental and ecological problems etc. have resulted in a wide spread dejection and disenchantment with the claims associated with enlightenment vision. Perspectives of Lyotard and Habermas are responses to this cultural crisis. The paper seeks to analyse them.
50 Comparative Analysis Of Selected Physical Variables Among Football Hockey and Basketball Players, S. RAJESH KARTHI, Dr. S. KRISHNAKANTHAN
Fitness is the key to enjoy our life. Exercise is an important key for a total fitness, regular exercise is necessary to develop and maintain an optimal health. To achieve this purpose 15 Basketball, 15 fooball and 15 Hockey players from Sri Subramaniya swamy Govt.Arts College, Thiruttani, Tamilnadu how were participated in intramural and extramural tournaments The subject’s age ranged between 18 to 24 years. The selected criterion variables are speed and cardio respiratory endurance. The physical variables speed assessed with 50 m dash and cardio respiratory endurance assessed with 12 min run/walk test. The collected data were treated with one way (ANOVA). If obtained ‘F’ ratio is significant Scheffe’s post hoc test was will be used. Level of significant was fixed at 0.05. The result shows that basketball players were better speed comparing than the hockey and Football players. Cardio respiratory endurance was better football players comparing than the basketball and hockey players
51 Effect of Different Approach of Endurance Training on Selected Biomotor Ability of College Basketball Players, S. RAJESH KARTHI, Dr. S. KRISHNAKANTHAN
The aim of the study was to find out the effect of different approach of endurance training on selected biomotor ability of college basketball players. To achieve the purpose of the study 30 college basketball players from various colleges in Chennai how have regularly practicing were selected as subjects. The selected subjects were assigned into two experimental and a control group consist of ten in each group. The training models were used for 16 weeks in sessions conducted 3 times a week during 90 minutes each. The specific endurance training and general endurance training were selected as training protocol. The control group did not undergo any specific training apart from the daily routine. The biomotor variables such as speed and explosive power were tested by using 50 m dash and Sarjent jump on before and immediately after the training programme. The collected data’s were statistically examined by using ANCOVA further the scheffe’s post hoc test was applied to know the paired mean difference if any. The result shows that the specific endurance training and general endurance training were shows significant improvement of biomotor ability.
52 A Reversible Journey: The Poetical – Political Direction, Viorella Manolache
The present study theoretically signals the recessive inflexions of the political- poetical direction, with an accent upon its attachment to a series of postmodern reflexes, and with an interest in geopoetical notes as launched by Brian Holmes. The starting lines will clarify (via Linda Hutcheon- Liviu Petrescu alloy) the idea of dimension, with an ulterior intention of debating the paradigmatic relationship between political and poetical, as it is being delivered by J. Habermas or P. Sloterdijk. In fact, exploring such a trajectory defines the process of recharging both these concepts with a sense of dimension and context, of technique and/or alternative. The study conclusively offers a personal view of geopoetics, considering it is defined by an (ex)position of space within the message, a filamentation or an intercept.
53 Understanding Psychological Theories and Etiology of Child Sexual Abuse, Nisha K P
Child sexual abuse can be literally addressed as the most inhumane act of shattering innocence by an adult. It can be broadly defined as an act of establishing sexual relationship with a child by an adult. The growing number of child sexual abuse cases, both at the global and national level has reiterated the need to effectively combat this menace. Researches have elaborately explained child sexual abuse from its divergent perspectives. In the present paper, the author has summarized a few major psychological theories of child sexual abuse that explains the etiology of sexually deviant behaviour in human beings. The discussion is attempted for an accurate understanding of the psychological basis of sexually deviant behaviour. This in turn would facilitate to implement appropriate stringent measures to alleviate the crime and also aid in the rehabilitation of the sexual perpetrators for preventing further propagation.
54 New Wineskins: A Study on Indigenous Christian Missions Theory, Potana Venkateswara Rao
Christian Mission practice in India has been influenced by different theories and theologies developed by different missiologists and mission practitioners. In fact, Christian mission history informs the reader that the Western missions encountered different cultures and imposed their western culture on Indians. Therefore Christian faith in India has been westernized in its theology, art and mission praxis. Since the Indian Christians have been depending on the west for their theology, financial resources, leadership and administration, Christianity in India is under the hegemony of the western Church. In this context the focus of the paper is on the subject ‘Indigenization’ with an aim to help the Indian Christians to relate themselves to the culture and context of the Indians.
55 Aadhaar, Function Creep and The Emerging Symbiotic Relationship between Society and Technology, Dr Valsamma KM
Aadhaar is in the eye of the storm ever since UIAD declared that it is going to use multimodal biometrics for issuing Aadhaar enabled unique identification numbers to a large portion of India’s 1.2 billion population. What was initially touted as a voluntary scheme was soon morphing itself into a compulsory scheme and also exhibiting signs of function creep when the scope of bio metric scanning was extended to additional purposes not announced earlier. In no time, the Govt was pushing forward Aadhaar by introducing the AePS [the Aadhaar enabled payment system].The paper presents a critical analysis of current approaches and performance of various biometric system.
56 Educating Muslims in India: Trends of Past and Today, Malik Raihan Ahmad
Education has been considered an important and elementary tool for the development of any society. Institutions of the societies cannot grow of their own in isolation from each other, so is the case with education. Educational upliftment of a society has strong relations with the developments of the rest of the institutions of the society. Education takes support from the economy for its development as well as it extends support to the society for the economic and social development. The present paper explores the impact of economic and social development upon the educational development of a society. It is an ethnographic exploration of a village panchayat that chosen on purposive ground as a representative of the area. The paper is enriched with a detailed socio-economic account of the village panchayat. The paper puts forth the role of economy and other social dynamics of the society in shaping the behaviour of people towards education. It also illustrates the role of education in making people economically sound and self reliant. The paper also has some hints about the problem of quality of education that Indian society is facing today.
57 Effect of Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction on Customer Loyalty of Cellular Service Providers in Ahmedabad, Prof. Maitrey Bhagat
As the current market place becomes more competitive, consumers tend to become more and more demanding. Mobile telecommunication service sector in India has been experiencing the highest growth rate in terms of subscribers and revenues. With the increasing competition in cellular services, the consumers are demanding more. The main condition for protecting the subscriber base is to win the customer loyalty. This study attempts to examine the effect of service quality and customer satisfaction on customer loyalty in mobile telecommunication services. As many as 200 users of GSM services were surveyed. The data was analysed by regression analysis. The study shows that the service quality and customer satisfaction have positive association with customer loyalty. However, the customer satisfaction was fond to be best predictor if customer loyalty.
58 Economic Impact of Infertility in Crossbred Dairy Cows: The Case of Eastern Nile Locality, Sudan, Tamador-Elkhansaa Elnour Angara, Moamer Hassan Mohammed Elfadil
The aim of the current work was to estimate the economic loss due to infertility in crossbred dairy cows in Eastern Nile Locality (ENL). A total of twelve farms were followed up for infertility problems during the period 2008 – 2009.The study revealed that 17.31% of crossbred cows were infertile. Accordingly the annual economic loss was estimated as the cost of milk loss, cost of calf loss, cost of culling and the cost of veterinary intervention. The total annual loss accounted to $US 418,779.1, loss per farm was $US 34,898.261 and loss per cow was $US 4,927. Milk loss accounted to To89% f the total cost. Raising the awareness of the farmers towards better management of infertility problems will act to increase their income as well as milk supply.
59 Comparative Collection of Natural Pollen by Honey Bees in Gwalior & Panchkula (India), Rajesh Kumar, O. P. Agrawal
Honey bees obtain their nutrition in form of pollen & nectar from flowering plants. The present study was conducted to ascertain the availability of pollen rich flora & amount of pollen collected by honey bees during pollen flow season. Natural pollen was collected by installing wooden pollen traps on the entrance of bee hives. The data of pollen collection for two different locations indicates that the amount of pollen rich bee flora was more or less similar at both locations. In Panchkula, maximum pollen (880.2 gm per colony) was collected in the month of February, while in Gwalior maximum quantity of pollen was collected in January month (1033.1 gm per colony).
60 Effects of Cypermethrin on Lipid and Cholesterol Contents of Freshwater Fish Channa Orientalis (Bloch)., Shruti S, Gijare, V.T. Tantarpale
Water pollution is a major global problem that requires ongoing evaluation and revision of water resource policy at all levels. The water pollution is an acute problem in developing and industrialized countries. Fishes are very sensitive to a wide variety of toxicants in water and the deleterious effects of pesticides on fishes can be easily established. Ophiocephalus orientalis, freshwater fish exposed to sublethal concentration(0.0007µ/lit) of cypermethrin at different time intervals. Lipid and cholesterol contents were observed from liver and muscle after exposure period. There were decreased in lipid and cholesterol content at different time intervals.
61 Partial Orderings on Con-S-K-Ep Matrices, Dr. G.Ramesh, Dr. B.K.N.Muthugobal
In this paper, conditions for all those matrices that lie below or above a given con-s-k-EP matrix relative to a particular matrix partial ordering to be con-s-k-EP are determined.
62 Performance and Evaluation of Housing Finance in Ahmedabad, Dr. Nikhil Ranjan Agarwal
Own house is the dream of every Indian family. Bank and Housing Finance Companies are making this dream come true by providing the housing finance facility. The basic human need that housing fulfils is shelter or protection. The National Housing Bank was established on 9th July 1988 under National Housing Bank Act 1987, to function as principal agency to promote housing finance institutions and to provide financial and other support to such institutions. The objectives of the research are to examine the growth and reasons for the development of housing finance activities and to know about service perform of the concerned housing finance companies and banks with its impact on consumers’ satisfaction. The research is based middle income group respondents reside in Ahmedabad city a Capital of Gujarat, are availed housing facilities.
63 “Anxiety in Youth About Aids Dieses” A Psychological Study, Dr. Varsha V.Dholariya
The purpose of this research is to investigate some of the factors affecting the Anxiety of the respective youth. Respective three scientific hypotheses were framed regarding sex, standard and residence of the youth. Then the scientific hypothesis were converted into their null form to verify them. A random sample of 150 youth ( 75 boys & 75 girls ) was selected from the population of 600 youth of M. P. Shah college ofSurendranagar. Along with therespective personal data sheet Anxiety scale about ‘AIDS’was administered to them.Only after but a non experimental only after design was adopted in this research. Data was analyzed accordingly. All HO’S are significant.
64 Atrocities on Dalits- Violation of Human Rights a Study in Andhra Pradesh, AKEPOGU JAMMANNA, Prof. PASALA SUDHAKAR
Inclusive growth demands that all social groups have equal access to the services provides by the state and equal opportunity for upward economic and social mobility. It is also necessary to ensure that there should not be any discrimination against any section of our society. In India, Dalits have historically been disadvantaged and vulnerable due to centuries of discrimination and exploitation. The domestic state in India is an historical product of very specific caste system. Therefore, there is a serious juxtaposition between the institutional promises of democracy in relation to the victims of the caste system Dalits. However, the caste-based hierarchical relations of dominance and subordinations have provided sufficient conditions for the raise of Dalit consciousness and these objective conditions have transformed into the sites of democratic struggles when Dalits are affronted with real operation of liberal democratic principles of equality, freedom, fraternity and social justice. A caste conflict thus lies at the structural dimension of Indian society in the form of exclusion, discrimination and economic inequality
65 A Profile of Dalit Movement – Response of the Civil Society: A Case Study of Andhra Pradesh , AKEPOGU JAMMANNA, Prof. PASALA SUDHAKAR
The present paper is an attempt to throw light on the, caste discrimination and oppression being experienced by Dalits and their reactionary attitude to consolidate themselves to face the challenges of upper caste dominance. It is against this growing irrelevance of various grassroots movements that the Dalit movements in India emerging, or seems like emerging. The Dalit consciousness is by no means limited to the scheduled castes. It has begun to symbolize a much broader spectre of the oppressed and hitherto excluded social strata. It is based on an attempted though by no mean still realized solidarity of the poor and the discriminated classes of the people, long held back and frustrated, its leadership divided and brought over, distanced from the masses and co-opted within the mainstream and in establishment structures and positions.
66 A Diagnostic Evaluation For Microgravity and Radiation Against Immunity and Tumor in Space: A Fuzzy Logic Approach, Saurabh Kumar Bajpai, Gaurav Kumar, Prof. (Dr.) D.V.Rai
Microgravity and radiations are the most critical health risk factors affecting the performance of astronauts during their long duration space exploration missions. Microgravity gradually damages the immune system which slows down the body’s ability to protect itself and increased radiation level causes severe mutations resulting in tumors. In this study we have developed a Mamdani model for diagnostic system by using Fuzzy Logic Toolbox in MATLAB. Two types of membership functions i.e. Triangular and Gaussian were used for as inputs to the system “gravity and radiations” risk factors were taken and the outputs were “Immunity and Tumor”.
67 Comparative Feeding Practices For Small and Large Ruminants in Punjab, Pakistan, Aqeela Saghir, Muhammad Sharif, Nazir Ahmad, Muhammad Yaqoob
This study was conducted to investigate the land holding of the female farmers and to analyze the information regarding feeding practices of large and small ruminants. For this purpose, a sample of 30% rural union councils from each of the three tehsils of District Okara, Punjab-Pakistan was drawn at random. There were 324 respondents comprising of female livestock farmers who constituted the sample. It was observed that one fourth (25.6%) of the respondents were landless and focused more on livestock farming. More than two third (71.8%) of female farmers had up to 12.5 acres, while a small number (4.6%) of respondents owned 12.5-25 acres of land. Vast majority of the respondents grew guawara, maize and oats as summer fodders, while berseem, taramera and lucern were grown as winter fodders for feeding large and small ruminants. An over whelming majority (96.6% and 72.1%) respondents fed their animals through stall feeding, 3.4% and 27.9% grazed while 10.5% and 24.3% fed both by stall feeding and grazing to their large and small ruminants, respectively. A great majority 67.6% and 68.5% of the respondents fed cotton seed cake, 35.2% and 50.5% fed wanda and 49.7% and 46.8% offered domestic mixture to their large and small ruminants, respectively. Water frequency was 3-4 times/day water during summer and twice or once a day during winter both in large and small ruminants. The study indicated that majority of respondents fed large and small ruminants through stall feeding using guawara, berseem and maize as major fodders along with concentrate source.
68 Revisiting CSR : Under Amended Laws, Ganga Dutt Sharma
Appreciates, and supports the concepts and provisions on CSR. Identifies some pitfalls in the Rules lately notified. Makes some convincing and practical suggestions.
69 Safeguard to Research & Inventions under IPR laws, Sanjay Vats
Appreciates, supports and analyses of the Intellectual Property laws for the safeguard of the inventions and new scientific research. Identifies relevant steps taken under the statute for the protection and betterment of intangible property. Makes some convincing and practical suggestions.
70 Green Banking Initiative to Sustainable Development in India, Namita
The banking sector can play an intermediary role between economic development and environmental protection, for promoting environmentally sustainable and socially responsible investment, banking of this kind can be termed as “Green Banking”. Green Banking refers to the banking business conducted in selected area and manner that helps the overall reduction of external carbon emission. The green technology and pollution reducing projects are financed by the bank in order to aid the reduction of external carbon emission. Green finance as a part of Green Banking makes great contribution to the transition to resource efficient and low carbon industries i.e. green industry and green economy in general. Green banking is a component of the global initiative by a group of stakeholders to save environment.This paper aims to highlight the means to create awareness in internal as well as external sub systems among target groups and impart education to attain sustainable development through green banking. Further, an attempt has been made to enumerate effective methods for green banking.
71 A Study on Opportunities, Issues and Challenges of FDI In Retail in Relation to New Fdi Policy of India, Komal
In today’s competitive global business environment innovations are required for growth & survival and FDIs can be used as an innovative tool in order to accelerate growth. Foreign direct investment (FDI) is direct investment into production or business in a country by a company in another country, either by buying a company in the target country or by expanding operations of an existing business in that country. Foreign direct investment (FDI) is an integral part of an open and effective international economic system, which acts as a major catalyst in the development of a country. Indian retail industry is one of the sunrise sectors with huge growth potential.Despite encouraging signs, India’s retail market remains largely off-limits to large international retailers like Wal-Mart and Carrefour. Undoubtedly, this dismal situation of the retail sector, despite the ongoing wave of incessant liberalization and globalization, stems from the absence of FDI encouraging policy in the Indian retail sector. In this context, the present paper attempts to review the latest FDI Policy, issues challenges and opportunities of FDI inflows into the Indian retail sector, which include single brand and multi-brand retail sectors.
72 Selection of Earlier Flowering Mutants From Canola (Brassica Napus L.) Cv. Serw 4, Mohamed S. Hassan
This research work was conducted during three winter seasons; 2011/2012, 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 at the Experimental Farm of South Valley University, Qena to select for early flowering among 17 canola (Brassica napus L.) promising mutants and evaluation the selections under saline new reclaimed lands conditions . They were isolated from M2 generation after seed treatment of canola variety i.e. Serw 4 by 15 Kr of gamma rays. In the M3 generation Selection was practiced based on early flowering compared to the mother parent. Ten mutants were selected and evaluated in two preliminary trials with their mother parent and chick variety i.e. Serw 6. All mutants were found to be significant earlier than the parent and the chick variety in two trials and their combined. But they shown decreasing in means performance for most other studied traits compared to the mother and chick variety. From the combined data the mutants; M11-2-4 and M11-2-1 were found to be the best in earliness with good performance in most other traits. In conclusion, these two earlier mutants must be put into more future advanced evaluation trials in different locations before registration.
73 Impact of the Special Central Assistance Scheme on Scheduled Tribe Beneficiaries – A Field Study of Two South Indian States, Dr CHIKKALA KRANTHI KUMAR
A major focus area of the Constitution of India is about the improving the lot of the weaker sections of society, especially the Scheduled Tribes. On its part, various government, both at the Centre and the States, have purportedly tried to provide equitable justice to all and improve the quality of life of the hitherto deprived sections of society. Despite a number of schemes and initiatives, a large section of our country’s population continues to live in conditions of abject poverty. One possible reason could be the lack of awareness about their entitlements among many of the intended beneficiaries. Initiatives like unemployment doles were found to adversely impact the self-respect of the ‘beneficiaries. Another ‘shortcoming’ noticed was that, even though, in many cases, lands of Tribals were encroached upon for setting up development projects, the original landowners (the Tribals) were generally deprived of the fruits of development. The need was, therefore, felt for introducing schemes that would involve the active participation and of Tribals. In this way, they would develop a sense of ‘ownership’ over the assets created. The Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) is one initiative in this direction. Under this Plan, the Centre is providing financial support to the State Governments for improving the living conditions of the STs. The focus is on bringing out the latent entrepreneurial skills of our tribal brethren. This paper will seek to examine the impact of special central assistance on scheduled tribe beneficiaries in two Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) Areas in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The intention is to gauge the satisfaction level of the beneficiaries and suggest any mid-course correction, if necessary to the concerned decision makers.
74 New records of lichens on Mangrove in the Andaman Islands of India, Sethy P.K, Pandit G.S, Sharma B.O.
The mangrove vegetation and the coastal forest of Nicobar Islands, India, were severely damaged by the force of the tsunami in the year 2004 and the loss of habitat due to the sudden rise in sea level. The area was surveyed for the occurrence of lichens on mangrove plants in different localities of south, middle and north Andaman Islands. Twenty nine species of lichens were earlier recorded by us. The present paper includes eight species out of which three are new reports to India and four species are new to Andaman Islands.
75 A Study on Problems of Garment Exporters in Tirupur , KAVITHA.N, SANGEETHA.J
Tirupur is the one of largest exporter of garment in India. There are more than 3,820 garment firms in count and its economic boom the morale of Indian garment industrialists. Fifty-six per cent of India’s total knitwear exports come from Tirupur as that it contributes to a huge amount of foreign exchange in India. The Export in 2002-2007 makes worthy acknowledgment to Tirupur for its contribution to the export efforts and calls it a Town of Export. This research probes about whether the garment Exporter has a very fine insight into garments export and revels about the problems of the people in garments exports. The research would study results about the exporters problems towards garments, the behaviour will involve in knowing the problems of garments in Tirupur district.
76 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India: Current Scenario and Challenges, Dr. Neeru Garg
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector have been playing a momentous role in overall development of the economy of a country like India where millions of people are unemployed and facing the problems of poverty. This has been considered as the dynamic and vibrant sector of Indian economy as it provides large number of employment to rural as well as urban segment. Keeping these points in mind this paper is an attempt to highlight the growth of this sector and various problems and challenges faced by MSME sector
77 A Study on Role of Salem District Central Cooperative Bank in Agricultural Financing With Special Reference to Crop Loan in Salem District, G.Prakash, Dr.V.R.Palanivelu
The cooperative banking sector is one of the main partners of Indian banking structure, the cooperative banks have more reach to the rural India, through their huge network of credit societies in the institutional credit structure. The cooperative covers almost all percent villages in India. Finance is considered as the basic ingredient for each and every economic activity including agriculture. Especially in the economy where agriculture is subsistence this problem is very severe. Therefore the responsibility of the state is to support this sector. For this purpose the government extends institutional credit through the cooperative banks to those who cannot afford to fully utilize the available technology. This study is help to know the role of cooperative bank in agricultural financing.
78 Green Marketing & Green Washing: Opportunity & Challenges, Neha Rani, Dr. Dinesh Gaba
Today all the business houses and the consumers are conscious of the impact of global warming and pollution on environment. This paper aims at evaluating the opportunities and challenges of green marketing. It also aims at studying how green wash is a major threat to business today. The conclusion drawn are that green marketing is beneficial not only for business but for environment also. It should be taken as an opportunity for business but green washing must be avoided as it plays a negative role.
79 Analysis of Profitability and Efficiency : A Comparison of HDFC and ICICI , Neha Rani, Dr. Dinesh Gaba
Banking sector has been working in India from 18th century, but at that time only a few banks were providing their services. After Narasimha Committee, 1991 competition in banking sector has increased due to entry of many private and foreign banks. So to remain in competition the banks should increase their efficiency so that they can provide better services to the customers, as the role of banking sector has changed form money lending to more socially relevant services. As banking sector plays a crucial role in the development of an economy, these should be more organized and developed. The bank acts as a bridge between those having finance and those in need of finance and mobilizes the nation’s saving into profitable investments. Many private sector banks like HDFC, ICICI, Axis Bank, Canara Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce etc. are providing their services in an efficient manner. So this report concentrates on the efficiency of two private banks HDFC and ICICI. The performance of both banks is compared to find out which one is more efficient. The analysis about the performance is done on the basis of Total Income, Total Expenses, Net Profit, Operating Profit etc. and on the basis of this analysis it is found that the performance and efficiency of HDFC bank is better than ICICI.
80 Garbage Free Environment Using Waste Management Initiatives With Special Reference to the State of Kerala, MRIDUL UMESH, ANAND SHANKAR RAJA. M
The area of contact and interaction between the abiotic and biotic factors of the nature is the most important factors for any organism to exist. These aspects contribute to form a natural biosphere, and organisms are dependent on it. It is most unfortunate that man by his failure to live in harmony with nature has brought humanity to the brink of this global environmental catastrophe. It is ironical that the natural environment which is to be nourished is being spoilt. This study aims in drawing global issues out to light and tries to throw awareness among the general public in finding ways to go green for protecting the mother earth. Even though it took thousands of years to form into a natural landscape with greens and heavenly fresh air it now takes just a moment for man to pollute the earth. In case of hazardous industries it is submitted that the primary responsibility for safety of the lives and property of the persons should be imposed on the state, because it is the state which permits the industries to function by granting license and environmental clearance .For the sake of survival on earth man is now concerned about environment
81 A Comparative Study of Financial Performance of Syndicate Bank & Canara Bank, Dr. Aditya Sharma, Gopi Nath Modi
Analysis of financial statement is necessary because it help in depicting the financial position on the basis of past and current records. Analysis of financial statement helps in making the future decision and strategies. Financial performance analysis has now become an important technique of credit appraisal. The investors, financial experts, management executives and the bankers all analyze these statement. This paper is initiated a comparative study of financial performance of Syndicate bank and Canara bank. The main objective of this study is to know the liquidity, profitability and efficiency of Syndicate bank and Canara bank. Analytical tools used in the study are ratio analysis and cash flow analysis. .
82 Working Environment and Stress – A Study with Reference to Private College Faculty, Dr.K.Krishnakumar, S.Kavitha
This study aimed to find out the stress due to physical environment and Curriculum among the private college faculties in Salem district. The samples were collected from fifty faculties by using convenient sampling techniques. Simple percentage analysis and one- sample t - test were used in this study. Finally, based on the results the researcher concluded that the management of educational institutions and educationalist should provide better working environment to the teachers and that will enhance the better out come from the teachers.
83 Tank Irrigation in Chittoor District : A Case Study of Rayalacheruvu Tank, V.RAVI, P.KOTHANDARAMI REDDY
The tanks are many centuries old and managed mainly by the community as most of the tanks are small in size. The system of managing tanks through community participation is also many Centuries old. But, the performance of tanks has been deteriorating over the years owing to various reasons. Tank irrigation system is less capital intensive and has wider acceptance compared to major irrigations. Tanks can be effectively used for development of backward areas. The tank irrigation system has a special significance to the marginal and small farmers who depend on the tank irrigation. Participation as a process is a dynamic, non-quantifiable and essentially unpredictable element. As a process, participation will change the life of the project into a permanent dynamic movement. Participation of farmers is essential dimension for agricultural and rural development & is one of the crucial components of success in irrigation, livestock, water and agricultural projects.
84 Agriculture, Inclusive Groth and Food Security in India: Performance, Challenges and Policies, Mr. BANDAMEEDI NAGARAJU
Like most other developing countries, India has predominantly been an agrarian economy, with agriculture sector contributing the largest share to gross domestic product (GDP) and employment. Under the colonial regime, Indian agriculture was geared towards the production of commercial crops (tea, coffee, rubber, cotton, etc.), while the food crops suffered from neglect. After independence, India depended heavily on imports of food grains as it inherited a stagnant, low-productivity, food-crop sector. Food availability is a necessary condition for food security. India is more or less self sufficient in cereals but deficit in pulses and oilseeds. Due to changes in consumption patterns, demand for fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, poultry, and fisheries has been increasing This is too narrow an approach for implementation of the Right to Food. The Right to Food campaign specifies several other things to be included, apart from universal PDS, under the Food Entitlements Act. The need for achieving food security is felt significantly in the recent years due to enormous pressure from the ever-increasing population in India. Owing to the change in preferences in crop production techniques over a period of time, several new challenges draw attention to food security. This article discusses various challenges to food security in India. Critical analysis is made on challenges like crop diversification, issues related to bio-fuel and medicinal plant cultivation, climate change, mismatch between water demand and availability, recent status in production of high yielding crop varieties and agricultural crop pricing and insurance and new trends in globalization and urban encroachments.
85 Visisual Impairment in Children and its Effects in Learning: The Role of Parents,Teachers, Science Educatorsand Librarians, Eskay, M. (Ph.D.), Ezeudu, F. O. (Ph.D.), Aniodo, D. (Ph.D.), Chimah, J. N.
Visual impairment and blindness in children is not only difficult to detect and handle but also it is a health situation that has adverse effect in their education. It therefore poses a challenge to parents, teachers,science educators and librarians in all categories of children and educational need. It is based on this background that this paper seeks to identify: types, causes and signs of visual impairments. How children with visual impairment learn is discussed, educational considerations and the roles of parents, teachers science educators as well as librarians are enumerated. The paper concludes with recommendations onthe need for all stakeholders to help the children with this special health challenges and get them encouraged to learn.
86 Healthy Weight Management Practices Among Staff of Medical Centre, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Aniodo, D. A. Ph.D., Eskay, M. (Ph.D.), Ezeudu, F. O. (Ph.D.)
The thrust of the study was to determine the healthy weight management practices among staff of medical Centre University of Nigeria Nsukka. The study was to ascertain whether the staff were involved in healthy or unhealthy weight management practices. The study also examined the reasons for the weight management practice. Two research questions guided the study. The descriptive survey was used in the study. The sample was made up of 8I staff of the medical centre. The researchers designed questionnaire was used for the study. The study revealed that 69.14% of the staff were involved in healthy weight management practices while 30.86% of them were involved in unhealthy practices. The finding shows that a good number of the staff were involved in healthy practices such exercises and eating of fruits. Some staff were involved in unhealthy practices like skipping of breakfast and use of drugs. It was recommended that the management of medical centre should periodically organize work shows to remind staff the need for healthy practices.
87 `Abdul Wah?b Al-Bayy?t? Wearing the Mask of Far?d Ed-D?n Al-`A???r , Jamal Assadi, Mahmud Naamneh
This paper will discuss the mask of Far?d Ed-D?n Al-`A???r as portrayed in the poetry of ‘Abdul Wah?b Al-Bayy?t?with the view of studying the link between the Sufi mask and intertextuality, and between poetry and meta-poetry. Seeing that Al-Bayy?t? and Al-`A???r have a lot of things in common in spite of the gap of time that lies between them, we will deal with some important questions: Why was Al-Bayy?t? interested in Al-`A???r? Was he merely fond of a prominent ancestral poet? Does he protest against severe spiritual and intellectual deficit characterizing modern Arab literature? Was Al-`A???r simply used as a Sufi mask, or as a signal of inter-textuality? Did Al-Bayy?t? intend to pay homage to an ancient ancestor without whom he could not live his present and lead an efficacious struggle? In other words, did Al-Bayy?t? intend to resurrect the revolutionary spirit of Arab poetry by using Al-`A???r’s legacy? If so, is Al-`A???r a revived Sufi living among us to guide in person the battle for freedom and to promote the level of Arab literature or was Al-Bayy?t? revived by Al-`A???r, the Sufi saint?
88 Optimization the Logistic Chain by Using Simulation Program Extend, Peter Trebu?a, Miriam Pekar?íková, Jaromír Markovi?
The article is drafted on the basis of knowledge of modelling and simulation in the logistics chain. The aim of the study was to analyze the simulation capabilities of the logistics chain enterprise with subsequent application to a particular problem. The main benefit of simulation techniques in designing of logistics systems is to limit the risk by the creation, operation and making changes to these systems. Using simulation methods for the analysis and optimization of production, service and logistics systems should be in the near future commonplace.
89 Integration of Technology Into Elcs Labs: An Overview on Call Software Modules, Dr. Y. Vijaya Babu
This present article throws light the integration of technology into ELCS labs and some of the major CALL software modules used in language labs in engineering and professional colleges .Now-a-days technology has become an essential resource in many models of English Language Communication Skills Lab. Technology promotes various patterns of communication skills. The idea of English language Laboratory emerged during early twentieth century and in the year of 1955, language lab was originated.
90 Inundation Map Development by Using Hec-Ras Hydraulic Simulation Modeling From Roseires to Khartoum Cities, Dr. KamaledinELsidig Bashar, Dr. Basim Hussein Khudair, M.Sc. Ghassankhalaf khalid
Inundation floodingmap aimedto find outearly warningsto avoidenvironmental damageandhumanin terms of theheight ofthe wave ofwater, speed time arrival, effects of inundation sideanddepth of the water/ distanceand reduce the impact of the flood wave after obtaining the process of collapse of the dam in the lower part of the river to the dam area. The study has been using a numerical model one-dimensional depends on the development of equations (Saint-Venant) so that parts of the river, any river channel main banks of the right and left treated as separate parts, that’s the difference in the characteristics of the hydraulic and engineering, along the line of the flow will take into account in each section of the sections and flow in the river valley. Throughapplied numerical model of the Nile River in the area between the Roseires dam and Khartoum is distance (630 km) south of Khartoum , to get a jest analysis of the impact of a wave of flooding in the river on the following parameters : the maximum discharge , the maximum of attributed, as underdevelopment of the discharge maximum , and the time defaults to the maximum level and the surface area on the banks of the river and its extension and different values of the coefficient of manning roughness to the banks of the river. Eight scenario have been prepared for the flood wave read to compare the effect amount of water flow in the channel resulting from the collapse of the dam was resulting of Roseires dam , eight scenario to represent the five and extract the resulting values of Inundation map to cities located on the downstream of the dam.Thefive scenarioswerecalculated by using (HEC-RAS 4.1.0), (HEC-GeoRAS)a GIS programs and the flood wave resulting from the collapse of the Roseires dam to compare the results showed that the scenario NO. 5 is the best scenario result from the collapse makes sense due to the form of the disposal of the flood wave resulting from the collapse of the Roseires dam and then get overtopping from Sennar dam to the inability of the reservoir and dam to stop the flood wave. The results also indicate that the time needed to reach the greatest discharge of the flood wave resulting from the collapse of the Roseires dam to the city of Khartoum is ( 4, 6, 7and 9 ) day on the cities ( Roseires , Sennar , Wad Medani and Khartoum ) respectively, of the cases . The maximum height of the flood wave reaching the city of Khartoum has given the scenario NO. 5 by height wave (3-50) meters respectively. As well as the delay in the arrival time of the maximum height of the flood wave to the city of Khartoum is one day for the five scenarios compared to the other. The Inundation map development resulting from the collapse of the Roseires dam and get the flow overtopping the Sennar dam, arrival to Khartoum, was determined the surface area of the affected river and both banks of the depth of the wave and latency along the river has been selected four major cities along the river which Roseires,Sennar, Wad Medani and Khartoum.
91 Semantic Web Mining: Using Ontology Learning, Nitesh R Pathak
In this paper, a new technique has been described to match the ontology with help of pattern matching. Ontology matching is performed over the research papers. A 3-Satges algorithm is proposed and implemented for the same. In the first stage database creation is carried out which contains IEEE research papers, Conferences papers and Journal papers (any). In the 2nd Stage ontology is developed using title and heading of the paper. In order to extract title and headings a new technique is implemented which uses font-size and font-style of the title and heading. According to the font-size and font-style whatever ontology is developed, that forms our pattern. This pattern is matched with the research papers in order to find out whether it can be categorized into IEEE, Conferences or Journals. The main purpose of this paper is to find out whether the research paper is following a specific IEEE standard writing pattern or not.
92 R. K. Narayan’s Fiction: “A Reflection of Reality in Real Rhythm” , Jindagiben Krushnakant Dave
In the fiction of R. K. Narayan, one can find the true representation of Contemporary Indian Life, Traditions and Culture in its vivid and realistic form. The Social realism is extensively and minutely described. Narayan is a pure story teller, an artist who portrays reality in its real rare rhythm. Social customs and reality are vividly described with unbiased objectivity and complete detached observation.
93 Cyber Forensics in Combating Cyber Crimes, Dr. Anjani Singh Tomar
The continuing technological revolution in communications and information exchange has created an entirely new form of crime: cyber crime or computer crime. Computer crime has forced the computer and law enforcement professions to develop new areas of expertise and avenues of collecting and analyzing evidence. This is what has developed into the science of computer forensics. The process of acquiring, examining, and applying digital evidence is crucial to the success of prosecuting a cyber criminal. To effectively combat cyber crime, greater emphasis must be placed in the computer forensic field of study. This paper analyze the role of cyber forensics in combating with cyber crimes& use of various emerging tools in the field.
94 Diabetes Mellitus Type 2- Knowledge, Awareness and Practices of Patients, VYAS SHITAL I., CHIRAG A. ACHARYA
Introduction- Diabetes is a growing public health problem, especially in India. The global burden may reach a level of almost 300 million patients in 2025 with similar alarming increase in India. Gujarat is known as a capital of Diabetes. There are several studies from various parts of Gujarat which reveal a rising trend in the prevalence of type- 2 Diabetes in the urban areas (Gupta OP, 1970). Diabetes is no longer a disease of the affluent or a rich man’ disease it is becoming a problem even among the middle income and poorer section of the society. The poor diabetic subject are more prone to complication as they have less knowledge, poor awareness, and little access to costly health care. Those patients who have good knowledge but less self care practices are also has possibility to complication. Less knowledge, poor awareness and less self care practices are some of the important variables influencing the development and progression of diabetes and its complication, which are largely preventable. Methodology- This study was done to assess knowledge, awareness and practices regarding prevention and control of diabetes mellitus type 2 among patients which will help to plan strategies to the health practices. Descriptive study in 617 type 2 diabetic patients aged ? 20 years was undertaken from the general hospital, District NCD cell and selective places like private clinics, medical stores, yoga camps and public places in the Gandhinagar. Data collected through pre-designed questionnaire. Result- Mean age was 54.37±13.10 years, 57.54% were males and 42.46% were females. 20.35%patients had less, 57.4%patients had average and 22.3% patients had good knowledge. More than 60% patients had good awareness.46.4% patients were taking extra care in case of HBP and Heart trouble. 30.7% were exercising regularly. Good number of patient had good knowledge and good awareness regarding diabetes, even though the same cannot take self care.
95 A Comparative Analysis of Perceived Service Quality of Private Sector Banks: A Factor Score Regression Model Approach, Dr. Debasis Bhattacharya, Shuvendu Dey
Customer Satisfaction, a business term, is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation. It is seen as a key performance indicator within business and is part of the strategy for customer retention. The entry of private sector commercial banks can be traced to the period of privatization and the need to satisfy customers all the more by the banking sector increased. However no consistent effort was taken on the part of policy makers to trace the level of satisfaction from the services till the year 2003 when BCSBI (Banking Codes and Standards Boards of India) an autonomous body was formed to monitor the level of services provided by the Indian banks.
96 A Study on Job Satisfaction in Service Organization- An Empirical Analysis, Dr. Abhinav Patel, Trushar Patel
Job satisfaction is a general attitude towards one’s job, the difference between the amount of reward workers receive and the amount they believe they should receive. Employee is a back bone of every organization, without employee no work can be done. The organization may give importance to certain factors such as Canteen, rest room facilities, rewards, recognition and promotion policy so that satisfaction of the employees may be improved further.
97 A product Study on Gold Jewellery Sales Analysis (Tamil Nadu for the Month of Apr and May 2014), S.Raja, Dr.P.Ponramu
Customers were buying and investing Jewellery during the festival period. Jewelers are promoting their Jewellery business in auspicious days, Like Tamil New year and Akshaya Tritiya. To Increase the sales volume normally Jewelers offered discounts or Gold coin free offer to consumers during festival periods. This article mainly dealt with Jewellery product Sales comparison analysis during the festival days of the Tamil New year and Akshaya Tritiya in Tamil Nadu for the month of Apr and May 2014 year study.
98 Maintenance to Total Productive Maintenance – a Journey of Transformation, Prasanth S. Poduval, Dr. Jagathy Raj V. P.
The aim of the authors is to highlight the birth of Total Productive Maintenance as an outcome of the industrial revolution. The paper begins with a description of the first and second industrial revolutions and the industrial practices followed. The different maintenance strategies – Breakdown, Preventive, Corrective, Predictive, and RCM and the part the industrial revolution played in development of these strategies are discussed next. It is then followed by a brief write-up on TPM. Finally the key concepts of TPM are highlighted.
99 Shampoo Consumption in Rural Areas –An Empirical Study of Selected Villages of Anand District, Dr. Manubhai I. Parmar
Shampoo consumption in is on rise. Even in rural areas, the penetration of this product is very fast. In the developed states like Gujarat, Punjab and Haryana and even elsewhere, products like shampoos along with hair oils, talcum powder and beauty creams are considered essential cosmetics in urban and rural masses. In Gujarat, though the rural population is on decline as per the Census 2011, more than eighteen thousand villages provide a vast market for shampoo and allied products. In view of ongoing changes on socio-economic and demographic fronts like increasing levels of education, rising income of villagers, high media exposure, changing occupational structure and infrastructural improvements coupled with Information Technology reaching at the doorsteps of village households, the life style of rural masses have changed. So is in the consumption pattern of villagers for a number of products stretching from cosmetics to consumer durables. This research paper not only highlights the marketing scenario in rural Gujarat but also attempts to uncover various facts of shampoo consumption in the survey areas.
100 Shampoo consumption in is on rise. Even in rural areas, the penetration of this product is very fast. In the developed states like Gujarat, Punjab and Haryana and even elsewhere, products like shampoos along with hair oils, talcum powder and beauty creams are considered essential cosmetics in urban and rural masses. In Gujarat, though the rural population is on decline as per the Census 2011, more than eighteen thousand villages provide a vast market for shampoo and allied products. In view of ongoing changes on socio-economic and demographic fronts like increasing levels of education, rising income of villagers, high media exposure, changing occupational structure and infrastructural improvements coupled with Information Technology reaching at the doorsteps of village households, the life style of rural masses have changed. So is in the consumption pattern of villagers for a number of products stretching from cosmetics to consumer durables. This research paper not only highlights the marketing scenario in rural Gujarat but also attempts to uncover various facts of shampoo consumption in the survey areas. , R. Royal Rongmei
The paper reflects on the construction of subject position and the role of media in restructuring the society. Looking at the concept of subjective interpellation from the structuralists perspectives, the paper tries to institutes the ideological functions in structuring anti-dam activists as protesters. A critical analysis has been made to inquire about the ideological practice in the media texts in sustaining power relations of the state.
101 Family Functioning in Schizophrenia : A Clinical Study, Dr. Avinash De Sousa, Dr. Nandlal Prajapati
INTRODUCTION - The family is the basic unit of society and plays an integral part in the pathogenesis, treatment and recovery from schizophrenia. Modifying the functioning and perception of the family is the mainstay of successful treatment in schizophrenia. AIM - To study the differences in perception between schizophrenics and their normal siblings with regard to family functioning and support. METHOD - 300 patients and 300 normal siblings were the subject of the study. A multidimensional semi-structured interview, the Family Functioning Scale, Family Assessment Device and Family Support Scale were used to elicit these differences. The data was tabulated and statistically analyzed. RESULTS - Conflicts, expressiveness, organization, family sociability, laissez faire family style, democracy and idealization were the factors that were most significant on family functioning (p < 0.0005). Significant differences were also noted in perception of general family functioning and family support (p = 0.0001). CONCLUSIONS – We conclude that relatives and patients perceive their family and their family functioning differently and family dynamics must be delved into in the management of schizophrenia.
102 Human Amniotic Membrane: Can it be a Ray of Hope in Periodontal Regeneration?, Dr. Supriya Mishra, Dr. Shweta Singh
Periodontal diseases leading to deterioration of tooth-supporting structures are a serious concern for clinicians. Conventional and existing treatment procedures are not predictable and are associated with a relatively high degree of variability and usually insufficient to promote the regeneration of damaged structures. However, in the emerging field of regenerative medicine, the mesenchymal stem cells derived from human amniotic membrane has given us a ray of hope. The clinical application of amniotic membrane not only maintains the structural and anatomical configuration of regenerated tissues, but also contributes to the enhancement of healing through reduction of post-operative scarring and subsequent loss of function and providing a rich source of stem cells.
103 Role of Calcium in Premenstrual Syndrome, Dr. Veenodini Warhade, Dr. Ashok Shinde
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is the psychological & somatic disorder occurring just 7 to 10 days before the menstruation. Common symptoms of PMS are mood swings, pain & breast tenderness, abdominal discomfort, lack of enthusiasm, severe headache, back pain & body pain, irritability, increased sensitivity to pain. The severity of symptoms varies from person to person. Recent evidence has suggested that disturbances in serum calcium levels may increase the symptoms of PMS. Calcium supplementation may be effective therapy for PMS. This study was conducted with the objectives of reviewing various articles related to the subject. A Pubmed & Google search of various articles containing keywords was done.
104 The Importance of a Multidisciplinary Approach to Patients with Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Josipa Sanja Gruden Pokupec, Zita Blaži? Poto?ki, Ivana Pavi?
According to World Health Organization, in 2005, up to 450 milion new cases of sexually transmitted infections caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites, including sexually transmitted infections transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy and childbirth, and through blood products and tissue transfer was estimated to occur annually throughout the world in adults. The most common infections are syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, chancroid, genital herpes, genital warts and Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Hepatitis B virus. In addition, frequently structural changes and presence of asymptomatic disease complicate routine diagnostic testing and therapeutic treatment. Colaboration between physicians is one of important points in recognition, early detection, upgrading of diagnostic tests and therapeutic treatment. On the other hand, more often if AIDS is detected, in the same patient it is possible to detect at least one additional sexually transmitted disease complicating recognition of disease etiology and planning diagnostic tests for the purpose of early disease detection and treatment, respectively. These points are important in improving the quality of patinet’s life and global prevention. In our case report, the proper colaboration between physicians enhanced detection and treatment of AIDS in early phase.
105 Sigmund Freud’s Maxillary Jawbone Cancer (1856-1939), Dr Xavier Riaud
From 1919 to his death, Sigmund Freud was treated for a maxillary jawbone cancer by two exceptional surgeons, the Austrian, Hans Pichler, and the American, Varaztad Kazanjian. Fleeing the Nazi regime, he went into exile in England where he died after numerous recurrences of the disease.
106 Late Onset Sheehans Presenting as Recurrent Hyponatremia - A Case Report, Dr Manu Mathews, Dr Simi Kurian, Dr Sudha Balakrishnan, Dr Mohamed Salahudheen
A 47 year old female presented with history of hyponatremia and features of hypothyroidism. she had history of recurrent hyponatremia in the past . Obsteric history suggested that she had a postpartum hemorrhage which required blood transfusion 16 years back followed by failure of lactation and secondary amenorrhea . Invesigations were suggestive of a pan hypopitutarism and MRI showed an empty sella . She was treated with steroids and thyroxine replacement and is doing well at 6 months of follow up
107 Educational Interventional Study of Chemical Industrial Hazards and its Prevention Among the Workers of Dye Industry, Dr. Punit G. Patel, Dr. D. V. Bala
Purpose:Work plays a central role in people’s lives, since most workers spend at least eight hours a day in the workplace. Therefore, work environments should be safe and healthyThe proper use of safety measures by dye workers is an important way of preventing and/or reducing a variety of health hazards .Work plays a central role in people’s lives, since most workers spend at least eight hours a day in the workplace. Therefore, work environments should be safe and healthy. The aim of this study was to assess delay in the treatment in AMC area. Methodology:Thiseducational Interventional study was carried out in Dye Stuff Industries, Vatva, Ahmedabad during April 2012 to August 2012. We included those workers who gave verbal consent and remain in job during study period. Total 96 workers were educated by Audio-Visual technique on use of Personal protective equipments for 2 times with 20 days interval. Pre and post intervention knowledge was assessedby using same Pre-designed proforma. Results: Total 96 male workers were included in study. Mean age of workers was 32.2 year with SD 7.2 year. Out of 96, 17 workers (17.7%) were illiterate. Majority of workers 77(78.1%) had one or more forms of addiction. Hypertension was found in 15.6% workers. Overall improvement observed was 45.7% regarding basic knowledge of PPMs and chemical hazards. However only 14 workers were aware about all PPEs.About three fourth (74.5) of workers were using PPEs. Number of poster regarding hazard and PPEs were less and not properly visible. Conclusion: Present As demonstrated in this study, Majority of workers were not aware regarding health hazards of dye and use of Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs). Therefore, Health education regarding use of PPEs and chemical hazards should be given regularly.
108 Rare Case of Simultaneous Bilateral Traumatic Elbow Dislocation in a Young Adult, DR.ANIL SOLANKI, DR.MEHUL CHANDANA, DR.CHIRAG PRAJAPATI, DR.RAJESH SOLANKI, DR.YAGNESH BAKRANIA
109 Tuberculous Tenosynovitis, Yagnesh N Bakrania, Naitik M Chhatrala, Keyur J Patel, Gaurang B Bhabhor
A 30-year-old woman presented with mild swelling, pain on the doral aspect of the hand and wrist. Radiography was non significant. Ultrasonography suggested diffuse thickening of tendon sheath in extensortendons. Thickness measured was 6-9 mm. Magnetic resonance imaging showed synovial fluid collection and changes of tenosynovitis. Laboratory test results were normal, except for an elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate (67 mm/h). Surgical exploration of the lesion revealed rice bodies in the extensor tendon synovial sheath, Removal of the rice bodies and thorough excision of the sheath was performed. Patient was immobilized for 1 month with below elbow cockup slab, started on Anti-Tuberculous Treatment and regularly followed up.
110 Qr Codes for Instrumental Performance in the Music Classroom, Dr. José Palazón-Herrera,Dra. Andrea Giráldez Hayes
This article presents an experiment in which a group of music students from a secondary school in Spain used music score sheets enriched with QR codes as a support for the practice required to play a musical instrument. The first group performance was compared with another group who used traditional resources (textbooks and compact discs). The objective of this research is to show that the use of QR codes can be a more effective educational resource for students who need customised assistance for instrumental study. To assess the outcome, the results obtained from video recordings of the students’ performance were quantitatively analysed after the experiment, which lasted a month. The results of the research proved that the students who used QR codes –read using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets– achieved better results than those who used more traditional resources.
111 Optical Properties of Cobalt Phthalocyanine Thin Films, M.T. Hussein, Eman M. Nasir, F.A.Senaed
Cobalt Phthalocyanine (CoPc) thin films with different annealing temperatures (298,358,408,458)K have been prepared by thermal evaporation technique on glass substrate at RT under vacuum of 10-5 mbar Using Edwards 306 system with rate of deposition equal to 15 nm/minute. The optical measurement includes UV-Visible Spectra, which showed that increase in annealing temperatures, leads to increase absorbance of films, the CoPc thin films have direct energy gap (Eg) for all samples, Also the optical constants such as absorption coefficient, refractive index, extinction coefficient and dielectric constant have been calculated and it was found that they are slightly dependent of annealing temperatures.
112 Ergo-Hira: A Conceptual Model for Fitness to Work, Dr. Sandul Yasobant
Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace have a huge impact, emerging as a growing problem in the modern societies. Low back pain stands a major attributable fraction of global disease and injury due to various occupational risk factor, causing the most predominant cause of work-life disability. Though 1/3rd proportion of MSDs are reported as globally, still many inherent conditions might be under reported because of unavailability of rapid postural assessment tools at occupational sectors. Pre-employment and pre-placement examinations are an important tool to deal with occupational diseases as screening allows to set a well-being benchmark for new starters. Unfortunately in such screening process, postural-ergonomics assessment is not emphasized. This omission results in high incidence of MSDs in later occupational life in many workplaces. Considering above gaps Ergonomic- Hazard Identification & Risk Analysis (Ergo-HIRA) model was designed which could be included in the pre-placement health screening program to minimize future burden of Work related MSDs.
113 Comparative Study of Tin Phthalocyanine and Tin Phthalocyanine Dichloride Thin Films, Dr Regimol C Cherian
Organic semi conducting thin films are important for applications in optical and electronic device fabrications. Thin films of tin phthalocyanine and tin phthalocyanine dichloride are prepared by thermal evaporation technique. Optical absorption spectra of these films are recorded and analyzed to evaluate the optical energy band gap. Electrical characterization of thin films is done using the arrhenius plot. From the powder X-ray diffractograms, structure is identified and prominent peaks are indexed also.
114 Study on the “Kallu Moose Aata” A Traditional Village Game in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh, M. Venkatalak shmamma, N. Munirathnamma
Kurnool District is a district in the state of Andhra Pradesh. , India, located in the west-central part of the state on the southern banks of the Tungabhadra and Handri rivers. The city of Kurnool is currently the headquarters of the district. In Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh different types of traditional outdoor games, like “Chendata, Chuk Chuk Pulla, Dhaayakattam, Gudu Gudu Gunjam, Daadi, Kappa Gantulu, Bomma Borusa”, etc. which are played mostly by kids. The aims of present investigation is to study one of the traditional game i.e “Kallu Moose Aata” and for this study I have been selected Maddur, Vempenta, Chinna Kandukur, Suddapalli villages in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. Then I have been find characters and limitations of the “Kallu Moose Aata”. Finally I conclude, this is one of the funny game and the speciality of this game is “no win or defeat in this game”.
115 Major Constraints as Perceived by the Tribal Sheep Farmers in Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh, Dr.R.HARILAL
majority of the sheep farmers perceived lack of knowledge on right time of crossing (95.83per cent) as a most serious constraint followed by inadequate knowledge on breeding practices (90.00per cent) as the second major constraint
116 Haemato Biochemical Changes Induced by Atrazine Toxicity in Albino Rats, Kharde Karan Rajendra, S.Soujanya
The present study was designed to study the haematobiochemical alterations induced by atrazine toxicity in albino rats. Seventy two Sprague dawley rats were divided into four groups of 12 female animals and 6 male animals in each. Groups I, II and III were administered with atrazine @ 30, 60, 120 mg/kg b.wt/day respectively by oral gavage for 60 days where as group IV was served as control. At the end of 60th day, 6 females and 3 males from each group were sacrificed and before sacrifice blood and serum samples were collected for estimation of haematological and serum biochemical parameters. Haematological profile revealed a significant (P< 0.01) reduction of TEC, Hb, PCV, MCV, MCH, MCHC values and a significant (P< 0.01) increase in TLC values in all the treatment groups in dose dependent manner as compared with control group. Serum biochemical profile revealed significant (P< 0.01) increase in AST, ALT, BUN, creatinine levels and a significant (P< 0.01) decrease in total serum protein, serum albumin, serum globulin levels in groups I, II and III in dose dependent manner as compared with control group.
117 Paraphimosis in a Stallion : A case report, Raj Kumar Patel
A 6 years old stallion presented with history of complete penile prolapsed, often with gross swelling of the body of the penis due to oedema. Stallion was treated by washing of the penis (hydrotherapy10 min twice daily), manual massage, application of topical osmotic agents (sugar), applying petroleum jelly to it to prevent drying and cracking and supporting it against the body wall by a towel which went around the animals abdomen. Adjunctive therapies included daily exercise, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Inj.-Phenylbutazone @ 4.4mg/kg bwt, I/V, q24h X 4days; Inj.- Furosemide @ 0.5mg/kg bwt, I/V, q24h X 3days and Inj.- Dexamethasone @ 0.1mg/kg bwt, I/M, q24h X 2days. Penis was maintained in the preputial cavity within 13 days.
118 Pyometra in a Mare: A Case Report, Raj Kumar Patel
A mare, aged 10 year was intermittently expelled thick creamy yellowish discharge from vagina. Case was diagnosed pyometra on the basis of rectal palpation of a large thick walled, distended uterus and clinical signs. The mare was treated lavage of the uterus using 5% normal saline solution on alternate day, broad spectrum antibiotic lixen suspension 4gm was infused intrauterine, after repeated large volume lavage. The lavage was repeated until the fluids recover became clear. Mare was recovered uneventful after treatment.
119 Effect of Feeding Mixture of Herbal Plants (Harad and Garlic), S. Cerevisiae and Combination of Both on Blood Lipid Profile of Growing Male Buffaloes, Bangkeng Perme, L.C. Chaudhary
Abstract: An experiment was carried out for a period of 180 days on twenty growing buffaloes to find out the effect of dietary supplementation of Harad and Garlic, S. cerevisiae and combination of both on blood lipid profile. The dietary treatments comprised of viz CON (control with no additive); T 1, fermented feed (containing 106 S. cerevisiae/g) @ 100g/100kg body weight; T 2, mixture of harad and garlic @ 2% of dry matter intake and T 3, mixture of harad and garlic plus feed fermented with S. cerevisiae. The basal diet consisted of wheat straw and concentrates mixture (50:50) to meet the nutrient requirement of animals. Blood samples were collected aseptically on 0 day, 90 day and180 day of the experiment. Summary: Supplementation of mixture of harad and garlic, S. cerevisiae and combination of both has no influence on the lipid profile growing buffaloes as the values were within normal range in the study
120 Sociological Status of Women in Geeta Mehta’s A River Sutra, Dr. Daxa G. Thakor
The novel written in the last two decades of the twentieth century had inextricable links with the socio-political milieu as it stuck deep roots in the Indian sociaty. By imaginatively treating the contemporary themes, the postmodern English novelist’s sought to explore and interpret India significantly in its various aspects. Geeta Mehta’s A River Sutra reflects contemporary society by describing six stories and through which people’s money minded attitude, indifference to the poor or low profile people, jealousy, anti-socialness, in-safety of women, optimism, kind full nature, women empowerment, metaphysis, etc. the present paper focuses on the social status of contemporary women and their importance in creating healthy society depicted in Geeta Mehta’s novel A River Sutra.
121 Role of Tens and Recent Advances in Management of Tmj: A Review, Dr. Rajesh Gupta, Dr. Preety Gupta
Background and Purpose The purpose of this review was to assess the evidence concerning the effectiveness of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) in the management of Temporomandibular disorders (TMD). Methods A literature search of published and unpublished articles resulted in the retrieval of 13 potential articles. Discussion.13 article were reviewed ,out of which one study favors effectiveness of TENS in the management of TMD .eight study evidence for the use of TENS in combination with other therapies to reduce pain and to improve oral opening. However, in another two studies no significant result found in TENS as compared to Occlusal splint therapy. One study favors Micro current electrical nerve (MENS) stimulation over TENS .one study favors muscular awareness relaxation training over TENS. Conclusion In the presented review, 8study out of 13 studies were in support of the effectiveness of TENS as an therapeutic module in alleviating pain in TMD patients.
122 Euthanasia in the Light of Hinduism and Mill’s Liberalism, Dr Savera Sharma
Euthanasia is a controversial issue and there are arguments for and against it from humanitarian and religious view points. Almost all the religions are against voluntary death, except for Hinduism in which the concept of Samadhi or voluntary death is accepted. Probing deeper, we find that there is nothing in Hinduism that deplores euthanasia. Another defence of euthanasia can be given by analyzing Mill’s liberalism from a broader perspective. Though Mill did not directly support euthanasia, but his arguments can be a powerful tool for endorsing euthanasia. Thus, the subject of euthanasia can be looked at from new perspectives in light of Hinduism and Mill’s liberalism.
123 A Study on Job Motivation Among Working Women With Special Reference to Those Who are Staying Away From Home, Dr. Jayasri Indiran, Dr. Muralidharan, K.
A woman, as wife is the better half of a man, if employed, she is the best asset of not only him, but also of her total family. Though, money is a sole vital factor for a competent living, the source of it is also equably much significant. Not only for the husband, but also for parents, an earning daughter is a better financial supporter till her marriage, at times even after marriage. Growing globalization thrusts the importance of women employment not only locally but also globally. But, how far they work with motivation is a research issue which tempted the researcher to delve into this study on Job Motivation of Working Women with special reference to those who are staying away from home. The study intends to find out the impact of personal efficacy and perceived organizational culture along with certain conducive factors with which these variables can / cannot be influential on job motivation of working women.
124 Effect of Different Citric Acids Levels on Quality Papaya Candy Prepared by Various Methods, Chauhan Neelesh, Samsher, Singh Papu, Singh B.R., Singh Sweta
Experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of different processing methods, citric acid levels and packaging materials on physico-chemical and sensory quality of fresh as well as stored papaya candy. The citric acid levels of 0.5%, 0.75% and 1.0% were used for all three processing methods. After preparation of papaya candy, the finished products were packed in three packaging materials viz; glass jars, PET jars and PP pouches and stored at room temperature for quality evaluation at 30, 60 and 90 days interval. The data obtained for acidity of fresh samples of papaya candy indicated that with increase in citric acid levels, the acidity increased in processing method.
125 Co-integration between Resource Allocation to Education and Development, Dr. Premakumara G.S., Jagadeesha D.S.
In the present paper we have tried to estimate the long run relationship between resource allocation for primary education and gross state domestic product. We have used secondary time series data from 1990-91 to 2011-12. Plan, non plan and total allocation for primary education, and gross state domestic product have been considered for analysis. It has been found from the study that plan, non-plan and total allocation to primary education do not have long run relationship with gross state domestic product of Karnataka, which is against to the existing theories of returns to investment in education. Therefore, resource allocation made by government of Karnataka (GOK) is not according to the needs of primary education and more-over, resource allocation in primary education by GOK has not been leading to economic development of the state. Hence, there is a need to re-orientation of resource allocation to primary education.
126 Dyke-Davidoff-Masson syndrome- A Case report, Dr.Nishant Aswani, Dr.Naresh Kumar Meena, Dr.R.K.Gulati
Dyke-Davidoff-Mason syndrome was diagnosed in a 2 year child who presented with history of generalised seizures since the age of 5 months. Significant birth history included delayed cry and a stay of 30 days in intensive care unit. The milestones were delayed. On examination the vitals were stable. The head circumference measured 44 cm ( < -3 SD for the age). There were no neurocutaneous markers. The child had left hemiparesis with brisk tendon reflexes and extensor plantar reflex. CT brain revealed hemiatrophy on the right side with ipsilateral shift of falx . The sulcal spaces and ventricular system on the same side were prominent. The overlying calvarium was thickened. INTRODUCTION Dyke-Davidoff-Masson syndrome is a rare epilepsy syndrome with predominant manifestations of seizures, facial asymmetry, hemiatrophy, contralateral hemiparesis, skull vault thickening and mental retardation.
127 Structural Equation Modeling Applied to a Study on the Background of Green Buying Behaviors, Helenita R. da Silva Tamashiro, José Augusto Giesbrecht da Silveira, Edgard Monforte Merlo, Claudia Rosa Acevedo
Studies related to green buying behaviors, which indicate the relationship between the background and consequential behaviors remains complex and constitutes a challenge for academics and professionals in the marketing area. From this perspective, the aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between Ecological Knowledge (EK), Ecological Concern (EC), Ecological Affection (EA) and the green buying behavior of the consumer; while considering the cosmetics sector. In pursuit of the objectives proposed, a survey of 500 Brazilian women consumers was conducted. In the data analysis we applied the PLS structural equation modeling, noting that constructs EA, EK and EC have significant influence on buying behavior, with the Ecological Concern being the construct with the highest impact. Finally, it was observed that the consumers of the sample showed a favorable opinion and were homogeneous in relation to the ecological aspects, i.e. they were favorable to the consumption of green products.
128 Camptasia Player: A Medium for Effective Teaching, Deshmukh MA, Kalyankar SD, Chopde SS
Camtasia Studio (CS) is a professional quality video production software package designed to capture, edit, interpret and organize moving action of computer screen into a computer video file. It is the ideal piece of software for creating, editing and distributing interactive multimedia video tutorials for any range of computer software applications. The component of CS are adding caption to recorded lectures & power point presentation, create tutorials, visual training materials & use as an assessment tool. Thus by using CS teacher will have the opportunity to create and edit short video snips. CS helps in creating training material or demonstrating a software feature on-line and allows editing newly created video, also to save it in multiple formats. It is one of the desktop recording applications that adapt the work flow by keeping track of on-screen action. It makes the final editing process much easier and quicker.
129 Sudden Bilateral Vision Loss Due to Ruptured Sphenoid Mucocele in Fibrous Dysplasia: A Case Report, Anurag Vyas, Irfan Ali Shera, Mohd Shafi Bhat, Qayser Yosuf
Fibrous dysplasia is a developmental anomaly of bone, often affecting the facial bones. We present a case of fibrous dysplasia with bilateral sudden loss of vision. MRI showed ruptured sphenoid sinus mucocele compressing the optic nerves. Immediate surgical exploration and decompression restored the vision.
130 Exploring Quality Gaps in Higher Education Institutions: A Viewpoint of Male Undergraduates of Chandigarh, Dr. Jatinder Kaur
Higher education is an extremely fast growing service industry and is exposed to the globalization process every day. The customer-centric approach of service quality has gained momentum in educational literature also and the educational institutions are striving hard to satisfy their elite customers, the students. Like every service provider, it has become absolutely essential for these institutions to identify and minimize the quality gaps between students’ perception and expectations. In the present study, an attempt has been made to identify the extent of quality gaps existing in these institutions by applying the adapted version of SERVQUAL technique given by Parasuraman. Data collected revealed existence of huge quality gaps in these institutions and in all the thirty two items these institutions were found lagging.
131 To Compare the Effect of Taping Techniques and Conventional Treatment on Gait Variables in Patent With Flat Foot, Parul Rathore, Humaira Khanam, Deepak Raghav, Meenakshi Verma
Aim: To compare the effect of taping techniques and conventional treatment on gait variables in patients with flat foot. Methods: 30 subjects recruited and divided into 2 groups each having 15 patients. Group A (N=15) received isometric exercises and Group B (N-15) received isometric exercise and taping technique. Pre and post measurement for step length, stride length, toe out were taken. Result : Step length in both Group A (48.31 ± 8.64 vs. 53.70 ± 9.49, t=3.96) and Group B (47.53 ± 7.50 vs. 64.32 ± 6.03, t=12.55) increased significantly (p
132 Pathetic Plight of a Woman as Revealed in Sylvia Plath’s Poetry, Anju Bala Sharma, Dr. Tanu Gupta
Sylvia Plath is one of the most powerful American poets of the post World War II period. Viewed as a therapeutic response to her divided personae as an artist, daughter, mother and wife, her poetry reveals the psychological torment associated with feelings of alienation, inadequacy and rejection. Further, the neglect of women’s rights and the inequality of opportunities for male and female grew in her irritated self. Betrayal by her loved husband exaggerated her psychological disorders. Her poetry also reveals the frustration and tension which a woman faces because of the patriarchal structure and the discrepancy between the way she wants to behave and the way she is made to behave. She thought that nobody being able to satisfy her needs and considers death as one and only solution.
133 School Location Versus Academic Achievement In Geography : Does Reflective Inquiry Instructional Technique Has Effect?, Prof. S. A. Ezeudu, Gbendu, Godiva Olaowei, Joshua Emeka Umeifekwem
This research investigated the effects of reflective inquiry instructional technique, a learner-centered and activity-based method of teaching and learning, on achievement in Geography of Nigerian rural and urban secondary school students. The research design used was the pretest posttest quasi-experimental design. One hundred and sixty (160) SSS II students in Kolga Education Zone of Bayelsa State were drawn using stratified simple random sampling technique from four co-educational schools and were tested on the concepts of climate, effects of climatic elements and pressure using a developed 50-item Geography Achievement Test (GAT) whose reliability index was 0.66.One research question and three null hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. Mean and standard deviation were used in answering the research question. While the formulated null hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance using analysis of covariance (ANCOVA). The analysis revealed that urban and rural students exposed to reflective inquiry instructional technique achieved higher in the postGAT than those exposed to the conventional lecture method. Findings indicate that there was no significant difference in the mean Geography achievement scores between urban and rural students taught Geography with reflective inquiry instructional technique. Results showed that school location is not a significant factor in students’ achievement in GAT. It was therefore recommended that the secondaryschool Geographycurriculum should be revisited and redesigned to incorporate and as well emphasize the use of reflective inquiry instructional technique; workshops and seminars should also be organized periodically to train and retrain teachers in the use of reflective inquiry technique. Also,Ministry of Education should provide adequate and yet appropriate resource materials to the schools both in rural and urban areas evenly in order to enhance reflective teaching-learning practicesto improve students’ academic achievement.
134 Effect of Reflective Inquiry Instructional Technique on Students’ Achievement in Environmental Related Contents in Senior Secondary School Geography, Prof. S. A. Ezeudu, Gbendu, Godiva Olaowei, Joshua Emeka Umeifekwem
The study investigated the effect of reflective inquiry instructional technique on students’ achievement in Environmental Related contents of senior secondary school Geography in Kolga Education Zone, Bayelsa State of Nigeria. The study adopted quasi experimental design. Specifically, the pretest posttest non-equivalent group design was employed. The population of the study consisted of all the 1,820 senior secondary school two (SS II) students who offer Geography in the 14 co-educational public secondary schools in the Zone. Four (4) co-educational schools were drawn out of the fourteen schools. A sample size of 160 SS II Geography students were drawn out of the four (4) schools through simple random sampling technique. The instrument used for data collection was Environmental Related Contents Achievement Test in Geography (ERCATG). The instrument was validated by three experts. The reliability index of the ERCATG instrument was established using Kudder-Richardson (K-R20) method of internal estimate which gave an overall reliability index of 0.66. Oneresearch question guided the study and one null hypothesis was also formulated to guide the study. Mean and standard deviation were used in answering the research question while the null hypothesis was tested at 0.05 level of significance using analysis of covariance (ANCOVA). Findings from the study revealed that students taught Environmental Related contents with reflective inquiry instructional technique achieved better than those taught with the conventional lecture method. It was therefore recommended that Geography curriculum planners should carry out a review of the senior secondary school Geography curriculum with a view to incorporating Reflective Inquiry Instructional Technique (RIIT) in order to ensure effective teaching and learning of Environmental Related contents of Geography. That Government should organize periodic workshops, conferences and seminars with a view to training and retraining Geography teachers on the use of Reflective Inquiry Instructional Technique (RIIT) for effective teaching and learning of Environmental Related contents through the Geography curriculum.
135 Comparative Ultrasonic and Conductometric Studies of Solutions of Cadmium Soaps With Benzene-Methanol, Vishal Chaudhary, Dr. M.K Rawat, Dr. Yadvendra Sharma
Densities (?), viscosities (?), ultrasonic velocities (u) and conductivities (?) have been measured by using specific gravity bottle, Ostwald’s viscometer, single frequency ultrasonic interferometer (1 MHz frequency) and conductivity meter respectively for soap concentration for solutions of cadmium soaps in benzene-methanol (50%-50% V/V). Various acoustical parameters viz. specific acoustic impedance, apparent molar compressibility, apparent molar volume and molar sound velocity of the solutions of Cd soaps at 40±0.05ºC were calculated from these experimental data. The results are interpreted in terms of molecular interactions between components of solutions.
136 A Study of Officers Work Culture in Regional Transport Offices (R.T.O.’s) in Western Vidarbha Region, Ms.Deepali K.Mankar, Dr.Mahesh C. Dabre
Today the world has become a global village and we are a step closer to every corner of the globe. The recent developments and advancements in the field of communication and transportation have brought a sea change in our lives. The Regional Transport Office works in the following ways; provides driving license, registration certificate, insurance certificate, P.U.C. certificate and road permit, fitness certificate and so on. The primary data collected through questionnaire, interview and by observation. Secondary data collected through books, reports, journals and internet. The officers are unable to solve the numerous problems of the employees, which become hurdle in their performance. The entire R.T.O.s works as if it is a single department, many times the same clerk or officer deals with the license, registration of vehicles, issues batches etc, this causes a great delay in clearing all the documents. Office atmosphere is main hurdle in day-to-day functioning in R.T.O.s.
137 67 Years on – Have our Dalits Really Moved on? – A Grassroots Study of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Dr CHIKKALA KRANTHI KUMAR
Even after 67 years of India’s independence, a very large section of the country’s population, the Dalits, continue to face wide-ranging economic, social disadvantages, and day- to-day humiliation, denial of justice and are being subjected to various kinds of atrocities. By and large, the present condition of many Dalits is due to widespread poverty low education, limited employment opportunities and their marginalisation in all spheres of public life.The present paperwill attempt to look into the various facets of the socio-economic status of the Dalits in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, based upon parameters such as the magnitude, literacy, labour force participation, land status, and cropping pattern, as compared to the non-SC groups.
138 Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Juvenile in Conflict With Law With Reference to Adoption asnd Foster Care Under The Indian Juvenile System, Dr Kamaljit Kaur
This research paper attempts to critically analyze the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of children under Indian Juvenile Justice with reference to adoption and foster care. The U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989 has been used as a benchmark to assess the extent of incorporation of the global norms of child protection in the domestic legal paradigms of India. The primary status – Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2000 and Amendment 2006 has been analyzed. The onus of Rehabilitation and its implementation is on the Department of Women and Child Development and Juvenile Justice Boards. The institutional and non- institutional services are lacking in execution, though the structure for ‘Program for Juvenile Justice’ has been set up.
139 Pharmacognostic Studies of Amalaki (Emblica officinalis Gaertn.), Dr. Manjula K, Dr. Satej Banne, Dr. Arun Chougale
Amalaki or Indian goose berry is also known as King of all medicinal plants. It is most important drug in Indian traditional system, especially Ayurveda. It has occupied major place in Ayurvedic medicines. It is a small medium size tree. The leaves are feathery with small oblong pinnately arranged leaflets. The tree is characteristic greenish grey with smooth bark. Amalaki possesses the highest level of heat and storage stable vitamin C known to man. The study includes macroscopy, microscopy, preliminary phytochemical screening and physic-chemical evaluation.
140 Node Signal Improvement with RSSI Based Localization Using Multicasting Wireless Network, Mrs. Sumalatha, Dr. G. Sreenivasan
In this work,the wireless network optimized localization technique that detect the node replication attacks occurrence and reduce the delay of the node transmission which makes compatible to the find node localization using multicasting and improve node signal strength.
141 The Effect Temperature and Shear Rate on the Rheological Behavior for Sunflower Oil , Ioana Stanciu
The sunflower oil was carefully studied in recent years because they may constitute a raw material for biodegradable lubricants getting organic. These oils are an alternative to synthetic mineral oils. The biodegradable oils represent now an ingenious solution in lubrication engineering for equipment which works preponderantly in conditions that have high risk of environmental pollution. In this article we determined the dynamic viscosity sunflower oil at temperatures between 313 and 373 K and shear rates between 3.3 and 120 s-1. The some empirical relations that describe the temperature dependence of dynamic viscosity were fitted to the experimental data and the correlation constants for the best fit are presented.
142 A Study on Consumer Satisfaction Towards Cadbury Oreo Biscuit With Special Reference to Coimbatore City, Ms.M.Shanthini Devi, Ms.K.Kavitha
Biscuit is a small flat cake that is crisp and usually sweet. It is concerned with the tastes and habits of the people. Previously it was used as a diet for patients and energy and taste for kids. Nowadays biscuit is considered as a good alternate for oily snacks and fast food, so, it is consumed daily by a large part of our population. Currently among all biscuits available in the market, Oreo has become one of the popular biscuits among the people of all segments and ages. This study has been conducted to identify the factors that influence consumer’s to buy the Oreo biscuits. The data was collected from 150 respondents in Coimbatore city under convenient sampling technique through a questionnaire to identify consumer satisfaction. Percentage, simple ranking and chi square analysis is used for data analysis.
143 Foreign Policy And National Security of Nigeria: A Critical Analysis, Dr. Justice O. Igbokwe
Every sovereign country requires a foreign policy perspective, which has as its attributes, the aspirations and desires of that country as well as the strategies for implementing them. However, such foreign policy perspectives of nations do not occur out of the bleus, but rather depend mostly on one important aspect “national interest”. Nigeria, with over 140 millions population, is the largest black nation in the world. Ever since Nigeria attended independence in 1960, the country has been bedeviled by numerous challenges. Its history since independence includes coups, countercoups, civil war, recently, terrorism, kidnappings, ethno – religions conflict, etc. however, knowing Nigeria does not necessarily result in knowing Africa, but the problems and prospects of many African states could be found in Nigeria. Our foreign policy was branded “Afro – centric and this has remained our policy thrust since independence. However, as Nigeria aspires to accelerate economic development and the consolidation of our nascent democracy, national security for the consolidation of these aspirations then becomes a sine – qua – none. Therefore, the paper tires to analyze the primary objective of our foreign policy as well as the primary objective of national security, and advises ways to have a successful foreign policy and strengthen national security.
144 Manipur Sangai Festival And It’s Role in Tourist Attraction, Nongthombam Rabi Singh, Dr Kh Dhiren Meetei
The 10 days long Manipur Sangai Festival is annually held from 21st November to 30th November every year. The festival is organised by Department of Tourism, Government of Manipur. The festival was earlier known as the “Manipur Tourism Festival” which began in 2008. In 2010, it was renamed as “Manipur Sangai Festival” with an aim to popularise “Sangai” the rare species of dear which found only in Manipur. The Festival strives to showcase and promote the best of what the state has to offer to the world in terms of art and culture, handloom, handicrafts & fine arts, indigenous sports, cuisines & music, eco & adventure sports as well as the scenic natural beauty of the land. The Sangai festival of Manipur is becoming one of the most popular festival in the state day by day. Knowing the important of this festival, it has become an opportunities to the people of the state to showcase and exchange their rich culture. It is also hope that by analysis finding, suggestion and conclusion of this study will contribute to a better step for the improvement of tourism sector in the state.
145 A Study on Financial Services Provided by Axis Bank: Customer Perspective (A Special Reference to Coimbatore City), Dr. K. M. CHINNADORAI, Ms J. SANGEETHA
The purpose of this study is to find out the customer’s perception toward the financial services offer by Axis bank. A total number of customers taken for the study is 100 and statistical tools employed to analyze are percentage analyze and likert test. The result of the study clearly shows that the preference and satisfaction among the respondent vary by of demographical statues of customer in particularly different age group and different occupation group. Finally, this paper suggests to improve banking services specifically loan, investment opportunity, safety locker and e-banking it will facilitate the axis banker to overtake rival and to develop the economy
146 E-Payment, Manav Aggarwal
Electronic payment system is an online business process used for fund transfer using electronic means like personal computer, mobile phones etc. They are widely used in bank whenever transactions are made in terms of payment &other means. E-payment refers to the process of providing payment to the company regarding purchasing products or services through the Internet. The trend of e-commerce is increasing very rapidly in the customers market. The payment process of e-commerce normally provided through electronic payment system. So, the trend of e-payment also increases through various devices of electronic payment like e-transfer, debit card, credit card, etc. Emerging innovations in the payment for goods and services in electronic commerce promise to offer a wide range of new business opportunities. Electronic payment systems and e-commerce are highly linked given that on-line consumers must pay for products and services. This paper studies the role of electronic payment system in electronic commerce.
147 Comparison of Static Volume (Tidal Volume) & Dynamic Lung Volumes in Adult Male Cancer Patients In Relation With Ergo Reflex, Dr Manveen Kaur Lall
Cancer is a disease in which a group of cells display unregulated growth. Almost half of all the cancer patients show a syndrome of cachexia. Ergoreflex is a peripheral reflex originating in skeletal muscles. . Abnormalities of skeletal muscle favoring anaerobic metabolism have been documented in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). So the aim of the study is to see if there is any association between pulmonary function tests and Ergoreflex. Pulmonary function tests in control and experimental individuals. The values remained high during the occlusion protocol in control subjects but further decreased in experimental subjects i.e. 0.44 ±1.0 (L) and 0.36 ±1.0 (L) respectively which were statistically significant. Education about risk factors, early detection, treatment and palliative care can be helpful in decreasing the incidence as well as morbidity and mortality of the disease.
148 Deep Ecology And Eco Feminism An Approach To Sustainable Development, S. RAVIKUMAR
The ecological crisis reflects the inequal livelihoods of indigenous communities. Due to globalization, only minority sections are benefited, majority of poor lower. Eco-feminists argue that deep ecology is not deep enough because its call for biological egalitarianism does not extent to women (Salleh 1984).Deep ecology is preoccupied with anthropocentrism (Human centeredness) as main cause of environmental degradation when the real problem is andro centrism, ecological destruction being male dominated. In the process of globalization, industrial and development projects cause a serious harm to the forest or eco systems. In Indian the destruction of five lakh hectares of forest in the past five years alone for mines, dams and industrial project in the name of development. Economic growth do not result in poverty reduction and gap between the rich and poor widen. So that’s why development should be from the below .To have better future for indigenous people, their values must be respected, by making them access to equitable and distribution of GDP. Alternatives, new economic theories, developmental programmes and policies must be framed, and implemented at root level
149 The Role of Motivational Factors in the Practice of Physical Education in Higher Education for Deadlock, GanciuOana Maria
Our research is part of a broader study that aims knowledge and analysis of motivational factors. Information on aspects of behavior and attitude of students towards the movement can occur through specially designed programs change their availability to the subject taught. It aims availability of students to physical education and how they perceive the work done in the lesson. . Investigations were carried out on female students at the University of Bucharest. The sample under investigation included a total of 100 college freshmen, contained in a system organized to participate in physical education classes in various sports. Investigation research was conducted at The Department of Physical Education and Sport at the University of Bucharest, in the academic year 2013 - 2014, semester, involved a questionnaire consisting of questions, which concerned many aspects of motor activities and issues the content of physical education classes. Responses for each of the variants posibile mentioned in the questionnaire were recorded and tabulated and then translated into percentages and interpreted. In higher education, sports options for students who wish to practice in physical education lessons will be: fitness, aerobics, dance, swimming, basketball, football, tennis, badminton, self defense, volleyball, folkloric dance, and martial arts; The above analysis highlights aspects of physical education and sport in school education and will be reflected in the design students on the influence of exercise on health. The fact that, in theory, students agree on the beneficial influence of physical education is reflected by the answers “in range” to the question in the questionnaire, the following influence: a) harmonious development, b) recovery after intellectual effort, c) stimulate intellectual activity. Reasons for lack of interest for physical education which most were limited to the lack of free time, material conditions, workspace especially convenience Apart from these issues I noticed, based on questionnaire responses received, the current content of sports activities is one which thanks to a great extent. As a result of this study suggest improving the conditions of deployment sport activity to the extent that it can do this at our university
150 Energy Efficient Mobile Infrastructure (Green Radio), Rahul Bhambere, Sourabh Sawant, Sarvesh Bhargav
The number of users and the use of telecommunication systems are increasing rapidly and this result in greater demands on energy usage. Based on the extensive Life- cycle assessment (LCA) conducted by various network operators, it is learned that energy consumption in the usage phase of its radio access networks is the most imminent factor relating to impact on athe environment. The amount of CO2 emission is increasing in communication system, in parallel with increase in mobile consumers. It is observed that current wireless networks are not energy-efficient, mainly the base stations (BS). The need for restructuring of existing network architecture, we need to control the systems in every base station. This paper discusses the current energy consumption scenario in base station devices. It also describes innovative and promising method for enhancing the energy -efficiency of the wireless networks and developing solutions that reduce operating costs and effects on the environment.
151 Development of Full Mould Casting Using Polystyrene Cutting Machine, Dhrisya K P, Dr. N. M. Nagarajan
Full mould casting process uses polystyrene foam as the pattern. The pattern is kept in sand mold. As the metal is poured, the foam vaporizes, and the metal takes its shapes. The gas from the foam flees through the sand. The advantage of this process is that complex shaped casting can be made without draft or flash. Moverover the process has less energy consumption and less waste residues than other casting processes. The present study is to fabricate a polystyrene cutting machine to cut poly styrene to shape pattern and evaluate full mould casting process. The present work Al-Si eutectic alloy is used to produce casting. Aluminum silicon eutectic alloy generally called L-M 6 contains 10 to 13 percent by weight silicon. Due to its good casting properties, high strength to weight ratio and excellent corrosion resistance, this alloy finds applications in automobile aircraft and marine industries. This alloy is best suited for automobile components like piston, cylinder, intake manifolds etc. Test result is encouraging. In modification shown the casting product has good mechanical properties and surface finish. Test result shown that LM 6 alloy casting using modifier given good casting shape with complicated profile casting in full mould process.
152 The Traditional Habitat of Bran Village, Romania. Sustainable Development in Rural Landscape., Gabriela Cristina Chi?onu
The region consisting of Transylvania’s rural areas still offers a living proof of sustainable development. Besides using traditional natural materials, the Romanian peasant has developed various typologies of dwellings across the country starting with the shore of the Black Sea and up to the mountains’ top. The dwellings from villages have been built, rebuilt, each of them maintaining the specific of the area in what respects local building materials as well as the architectural style, the latter being adjusted to the relief and the climate, with improvements from one generation to the other. Bran area is still distinguished as a jewel of culture and tradition. Here, magnificent landscapes merge with history and culture, the legendary landmark being Bran Castle. Sustainable development by its adjustment both to environment as well as to local natural resources coincides from the point of view of objectives with the rural traditional habitat, which is still present but not sufficiently valued.
153 Role of Mother Tongue in Teaching-Learning English, Dr. Chittaranjan Bhoi
Most of the fortunate children of the world listen to the voices of their mothers first than anybody else’s soon after they see the first light of the day. It is therefore, obvious that the mother’s voice which is generally acclaimed as mother-tongue creates a great impact on the children. When the children start learning they understand, remember, realize, react and reflect in their mother-tongue better and faster. But to cope with the globalised world afterwards they become bilingual and then multilingual. In the process they foster linguistic, cultural and intellectual vigor. The linguistic experience in the home becomes the foundation of their future learning. Indeed, this paper purports to establish an argument that the role of mother-tongue in teaching English is immensely significant. It further attempts to examine students’ perceptions of the use of mother tongue in various linguistic situations and the educators’ role in teaching English with the prevalence of mother-tongue over languages.
154 Knowledge About Menstruation and Menstrual Hygiene Among Muslim Female Adolescents And Mothers of Rajouri District, J&K, DR. SARIKA MANHAS, MS. RABIA SALEM
The present research was carried with the aim to assess the knowledge about menarche and menstruation among Muslim females of Banihal, Rajouri District, Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from this the menstrual hygiene practices of the adolescent girls and their mothers was also noted. The sample for the study comprised of two groups namely adolescent girls (n= 100, 13-19 years) and mothers ( n= 50, 35-45 years) having at least one adolescent daughter. The sample was selected through a combination of random and purposive sampling technique. Self devised interview schedule was used for data collection. Results reveal that most females were unaware about menarche. Those who knew about it referred to it as signaling of the menstrual process. However, comparatively more respondents were aware about menstruation. More adolescent girls were aware about menstruation prior to its occurrence than the mothers. They reported that menstruation refer to either regular periods or uterus bleeding. On the occurrence of menstruation most girls showed incomplete knowledge as most of them felt that it occurred only in unmarried adolescent girls or in all women without any age restriction. According to most girls menstruation is either a physiological process or a curse of God. Majority mothers did not give any knowledge to their daughters regarding menarche and menstruation. There was widespread misconception about important aspects of menstruation among the females. Most adolescent girls changed their sanitary protective material regularly. Mothers also influenced the choice of protective material and its usage among their daughters. Even today, many adolescent girls were advised by their mothers to make use of clothes (sometimes old and sometimes new) as an absorbent during menstruation; but at the same time more girls than the mothers used readymade sanitary pads as protective material during their periods. The findings highlight existence of a culture of silence towards this crucial physiological process among the selected Muslim community.
155 Green Hrm-A Requirement For Sustainable organization, GEETU NIJHAWAN
Green HRM is not just a management fad. Though the concept is in its nascent stage, organizations are realizing the importance of creating awareness regarding environment management through Green HR policies and practices for their long term sustainability. HRM plays the critical role in embedding sustainability strategy of the organization for creating the skills, motivation, values and trust to achieve a triple bottom line. Green HRM demands initiatives in various HR processes (from recruitment to exit) to promote the sustainable utilization of resources. This ensures building competitive advantage by reducing carbon footprints, preserving natural resources and exploring alternate resources by adopting a holistic and integrated view of people management.
156 Geographical indications And Penal Provisions in india, S.DINESH
Geographical Indications (GI) have emerged as a significant form of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issue in the Indian context. In view of their commercial potential, adequate legal protection of GIs becomes necessary to prevent their misappropriation. GI protection with the enactment of ‘the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999, coupled with the ‘Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Rules, 2002. The Act, which became operational with effect from 15 September 2003, was drafted as part of the exercise in the country to set in place national IPR laws as much in compliance with India’s obligations under the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) so as to take advantage of the ‘minimum’ standards of GI protection that the TRIPs sets out for the WTO members to comply with in their respective national legislations.
157 Uncitral & Uncisg: - Unifying International Trade, Siddhant Sharma, Shyam Singh Pal
International trade has always suffered due to the lack of set of unified standards that could be globally applicable. The formation or incorporation of UNCITRAL and UNCISG was a step taken by the United Nations to harmonize municipal and international laws and reduce transitional litigation.
158 Life Insurance Marketing in India - The Changing Advertising & Promotion Norms, P. Arul Minash Rajkumar, Dr.N.Kannan
In July 2002, India’s state owned insurer, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) announced aggressive marketing plans with a budget of around Rs 1 billion. The aim of this unusual decision was to woo customers across the country through a multimedia campaign including advertisements on the radio and the press media, the outdoor media and the television. However, this did not come as a major surprise to industry observers who said that LIC did not have too many options. With the insurance bill being passed in 2000, the Indian insurance sector saw a host of private players enter the market with multinationals as their partners. These new players resorted to aggressive marketing and advertisement strategies something the market had never seen earlier. This sudden spurt of advertisements and awareness programs was visible on all the media channels. Print, electronic and outdoor advertisements of the new private insurers flooded could be seen everywhere. This prompted many comparisons of such behavior of insurance companies with the advertising frenzy of the dotcoms in India not too long ago with similar full-page advertisements, huge hoardings and costly electronic media advertisements This paper is focuses on • Advertising Initiatives of the New Players • Implications of the New-Age marketing initiatives • Advertisement Code by IRDA
Managing the toxic e-waste is not just the government or a particular individual’s responsibility. Rather it is an integrated community work, where in everybody is aware of potential harm possessed by the e-waste they might just toss away. The electronic waste which is simply tossed into the garbage may be just simply dumped into the land, incinerated or simply burnt with the other waste releasing the toxic effluents which seep into the ground into the land, the water and in the air. With an estimate of 50 million tons of waste disposed of every year [1] the management of this sort of waste may become unmanageable in the coming years if the correct measures are not taken due into considerations. More so the harsh protocols of disposing waste taken up by the locales working in management of this waste like breaking, removal of the yolk and thereby dumping the rest of the cathode ray tubes followed by dumping, incinerating, open burning, de-soldering, acid baths and many such treatment on the e-waste manages to leach poisonous mercury, lead, beryllium, hydrocarbons, brominated dioxins and many such pollutants [2] into the natural resources we all have to consume. This paper briefly submits the main responsibilities of individual producers, the government, a consumer and public in general and how we can all together bring a significant change in the waste management.
160 Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs): A Review, Arunkumar B
NBFC are latest financial institutions which are meeting financial requirements of small and medium enterprises. They disburse loans on the basis of hire purchase, mortgage, chits, etc. Many of the studies were already made and published to explore the functions and working of NBFCs and evaluation of NBFCs in India. Few of the recent studies are reviewed in the paper to find out the research gap in the NBFCs.
161 Influence of Education on Entrepreneurial Spirit Development, Camelia Dragomir, Stelian Panzaru
In the global competition of the economy, the entrepreneurship education is regarded as one of the most important sources of competitive advantage, for both individuals and countries. This study examines how school education has an impact on development of entrepreneurial spirit. The Study is confined to Small scale. A sample of 110 entrepreneurs were selected in Brasov region, Romania. For this study primary data was collected through questionnaire method. On the basis of the analysis were drawn the interesting conclusions on the role of education in development of entrepreneurial spirit. The findings indicate that school education has increased the interest to become an entrepreneur. Most respondents have the opinion that the education helps in understanding the role of entrepreneurs in society. Also, a majority of respondents tend to agree that their education gave them the skills and know-how to enable them to begin a business
162 Rural Marketing: An Inquiry into Experiences of Indian FMCG Companies, A.FRANCIS ABRAHAM, Dr. K. SOUNDARARAJAN
Rural marketing is a very wider term in itself. It is the marketing which is specially meant for the rural people and the products which are specially meant for them and to make them aware about the products which they are not known. Through this paper the effort has been done to know about the rural markets and their impact on FMCG products. The awareness towards the various FMCG companies and their sources have been examined. An analysis of the rural consumer has been done with the help of the questionnaire through which the opinions of the consumer are presented.
163 A study of Sewage Treatment System by Pandanus Amaryllifolius in Man-Made Wetland, Yusri Yusof, Ku Halim Ku Hamid, Miradatul Najwa Muhd Rodhi
Many environmental experts say wetlands are the “kidneys” to nature. Wetland is a type green technology, which only uses natural plants without using any sophisticated equipment or toxic chemical. It is a screening technology and natural treatment that works clean and treat contaminated water or sewage.. The main focuses in this research are to evaluate the quality of the treated water after the treatment process using man-made wetland system and to review the effectiveness of the man-made wetlands in refinery process wastewater. When Pandanus Amaryllifolius growth in the man-made wetland site and can be seen the rate of growth is increasing, it indicates that the plant has earned a good nutrient levels of induction of waste water through the plant. This can be associated with a high rate of absorption of nutrients from the wastewater. Pandanus Amaryllifolius (pandanus) used as a tool in the screening process wastewater naturally. A series of experiments were conducted to examine the effectiveness of this man-made wetlands, among them is the chemical oxygen demand (COD), pH, turbidity samples, color samples, searching compounds in Pandanus with GCMS, and the last one is looking for the total concentration of chlorine, chlorine, nitrate, sulfate and phosphate to predict water quality after a man-made wetlands. From the data obtained, the COD value was reduced from 70 mg/L to 39.25 mg/L. As well as the nitrate and phosphate, both concentration of the substance are reduced to a safe level of 1.10 mg/L and 19.42mg/L. These findings prove the man-made wetland systems have shown that the water quality can be increased to the certain level that is safe to be released into the environment.
164 Affective Temperament and the use of Doping by Amateur and Professional Athletes, Agnieszka Ka?wa, Michalina Paszkiewicz, Alina Borkowska
Managing the toxic e-waste is not just the government or a particular individual’s responsibility. Rather it is an integrated community work, where in everybody is aware of potential harm possessed by the e-waste they might just toss away. The electronic waste which is simply tossed into the garbage may be just simply dumped into the land, incinerated or simply burnt with the other waste releasing the toxic effluents which seep into the ground into the land, the water and in the air. With an estimate of 50 million tons of waste disposed of every year [1] the management of this sort of waste may become unmanageable in the coming years if the correct measures are not taken due into considerations. More so the harsh protocols of disposing waste taken up by the locales working in management of this waste like breaking, removal of the yolk and thereby dumping the rest of the cathode ray tubes followed by dumping, incinerating, open burning, de-soldering, acid baths and many such treatment on the e-waste manages to leach poisonous mercury, lead, beryllium, hydrocarbons, brominated dioxins and many such pollutants [2] into the natural resources we all have to consume. This paper briefly submits the main responsibilities of individual producers, the government, a consumer and public in general and how we can all together bring a significant change in the waste management.
165 Exceptionally Enlarged Accessory Spleen Due to Portal Hypertension, Dr.Kuldeep temani, Dr.Manoj Kumar, Dr.Amrita Mayenger, Dr.Sangeeta saxena, Dr.A.L.Bairwa
Accessory spleens, also known as supernumerary spleens, splenunculi, or splenules, are congenital foci of healthy splenic tissue that are separate from the main body of the spleen [1]. They are found incidentally in 10-30% of patient at autopsy, mostly at the hilum of the spleen and ad-jacent to the tail of pancreas in size of few millimeters to 2-3cm [1-3]. Reported 14 yr. old female child present with fever, pain abdomen, and generalized swelling. child have severe pallor and massive hepatosplenomegaly of 5cm and 7cm respectively with a lump of approximate size of 7cmx3cm involving umbilicus and left hypocondrium and confirmed as exceptionally enlarge accessory spleen in USG abdomen. CT scan confirmed presence of portal hypertension with collateral. Hematology revealed pancytopenia with normal hb elec-trophoresis. It has been reported that accessory spleens undergo compensatory hypertrophy as a result of pre-vious splenectomy, which sometime reaches 3-5 cm in size [19] .The accessory spleen seen in the present case seems to be exceptionally large due to portal hypertension[20]. Unusual presentation of massive splenomegaly with significant pancytopenia and portal hypertension may lead to exceptionally enlarge accessory spleen.
166 Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogels From Zincoxide Nanocomposite Hydrogels- Synthesis And Characterisation, R. Krithika
In this study, we fabricated a series of Poly (N-tert-amylacrylamide –co –N-VinylPyrrolidone) ZincOxidenanocomposite hydrogel (Poly(NTA-NVP)ZnO), Poly (N-tert-butylacrylamide –co –N-VinylPyrrolidone) ZincOxidenanocomposite hydrogel (Poly(NTB-NVP)ZnO), Poly (N-cyclohexylacrylamide –co –N-VinylPyrrolidone) ZincOxidenanocomposite hydrogel (Poly(NCANVP)ZnO),by a free-radical polymerization using Azo-bis-iso-butyronitrile(AIBN) and N,N´-methylene-bis-acrylamide (MBA) initiator and cross-linking reagent respectively. The effects of increasing the concentration of crosslinking reagent and pH and the swellablitywere also investigated. These ZincOxideNanocomposite hydrogels were characterised by Fourier transfom infrared Spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction. The results revealed that the copolymers obtained were stimuli-responsive hydrogels.These ZincOxideNanocomposite hydrogels were characterised by Fourier transfom infrared Spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction.Distribution of ZincOxide nanoparticles within the polymer matrix was studied through their characterization using SEM analysis. Protein , Drug loading and the release behaviour were studied using UV Visible spectroscopy.
167 The Effect of Three Commonly Consumed Soft Drinks on Bracket Bond trengths, Microleakage And Adhesive Remnant Index: An In-Vitro Study, Dr. Prasad Chitra, Dr. Prasad Chitra
This study aims to simulate and evaluate the effects of 3 commonly consumed soft drinks in India on bracket bond strength, microleakage beneath brackets and adhesive remnant index after exposure to these drinks in a controlled environment. 48 extracted human premolars were preserved in artificial saliva and brackets were bonded onto them using composite resin. They were separated into 4 groups. GROUP I was stored in artificial saliva, GROUP II was tested with Coca-Cola™, GROUP III was tested with Sprite™ & GROUP IV was tested with Mazaa™. The teeth were stored in Artificial Saliva and dipped in the drinks 3 times daily for 15 minutes at equal intervals for 15 days and then tested for bond strength, ARI and microleakage values using the universal Testing machine, modified ARI index and methylene blue staining respectively. Statistical analysis for shear bond strength was done using the Kruskal-Wallis test which showed clinically insignificant results (p>0.05). Statistical evaluation for the Adhesive remnant index scores was done using the Chi-Square and Fisher’s Exact Test which showed insignificant results (p>0.05). Stereomicroscopic pictures showed maximum dye penetration in teeth dipped in Coca-Cola™ and the least dye penetration in those dipped in artificial saliva. There is an increase in microleakage beneath the orthodontic brackets during exposure to commercial soft drinks.
168 Successful Surgical Repair of Rectovaginal Fistula Without Diverting Colostomy In Sexuall Assaulted Child – A Case Report And Review of The Literature, Krzysztof Ga?czy?ski, Beata Kulik-Rechberger, Tomasz Rechberger
Acquired rectovaginal fistula (RVF) in the pediatric patients can be caused by inflammatory bowel disease, trauma, complications after surgery or infections. The case presented below concerns an young girl with sexually assault-related rectovaginal fistula. Operative technique included layer reconstruction without colostomy. Some cases of RVF may have good outcome without colostomy
169 Health related quality of life ( HRQoL)of older adults based on SF-36v2®Health Survey-an international comparison between two country in the pilot study., Marta Muszalik,Kornelia Kedziora-Kornatowska, Gulendam Hakverdioglu Yont,Esra Akin Korhan,Tomasz Kornatowski
Background: The treatment and the care of elderly people requires monitoring its effectiveness which is possible through the HRQoL evaluation. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine HRQoL of older adults in a comparative research from two country, including Physical Component Summary (PCS) scores and Mental Component Summary (MCS) scores. Materials/Methods: Cross-cultural survey were conducted among elderly people in a group of 99 elderly outpatients> 60 years. Patients were recruited in Poland (N = 50) and Turkey (N = 49). Data has been collected from March to September 2013. To evaluate the patient’s quality of life we used the SF-36v2® (Short Form Health Survey)in the acute 1-week recall form, which describes the health status during the most recent week. Results: The average age of respondents was 71.06. Quality of life in all spheres was below the standard established by the developers of the SF-36. A statistically significant difference was observed for physical functioning such as group of patients from Poland outperformed the group of patients from Turkey (p = 0.006). In both groups the highest outcome was observed in the vitality dimension and the lowest in the role emotional dimension. In the Polish patients group physical and mental functioning was significant worse because of age .Whereas in the Turkish group PCS and MCS was similar but PCS for 75+was higher than in the youngest group. All scores by gender were lower than the norms in the both groups and risk of depression among men and women was comparatively high. Conclusion: Despite the cultural and social differences our research shows that similar emotional problems in everyday social functioning and a high risk of developing depression occurred among both groups.
170 Endothermic Reaction For Veerya Analysis of Amalaki (Emblica Officinalis Gaertn.) An Experimental Study, Dr.Madhu Pathak,Dr. Satej Banne,Dr.Nalinikanta Parida
Ayurveda mainly deals with two types of veerya (potency). First is sheeta (cold) and another is ushna (hot). Ayurveda’s treatment modalities are based on Rasapanchak (Rasa,Guna,Veerya, Vipak and Prabhav). So veerya (potency) of drug plays vital role in treatment principles. So to scrutinize the potency of the drug exothermic and endothermic reactions plays imperative role. Different market samples shows adulterants instead of original classical drug or in case of endogenous medicinal plants other substitute drugs were used. So to overcome such blame towards Ayurveda screening of these test is necessary
171 Beneficial Relationship Between Outdoor Education and Natural Environment, Elena Moldovan
The study offers an actual perspective on the young people’s education for protecting the environment through outdoor education activities. Its purpose is to offer several ideas regarding an efficient investment in educating young people of spending quality free time outdoor. The most recommended ways of dealing with free time are described hereof offering different the following advantages of practicing outdoor activities: the positive influence in the sanogenic aspect as the outdoor education activities maintain an optimal state of health; a more beneficial relationship between outdoor education and natural environment, the adaptation and integration in society with the help of the environment values gained in nature and developing the psychological and cognitive processes as well as the learning ones. The study is the synthetic result of several years of teaching outdoor education disciplines as well as the beneficial result of effect research, of the plans mentioned above when young people are concerned.
172 Positive Organizational Behaviour and Positive Psychology- Allegations for Individual Growth Development in Firms, N.Gayathri, Dr.P.Karthikeyan
Although the value of positivity has been assumed over the years, only recently has it become a major focus area for theory building, research, and application in psychology and now organizational behavior. Positive Organizational Behaviour represents the study of how positive emotions are related to employee performance in the workplace. It explores how positive psychology applies to the work environment and how employees can learn to improve their positive psychological resource capacities. Researchers of positive organizational behaviour believe developing hope, optimism, and resilience leads to higher-performing employees. Studies show that employees, who possess hope, spend energy on meeting goals and using willpower to face challenges and teaching positive organizational behaviour will lead to better job satisfaction, work happiness, and commitment to the organization. The present study explores on the various objectives of positive organizational behaviour and gives a gist on the concept of positive psychology as well. It also reviews positive state-like psychological resource capacities (efficacy, hope, optimism, resiliency, and psychological capital).
173 High Temperature Superconductor, Paresh V. Modh
Superconductivity, as an interesting phenomenon that also has a number of technological uses, was studied by many people over the next few decades to figure out why it happens. The clues found in those years of experiments included the discovery that metals below the critical temperature also expel magnetic fields from their interiors—something that a simple loss of electrical resistance wouldn’t cause by itself. Another important clue was the mid-20th-century finding that a material’s critical temperature depends in a particular way on the masses of its ions.
The role of women as an entrepreneur has gained currency throughout the globe. Their participation in the economic affairs of the country is considered as important as the participation of their male counterpart. Each and every women works for the sustenance of the family, but her work is not measured in terms of gross domestic product or gross national product. Against this background, women are trying to redefine their role and making efforts for getting out from housekeeping to managerial position. As the task is very hard, and majority of the women are independent on other members of the family, they came forward with the formation of group for becoming an entrepreneur and accelerated the phase of inclusive development. The present paper seeks to identify the hurdles that are taking roots in their redefined role.
175 Correlations between coproparasitological, hematological and physical variables of Santa Inês sheep parasitized by gastro intestinal nematodes, Laura Lucia dos Santos Oliveira,Antonio Jorge Del Rei,Alexandre Dias Munhoz,Vicente Ribeiro Rocha Junior, Walter dos Santos Lima
We evaluated the relationships among the eggs per gram feces (EPG) counts, hematocrit, ocular mucosa coloration, body condition score (BCS), and fecal cultures in 34 Santa Inês sheep at 30 and 15 days before parturition, the day of parturition, and 7, 15, 30, 45, and 60 days postpartum. All animals were treated with 1% ivermectin. Seven days after treatment, there was a decrease of 81.4% in the EPG count. The microhematocrit values decreased as the EPG scores increased, with the lowest value of 23.4% reached at parturition. Both low hematocrit values and ocular mucosa coloration in sheep must be evaluated in association with EPG count and fecal larvae culture because of the interaction of the gastrointestinal parasites on these parameters.
176 Economics of Public Food Delivery System in Urban India, Dr. Jnanaranjan Mohanty
Increasing urbanisation in India gives rise to different socio-economic problems of which urban food insecurity is one important. As urban population largely depends on the market, therefore urban poor are found to be more vulnerable to price shocks and food & nutrition insecurity. In this situation Public Food Delivery System (PFDS) has been an extremely important instrument of food security in urban area. Present study was based on secondary data collected from different published sources. It was found from the study that the accessibility of beneficiaries of different schemes of PFDS in urban India varies from states to states. It is recommended that an integrated action plan for motivating beneficiaries along with the principle of exclusion for repeated non respondent etc may be implemented for improving the efficiency of PFDS in urban area.
177 Bilingual Speech Accommodation, Hamzeh Moradi
The purpose of this article is to investigate the social assessment of patterns of code selection in interlocutor interactions. It examines particular strategies of code selection which have been mentioned in Speech Accommodation Theory (SAT) framework. Speech Accommodation Theory introduces a theoretical framework for the investigation of language behavior in conversational situations which permits the researcher to combine local interactive factors and socio-psychological in the same analysis.
178 How Using Corpus Linguistics Can Develop L2 Writing Skills, Hamzeh Moradi
Corpus linguistic as a relatively new field of language study has commenced its investigation as a filed complementary to the mainstream of artificial intelligence, general linguistics, computational linguistics and applied linguistics with direct engagement with the computer technology in the field of linguistic research. Corpus linguistics offers a satisfactory justification in the teaching of writing skills as it can easily depict the patterns of authentic language use by means of the analysis of actual language use. The main objective of the present study is to demonstrate the most common corpora and introduce inexpensive, effective and user-friendly software programs for the development of language skills, specifically writing skills. It presents some practical instances on how application of corpus linguistics can develop learners’ writing skills. As an example, concordance makes it possible to see any word or phrase in context in order to notice what type of company it retains. Therefore, the learners, for instance, are able to see the differences between words which they generally mixed up.
179 A Study on Principles and Performance of Dairy Products Marketing Promotion in India With Special Reference to Tamilnadu State, Mrs. B. Jayalakshmi, Dr. S. Senthilkumar
Dairy sector is important not only as the producer of highly nutritious food products, but also for the sustenance of poor farmers and over all prosperity of the farming community. Currently, milk production in India is around 12.9 Crore metric tonnes per day with the country being the largest milk producer in the world. It is a matter of great pride that a nation which was deficit in milk has now become the leading milk producer in the world. Tamil Nadu ranks eighth in milk production and is well on the way towards achieving the ‘Second White Revolution,’ Milk trade has become a cottage industry providing employment opportunity in rural areas, particularly to the women folk thereby supplementing the family income. This has assured remunerative price and market support to the producers besides catering to the needs of the consumers
180 Nitrogen Nutrition to Rice – A Review, S. Saravanakumar
Nitrogen is pivotal in yield realization of rice. In India about 67 per cent of rice soils are estimated to be in shortage of adequate nitrogen and consequently rice crop has become a major consumer of nitrogen fertilizer. The use efficiency of applied fertilizer nitrogen by rice crop is very low, nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) usually ranges from 30 to 40 per cent. The influence of ‘time of N application’ on crop growth and grain yield is reported by many authors and attempts have been made to quantitatively describe the effect. Supplying N as and when the crop required is of paramount importance in increasing the use efficiency. With this background, the literatures related to introduction of SRI, seedling age on growth and yield attributes effect of crop water management on root characters and different N management approaches in relation to nutrient uptake and yield parameters are presented in this chapter.
181 impact of Psychological issues on Customer Relationship Management Practices in Multispecialty Hospitals in Coimbatore City, A.Anand Gerald, Dr.N.Panchanatham
Impact of Psychological Issues on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Practices in Multispecialty Hospitals in Coimbatore City is analyzed in this research. In this research three psychological issues Depression, Thought disorder and social anxiety are considered. The data were collected using interview schedule method from 200 respondents. The impact of psychological issues on CRM practices in multispecialty hospitals were analyzed using ANOVA test, t test and correlation analysis. The result shows that there is a relationship between depression level and factors affecting CRM practices and between thought disorder and factors affecting CRM practices. The result also shows that there is no relationship between social anxiety and factors affecting CRM practices. From the correlation analysis it is found that there is a negative correlation between depression and factors affecting CRM practices and between thought disorder and factors affecting CRM practices.
182 A Study on Exporter’s Perception Towards the Status of Coir Industry in Coimbatore District, G. VIGNESH, Dr. G. CHANDRA SEKARAN
A significant prospect for coir is the growing global concern to address ecological problems through use of Bio-degradable & natural resources for environment protection. Coir nets or geo-textiles and bio-logs or fascines, two of the most important coir products today, have been proven to be effective materials in controlling steep and road slopes erosion and for riverbank protection in technologically advanced countries. Despite, unfavourable factors like the low price of coconut, high wages, sharp increase in the cost of cultivation and scarcity of rain, the area and production of coconut are now shows an increasing trend which is a threat to the coir industry. Thus this study has been conducted to ascertain the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of the coir industry and also to know the perception of exporters towards the status of the coir industry.
183 A Study on Exporter’s Perception Towards the Status of Coir Industry in Coimbatore District, G. VIGNESH, Dr. G. CHANDRASEKARAN
A significant prospect for coir is the growing global concern to address ecological problems through use of Bio-degradable & natural resources for environment protection. Coir nets or geo-textiles and bio-logs or fascines, two of the most important coir products today, have been proven to be effective materials in controlling steep and road slopes erosion and for riverbank protection in technologically advanced countries. Despite, unfavourable factors like the low price of coconut, high wages, sharp increase in the cost of cultivation and scarcity of rain, the area and production of coconut are now shows an increasing trend which is a threat to the coir industry. Thus this study has been conducted to ascertain the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of the coir industry and also to know the perception of exporters towards the status of the coir industry.
184 Land Reforms for Dalits: How Much of The Promises Have Been Kept?, DR. CHIKKALA KRANTHI KUMAR
Despite phenomenal progress in the industrial, service and knowledge sectors during the last 67 years of our independence, the economy of our country continues to be primarily agrarian in nature. Even today, the largest number of both the total workers and the rural work force in India are engaged in agriculture. This profession is almost totally land-based. No wonder, land ownership pattern is a major determinant of the health of the economy of our country, more so of our rural areas, where even today, nearly 70% reside. Even in the British times, it was recognised that the land ownership pattern in India was rather skewed and heavily loaded in favour of certain social groups. The then rulers attempted to ‘rationalise the ownership structure, but could never stem the discontent brewing among the deprived sections of society. It was only in independent India that conscious efforts were made to ensure a measure of justice to the actual ‘sons of the soil’. How far have these ‘land reform’ legislations succeeded in bridging the socio-economic divide and facilitated a more equitable distribution of land? This paper will seek to examine this issue with respect to the erstwhile State of Andhra Pradesh – now bifurcated into Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States.
185 Transformations in the Art of Sayed Haider Raza, Loveneesh Sharma
Syed Haider Raza or S.H. Raza the eminent international Indian artist who has lived & worked in France since 1950, but also maintained strong relations with India. His style of works is mainly in abstracts with oils and acrylic. He used very rich and vibrent colours. He has taken icons from Indian cosmology as well as its philosophy. In December 2006 auction, a painting by Raza sold for US $1.4million. S.H. Raza started study art at age 12 and after his high school he studied further at the Nagpur School of Art and later on Sir J. J. School of Art, in Bombay. Then he moved to France in 1950 to study at the Ecole nationale superieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSB-A) in Paris. After his studies, he travelled across Europe & continued to live and exhibit his work in Paris. He experimented with currents of Western Modernism which were moving from Expressionist modes towards greater abstraction & eventually incorporating elements of Tantrism from Indian scriptures. His fellow contemporaries dealt with more figural subjects. But Raza opt to focus on French landscapes as he was inspired by them. From his flowing water colours of landscapes and townscapes that he used in the early 40’s he moved to a more significant language representing - landscapes originate from the mind. The following research describe about his life, motivation and influences on his work, transformation in his ideology, and further developments in his art.
186 Effect of Various Parameters on Citric Acid Production using Different Substrates, Pawar V.A., Pawar P.R.
Citric acid is a weak organic acid having many applications in food and pharmaceutical industries. Mostly Aspergillus niger is used for production of Citric acid due to its ease of handling and its ability to utilize variety of substrates. In the present study, Citric acid was produced using different substrates such as Molasses, Pumpkin and mixed substrate prepared from both. Highest level of Citric acid was noticed on 15th day of fermentation by all the substrates. Among the three substrates used, mixed substrate produced higher level of citric acid i.e. 49.89 mg/ml in pumpkin, 51.87 mg/ml in molasses and 56.44 mg/ml in mixed substrate. With the extension in fermentation period up to 15 days, there was increase in biomass and citric acid, and decrease in residual sugar as well as pH. Estimation of citric acid was done by titration method and Pyridine Acetic Anhydride method.
187 Pollen Sterility in Eichhornia crassipes (Mart) Solms., Agadi S. N.
The present studies on the developing anthers of Eichhornia crassipes is a small attempt to fill the gap created by the insufficient literature on hydrophytic plants, and to identify any peculiar feature (s) associated with microsporogenesis of anthers of Eichhornia crassipes.In E.crassipes presence of staminodes, along with fertile ones, is encountered in some flowers (present study). Since all the developing stamens are exposed to uniform external environmental conditions, it is unlikely that the environmental conditions are causative for induction of male sterility only in few stamens. Therefore, most probably the physiological alterations in certain stamens may bring about male sterility. The aberrant physiological conditions of the stamens are reflected in cellular structures as well as in altered localization of histochemical substances.
188 Range Extension of Bonamia evolvuloides (Choisy) Raiz. in Tamil Nadu., R. Kottaimuthu, N. Vasudevan
Bonamia evolvuloides (Choisy) Raiz. (Convolvulaceae), an overlooked endemic hitherto known to occur only in the coastal areas of Gulf of Mannar has been newly collected from the scrub forests of Sivagangai district, Tamil Nadu. Detailed nomenclature, description and relevant notes are also provided for better understanding and identification of this little known species.
189 A Study on Financial Performance of Shevapet Urban Co-Operative Bank, Salem, Dr.V.R.Palanivelu, G.Prakash
Banking is the important in the Indian economy. The bank is simply accepting money as deposits from the depositors and lending the money to borrowers. It allows the economy growth. The cooperative banking sector is one of the main partners of Indian banking structure. According this study is to analysing the profitability, liquidity position.
190 A Study on The Level of Attitude of Employees on Factors Contributing to Performance Appraisal, Transfer and Promotion in Public Sector Banks, DR.S. NAMASIVAYAM
The human aspects are subjective and changeable, qualitative and dynamic varying with cultural and personal backgrounds, economic events and with the passage of times. Indeed it is a complex of perplexing forces. It is expected that HR function must help the organisation to be more agile by adopting practices that allows it not only to adapt to changes in the external environment but also to benefit from the same, ensures that the bank is able to sustain its operation over a period of time. An attempt has been made to analyse the level of attitude of employees on factors contributing to performance appraisal, Transfer and promotion of public sector banks.
191 Building Brand Loyalty Through Social Media Marketing, Sumitha R, Dr.Resia Beegam.S
Building and maintaining brand loyalty has been one of the areas of significant interest to marketers from a very long time. Marketers have done extensive research and have come up with various means to maintain the brand loyalty of customers. One of the recent means is the social media marketing. Traditional marketing can drain your funds. Social media marketing, on the other hand, is low-cost and helps in establishing a direct line to current with prospective customers.Social media provides a unique opportunity for brands to foster their relationships with customers. In this context the study is undertaken to identify the effect of social media marketing on brand loyalty of the consumers.
192 Empirical Study on Consumers Satisfaction Towards Pasteurized Milk - With Special Reference to Dindugal District,Tamilnadu, Dr. M. S. Ranjithkumar, Dr. S. Namasivayam, Ms. N. Renugadevi
The market scenario is changing fast. A rise in household incomes has led to a metamorphosis of rural and smaller markets. With globalization and entry of big players in the organized sector, the challenges before the Indian dairy industry is to manage the growth in production, processing and marketing without harming harbinger of this growth the small farmer who is the most competitive milk producer in the world. In rural parts of our country, dairy is the second important occupation after farming. Two key elements of marketing strategy are focus on satisfaction and milk products mix expansion to include UHT milk, cheese, ice creams. Milk is accepted as an essential part of a balanced diet. It is a nutritive and a protective food. Any person from children to old aged people can consume milk safely. Milk is produced by small farmers living in rural areas. Milk produces farmers mostly depend on traditional milk vendors for marketing the milk produced.
193 Occupational Stress and Challenges Faced by Working Women in India, Dr. Neeru Garg
In India as the result of changing scenario of the present world in recent years, it has been observed that there has been increasing trend in number of women enterprises. Being second largest populated country in the world half of its population comprises females. With the spread of education as more and more women are becoming entrepreneurs they are also facing challenges both at home front as well as on work place front. So some steps should be taken by the employers, policy makers and family members to reduce stress of working women in India. Present paper is an attempt to discuss the stress level and challenges faced by working women in India.
194 Corporate Social Responsibility in India: A Review of The Indian Companies Act, 2013 with Reference to Csr Provision., Dr. Ratan Borman, Dipanjan Chakraborty
The Indian Companies Act, 2013, which incorporates CSR clause provides more clarity on standardizing the meaning of CSR in the Indian context and a favorable policy environment to the companies. The mandatory provisions incorporated in the Act will help in creating uniformity and accountability of actions and also the ability measure the impact will be a step in a positive direction.However, industry is apprehensive that implementation of this provision is bound to throw up challenges because of the rather prescriptive manner in which rules have been formulated. Considering these, the paper examines provision regarding CSR and the issues and challenges that may pose in implementation of CSR with reference to provisions of Indian Companies Act. The study is primarily descriptive in nature. The findings suggest that there are few issues like restricted thematic areas with geographic focus, promotion of CSR ahead of corporate responsibilities, contribution to funds set up by Government, FCRA Regulation and others which need to be addressed to employ CSR strategically to achieve more sustainable businesses.
195 Factors Influencing Service Seeker’s Perception About Customer Relationship Management in Corporate Hospitals, Syed Shaukath Hussain, Ayub Khan Dawood
Service sector is the ever green sector which is at its boom in the recent days. The growth of retails industries and all service is extensive in the recent past. Hospital sector is not an exception in this regard and has been growing and always at its growing pace ever since its existence. Corporate hospitals are the recent additions to the healthcare sector that exists at its best performance. The researcher has made an attempt to study the factors influencing the service seekers perception about corporate hospitals in Chennai city in tamilnadu. Five factors were identified as that influencing service seekers’ perception about corporate hospitals. T-Test was done to identify the major factor that was influencing the customers’ perception about CRM in hospitals. The Hospitals need to give significant importance to such factors. This study is a value addition to the CRM literature in an Indian context.
196 Impact of Stress on Employees of Small Scale Industries , Dr.A.Jeyapragash, R. Boopathi
Stress is not necessarily bad itself. Although stress is typically discussed in a negative context, it also has a positive value. Frequent studies on stress would help to uncover the shadow areas, so that steps can be initiated to minimize the effect of the determinant factors of ‘stressors’ and also help individuals and organizations evolve new and effective coping strategies. It is with this view the present study has been undertaken with the overall objective of the study to evaluate and present the theoretical aspects relevant to the concept of employee’s stress and to analyze the employees’ responses on the various impacts of stress on employees of small scale industries in Dindigul district. Stress is like electricity. If the voltage is just right, it makes a bulb light up and provides brilliant illumination. Such glow-up occurs when stress is properly channeled, resulting in a feeling of challenge, satisfaction, creativity, effectiveness and better adjustment to work and life. The majority of the respondents are of the view that the Stress has resulted in economic development and organizational development.
197 Service Quality in Private Sector and Public Sector Banks in Udumalpet, I. Irulappan, Dr. A. Venkatachalam
The provision of essential financial services is the prime activity of commercial banks. This is doubly essential in economics of developing countries like India. The developing country faces many peculiar problems like poverty, scarcity of capital, lack of entrepreneurship skills and unemployment. Another vital issue in these economics is that there is more dependence on agriculture and at the same time agriculture is not modernized. There are inter-regional disparities and there is unequal distribution of wealth. The commercial banks can work as catalytic agents in growth by following appropriate policies in the designing and marketing of their services. The present study has made an attempt to evaluate the performance of public and private banks and to assess the opinion of the customers on the quality of services offered by the banks. To achieve the goal, especially in private sector banks, flexibility is the key factor. In the emerging competitive business environment, only those banks that adhere to the strict financial discipline will survive. To create a cordial atmosphere and smooth relationship between the bank and the customers, it is essential to satisfy the need of the later.
198 Growth of Microfinance Sector At The International Level, Kalyan Das
Microfinance refers to the provision of micro savings, micro credit, micro insurance and other micro financial services like micro pension, micro remittances, etc. for the socially disadvantaged but for economically active poor. In recent years, microfinance has become a major tool of development and is fast developing as an international industry with its own trade associations, dedicated finance, training and other support organisations, research and journals. The present paper examines the overall growth of the microfinance sector during 2001-11 in the entire world. Moreover, disaggregated region wise data has also been analysed to examine the regional performance of the sector towards the overall growth of microfinance sector in the international level.
199 Alternative Measures of Public Sector Deficit, Kalkikumar S. Soni
Alternative measures of public sector deficit are important mainly because of its macroeconomic consequences. For finding appropriate fiscal policies to address major economic problem the correct measurement of the public sector deficit is the vital prerequisite. In this context this paper surveys the alternative public deficit measures that have been used to asses budgetary policy. Study concluded that fiscal deficit is comprehensive and better measure of deficit as compare to budgetary deficit.
200 Education: A powerful instrument against Obstacles in path of Women Empowerment in India, Deepa Awasthi
Concept of division of labour compelled the women to remain behind the walls of the home and the reasons responsible for deteriorated condition of women are mainly socio-political and economical. One thing which is common behind each reason is low education level which is the root cause of the problem due to which women lag behind in being part of economic development of country. But now situation has changed they are marching ahead in every field of life competing with the male members of society. Special social movements and awareness campaigns are required to bring changes in social perception and prejudices deep rooted in minds of male members of society, that women are inferior to them and should always work in their subordination.
201 An Impact Study on “Hello Kastakar” on Line Radio Programme , A. S. Gomase, P. V. Yadgirwar, P. K. Wakle, S.P Salame
Findings of correlation coefficients between Annual Income, Sources of information and timeliness of information with utilization of information by the respondents were found to be positively significant. Annual Income, cropping intensity, Sources of information and timeliness of information with monetary gained due to use of information by the respondents were found to be positively significant. It clearly indicated that the monetary gains of respondents (farmers) are positively related with their annual income, cropping intensity and also highly significant with sources of information “Hello Kastakar” and timeliness information. It is a fact that the increasing annual income, cropping intensity, Sources of information and timeliness of information perceived by the respondents leads to increasing in the rate adoption of improved agricultural technology.
202 Teachers Retention in Higher Educational Institutes, Dr MS Pabla
In this era of commercialization of higher education in India, one of the biggest challenges being faced by the Higher Educational Institutes (HEI’s) is the “Teachers’ Retention”. These teachers are very good performers and proves to be an asset to any educational institute run by private organizations /self financed institute or run by the Educational Trusts/ Societies etc. The retention of teachers applies to all types of categories of teachers ie Asst. Prof., Associate Prof. and even to senior faculty members such as Prof, Deans and Head of Deptt. There are large numbers of teachers who are taking this noble profession as a pastime and are just not involved in it seriously. At the same time there are teachers though less in numbers but are performing very well and hence must be retained by any good educational organization. These teachers are generally committed to their job and work with full dedication. When these committed teachers do not get their due respect, recognition and rewards, they start looking outside the present organization and hence try to leave the organization. They seem to be employed as a “refined educated skilled labourers” who are paid daily wages at the end of month. If the teachers are performing well they must be retained at all costs. Though there are many reasons of their attrition yet these reasons can be tackled with care and respect. In this article the efforts are being made to discuss the problem of good teachers’ retention, their perceived causes and suggested remedial measures to retain them for the benefits of all the stake holders such as students, parents and for the management of any educational organization.
203 Impact of Demonstrations Conducted under TOT Project of RKVY, P. K. Wakle, A. S. Gomase, S.H. Ingle, V.K. Mahorkar
The results pertaining to profile of respondents, revealed that more than half (52.00 %) of the respondents were found in the middle age category and educated up to high school (42.00 %). Whereas 33.00 per cent of the respondents were found in small land holding category i.e. 1.1 to 2 ha of land. About 59.00 per cent of the respondents were found in the medium annual income category i.e. (Rs. 48001 to 94000/year). It is also reported that 73.00 per cent of the respondents spent half hour per day for reading, while 78.00 per cent of the respondents were subscriber of one farm literature.
204 Database Design for Scheduling System using Normalization and SQL, Sharmila, Anusya
Every Industrial system uses a database of its information retrieval. The use of that information plays a vital role in proper operations of system.In competing towards service and lead time, operational visibility is a critical component to have in order to build a withstanding strategy towards sustainable growth. In this project we will see how operational visibility will be implemented and what are the components needed to have this value added function. The paper deals with a creation of such database for an industry where scheduling of process is made using that database and concept of normalization is used to create a system that makes This system concerns with optimization of time and cost in an automated manufacturing system installing tracking and scheduling system to monitor and maintain the stochastic manufacturing environment.The use of system enables the concern to make a centralized library that creates the database for the scheduling to carry out without any bottlenecks.
205 A Study on Search Engine Optimization and its Influence on The Users, Archana Devi. K, S.Nitesh
This study intends to know about the SEO and how its influence the users. The data were collected from both primary and secondary sources the primary data is collected from various users of internet. The primary data was collected through questionnaire which was collected by mailing the structured questionnaire to various users. The sample size taken was 150. The secondary data were collected from various journals, magazines, articles, various sites. The main objective of my study is to analyze the various factors that influence users towards SEO. We tried to study if personal factors such as gender, education and working category can be an influencing factor for the users to get influenced or whether it helps to increase the traffic. The whole study is giving a whole new dimension in understanding the influence of SEO on various categories of the users.
206 Experimental Determination of Noise Level Characteristics and Noise Reduction for Industrial Fan Using Cfd Software, Dr. S.S.Gawade, M.B. Mandale, B. P. Karamkar
IndustrialFans are one of the main noise sources in industries. Tonal noise produced at a multiple of the rotational frequency of the fan, so-called Blade Passing Frequency (BPF) and its higher harmonics generally dominate fan noise. Noise reduction is perhaps one of the most important parameter in industries. Every noise reduction process starts with identification of noise sources and ranking of sound sources from the machinery. After the initial identification of typical noise sources, the noise levels are to be eliminated or reduced either by modifying noise producing equipment or redesigning. In the present work, industrial fan (Almonds E 300S) fan model is used. PRO – E software is used to model the fan system and Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) technique are implemented for the analysis. The numerical results obtained through CFD are corroborated with experimental results and they are found to be in good agreement. The fan is optimised by changing the geometrical parameter to reduce the noise levels. The noise levels are computed and compare with the experimental fan model results. The optimising fan results indicate that the noise level reduce up to 5-10%.
207 Design and Development of Inlet Manifold for Six Cylinder Engine for Truck Application, Amit Kumar Gupta, Abhishek Mishra
Current design manifold for one of the truck engine is having less plenum volume which is not suitable for air requirement of engine and hence result in reduced volumetric efficiency. To simplify the design & make the component in pressure die casting & to increase the yield also to qualify the engine noise, performance and durability requirement and to reduce the part cost new inlet manifold is designed and developed.
208 The Ideology of Beauty and Devaluation of the Womankind: A Reading of Contemporary Indian English Fiction, Dr Jyoti Singh
The present study endeavours to read, taking examples from Indian English Novels how the societal beauty standards create an impediment in the psychological wellbeing of women and literally devalue them.
209 Spatial Distribution of Scheduled Caste Urban Population: An Analysis of Regional Wise Towns in Erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, India, Dr. Ashok Kumar Lonavath
Urbanization can be defined “as a process which reveals itself through temporal, spatial and sectoral changes in the demographic, social, economic, technological and environmental aspects of life in a given society. Urbanization is a progressive concentration of population in urban unit (Kingsley Davis-1965). These changes manifest themselves in the increasing concentration of population in human settlements, larger than villages, in the increasing involvement of the people in the secondary and tertiary production functions, and in the progressive adoption of certain social traits which are typical of traditional rural societies”. Rural population especially migrate to the urban in search of their livelihood (employment), to improve their standard of life (education, health, other basic facilities & services). In most of the cases migrants are from economically poor socially backward classes. The aim of the present study deals with the demographical changing pattern of scheduled Caste Urban population in erst while Andhra Pradesh state from 1961-2011.
210 Prevalence and Impact Associated Factors with Enuresis Among Children in Zahedan City of Iran, Noori, Noormohammad, Boryri Tahereh, Khajeh Ali, Teimouri Aireza
Background: Enuresis which is known as bedwetting is the undesirable discharging of urine during sleep into clothes or beds for age over five years. The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of enuresis and study the associated of enuresis with some factors. Methods: The study was a cross-sectional survey to determine the prevalence of enuresis conducted on the schoolchildren in Zahedan, Iran, in the September–December 2010. A random, multistage sample of 2000 students was taken from fifty schools in five districts. Data were obtained by using questionnaire, which was completed by parents. Results: The mean age of the sample in study was 10.80 ±3.38 years. The overall prevalence of enuresis is declined when age is increasing. Observed statistical significant in gender of enuresis prevalence(X2=107.36, P
211 Radio Broadcasts – Contexts and Canons of Journalistic Documentation, Gabriela RUSU-PASARIN
Documentation is in fact a permanent flow of identification and processing of data which shape the objective reality event placed on the past-present-future axis. We are going to present some of the types of documentation, supported by examples within our production at the Romanian public radio: directed documentation (a condition to the re-composing of daily life subject to metamorphoses generated by social evolution), ethnographic documentation (a “stained-glass-world” is constructed and re-constructed radiophonically, recomposed of souvenirs and document-recordings), documentation in emotional circumstances (the publicised case of the young football player who died during training), documentation under crisis circumstances (illustrated by the radio series we produced during December 1989-February 1990 with the main title “Hours of Revolution at Craiova”). It is an instance of personal journalistic experience, explaining documentation canons within different contexts.
212 The use of e-Resources by Postgraduate Engineering Students at Jamia Millia Islamia University, DR SHEHBAZ HUSAIN NAQVI
Purpose – The main objective of this paper is to analyse usage patterns of e-Resources by the postgraduate engineering students of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India. It considers the impact of e-Resources on their academic studies and the problems they face while using them. Design/methodology/approach –A structured questionnaire was used to collect the information regarding the usage pattern of e-Resources: their frequency of use, purpose of use, frequency of locating the desired information, and the problems faced by the respondents while using e-Resources. The collected data were analysed and interpreted with the help of MS Excel. Findings – The study shows the use of e-Resources is very common among the postgraduate students of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, in particular, e-Journals. The majority consider e-Resources to be indispensable in their academic work. They also believe that their use has improved their competence. The study indicates that the IT infrastructure has improved to large extent, but that training programs should be revised and conducted frequently in order to make students aware of the e-Resources available and capable of using them. Some of the problems in using e-Resources were also explored, and timesaving, more informative, more useful, and easy to use are some of the reasons why they use these resources. Finally, it is evident that the majority of the respondents are quite satisfied with their use of e-Resources. Originality/value – The study evaluated the use of e-Resources by the postgraduate students of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Results from the study are encouraging and it is hoped that the findings will provide the administration of the University with useful feedback on the success of their large expenditure on e-Resources from the library budget.
213 Utilization of Library Resources by the Students of G D Institutions: A Case Study, Dr. M. Thangapandy
Every document of the Academic library should find the right user at the right time and be used to enhance the knowledge of the user community. This paper analyses the utilization of library resources by the students of G D Institutions. Data collected through a well structured questionnaire covering the aspects of library resources, services and physical facilities... etc from 150 students of Diploma and Post diploma are analyzed. The study finds out that students visit the library for lending library books. Students find it difficult to locate the document without the help of library staff. The study concludes that effective user education method may be adopted.
214 Application of Genetic Algorithm to The Tsp Problem, Ing. Alena Rybickova, Ing. Denisa Mockova, Ing.Bc. Adela Karaskova
The article concerns the proposal of the solution of genetic operators of a genetic algorithm for calculation of a transportation task in the travelling salesman problem. Travelling salesman problem belongs to NP-hard problems with significant use in transportation. Application of genetic algorithm to a specific problem includes mainly design of encoding and three operators of selection, crossover and mutation. For all these operators several variants were proposed with regard to travelling salesman problem specifics as well as some other adjustments to the problem.
215 Testing The Quality of The Proposed Solution to The Tsp Problem using Genetic Algorithms, Ing. Jakub Brodský, Ing. Denisa Mocková, Ph.D.
The article concerns the testing of genetic operators of agenetic algorithm for calculation of a transportation task in the travelling salesman problem (TSP). Software was developed for testing the solution of the given problem, using a genetic algorithm with proposed variant operators of selection, crossover and mutation, along with other parameters of the problem.
216 Information Technology in Financial Inclusion, Dr.S.Rajamohan, Mrs.K.Subha
Technology has become the driving force of change in the modern world. Financial inclusion initiative primarily aims to deliver financial services to all the people in a fair, transparent and equitable manner at an affordable cost, making latest technologies available in these areas are also one of the prerequisites for overall development of our country. Technology has not only changed the way we communicate, but has also altered our economic structures. This paper focuses on role of technology in financial inclusion.
217 A Study on Organisational Climate and its Impact on Job Satisfaction of Doctors in the Multi-Speciality Private Hospitals in Coimbatore, Mr.P.Siva kumar, Dr.R.Kannappa
The purpose of this study is to investigate organizational climate and its impact on job satisfaction of doctors in the multispecialty private hospitals. The researcher collected Primary data by using a Proportionate Stratified sampling method. The researcher also personally contacted 135 respondents, .These respondents were working in the Multi Specialty private hospital in Coimbatore. For this study the researcher has confined to 135 respondents only The Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) for Microsoft Windows 20.00 was used to complete the analysis of the collected data. Descriptive statistics, including means, standard deviations were implemented in order to investigate the demographic data, one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) were used to determine whether any significant relationships exist among respondents. In addition, the .05 level of statistical significance was set at all statistical tests in the present study. The findings of the study were generalized as follows: Statistically significant differences were found. In the end of the study implications and conclusion were provided.
218 Academic Research- A Comparison Between Women and Men, Shaveta Goel, Dr. Ritu Lehal
The purpose of this paper is to highlight the comparison between men and women in academic research. This paper produces multiple career advancement and career family balance strategies, including professional support, personal support, value system, and life course strategies such as “ordering” of career and family, negotiating spousal support, and whether to have children. Research limitations/implications - Adaptive strategies facilitate engagement in career and family, even in challenging gender environments, encouraging continued research on executive. This paper looks at the issues impacting on women’s career progression in academic research in scientific disciplines, which highlight the continued importance of positive action to ensure women scientists can achieve their full potential.
219 Influence of Work Related Stress on Work-Family Conflict: A Study Among Marketing Professionals in Coimbatore District, K. HariPriya, Dr. N. Brindha
This study examines the influence of work related stress on work family conflict among Marketing Professionals. Nowadays, stress due to work- family conflict among individuals has gradually increased. The study envisages finding out the magnitude of work related stress and its influence on work-family conflict. Stress is a feeling one perceives when external demands exceed what one can handle within individual ability and resources. In reality, stress is inevitable. The first step of the study is to confine the attributes of work related stress through secondary research. The next step is to administer a questionnaire formulated from the variables demarcated from the attributes confined. The employee’s opinion on the influence of work related stress on work family conflict is analyzed through analysis. The overall aim of this paper to find how the work related stress influences the work-family conflict of marketing professionals.
220 Business Valuation, Prof. J.M. Ramanuj
In the wake of economic liberalization, companies are relying more on the capital market, acquisitions and restructuring are becoming commonplace, strategic alliances are gaining popularity employee stock plans and regulatory bodies are struggling with tariff determination. In these exercises a crucial issue is! How should the value of a company or a division the re for be appraised? The goal of such an appraised is essentially to estimate a fair market value of a company. So at the outset, we must clarify what is meant by “fair market value “and what is meant by “a company “. The most widely accepted definition of fair market value was laid down by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the US. It defined fair market value as “the price at which the property would change hands between a willing buyer an a willing seller when the former is not under any compulsion to buy and the latter is not under any compulsion to sell, both parties having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts.” When the asset being appraised is “a company “, the property the buyer and seller are trading consists of the claims of all the investors of the company. This includes outstanding equity shares, preference shares, debentures and loans. But note that, ‘fair market value’ (FMV) is not designed with any particular individual in mind, nor the ‘real’ transaction for that matter. FMV is a hypothetical value for the ‘model’ transaction. The governing condition in this ideal concept is full knowledge and freedom to act.
221 Functions of Human Resource Management and emerging changes in HRM, Dr. Pravinsinh R. Chauhan
Human Resource Management (HRM) is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment of, management of, and providing direction for the people who work in the organization. Human Resource Management can also be performed by line managers. William R. Tracey, in defines Human Resources as: “The people that staff and operate an organization”; as contrasted with the financial and material resources of an organization. Human Resources is also the organizational function that deals with the people and issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, and training. A Human Resource is a single person or employee within your organization. The theoretical discipline is based primarily on the assumption that employees are individuals with varying goals and needs, and as such should not be thought of as basic business resources, such as trucks and filing cabinets. The field takes a positive view of workers, assuming that virtually all wish to contribute to the enterprise productively, and that the main obstacles to their endeavors are lack of knowledge, insufficient training, and failures of process. Synonyms such as personnel management are often used in a more restricted sense to describe activities that are necessary in the recruiting of a workforce, providing its members with payroll and benefits, and administrating their work-life needs. So if we move to actual definitions, Note that some people distinguish a difference between HRM (a major management activity) and HRD (Human Resource Development, a profession). Those people might include HRM in HRD, explaining that HRD includes the broader range of activities to develop personnel inside of organizations, including, e.g., career development, training, organization development, etc.
222 A study of Employee Satisfaction (Work & Pay) in the IT Sector at Delhi/NCR, R K Chandi, J N Patel
Employee satisfaction is, somewhat fundamentally, how delighted or satisfied employees are with their works. On the whole, employee satisfaction covers the essential issues and requirements of human resources. India shows up as one of the largest and developing economies in the world. India prolongs to be the centre point for strategic offshore outsourcing fiscal year 2012. The Indian IT sector has developed and risen by eighteen percent export revenue growth in the fiscal year 2012. In addition, it has made income of around 70 billion dollars. The Indian IT industry makes up around five percent of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and offers employment to around 2.3 million professionals sprightly and a lot of others obliquely. The purpose of this research paper is to analyze the level of job satisfaction among employees working in IT sector at Delhi and NCR with respect to core HR practices in trend. The study has utilized primary and secondary data with a qualitative approach in collecting the data. The data was analyzed through responses collected from the questionnaire survey. Moreover, the research provides suggestions to improve the employee satisfaction and loyalty factor among organizations in Delhi and NCR.
223 Foreign Direct Investment Role in Indian Aviation Market, VIDHUSEKHAR P
Research paper explains the various growth stages in Indian aviation. An over view of private Air taxi services those bubbled in Indian skies is highlighted. AirIndia disinvestment proposal and the core objective narrated in the paper. Some statistics about Indian Aviation and global scene is explained. Domestic challenges, Focus of Modi government and the first FDI deal in Aviation is also narrated through the paper. Article supports FDI in Indian skies for more liquidity push for faster development.
224 Developmental Action Plan An Over View with Reference to Kasaragod District, VIDHUSEKHAR P
The Research paper reviews the possibilities in inclusive growth for the country. Study has undertaken in Kasaragod district of Kerala during April 2014 general election to the Lok Sabha. Focus area and the sector vise possibilities are highlighted.
225 Marketing Communication through Trade Fairs with Respect to Tourism-Travel Products, VIDHUSEKHAR P
This paper highlights the opportunities of Tourism-Travel fairs for service providers and customers. Service product characteristics are explained through this paper. The role of the participants and organizers are mentioned in the paper. Entrepreneurial advantage and quality bench marking introspects buyers and sellers through this paper. Kerala model is highlighted as a winning strategy.
226 A study on Unorganized Sector and India’s Informal Economy, RINOJ P K
This paper reviews about Unorganized sector and India’s informal economy. Unorganized workers consists of those working in the unorganized enterprises or households, excluding regular workers with social security benefits , and the workers in the formal sector without any employment/social security benefits provided by the employers. this reveals that Unorganized sector should be protected and this means that all attempts should be made to implement those policies ,which will release the basic growth constraints and ensuring a level playing field for this sector
227 Impact of Implementing ERP in Indian Manufacturing Organizations, RINOJ P K
This article reviews about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and the implementation of this system in Manufacturing Organizations .ERP systems integrates all departments and functions across a company on to a single computer system that can serve the entire organization. this real time data integration and sharing throughout the company’s functional areas increases the efficiency of operations and helps managers to make better decisions.
228 Month of The Year Effect on Stock Market Return and Volatility, Dr. Rashmita Sahoo
It has been observed that number of calendar ‘anomalies’ have been observed in the stock markets and Month of the Year effect is one of the most significant of those anomalies. This paper investigates Month of the Year effect in stock returns in the Indian primary equity Market. Data consists of daily closing prices of BSE-100 Index from January 01, 2003 to December 31, 2013. To analyse the data descriptive statistical tools, one way ANOVA, and regression analysis has been used.
229 A Study on Perception of Women Investors Towards Investments, Dr.A. R. KANAGARAJ, N.PRIYANANDHINI, R.VENKATESAN
Investment is the application of money for earning more money. Investment also means saving or savings made through delayed consumption. Financial sense of investment is the allocation of monetary resources to assets that are expected to yield some gain or positive return over a given period of time. A sound investment programme can be constructed if the investor familiarized himself with various alternatives available. Moreover general profile of women investors’ is changing in turn with time. But they are lag in various sphere of investment such as awareness, preference of investment. So an attempt has been made by the researcher to identify the factors influencing investors’ behavior, evaluation the level of awareness among women investors’ and to analyses the preference of investors towards various investments outlets.
230 Corporate Govenrance with A Specific View of Lokpal & Other Bills Passed by The Government, Mr. GAURAV MEHTA
There are various principles of corporate governance which includes delegation of authority, professional decision making, accountability, transparency and conflict of interest. All these principles affect the ethical and professional dimensions of the overall management and working of the organization as a whole. Along with the corporate laws which are voluntarily taken care of by various companies, there are many acts passed by the Indian government so that the implementation and regulations of these corporate governance principles can become easy and effective. This paper combines the two ends of the corporate governance companies and the government. Here the implementation is a very difficult aspect. It is something which restricts the effectiveness of the corporate governance principles. This paper shows the connection of corporate governance with the Indian laws such as recently passed LOKPAL BILL also. Various aspects of this bill along with some other bills are analyzed here and their possible effectiveness on Corporate governance is studied in brief.
231 Impact of Strategic Management of Human Resources for Modern Corporates, Dr. D. RAJASEKAR, Mrs.C.Devi
The paper titled on “A STUDY ON IMPACT OF STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES” clearly states that the various levels of Strategic Management of Human Resources. The main focus of the study is to understand the significance of Strategic management of Human Resources. It also explains the HRM Strategies for Modern Corporate also. The research design used for the study is “Conceptual Theory” provides the structure for the whole study based on Personal Experience and enquiries made from the common folks. Hence, the suggestions and recommendations are constructed which is considered to be the predominant part of the Study.
232 A Study on Consumer Perception towards Diet Food with Reference to Obesity, Manisha N. Umaria
In this study, we examine the awareness of obesity and perception of diet food .This study provides the relation between obesity and food perception among people. This study was done in Navsari city, with sample size of 250 respondents, with structure type of questionnaire, close ended types of question. Sampling method used was non probability convenient random sampling. By this research work, we found that most of people were sedentary worker (43%),most of the respondent feel psychological problem due to overweight(37%),most of the respondents reduce their weight by combination of diet and exercise.(36.4%),most of respondents perception for diet are soup and salad.(39%)during diet most of respondents rarely prefer cheese, oil, butter during diet.(43%),most respondent rarely prefer chocolate(29.2%),so the conclusion of research was that there is relation between awareness of obesity and perception of diet food, if people are aware of obesity ,they can change in their food to reduce overweight.
233 Aplasia of Left Submandibular Gland- a Case Report, Dr. V.R. Nikam, Dr. B. S. Kitture
The congenital absence of major salivary glands is a very rare disorder. The cause of the absence has not been determined. Isolated absence of unilateral submandibular gland is an unusual entity with less than 14 cases reported in the literature. The etiopathogenesis of isolated absence of major salivary gland without other developmental anomalies is still unclear. In this case we report a 42 year old male who came with a complaint of suprasternal neck swelling and on ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging incidentally left submandibular aplasia was detected. The literature on this rare occurrence is reviewed and signifance of the patient is discussed.
234 Effects of Chronic Exposure to Electromagnetic Waves at 930 MHz Frequency on Oxidative Stress in Plasma and Some Organs of Wistar Rats, L. TAZROUT, K. TALEA, S. EL AMRANI, I. M’TOUGUY, B. BOUBEKER, H. TAKI, M. TALEA, A. BELHOUARI, R. SAILE, H. MESTAGHANMI
The increasing use of mobile phones and the high number of associated base stations constitute a considerable source of electromagnetic waves. These may affect biological systems, by increasing lipid peroxidation and altering antioxidant activities, thus leading, to oxidative stress. To test this hypothesis, we studied the effect of exposure from 3 months to radiation of 930 MHz produced by a wave generator connected to a communication system on the plasma, brain, liver, kidneys and muscles of the thigh. 60 Wistar rats were divided into 6 groups, according to sex (males and females) and the duration of exposure (controls, exposed 1h and 2h). The levels of Malondialdehyde (MDA) and catalase (CAT) were determined in different tissues. The liver glycogen, glucose and plasma cortisol were dosed and osmotic fragility of erythrocytes was studied in control and exposed rats to electromagnetic waves. The statistical analysis of results was performed by ANOVA. The results were considered statistically significant if the probability p < 0.05. We observed that the rates of MDA and cortisol increased significantly (p < 0.05), while that of catalase decreases significantly (p < 0.05) in rats exposed 2h to electromagnetic waves compared to controls. This exposure also causes a destocking glycogen and an increase in glycaemia. At the level of red blood cells, it induced hemolysis by a significant increase (p < 0.05) of osmotic fragility in exposed 2h to electromagnetic waves compared to controls in both sexes. It also seems that females are more affected by the action of electromagnetic waves than males. We may therefore conclude that the electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones can induce oxidative damage to red blood cells and in various tissues studied
235 Serum Total Alkaline Phosphatase Enzyme Levels in Chronic Periodontitis Patients Among Tamilnadu Population., Dr. Gopu Chandran Lenin Perumal, Prof. Dr. Mythili .R, Prof. Dr. Senthil Kumar, Dr. Subashini Suyambukesan
Serum alkaline phosphatase enzymemeasurementsareused as a diagnostic assay for chronic periodontitis.The present study was carried out to compare the serum total alkaline phosphatase level among healthy individuals and chronic periodontitis patientsin Tamilnadu and evaluate racial behavior in enzyme level.Serum samples were obtained from 31healthy individuals and 36 chronic periodontitis patients. The serumwas thenassayed for total alkaline activity (ALP) level using a fully automated analyzer.The data were tabulated and statistically analysed.Comparison of the total alkaline phosphatase activity between the healthy and chronic periodontitis groups showed an increase in total alkaline phosphatase activity among chronic periodontitis.The results were similar to other studies suggestive of using serum alkaline phosphatase measurement as a reliable assay for chronic periodontitis and there is no racial or ethnic differences.
236 Blood and Blood Component Therapy in Obstetrics –A Review , Deshpande Sonali, Gadappa Shrinivas, Yelikar Kanan
Haemorrhage is the leading cause of maternal mortality. This emphasizes the importance of a updating the knowledge about indications for and complications associated with the replacement of blood components .This article provides current information regarding preparation for and administration of blood products and pharmacological strategies for treatment of haemorrhage.
237 Effect of Feeding Dried Tuna Waste Silage on Blood Lipid Profile in Large White Yorkshire Pigs, Anuraj K. S., Shyama K., Hari Abdul Samad
An investigation was carried out for a period of 104 days on thirty six weaned Large White Yorkshire piglets to find out the effect of dietary incorporation of dried tuna waste silage on blood lipid profile. Dried tuna waste silage was used to replace dried fish on protein basis at 0, 50 and 100 per cent, in isocaloric and isonitrogenous grower and finisher rations as dietary treatments T1, T2 and T3, respectively. All the animals were maintained on their respective dietary regimen from weaning to an average slaughter weight of 70 kg. Blood samples were collected at the beginning and end of the experiment and analysed for different blood lipid profile. The initial lipid profile of experimental piglets was 30.00 mg/dl of triglycerides, 55.54 mg/dl of total cholesterol and 42.88 mg/dl of HDL cholesterol The blood plasma contained 47.02, 27.44 and 26.90 mg /dl of triglycerides, 83.28, 87.25 and 101.62 mg /dl of total cholesterol and 58.48, 68.70 and 65.87 mg /dl of HDL cholesterol of experimental animals of groups T1, T2 and T3, respectively at the end of the experiment.
238 Treatment of an Unsual Case of Thick, Broad Frenum – A Case Report, Dr. Priyanka Agrawal, Dr Amita Mali, Dr Amit Thareja
An abnormal maxillary labial frenum interferes with normal function of the upper lip and oral hygiene and causes compromised esthetics. When an abnormal frenum is present frenectomy is advised. The present article presents a technique in which free gingival graft along with frenectomy was used to achieve a zone of attached gingiva at the site of abnormal frenum.
239 Fraser Syndrome in Three Consecutive Siblings : A Case Report, Dr.Shivaprakash N C, Dr.Uday Shankar S
Fraser syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive multisystem disorder characterised by features such as cryptophthalmos, syndactyly, congenital malformations and abnormal genitalia. We report a case and its two elder siblings who had multiple congenital anomalies and clinico radiological features consistent with Fraser syndrome.
240 Factors Influencing Delivery Service Utilization in Rural Areas of Dadeldhura District of Nepal, Mr. Damaru Prasad Paneru
Although, safe-motherhood is a priority issue in Nepal, there is paucity of researches about institutional delivery. Objective of the study was to identify the factors affecting utilization of institutional delivery services in rural areas of Dadeldhura District of Nepal. A cross-sectional study was conducted in the rural areas of Dadeldhura district among 376 mothers. Data were collected through individual interview. Descriptive and inferential statistics were applied. Approval was obtained from DHO, Dadeldhura. Almost 73% respondents had institutional delivery in the last child birth and 53.3% of them delivered at primary level health care facilities. Ethnicity, husband’s literacy, history of institutional delivery, ANC, availability services, pregnancy monitored by Female Volunteers, quality of care, behavior of health workers, participation of husband in decision and knowledge of incentive scheme were significant factors affecting the utilization of institutional delivery care.
241 Risky Sexual Behavior Among Secondary and Tertiary Level Students, Hawassa, Ethiopia, Asressie Molla, Debebe Shaweno, Dr.P.Surender Reddy
Introduction: HIV/AIDS remains one of the most serious challenges to global public health for more than 25 years. 15-24 aged people represent 45% new HIV infections worldwide. Objective: To assess risky sexual behaviors and related factors among students at secondary and tertiary level Hawassa, Ethiopia. Methods: cross-sectional study with stratified random sampling from1550 respondents. Results: 37.5 % had ever sex with the commonest time of preparatory level (33.2%) grades nine and ten (31.5%) with 6.5% of them initiated their first sex with commercial sex workers. 9.7% had paid sex, 13.4% with non regular partner and 34.8% of them had multiple sexual partners. 20% committed paid sexes without condom, 27.5% non regular partners who committed paid sex (47.3%) use it inconsistently. Summary: Condom non use is common with all types of partners. HIV Risk perception is very low. Behavioral change intervention on misperceptions, safe sexual practices should be more strengthened.
242 The HIV Biology of pro-viral HIV Gene Expression for Diagnosis and Treatment, Takuma Hayashi
Bringing the global Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) epidemic under control will require more effective approaches to prevent the spread of the retrovirus, as well as broader use of existing and future antiretroviral drugs. These interventions must be applicable in the developing world, where HIV has the most severe impact. Understanding the dynamic interplay of HIV with its cellular host provides the biological basis for controlling the epidemic. This report reviews current understanding of the HIV expression with particular attention to the interactions between viral proteins and cellular machinery, and highlights promising future points of attack.
243 Effect of Psychosocial Intervention on Family Functioning Among Caregivers of Clients With Chronic Illness, M. Hemamalini , Dr.A. Judie
Objective: The objective of this study is to determine the effect of psychosocial intervention on family functioning among caregivers of clients with chronic illness .Design: True experimental pretest and post-test design was adopted for the study. Setting: The study was conducted in Kattankulathur Block, Kancheepuram district, Tamilnadu. Participants : 240 caregivers of stroke patients were selected by simple random sampling technique. Intervention: Individual counseling and Enrollment in Self help groups were used as the interventional strategy for the purpose of this study.Results: The results of the study revealed that statistically significant difference was found in the pretest and posttest level of family functioning among the caregivers of clients with chronic illness in study group (F=253.21, p=0.001).Conclusion: It was found that psychosocial intervention is an effective nursing strategy that can be employed for improving family functioning of the caregivers.
244 African Philosophy and the Issue of Development, Kanu Ikechukwu Anthony
This piece is argues that the issue of national development requires a continuous analysis and examination, through the employment of divers areas of study to help create possible path ways for its realization. It studies the relationship between African philosophy and development, taking into cognizance the relationship between theory and practice. It understands philosophy as originating from the human person’s search for theoretical and practical solutions to the problems of life. It therefore argues that African Philosophy is a fundamental factor in the search for national development as it can contribute towards mental decolonization, critique of culture and ideologies, building rationality, definition of ethico-political values, conscientization and technological transformation.
245 Impact of Small Sided Games on Acceleration Speed and Dribbling of Inter Collegiate Level Soccer Players, G.Rajasekar, Dr.M.Rajashekaran, Dr.K.Sivakumar
The study was designed to investigate the impact of small sided games on acceleration speed and dribbling of inter collegiate level soccer players. Thirty men football players who participated in the Anna university zone XIV inter collegiate tournaments were selected as subjects and segregated into two groups of fifteen subjects each as experimental group and control group following random procedure. The experimental group underwent small sided games training over a period of twelve weeks where as control group did not participate in any of the training except their regular play. Acceleration speed and dribbling were assessed before and after the experimental period by using 30m run and dribbling tests respectively. ANCOVA was used to analyze the collected data. The results of this study showed that there was a significant difference between experimental group and control group on Acceleration speed and dribbling.
246 Ground States of Sextic and Octic Anharmonic Oscillators, T. Shivalingaswamy, B. A. Kagali
The ground state energy eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of sextic and octic anharmonic oscillators are obtained using the method of Ginsberg and Montroll. The numerical values thus obtained for various anharmonicities are compared with those derived from other methods. It is remarkable that the results obtained from this rather simple method agree within a few percent of exact values derived by lengthy calculations. PACS: 03.65.Ge
247 A Study of ‘Work Value’ with Respect to ‘Surrounding Environment’ Among Government and Non-Government Employees, Ms. Arpita J.Chavda
Present report represents a study of ‘Work value’ with respect to ‘surrounding environment’ among government and nongovernment employees. Here we have chosen government and Non-government employee. ‘Work value’ measurement was carried out by using scale developed by Super Donald (2002). We have studied ‘Work value’ by taking three independent variables using F-Anova test with 2x2x2 factorial design.
248 A Study of ‘Adjustment’ with Respect to ‘Emotionality’ Among Students of P.T.C. Colleges of Anand District, Ms. Dipali H. Patel
Present report represents a study of ‘Adjustment’ with respect to ‘Emotionality’ among students of P.T.C. arts colleges of Anand district. Here we have chosen Government colleges, Self-financed colleges. ‘Adjustment’ measurement was carried out by using ‘Adjustment Inventry for College Students (AICS)’ scale developed by Prof. A.K.P. Sinha and Prof. R. P. Singh. We have studied ‘Adjustment’ by taking three independent variables using F-Anova test with 2x2x2 factorial design.
249 Impacts of Forest Fires on Environment: Role of Environmental Ngos in Satara District, Dr. M. S. Shinde
Forest fire is a common phenomenon in the world and forest fire is as old as the forest itself. Forest fires destroyed considerable forest resources and its biodiversity. It is degrading environment and affects on flora and fauna. Forest fires cause soil erosion, floods, natural vegetation, loss of animals and birds. Forest fire is one of the major environmental issues facing today, due to the carbon being released in the atmosphere, and it is commonly called ‘Green House Effect’. The GOs and NGOs conduct various activities for the protection of environment and sustainable development for the survival of society. The NGOs play a vital role in maintaining the balance of nature. When the government cannot solve these problems, the non-governmental organizations have entered in the field of environmental protection and conservation.
250 Historical Perspective of Kuruba Community, SANJAY GANDHI, Dr. DHRUVA. B. JOYTHI
Social life is a combination of many factors such as environment, tradition, habits, and so forth which permeates through, individual, family, clan and community .In India kuruba community is one of the oldest existing communities. There are 4,635 communities spread all over India, [according to all India survey report] where Karnataka state has got around 250-350communities, nearly 80lakh population of people belonging to kuruba community is concentrated here [culture change in India. [By yogendra Singh, p-44] and kuruba people has great love towards kannada language, kuruba community is a mixture of vegetarians and non vegetarians while majority of them are non vegetarian as because their main occupation is sheep rearing as sheep is their means of consumption / livelihood
251 A Study on Emotional and Adjustment Problems of Adolescents in Rural and Urban Areas, Mr.Shaik Ali
The study was carried out in rural and urban area of Raichur district of Karnataka during the year 2012- 2013. About 200 adolescents belonging to rural area was the unit of information for present study, similarly 200 adolescents belonging to urban area was the unit of information for the same. The mean scores of total adjustment in all the category i.e., below normal (27.56), normal (67.62) and above normal (118.09) were found more among the rural adolescents as compared to mean score of below normal (20.04), normal (52.75) and above normal (116.62)among urban adolescents. The mean scores of total adjustment according to caste among the adolescents in rural areas upper caste (68.12), backward caste (69.86) and schedule caste (67.65) as compared to mean score of total adjustment of upper caste (62.75), backward caste (54.45) and schedule caste (51.00) among the urban adolescents. The mean in both the age groups i.e. 11-15 years (64.10) and 16-20 years (77.98) was found to be more among rural as compared to in the age group of 11-15 years (54.23) and 16-20 years (67.30) among the urban adolescents. The mean score in educated up to high school (64.60) and up to intermediate (75.60) in rural area as compared in urban area up to high school (55.43) and up to intermediate (66.96).
252 The Effect of Yoga Therapy on Blood Oxygen Level, Dr. K. Krishna Sharma, Dr.Thirumaleshwara Prasada H, Dr. Udayakumara K
The present work entitled “the effect of yoga therapy on blood oxygen level – A study”. The study was conducted on 16 subjects at men’s hostel Mangalore University .These subjects divided into two groups, 12 subjects in experimental group, 4 subjects in control group. The subjects were divided into two groups based on sample random sampling between the age 21 and 26 years .The study was conducted in a period of 36 days. Body Mass Index (BMI), Haemoglobin, and Haemoglobin Saturation were used as parameters. These parameters were measured both at the beginning and at the end of the study, using pre-post experimental test design. The yoga therapy group obtained significance increasing in the Body Mass Index (t= -4.0299, p= 0.0019), Haemoglobin (t=-5.2129, p= 0.0002886), Haemoglobin Saturation ( t = 3.3166,p = 0.006872 ). There were no significant changes in the subject of control group the study conducted for longer duration with more no: of subjects may give higher significant results. To get better results, the study may be carried out with controlled Life-style and changes in the diet. From the earlier study we can conclude that Yoga Therapy works well in the management Oxyhaemoglobin deficiency.
253 World Largest Child Nutrition Programme: In Need of Revamping its Grassroot Delivery and Monitoring System, Ram Kumar Bishnoi
High Level Political Commitment Is Essential For All Successful Child Development Programmers. Althought India Has One Of The Highest Proportion Of Underweight Children In The World And The Government Has Often Expressed Its Commitment To Reducing Malnutrition,But This Has Not Been Adequately Translated Into Action At Grassroot Levels. To Effect The Desired Changes,It Will Also Require Engaging Several Public And Private Stakeholders In Understanding The Size And Characteristics Of The Under Nutrition Problem India ,The Divesting Human,Social And Economic Consequences Of Failing To It End The Large Benefits Associated With The Effective Implementation Of Available, Affordable And Cost Effective Nutrition Interventions.
254 Nissim Ezekiel, S Poetry as A Means of Self Expression, MANOJ BISHNOI
Nissim EZEKIEL(1924-2004)Was An Intellectual Powerhouse In Indo Anglain Poetry Of The First Five Decades Of Post Independent Era.He Has Expressed Himself Frankly,Fearlessly And Thoroughly In His Poetry. It Can Be Acknowledge With Appreciation And Admiration That His Poetry Is The Medium Of Self Expression . Ezekiel’s Versality Was Amazing. He Has Expressed His Views On Various Issues Of Human Life. Being A Jew ,He Has Identifies With India . He Never Felft Alienated. Ezekiel’s Poetry Reveals His Philosophy Of Life Relationg To God And His Creation,His Concept Of Love,His Views Of Marriage And Married Life,His Attitude Towards Women,His Humour His Indianness In His Indian Vision And Indians Use Of English Language And Poetic Craftsmanship. His Contemporaries Have Eulogised Him As A Man And As A Poet. They Claim That His Death Has Left A Big Void In Indo Anglain Poetry.
255 Growth, Biomass, and Crop Productivity Under Different Tree Spacings of Gmelina Arborea in Agrisilviculture System, Alka MISRA
A study of agrisilviculture system comprising Gmelina arborea and soybean (Glycine max) was conducted in the Raipur district of Chattisgarh. The total biomass varied from 10.89 Mg ha-1 to 3.65 Mg ha-1 depending on the tree density. Among the different tree components, stemwood contributed maximum biomass (54.3-79.4%), followed by branches and leaves.. No significant difference was observed in the fine root biomass in different stands. Crop (soybean) growth and productivity varied significantly and it increased with a decrease in tree density. Soybean yield varied between 1.5 Mg ha-1 to 2.1 Mg ha-1.
256 Use of Octaplex in Obstetrical Hemorrhage – Preliminary Report From a Case Series, Grazyna Michalska-Krzanowska
Life-threatening hemorrhage can occur at any stage of pregnancy, labor, or puerperium. Octaplex, a prothrombin complex concentrate, is a highly promising agent raising new possibilities for the management of severe postpartum hemorrhage. We present a series of four cases illustrating our initial experiences with Octaplex in the management of acute obstetrical hemorrhage. The hereby reported cases of hemorrhages were associated with primary, massive loss of blood due to various obstetrical conditions, such as uterine hypotonia postpartum or following Cesarean delivery, placenta accreta, or miscarriage with secondary bleeding disorders. Administration of Octaplex enabled achieving hemostasis in all the cases. However, due the lack of precise weighting of potential benefits and risks associated with poorly understood therapeutic effect of Octaplex in pregnant women, we postulate that it should be applied solely when maternal or fetal life is endangered and other established treatment modalities have failed.
257 The Study on Cross-Cultural Communication of English as Foreign Language, Mrs. Mary Kavitha Viju
Globalization in different countries, institutions and among individuals promotes English language as the most important and widely used language in the world. Cultural knowledge can be gained through careful study of function patterns within the cultural system of the language. In cross-cultural communication, people from one culture share their views with people of other culture. English serves as a common language for cross-cultural communication. The research reveals the major importance, barriers and others issues related to cross-cultural communication. The main objectives of the research is to bring out that English as Foreign language will support cross cultural communication in this global arena. Empirical research method has been adopted to bring out the suggested outcomes.
258 Utilization of E Resources by Faculty Members and Research Scholars in Management Institutions Affiliated to Bharathiar University, Coimbatore: A Study , N.Krishna dass, Dr.S.Jayaraman
In this paper an attempt has been made to describe a survey of the utilization of information e resources by the faculty members and research scholars as the users of various management institutions affiliated to Bharathiar University. A questionnaire method is used to identify the impressions of faculty members and research scholars towards the awareness of library services, adequate of library e resources, and their views on library services. This paper also examines the satisfaction levels of users about e resources, on line database, etc., and services provided by the library. Further an attempt has also been made to highlight the findings of the study and conclusion have based on the analysis of the data.
259 Analysis of Rain Water Harvesting System for Artificial Recharge of Groundwater for Gandhinagar District, Gujarat , Nimisha G Patel, Dr. A.M.Prabhakar
In the present world scenario, In a progressive and developing society it is natural that demands of water always remain on the rise. Rainfall is seasonal and is not evenly distributed. So, we face the fury of floods and droughts. Every increasing human population has escalated the consumption of water. This has created a tremendous pressure over water system like lakes and rivers. Underground water table is also depleting alarming due to excessive tapping in the dry seasons. We are entering an era which availability of freshwater is becoming scarce. Fresh water is a gift of nature to living beings. Rain is the main source of fresh water. Rainwater harvesting and artificial recharge structure are innovative method to solve this demand. Gandhinagar is the capital of Gujarat state the problems of low water level and water quality standard is affected in the whole district. The piezometric well and artificial well data analysis by bar chart and using Golden Surfer Software. The study is useful to know effectiveness of artificial recharge in water level and water quality.
260 Buddhism and its Relevance in Modern World, Bh.Ravichandra Reddy
Buddhism, as one of the four major religions in the world today, is an empiricistic and antimetaphysical religion. We can think of Buddhism in terms of three main categories - philosophy, science and religion. The Four Noble Truths contain the essence of the Buddha’s teachings. It was these four principles that the Buddha came to understand during his meditation under the bodhi tree. Today in this scientifically and technologically developed global village, though there are many amenities, for easy living and pleasure , people are both physically and mentally not satisfied and do not have a feeling of security. Buddhism offers a few very simple and very efficacious methods to combat that. Buddhism has a role to play in our life and a role in which we, from the Buddha’s birth land, have an important part to play.
261 Aquarium Fish: Study on Mycobacterial Infection, Seema S. Korde
The present paper reports on the mycobacterial infection in short of aquarium fishes. The mycobacterial infection of freshwater fish was first described as early as 1897 by Bataillon. Samples of tissue for culture examination were homogenized in a mortar, then centrifuged, treated using the HCl – NaOH method. The growth of mycobacterial strains was monitored every 2 weeks for a periodic of two months. On the basis of biochemical methods, it was found that in the fish with granulomas which we examined, species of mycobacterium were also isolated from the fish tissue examined. From a pathogenic perspective, it is also important to note that the mycobacteria did not occur in the affiliated fish independently, but were always found together with other species of mycobacteria pathogenic for fish. It may therefore be assumed that they were not the main cause of disease in the fish, but may have appeared with the weakening for the organism or simply through accompanying mycobacterial “contamination”.
262 Isms Framework in Design and Analysis of Information Security, Sharanappa Patil
An information security management system (ISMS) is a set of policies and procedures for systematically managing an organization’s sensitive data. The goal of ISMS is to minimize risk and ensure business continuity by pro-actively limiting the impact of a security breach. This paper gives the details of about the ISMS and its significance in business where information security plays a vital role. The ISMS gives the information security measures for the business to deal with the issues relating to the security breach. An ISMS typically addresses employee behavior and processes as well as data and technology. It can be targeted towards a particular type of data, such as customer data, or it can be implemented in a comprehensive way that becomes part of the company’s culture.
263 Rayleigh-Bénard Convection With Temperature Dependent Variable Viscosity, S.Harisingh Naik
The problem of natural convection flow between two horizontal plates with variable viscosity is investigated by linear stability analysis. The transformed governing equations are numerically solved by using a Galerkin method. The results obtained are compared for special cases with earlier papers and are found to be in excellent agreement. In linear stability analysis I consider stationary convection. The results of linear stability analysis are presented for various boundary conditions viz. rigid-rigid, rigid-free, free-rigid and free-free. I have also obtained the vertical velocity eigenfunctions and tempera¬ture distribution. It is observed that the velocity of the fluid particle where it takes the maximum value is near the bottom of the fluid layer where the fluid is less viscous. Also the temperature perturbations confined to the bottom of the fluid layer.
264 Government Policies and Programmes for The Aged in India, Dr. Naveen Sharma
The goals of the policies are the well-being of older persons. It aims to strengthen their legitimate place in society and help older persons to live the last phase of their life with purpose, dignity and peace. The Policies visualizes that the State will extend support for financial security, health care, shelter, welfare and other needs of older persons, provide protection against abuse and exploitation, make available opportunities for development of the potential of older persons, seek their participation, and provide services so that they can improve the quality of their lives.
265 Study of Strength Parameters and durability of Fly ash based Geopolymer Concrete, MR. KAMLESH .C.SHAH, PROF. A. R. PARIKH, Prof. K.J.Parmar
This paper present to study the effects of several factors on the properties of fly ash based geopolymer concrete on the compressive strength. In this preliminary experimental work different parameters were used such as Ratio of Alkine liquid to fly ash 0.40 ,0.45 and 0.50, ratio of NaOH to sodium silicate (Na2 SiO3 ) 2.0 and 2.5, molarities of sodium hydroxide(NaOH) 10M ,12M, 14M and 16M, Curing temperature Ambient Temperature, 600 C, 900 C and 1200 C, Addition of Superplasticiser. A mix Proportion based on the result of preliminary investigation is to be developed for geopolymer concrete. Two concrete mixes is to be worked out: GPC Mix-1 Fly ash concrete and OPC Mix-2 Concrete Mix having OPC equivalent to amount of Cementitious Material used in GPC Mix-1. Compression test, Split tensile test, Pull out test and durability test were performed.
266 Hospital Acquired Elizabethkingia Meningoseptica Bacteremia : A Rare Case Report in Immunocompromised Patient, Dr. Sunita Bhatawadekar, Mrs. Lata Yadav, Dr.Satyajeet Bhoite, Dr.Meera Modak
E. meningoseptica is a multidrug resistant organism that rarely causes meningitis and sepsis in neonates and adults. We report a case of hospital acquired E. meningoseptica bacteremia in a chronic alcoholic patient. He was successfully treated with combination of Meropenem and Sulbactam. To the best of our knowledge this is the one of the rare case report of hospital acquired bacteremia by E. meningoseptica in India.
267 Identifying Malicious Email, S. Govinda Rao, M. Eswara Rao
We are ensuring in this paper about to the mass created emails. Unauthorized email systems are not registered in server. The un-authenticated email systems will forward the unwanted mails with a waste content and come into inbox and stored. These emails are dangerous. These emails called as a spam or phishing emails. Earlier detection methods are not performing for detection of specified malicious mails. But we are prospering and filter the spam or phishing emails with different kinds of techniques. These spam mails detection starts based on some characteristics pattern matching. Every mail should contain meta data structure and some types of constraints then to get for occupation the mail in inbox. This method is called as procedure of tailored. So that Inbox will contain only trustable mails with the content. These present filtering and identifying methods are performing well under detection of targeted malicious mails detection. The next task is ensured for detection of persistent and recipient based attacks. Repeated intrusion attack attempts are the type of under persistent attacks. Identifies the list of bad senders and display the recipient oriented emails.
268 Analysis of Profitability Performance of Selected Private Sector Banks Based In South And North Region : A Comparative Study, T. Krishnaamy
For ensuring a vigorous, solid and stable banking sector, the evaluation and analysis of bank profitability is essential so that possible weak points and vulnerabilities can be corrected and disposed. In recent times the Indian economy has witnessed the emergence of many banks in the private sector. This study is just a small step in considerate the relative performance of selected Private Sector Banks based in north and south in India. Today’s competitive business environment. The banking industry like many other financial service industries is facing a hastily changing Market, new technologies, economic fears, ferocious competition, and especially more Demanding customers; and the changing climate has presented an unparalleled set of Challenges. Major changes took place in the functioning of Banks in India only after liberalization, globalization and privatization. It has turn out to be very obligatory to study and to make a comparative analysis of Private Sector banks among themselves to face competition and improve their performance.
269 Cocoa Husks Feeding Improves Some Indices of Health and Welfare of Pigs, D. Magistrelli, L. Malagutti, F. Rosi
The study evaluated the effects of dietary inclusion of cocoa husks, as source of polyphenols, on haematological indicators of animal health and welfare. Eight pigs were divided into two groups: CTRL fed a conventional cereal-based diet, and COCOA fed a diet obtained by substitution of 10% of the control diet with cocoa husks. After 6 weeks, blood was analyzed for some indices of health and welfare. Cocoa husks increased HDL cholesterol and antithrombin III, and decreased haptoglobin concentration. In humans, these results are associated with reduction of cardiovascular risk. COCOA pigs showed higher concentrations of immunoglobulins than CTRL pigs. High levels of antibodies may improve resistance to pathogen infections and, in humans, are associated to reduction of cardiovascular risk. Cocoa husks feeding may improve health and welfare of pigs. In particular, considering pigs as models for humans, cocoa husks may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
270 Employee Engagement in Pharma Industry: A Contingency Model, Dr.K.V. Geetha Devi, Nagaraju Kolla
Employee Engagement is a recent favorite in HR field. In single word it is “one step up from commitment”. The main objective of the present study is to identify employee engagement factors in pharma industry. For this data collected is from 316 sample respondents. Regression analysis and factor analysis were employed for data analysis. Results indicated three factors for employee engagement in pharma namely work culture, participative management style and relationships and rewards
271 A Comparative Study on Cash Flow Statements of Tata Chemicals Ltd. and Pidilite Chemicals Ltd., KALPESH GELDA, Dr. BHAVSINH M. DODIYA
A cash flow statement is required as part of a complete set of financial statements prepared in conformity with Indian Accounting Standards. AS-3 lays down a formal structure for the cash flow statement. Cash flows should be classified under the following three standard headings: “Operating activities”, “Investing activities”, “Financing activities”. The classification of cash flows among operating, investing and financing activities is essential to the analysis of cash flow data. Net cash flow (the change in cash and equivalents during the period) has little informational content by itself; it is the classification and individual components that are informative. Although the classification of cash flows into the three main categories is important, it should be mentioned that classification guidelines are arbitrary.
272 Antifungal Bioefficacy of Organic Inputs Against Fungal Pathogens of Bell Pepper, Ashlesha, Y.S. Paul
Five organic inputs namely panchgavya, vermiwash, biosol, cow urine and butter milk were evaluated against major pathogens of bell pepper namely Colletotrichum capsici, Phytophthora nicotianae, Sclerotium rolfsii, Fusarium solani, Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. capsici, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Rhizoctonia solani under in vitro and in vivo conditions. Under in vitro conditions, all inputs were tested at five concentrations ranging from 2.0 to 10.0 percent. Among these inputs, fermented cow urine showed maximum 100 and 99 percent inhibition in the mycelial growth of the test pathogens at 10 percent concentration followed by panchgavya exhibited complete mycelia inhibition of S. sclerotiorum and 99.0 percent inhibition in mycelia growth of S. rolfsii, F. solani and P. nicotianae. Similarly, vermiwash and biosol showed moe than 99.0 percent mycelia inhibition of all tested pathogens. Whereas, comparatively less inhibition was observed in case of fermented butter milk. Under in vivo conditions, all organic inputs were evaluated individually and in combinations against foliar pathogens and soilborne pathogens of bell pepper separately. Among all treatments, a combination of panchgavya (5%) + fermented cow urine (5%) caused maximum 87.02 percent control of phytophthora blight followed by anthracnose (85.22%) when applied as foliar spray at 15 days interval. Whereas, biosol (5%) + fermented cow urine (5%) showed 83.91 percent disease control of anthracnose. In case of soilborne diseases, drench with panchgavya (5%) + fermented cow urine (5%) exhibited maximum 88.04, 84.98 and 84.25 percent disease control of fusarium wilt, stem rot and root rot respectively.
273 Nematodes Diversity in Northen Vineyards of Algeria, Faiza Hoceini, Farid Bounaceur, Bahia Doumandji-Mitiche
Research on nematodes associated with vine in 15 areas focused on various aspects, including their occurrence and geographical distribution, for 17 genera, that according to their feeding habits, can be classified into four major groups: plant parasites, bacterial, fungal, predators -omnivores feeders, the main species of the genera Pratylenchus, Paratylenchus, Scutellonema, Tylenchorhynchus, Xiphinema et Helicotylenchus. Significant spatial variation of trophic groups and nematode communities effects were elucidated using Global Lineair Model to express nematode community composition
274 The Study of Shelf Life of Potassium Solubilizing Microorganisms for Liquid Biofertilizer, Dr. Kalavati Prajapati, Dr. H.A. Modi.
Liquid biofertilizer is increasingly available in the market as one of the alternatives to chemical fertilizer and pesticide. One of the benefits from biofertilizer is a contribution from population of microorganisms available. Traditionally, liquid biofertilizer produced from fermentation of effective microorganisms (EM) was recommended to be used within three months. This experiment showed that shelf life of the potassium solubilizing microorganism used as liquid biofertilizer had high amount of viable microbial population after four months of storage. The formulation study states that it can be also promoted in liquid formulation which has higher shelf life and stress protection The two conditions of storage at 4 0 C, 30 0 C, were tested by using two medium formulation (solid and liquid) upon viable microbial population. However in-depth study is required for the commercialization. The study showed that application of liquid broth formulation increases the shelf life of Enterobacter hormaechei which was used as a potassium solubilizer comparing to the solid formulation.
275 Heavy Metals (Fe, Cu, Zn and Pb) Analysis in Mustard, Cauliflower, Cabbage and Spinach Grown At Kakching-Wabagai Area, Thoubal District, Manipur, India, Naorem Mohendro Singh, Nongmaithem Rajen Singh
Potentially toxic heavy metals are non-biodegradable and their presence in small amounts can cause toxicity to human and animal lives. Heavy metals like Iron(Fe),Copper(Cu),Zinc(Zn) and Lead (Pb) can pose threat to the human live if their presence exceed the maximum permissible limits, when the vegetables are taken as common foodstuff for the sake of living. Vegetables like the Mustard (Brassica Campestris-local name Hangam–yela), Cauliflower (Brassica Oleracae Botrytislocal name Kobi thamchet-manbi), Cabbage (Brassica Oleracae Capitata-local name Kobiful-kabi) and Spinach (Spinacea Oleracae-local name Palang-sak) were collected from the Kakching-Wabagai area. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopic method were used for the quantification of the Iron, Copper, Zinc and Lead and the obtained results of Iron and Zinc were higher than the WHO/FAO and Indian Standard (Awasthi 2000) but Copper was less and no appreciable amount of Lead was detected, in critical toxic levels.
276 Customers Attitude and Perception Towards Online Shopping, Preeti Khitoliya
e- tailing, a sub set of E-commerce, facilitates online shopping with fingertips. It has mushroomed with online shopping websites in past few years in India. Existing literature revealed that people are not switching from traditional “Brick & Mortar” shopping practice to online shopping practice with the same rate in developing countries as it is in developed countries. Researchers still striving hard to understand why online shopping is not a part of everyone’s lifestyle. Therefore the present study attempt to understand the attitude and perception of customers towards online shopping. In order to complement the title, the study focuses on two aspects, first what is frequency of online shopping with respect to Age, Gender and Education level of respondent. Second, what derives respondent to shop online and what make them reluctant in adopting it.
277 Convergence of Accounting Standards in India with Ifr, Dr. Manpreet Kaur
Idea of global harmonization of accounting standards stems from lack of comparability of financial statements across the country. The main fascination with adoption or convergence of IFRS is sound business sense. Increasing cross border investing has posed a challenge to companies as they face multiple standards. Convergence with IFRS can greatly contribute to the efforts to build global financial reporting infrastructure. Though, there are many issues and challenges in the way of harmonization of accounting standards but finally India has announced its convergence with IFRS by 2015. Adoption of IFRS requires enlightened leadership and commitment from the accountancy profession, including academicians, audit firm partners and company accountants as well as from company finance directors and national regulators to overcome these challenges and promote international convergence of accounting standards.
278 Impact of FDI in Retailing on Farmers and Consumers in India, Dr. VISHNU VADDE
Retailing is the interface between the producer and the individual consumer buying for personal consumption. As such, retailing is the last link that connects the individual consumer with the manufacturing and distribution chain. The present paper tries to evaluate the overall position of the entry of FDI and its impact of FDI in retailing on farmers and consumers in India and also offer suggestions. The present study find out Indian farmers get only one third of the price consumers pay for food staples, the rest is taken as commissions and markups by middlemen and shopkeepers.
279 Secure Routing Protocols in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks – A Survey, Dr. Banta Singh Jangra, Manish Kumar Naga
In this paper we are concerned with security of routing protocols in ad hoc wireless networks. Routing is an important operation, providing the communication protocol for data delivery between wireless devices. Assuring a secure routing protocol is a challenging task since ad hoc wireless networks are highly vulnerable to security attacks due to their unique characteristics. Traditional routing protocols designs do not address security, and are based on a mutual trust relationship between nodes. The wireless nature of communication and lack of any security infrastructure raises several security problems. We examined and classified major routing attacks and present a comprehensive survey on the state-of-the-art mechanisms and solutions designed to defeat such attacks. The current security mechanisms, each defeats one or few routing attacks. Designing routing protocols resistant to multiple attacks remains a challenging task.
280 Trend Analysis of Drinking Water Availability in Rural Maharashtra, Parmeshwar Honrao
This paper has been attempt analyze to trend of drinking water availability as well as financial allocation in rural sector, improving the adequacy and quality of water supplies is a priority for rural development in the state.Since Independence India has a significant progress in various sector of rural development Efforts have been made to bring about rapid and sustainable Development and socio-economic transformation in rural India. With an integrated approach towards improving the quality of life of rural poor and ensuring equity and effective peoples participation. The thrust of rural development programmes has been make a frontal attack on poverty through one of the Drinking water. Rural water supply is a state subject the state government have been implementing the rural Water supply programme under the state sector minimum needs programme.
281 Production and Productivity Trends of Paddy Cultivation in Jammu & Kashmir, Sakeena Rather
Agriculture even at the present times is overwhelmingly important as it provides livelihood for more than half of total work force and supplies food to the whole population. Hence, agriculture growth performance has become a serious issue of concern for both academicians and policy makers as it is subject to various fluctuations. Rice is the most important cereal crop grown in the state of Jammu & Kashmir covering about 38 percent of the total gross cropped area. This paper investigates the trends in area, production and yield of paddy in different districts of J&K by using component analysis model and Compound annual growth rate. The aggregate results for paddy shows that in some districts the output growth is due to the yield effect; whereas in other districts the output growth is due to the area effect and thus revealing that the area and yield effects although not equal, but had contribution to total change in output growth.
282 Study of Emotional Intelligence & Job Satisfaction of Higher Secondary School Teachers, Dr. Pravin Laxman Kothawade
An attempt has been made to find out status of Emotional Intelligence and job satisfaction of Higher Secondary Teachers and correlation between Teaching effectiveness and job satisfaction. The sample for the present study comprised of 495 Higher Secondary Teachers (91 female, 404 male, 334 of Art & 161 of Science faculty) selected from various Higher Secondary schools located in of Dhulia district of North Maharashtra. Random sampling was used for selection of sample. Standardized test of Emotional Intelligence developed by Ankul haid & Sanjyot Pethe. Job satisfaction developed by Amarsing & T. R .Sharma was administered to the sample by investigator. The Independent variables were i) Gender ii) faculty (Art & science) and the dependent variable was i) Emotional Intelligence ii) Job satisfaction. For purpose of analysis and interpretation of data, descriptive and inferential statistical techniques like Mean, S.D., Skewness , kurtoisis ,correlation & t-test were used. The findings of the study were a) Emotional intelligence of higher sec. teachers of Dhulia district is of high level. b) 84.64% Teachers are found satisfied in their teaching job. c) Correlation between Emotional intelligence & job satisfaction of Higher Secondary Teachers is +ve but it is in slight proportion.
283 Participant Observation: in The Context of Indian Classroom, Parul
The purpose of this paper is to understand the participant observation skill. In spite of deep interest among social scientists in participant-observation field methods there is little published work on how to develop an insight to understand these methods. In this paper the author used this method to gather information regarding the classroom interaction between the teacher and the students. I have attempted to examine some of the aspects which appear to be inherent in using the human instrument for gathering interpersonal data in spite of that it is one of the most powerful and effective way in which we try to understand our fellow being. Though I have limited my analysis to participant observation on a classroom interaction between teacher and the student, but I believe that it has broader application. The core paper assesses participant observation for unique features, applications and to inspire social scientists to work upon to refine and sensitize the human instrument to insure greater validity of the data gathered.
284 Distance Education- Challenges and Responses., Idrisa H. Qadri
This study deals with problems associated with distance education and their instantaneous tentative solutions. It identifies those problems which were faced by distant learners during their course of study. Then, it provides tentative solutions to these problems and some recommendations for the betterment of distance education. The problems were associated with nature of study material, lack of multi-media instruction, insecurities about learning, lack of feedback or contact with the teacher, lack of support and services, lack of social interaction among learners, lack of student training, absence of a teacher, etc. Keeping in mind these problems, tentative solutions were suggested such as - providing equity of educational opportunity to all, careful consideration to be given to the special needs of distance learners, use of multi-media technologies, proper planning and cooperation on the part of all those who are associated with distance learning. Further, research into course development techniques will help learning institutions understand which methods work best in the distance learning.
285 Prevalence of Depression Among Adolescents: A Comparative Analysis, Vandana Sharma
The present study was attempted to find out the prevalence of depression among adolescents. A sample of 300 adolescents was selected from Government Model Senior Secondary Schools of Chandigarh by using stratified random sampling technique. Beck Depression Inventory-II (Beck, Steer & Brown, 1996) was used to measure depression. To find out the prevalence of depression percentages were calculated and t-test was used to check the significant gender and stream differences on depression. The result showed that 55% adolescents were depressed. It was found that depression was more prevalent among girls than boys. Depression was more prevalent among arts students as compared to science and commerce students. Also, significant gender differences were observed on depression and it was favoured by girls. Also results indicated that arts students were more depressed as compared to science and commerce students. The results indicated a clear picture of prevalence rate of depression among adolescents.
286 Test Item Analysis and Relationship Between Difficulty Level and Discrimination Index of Test Items in an Achievement Test in Biology, Suruchi, Surender Singh Rana
Current piece of work is focussed on the analysis of test items constructed in the subject of Biology for class IX. It involved the analysis of difficulty level and discrimination power of each test item. There were 120 objective type questions in the achievement test and was administered on a sample of 500 students from government and private schools. The findings of the work showed that most of the test items fall in the acceptable range of difficulty index and discrimination index. However, nine of the test items were rejected due to very high or very low difficulty level and poor discrimination power. Using the findings relationship between the difficulty index of each item and the corresponding discrimination index is carried out using Pearson correlation formula. Instead of a linear relation, it was found that item discrimination power increased with the increase in difficulty value but got decreased for very easy and very difficult test items. This work is significant for the researchers and school teachers in framing test items with optimum difficulty and discrimination power.
287 Personality Development through Co-Curricular Activities, T. Ranjith Kumar, Dr. R. Selvaraju
The main objectives of the study are to found out the level of participation in co-curricular activities of B.Ed students and influence of co-curricular activities on personality development of B.Ed students. Survey method is used for the study. The sample consists of 983 B.Ed students selected randomly from 24 colleges of education from three districts of Tamil Nadu namely Tirunelveli, Tuticorin and Kanyakumari. Co-curricular activities inventory and Personality development scale developed by investigator has been used to collect data. The research reveals that the level of participation in co-curricular activities and personality development of B.Ed students is average and there is significant relationship between co-curricular activities and personality development of B.Ed students.
288 A Study on Geotechnical Properties of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil, Arpita V Patel
Problem statement: Soils may become contaminated by the accumulation of heavy metals and metalloids through emissions from the rapidly expanding industrial areas, mine tailings, disposal of high metal wastes, leaded gasoline and paints, land application of fertilizers, animal manures, sewage sludge, pesticides, wastewater irrigation, coal combustion residues, spillage of petrochemicals, and atmospheric deposition. Heavy metals constitute an ill-defined group of inorganic chemical hazards, and those most commonly found at contaminated sites are barium (Ba), chromium (Cr), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), nickel (Ni), cobalt (Co), Vanadium (V) and (Sr). A.K.KRISHNA and P.K.GOVIL concluded that environmental properties of black cotton soil are highly affected by heavy metals. Heavy metal contamination has not just affected the environmental properties of the soil but will also alter the geotechnical properties of heavy metal-contaminated soil. Approach: This study presented the geotechnical properties of Heavy metal-contaminated soils as well as uncontaminated soils for comparison. Testing programs performed on the studied soils included basic properties, Atterberg limit, and compaction test. The Black cotton soils used procured from GUJARAT AGRICULTURAL BIOTECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE, SURAT. Soil samples were artificially contaminated with Barium (Ba) – 471.7 mg/kg, chromium (Cr) – 305.2 mg/kg, zinc (Zn) - 139 mg/kg, copper (Cu) – 137.5 mg/kg, nickel (Ni) - 79 mg/kg, cobbalt (Co) – 51.3 mg/kg, Vanadium (V) – 380.6 mg/kg, (Sr) – 317.9 mg/kg. Results: The results showed that the Heavy metal contamination decreased the specific gravity and Optimum Moisture Content. The liquid limit, plastic limit and Maximum Dry Density were seen to decrease with heavy metal as contaminant. Conclusion: The results showed that the addition of Heavy metal has minor effects to the geotechnical properties of the studied clayey soil. Contaminated clayey soils might be used for geotechnical purposes and these results will benefit to engineers or decision makers in recycling or re-using of contaminated soils.
289 Desing and Implementation of PV System using Quasi Z-Source Inverter for Distributed Applications, C.Dinakaran, Prof.K.Eswaramma
The voltage fed Quasi Z-Source inverter has been proposed in this paper for Photovoltaic applications. By using Quasi Z-Source inverter in Photovoltaic Systems for improved Buck and Boost capability and reliability, dynamical characteristics of the Quasi Z-Source inverters are investigated by small signal analysis. Based on the dynamic model stand alone operation and grid connected operation with closed loop control method are carried out which are the two necessary operation modes of distributed generation in distributed power grids. The modulation index and shoot through duty ratio of Quasi Z-Source inverter, Constant capacitor voltage control method is proposed in a two stage control manner. Simulation results are carried out in this paper.
290 Mathematical Modeling of Thermal Flow in CI Engine: A Review of the Recent Literature, Deo Raj Tiwari, Gopal P. Sinha
Mathematical Modeling of the combustion chamber of a CI engine has been formulated and validated by a number of investigators. The basic focus of the studies has been in the following areas: 1. Development of thermal stresses in the combustion chamber with a view to effecting a robust design and 2. Optimum thickness of heat protective coating meant for improving the thermal efficiency of the compression ignition engine and the distortion of cylinder liner due to the thermal load. A review of the recent literature has been carried out in these aspects of CI engine.
291 Analysis of Hybrid Staging Systems for Elevated Storage Reservoir, Keyur Y. Prajapati, Dr. H. S. Patel, Prof. A. R. Darji
Elevated water tanks are prominently in public view and visible from near as well as long distances. They often become landmarks on the landscape. It is therefore important that the shape and form of the container and the supporting structure must receive due attention from the point of aesthetics. Innovations in the shape and form should be encouraged when they improve the ambience and enhance the quality of the environment.The main aim of this study is to conceptualize innovative hybrid staging systems, considering seismic loading and to understand the behaviour of supporting system which is more effective under different response spectrum method with SAP 2000 software. Analysis follows the guideline for “Seismic Design of Liquid Storage Tanks” provided by the Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority and Preliminary Draft of IS: 11682 “Criteria for Design of RCC Staging for Overhead Water Tanks”. In this Paper different supporting systems including innovative staging are considered for study.
292 Electronic Systems Damaged by Corrosion in The Electronics Industry of Mexicali, Gustavo Lopez Badilla, Juan Abraham Perez Ramos, Joaquín Diaz Algara, Marco Antonio Rodríguez Vera
Deterioration of metallic components of electronic devices (ED) used in industrial systems is of great interest. Exposure to air pollutants such as sulfurs of the industrial systems, and variations of the relative humidity (RH) and temperature indices was conducted to the damaged generated. This promoted the corrosion process and and not permitting perform the industrial operations properly. In bases of this, a study to analyze the deterioration of electronic systems was made. The research was conducted to evaluate the effect of sulfurs, which were reacted with the metallic surfaces of the industrial electronic devices. The period of the study is from July of 2013 to June of 2014, and in this evaluation an analysis of one, three and six months are presented. In this analysis was observed the corrosion process during periods in summer and winter specially. The major effects in the corrosion process occurred when the indices of RH and temperature were higher than 75% and 35°C, in the period of study
293 Centrosome: The Cell Spherical Reference System Organizer, Marco Regolini
The orthogonal arrangement of the centrioles in the centrosome suggests that this organelle is the “spherical reference system” organizer in metazoan cells: based on two orthogonal protractors, one to manage geometry in the “x y” plane, the second in an orthogonal plane containing the “z” axis, the centrosome, through its aster of microtubules, subdivides the cell cortex in a map of distinct, wired, “labeled”, discrete compartments, generating a fine-tuned polarity, indispensable to organize and manage cell geometry. Moreover, counterclockwise circumferential polarity of the mother centriole organizes the molecular basis of Metazoan bilateral symmetry.
294 Improving Mobile WiMAX EAP-TTLS Authentication with Minimum Downtime and Securing its Management Channel, Apostol Cristian Gabriel, Ciprian Racuciu
Increasing the level of security with minimum downtime in a wide area WiMAX network, with thousands of fixed and mobile subscribers will encounter practical problems. We refer mainly to increase authentication, protecting the management channel, the moment of changing AAA server policy, the x.509v3 digital certificates generation, the EAP.xml configuration and the CAs recognized by the network. Doing this with minimum downtime to the active services and with a limited number of system engineers is also a challenge. The approach presented in this paper is a solution for increasing the security level of a live geographically dispersed WiMAX network, independent from the vendor
295 Performance Investigation of A Five Dimensional Coupling, Mr. P. B. Mali, Dr. S. S. Gawade
The Five Dimensional Couplings are designed to accommodate 5 degrees of shaft misalignment. This coupling allows easy adjustment to any possible misaligned shaft position without imposing heavy side loads on shafts, bearings or other machine equipment. Five Dimensional Couplings offer two parallel misalignments and three angular misalignments capabilities. The acting forces within the coupling can be precisely calculated, assuring a sound coupling design which is especially important for heavy-duty applications. If these shaft misalignments exceed the limit of the selected coupling capacity, excess side loads are introduced into the equipment which can cause vibrations, life reduction or failure of vital machine components such as bearings, motors, etc.
296 The Role of Urban Green Spaces for The Sustainable City, Jammu (J&K), Arpana Duggal, Anjana chib
Urban green spaces have an important role in sustainable development. The presence of natural areas contributes to the quality of life in many ways. Also, urban nature provides important social and psychological benefits to human societies, which enrich human life with meanings and emotions. The main concern of this paper is to address the importance of urban nature for citizens’ well being and for the sustainability of the city they inhabit. A survey conducted among visitors of an urban park in Brigadier Rajinder Singh Park, (J&K, India) is presented and discussed. The issues investigated are people’s motives for urban nature, the emotional dimension involved in the experience of nature and its importance for people’s general well being. Results confirm that the experience of nature in urban environment is source of positive feelings and beneficial services, which fulfil important immaterial and non-consumptive human needs.
297 Public Health Education in India: A Need for a Change, Dr.Sriram Chandramohan
This Paper analyzes the present postgraduate public health education for the health programming and suggests some solutions for the institutes to adopt or adapt for improving the quality of their scholars, to fulfill the needs of public health in the developing countries and particularly in India. In the last few years there is a conscious shift in public health education in India with a few institutions (with medical and nonmedical background) initiating public health programs for both medical and nonmedical graduates.) There is a stark difference between the hype around higher education and the real picture as most of the universities/ institutions in India are facing shortage of quality teachers, lack of funds, obsolete curriculum, and wrong government policies. Public health teachers should assume to be high-level learners and are expected to devise mechanisms of interactions with the field of learning (individuals, families, people at large, community, implementers, supervisors, program planners, managers, and PH leaders) that engage MPH students for quick and appropriate learning so that the students utilize their creativity for interaction. To make students confident and committed, encouraging both personal and professional development is a value-add the institutions can take upon them.
298 Stability Assesment in Okra - Abelmoschus esculentus - L. Moench, Namita R, Dr Mulge R, Arunkumar K
The phenotypic stability of 53 genotypes of okra (30 varieties and 23 hybrids) grown over three environments was studied for growth and yield characters. Variance due to genotypes and environments was highly significant for these characters. The large variation in regression values indicated large differences in genotype response to different environments. G x E interaction was significant for plant height, intermodal length, number of fruits per plant, total yield per plant and yield per plot. The genotype Arka Abhay was found promising and stable for plant height, internodal length. The hybrids KAOH09 and KAOH08 were found highest yielder and also stable for total yield per plant. The F1 hybrids had greater stability for yield across the environments compared to open pollinated varieties. Stability of the crosses was attributed to the stability of parents. Stability for yield is attributed to stability for component traits.
299 Retail Forecasting in India, M.THANGAM, Dr.P.KARTHIKEYAN
The retail industry in India is highly fragmented and unorganized. There is very huge potential for the growth of organized retailing. Indian retail industry is gradually inching its way towards becoming the next booming industry. This paper provides detailed information about the growth of retail industry in India. In this paper includes the details about Indian retail sector, Current status about Indian retail industry, overview of global retail industry, projected organized and unorganized retail in India, major players in Indian retail industry. This paper concludes with the likely impact of growth opportunities. It also highlights the importance of innovative methods to be implemented in retail sector.
300 The Act of Rebalancing the Portfolio, Muhasin Haneefa
Expectation of risk and return are determined by a portfolio’s asset allocation. Over the time, market return can cause one or more assets to drift away from their initial target asset allocation, leading to portfolio that may not reflect an investor’s risk tolerance. An investor should decide which rebalancing strategy he should adopt in order to maintain his initial target asset allocation. This paper presents why an investor should rebalance their portfolio and the different rebalancing strategy that investors can adopt to maintain their target asset allocation.
301 Corporate Social Responsibility approach of Dr. Reddy’s Labs: An analysis, Dr. G.Sandhya Rani, V.Jagadeeswari
Globalization brought MNCs and consumers close to each other. MNCs focused on long term returns instead of short term profits. They wish to maintain a good and fair relation with the people in the society. Apart from the activities of sales promotion, they concentrated on developmental activities to uplift the standards of children, women, aged and rural youth and to promote environmental balance. For this purpose they have been allotting certain percent from their profits. Governments of concerned countries are also encouraging these types of activities by giving required amenities to such companies. Often it is argued that in order to maintain the long term relation with the consumers MNCs concentrated on social issues and included welfare activities for the society through a non-profitable organization. Keeping this in view ‘CSR strategies of Dr. Reddy’s Foundation (DRF)’ have been chosen for the study as they represent distinct categories among the Indian private companies.
302 Technological Security Aspects for Internet Banking, Soumyajit Das, Dr. Pranam Dhar
The present day banking business is, to a great extent, dependent on ‘Electronic Banking’. The term ‘Electronic Banking’ means banking through internet i.e Internet Banking where the physical presence of the consumers in the bank is not mandatory. Electronic banking, also known as electronic fund transfer (EFT), uses computer and electronic technology as a substitute for the negotiable instruments like cheques, drafts etc and other paper transactions. EFTs are initiated through devices like cards or codes that let one or those one authorizes, access one’s account. Because of the commercial failure of videotex these banking services never became popular except in France where the use of videotex (Minitel) was subsidised by the telecom provider and the UK, where the prestel system was used. As Internet Banking is a relatively new area of banking in India so people in India are still not very conversant with electronic banking. Further as it is directly related to money and fund, people are very hesitant about using it because of different farudulant activities. So as far Internet banking is concerned customers are very keen to safeguard them by consolidating the security aspects of Internet Banking.
303 A Study on Agreement on TRIMs and India, Abhipsa Vagadia
WTO has provided Trade Related Investment measures (TRIMs) for global level investment. TRIMs are government FDI measures that have an effect on trade pattern, volume and flows. Many countries introduce TRIMs to manoeuvre FDI activities in a way to be benefited the trade performance of their countries. The present study describes TRIMs, its Agreements and Discusses its, pros and cons
304 Enhancement of Critical Thinking: Case Study of Kazguu (Kazakhstan), Gulfiya Zh. Kuchumova, Anar Kh. Baizhanova
Critical thinking skills are undoubtedly considered today as an important outcome of higher education, they are viewed as essential abilities that need to be germinated and developed in order to train a qualified specialist. This paper throws some light on the current teaching approaches applied in General Linguistics and Translation Studies Department (KAZGUU, Kazakhstan) aimed to improve language students’ critical thinking capacity. One of such approaches described in the article is interactive home reading class specially designed for students learning English as a foreign language. Home reading classes are not merely designed for students predominantly perceiving world verbally while reading, but can be easily changed in such classes that can satisfy requirements and preferences of students having dominant interpersonal intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, existential intelligence, special intelligence. All this is achievable due to, firstly, interactive teaching methods when students can cooperate whether in class or out of it, mingle in the class, and secondly, thanks to new technologies making lessons more vivid and exciting. Films give students an opportunity to observe the details they missed in the narration while reading, to get film director’s point of view on the issues described in the text, as films are also considered as a form of text interpretation. The given research was carried out with the help of such methods as sociological survey among students, statistical analysis, observation and descriptive method. Overall, the information is presented in the form of reflection on present situation in the department and personal teaching experience.
305 Green Banking: Initiatives By SBI and ICICI, Geetika Jaggi
Although, banking is never considered a polluting industry, the present scale of banking operations have considerably increased the carbon footprint of banks due to their massive use of energy. Green banking refers to the banking business in such a manner that helps the overall reduction of external carbon emission and internal carbon footprint. The paper presents the concept of Green Banking and the green initiatives taken by the largest public sector bank i.e State Bank of India (SBI) and largest private sector bank i.e ICICI Bank.
306 Hr Audit- A Route to Success in Healthcare Sector , S. PONMALAR, Dr. R.PUNITHA.
Today’s business climate puts the onus on the HR department to accept the challenge of doing more with less, while contributing value toward business objectives. For fulfilling these multidimensional responsibilities, it is necessary to evaluate the performance of human resource department at regular intervals for measuring its effectiveness and efficiency for achieving the goals of organization. The present article is an attempt to study the HR Audit, its objective and define the process in a private hospital.
307 “Best Practices” in Voluntary Organisations, Prashant Chaudhry
Under the Eight-five-year plan, India has adopted a policy of economic liberalization, which opens up the doors for “Business Organisations” to contribute in social and welfare activities. Such participation has been channeled by the concept of “Corporate Social Responsibility”. Now, many corporate houses are providing funds to voluntary Organisations working in the areas of health, education, empowerment, governance, disability etc. The large inflow of funds from the business Organisations has brought significant changes in the role and nature of voluntary Organisations. The present paper is an attempt to qualitative analysis of ‘Best Practices’ adopted by the voluntary organizations at all levels of their functioning. These changes have created voluntary sector more efficient for the advancement of various services towards nation building.
308 Role of P-O-P in Marketing, Mr. Ashish Nathwani
Specialized retailers are developing rapidly in segments such as consumer durable and white goods, books, music, lifestyle goods, household furnishing, health care and beauty care. While most consumers still state that product brands are more important to them than retail brands, most would not waste the time to seek out their preferred brand at another store if it is not available where they are shopping. A study by POP (1995) indicated that PoP communication seem to influence impulse purchase more as compared to planned purchase. Shopping has been defined as the act of identifying the store and purchasing from it. Sinha and Uniyal (2005) found that shoppers changed their information search process according to stores, even when the same product and in some cases the same brand was being bought. One of the biggest factors at play is social influence. Consumers seek to imitate people they admire and will buy the same brands as their favorite athlete, model, or actress. All consumers are influenced by their learning experience. When creating POP materials for your marketing effort, use bright colors, engaging graphics, and simple messages. The dynamic nature of retailing has created conditions whereby traditional marketing and advertising has diminished in effectiveness. Today’s consumer has many choices when it comes to making a purchasing decision across all product categories.
309 Introduction of Merger, Acquisition and Divestitures, Prof. J.M. Ramanuj
Merger and acquisitions are the most popular form of corporate restructuring for expanding or increasing the size and volume of the business. The corporate world today is the witnessing a sudden surge in this form of corporate restructuring, sweeping across all the industries which has totally restructured the market place. It has been prominent in the advanced capitalist countries since the late twentieth century. But only in recent times it becomes a regular phenomenon in developing countries. The total number of merger and acquisitions worldwide increased almost four-fold during 1990 to 2001. This trend is different from earlier scenario wherein the merger and acquisitions was looked upon as a threat and had evoked images of dark shadow and backdoor entries to the corporate world. Divestitures are a form of retrenchment strategy used by businesses when they downsize the scope of their business activities. Divestment usually involves eliminating a portion of a business. Firms may elect to sell, close, or spin-off a strategic business unit, major operating division, or product line. This move often is the final decision to eliminate unrelated, unprofitable, or unmanageable operations.
310 The Molecular Pathology of Ewings Family of Tumors: Its Relevance to the Diagnosis and Prognosis in the Pediatric Age Group, Dr. Upasana Das, Dr. Asaranti Kar, Dr. Tithi Parija, Dr. N.C.Parija, Dr. Lity Mohanty, Dr. Niranjan Rout, Dr. Jayasree Rath, Dr. Siva Saumendra Sahoo,
Background: Ewing’s sarcoma family of tumours share the common genetic chromosomal translocation. Though the family of tumours vary according to their location one common fusion protein product of the translocation has been detected since last decade which is constantly associated with the Ewing’s family of tumors. This aberrant expression of the genetic product alters the cell proliferation and differentiation which results in Ewing’s sarcoma. In today’s scenario the detection of this novel genetic specific translocation between chromosome 11 and chromosome 22 is useful in primary diagnosis and prognostic assessment of the patient. Therefore we conducted the present study to assess the patient’s outcome after the diagnosis and survival. Material & methods: Cases of solid tumors in the pediatric age group were included in the study. After relevant clinical details and radiological investigations, fine needle aspiration cytology smears and histopathology sections were evaluated. Special stains and immunohistochemistry were done in the required fields. Molecular analysis was done in selected cases of Ewing’s sarcoma. Results: A total number of 161 cases were studied .Out of 21 cases of Ewing’s sarcoma, RT-PCR study was done in 10 cases to find out the molecular biological details. 90% cases showed presence of fusion gene. The patients were followed-up for a period of 2 years to assess their survival. Conclusion:The diagnostic problem of distinguishing Ewing’s sarcoma from other small blue round ell tumours is resolved due to RT-PCR. Also presence of EWS and FLI1 can relate to prognoss and therapeutic response.
311 Epidemiological Trend Analysis of Dengue Virus Infection in Western Part of Gujarat, Dr Kanizfatma Durani, Dr Jayshree Dund, Dr. Hitesh Shingala, Dr. Mala Sinha
Objective: Epidemiology of dengue fever in the Indian subcontinent has been very complex and has substantially changed over past decade due to increased prevalence. So, the present study was conducted to detect recent epidemiological and seasonal trend of dengue positive cases tested by the IgM CAPTURE ELISA in Jamnagar district of western Gujarat, India. Materials and Methods: The study was conducted in microbiology department of government hospital from August-2011 to August-2013 during which samples were tested for Dengue IgM antibody from suspected Dengue cases. RESULTS: 178 out of total 516 samples were positive for Dengue IgM antibody. The dengue case positivity rate were rising year by year (13.54% in 2011, 37.5% in 2012 and 42.86% in 2013). 51.69% of dengue positive cases were reported in the age group of 16-30 years. Male-to-female ratio is 2.42:1 with higher positive cases from urban areas (62.36%). 88.20% dengue cases were recorded between July to December with seasonal peak 4-6 weeks after arrival of rain. Conclusion: Epidemiological trend may be of help to local health authorities for early diagnosis and implementation of measures targeting the risk population.
312 A Study of Referral Cases of Post Partum Hemorrhage- Still An Obstetrical Tragedy which is Largely Preventable, Dr Neetu Singh, Dr Kiran Pandey, Dr. Bandana Sharma, Dr. Guneeta Mehta, Dr. Ani Chandanan
Aims: to study the socio-demographic profile, etiology and maternal morbidity in referred cases of post partum hemorrhage. Methods: This was a retrospective study conducted at department of obstetrics of GSVM Medical College, Kanpur from Jan 2010 to Sept 2013. Only referred cases of post partum hemorrhage were included. Records were analyzed with respect to demographic profile, etiologic factors, maternal morbidity and mortality. Results: Among all referred cases (1250), 61.36% of cases were due to post partum hemorrhage (751/1250). Majority of the referred cases of post partum hemorrhage belonged to lower socio-economic status and rural area. 63.52% of the patients were multipara. Most common cause was atonic (38.48%) followed by combined post partum hemorrhage (31.29%). Most common complication was hypovolemic shock (28.8%). Maternal mortality was 8.92%. Conclusion: By promoting institutional delivery by skilled personnel and timely referral, we can decrease incidence of post partum hemorrhage and therefore maternal morbidity and mortality
313 Case Report: A Rare Presentation of Haemoglobin D Disease, Dr Divya Poosarla
Haemoglobin D (Hb D) is the fourth most common haemoglobin variant. With the exact chemical analysis of hemoglobin variants, it became apparent that hemoglobin DLos Angeles was identical to hemoglobin DPunjab, both manifesting a substitution of glutamate for lysine at the 121st position in the ? -chain. Another “D” hemoglobin, GPhiladelphia, is, on the other hand, an ?-chain variant with a substitution of asparagine for lysine at the 68th position. Like the other structural mutations of hemoglobin, hemoglobin D trait is the heterozygous state for hemoglobin D and hemoglobin A, whereas the homozygous state for hemoglobin D is designated hemoglobin D disease. Hb D disease is usually clinically silent with no special treatment required. Homozygous Hb DD is rare and a relatively mild disease. Though Hemoglobin D is not very uncommon in India, its homozygous form is very rare and very few case reports have been reported. I hereby present a case of symptomatic Hb D homozygous, who presented with hemolytic anemia and hepatospleenomegaly from Turvekere, Karnataka which is a rare phenomenon.
314 Diagnostic Challenges of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Focal Hepatic Lesions, DR YOGENDRA MADAN, DR SHAMIM S. SHEIKH
Background: Space-occupying lesions (SOL), such as metastatic tumors and other focal lesions, produce changes in the liver parenchyma adjacent to lesion. Single or multiple hepatic SOL is a major indication for fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) to evaluate possible tumor. Method: Ultrasonographic (USG) guided FNAC was performed in 44 cases who present as hepatic SOL on USG. Cytomorphological features of hepatic SOL are discussed and diagnostic accuracy and limitations of ultrasonography guided FNAC was evaluated. Result: The diagnostic yield was 90.90%. Benign lesions were 31.81% whereas malignant lesions were 54.54%. Most common benign lesion encountered was abscess. The ratio of metastatic carcinoma to primary Hepatocelluler carcinoma in present study was 3.6: 1. Most common metastasis was of adenocarcinoma type (44.44%). Conclusion: FNAC is a safe, useful and economic procedure with minimum complication and can be routinely done for diagnosis of liver diseases.
315 Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology for the Diagnosis of Tuberculous Lymphadenopathies, DR YOGENDRA MADAN, DR VANI SANTOSH JOSHI, DR R VARADHARAJA PERUMAL
Background: Tuberculous lymphadenopathy is an important form of extrapulmonary tuberculosis. The role of fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) in the diagnosis of such lesions is a well-known fact. Aims: To study the distribution of cytomorphological patterns of tuberculous lymphadenitis. and role of repeat aspiration in diagnosing tuberculous lymphadenitis. Methods: The study was conducted in the department of Pathology, Shri M.P.Shah Medical College, Jamanagar, from December 2013 to May 2014. Detailed clinical history with relevant investigations were taken. FNACs were done and the smears were stained with May-Grünwald Giemsa and Ziehl-Neelsen stain. Results: Out of 180 lymph node aspirations 74 cases were diagnosed as tuberculous lymphadenitis. Four cytomorphologic patterns were observed: 1) Caseating epithelioid granulomas: 42 cases (56.7%). 2) Granulomatous: 23 cases (31.1%). 3)Necrotising lymphadenitis: 7 cases (9.4%), 4) Necrotising and suppurative: 2 cases (2.8%). AFB positivity was seen in 32 cases (43.24%). 58 cases showed reactive lymphadenitis repeat aspiration was advised after a course of antibiotics. Out of 18 cases that turned-up for re-aspiration, 11 cases showed subsequent development of epithelioid granulomas, whereas the others still had reactive features. Conclusion: FNAC is a useful tool in the diagnoses of tuberculous lymphadenitis, and repeat aspiration after 2 - 3 weeks helps in providing the correct diagnosis of early tubercular lesions.
316 Systematic Review on Dietary Intake and Metabolic Syndrome in Children and Adolescents, Mojgan Nourian, Zaitun Yassin, Mohd Nasir MohdTaib, Fahimeh Haghighatdoost, Roya Kelishadi
Metabolic syndrome(MetS) has been broadly studied in adults. However,because of the lack of auniversal definition for MetS in pediatric populations, few studies have been conducted on this frequent disorder among children.Lifestyle factors play an important role in the pathogenesis of MetS. A cornerstone of the treatment in MetS patients is the use of a healthy diet to improve all abnormalities. Most of available studies focused on lifestyle changes for treatment of MetS in adolescents, and there are only few studies which assessed the specific role of diet therapy for MetS among children and adolescents. It is important since sometimes it is not applicable to encourage children to be more active. Hence, in the present article, we aimed to review the dietary intake and recommendations for treatment of pediatric MetS.
317 Dental Infetions in Children, Dr.Vishwas B. Chaugule, Dr.Amit U. Gupte, Dr. Prasad Jathar, Dr.Pritesh Gawali, Dr. Ashish Kulsunge
Infections are ubiquitous and affect one and all. Acquisition of oral microbial flora commences right from the time the child is born. Although most of these microorganisms are commensals in the oral cavity, some are pathogenic, while others are opportunistic pathogens. Certain microorganisms arise only after the development of specific ecological niches like the teeth. The most specific tooth born pathogen is Strep. mutans, which is responsible for the initiation of dental caries, while tissue borne micro-organisms like Actinomycetes contribute towards the development of periodontal infections. Apart from such bacterial infections, children are also exposed to fungal and viral infections during the course of their growth and development. By virtue of the constant changes occurring in the normal anatomical structures and the physiology, the route of spread of infection in children differs from that in an adult. Hence it is essential to understand the genesis of dental infections in children and establish a definite preventive and treatment regimen to combat these dental infections, as children are the future pillars of society.
318 Decortication and Thoracoscopy as Modalities of Treatment for Thoracic Empyema in Pediatric Patients., Patel Mikir C, Patel Hritik R
Empyema thoracis is a pyogenic or suppurative infection of the pleural space. Empyema are the most common exudative type of pleural effusion.Empyema is never a primary disease, though it is often difficult to arrive at primary focus of infection,most common cause of empyema is sequela of inadequately treated pneumonia.Acute empyema is treated by antibiotics,immediate drainage of pus via aspiration,intercostal drainage tube insertion with or without the help of thoracoscope. Thoracoscopy is an alternative procedure for multiloculated empyema which is considered in patients who do not respond to antibiotics and drainage. With thoracoscopy, Theloculations in the pleural space can be disrupted and the pleural space can be drained completely.Thoracoscopy early in the management of fibrinopurulent stage of empyema is more effective.If extensive adhesions are present or thick pleural peel entraps the lung, the procedure may be converted to open thoracotomy and decortications.In case where there is much thickening of the pleura, Decortication is the treatment of choice. It allows delicate parenchyma of lung to expand. and patients are explained breathing, exercises to promote early expansion of lung.
319 Factor XIII Deficiency Presenting As Persistent Umbilical Bleeding In Newborn - A Case Report, Dr.Shivaprakash N C, Dr.Kedarnath G T, Dr Uday Shankar S
Factor XIII, also known as fibrin stabilizing factor, plays an important role in hemostasis by stabilizing the clot. Factor XIII deficiency is a rare coagulation factor deficiency. It can be either congenital or acquired. It is inherited as an autosomal recessive disorder. It presents most frequently in newborn period with persistent bleeding from umbilical stump. We report a case of 4 day old neonate presenting with persistent umbilical bleeding. Routine haemostatic tests were normal and it was diagnosed by clot solubility test. Infant was treated with FFP.
320 Tradition : The Dialectics of Continuity and Change, Dr. Jatinder Kumar Sharma
Culture, Civilization and tradition are some of the significant categories and domains of phenomena that have captured the attention of almost all the thinkers intending to study collective human seekings and creations. Of these, culture and civilization refer to the realms of human creations, and tradition implies how these creations are transferred through the generations. The paper seeks to understand the nature of the tradition and to dispel the notion that tradition represents continuity sans change.
321 Study of The Kinematic Indicators in Combat Sports Athletes in A Pre-Competitive Dehydrated Status, Calvo Rico Bibiana, García García Jose Manuel, Fernandes Monteiro Luis
The aim of this study was to analyse during the three training stages, the athlete’s levels of dehydration and their influence in body composition and muscle strength variables. Sixty-four international athletes (n=64) participated in this study; thirtyeight were Olympic wrestling athletes (n=38) and twenty-six were judo athletes. By means of Inbody Biospace 230 bioimpedance method, to know body weight, skeletal muscular mass, body water and fat mass percent. For the measurements of the muscle strength manifestations, the Isocontrol system was used. Results: One out of every four athletes is usually dehydrated, being women those who tend to dehydrate more than men; (2) wrestlers tend to dehydrate more than judo athletes; (3) hydrated athletes have better indicators in the muscle strength manifestations. The most affected indicators in the dehydrated ones are: muscle power and muscle strength production average; (4) the dehydrated ones have smaller values of skeletal muscular mass.
322 A Study of ‘Adjustment’ With Respect to ‘Health’ Among Students of P.t.c. Colleges of Anand District, Ms. Dipali H. Patel
Present report represents a study of ‘Adjustment’ with respect to ‘Health’ among students of P.T.C. arts colleges of Anand district. Here we have chosen Government colleges, Self-financed colleges. ‘Adjustment’ measurement was carried out by using ‘Adjustment Inventry for College Students (AICS)’ scale developed by Prof. A.K.P. Sinha and Prof. R. P. Singh. We have studied ‘Adjustment’ by taking three independent variables using F-Anova test with 2x2x2 factorial design.
323 A Study of ‘Educational Achievement Motivation’ Among Children of Joint and Divided Family, Ms. Neha S. Dhobi
Present report represents a study of ‘Educational achievement motivation’ among government and non-government employees. Here we have chosen government and Non-government employee. ‘Educational achievement motivation’ measurement was carried out by using scale developed by Dr. Aswin Jansari (2007-08). We have studied ‘Educational achievement motivation’ by taking three independent variables using F-Anova test with 2x2x2 factorial design.
324 A Study of ‘Work Value’ With Respect to ‘Creativity’ Among Government and Non-Government Employees, Ms. Arpita J.Chavda
Present report represents a study of ‘Work value’ with respect to ‘creativity’ among government and non-government employees. Here we have chosen government and Non-government employee. ‘Work value’ measurement was carried out by using scale developed by Super Donald (2002). We have studied ‘Work value’ by taking three independent variables using F-Anova test with 2x2x2 factorial design.
325 Influence of Specific Gravity Grading using Seed Blower on Seed and Seedling Quality Characteristics in Sesamum Indicum., N SUMA, P. SRIMATHI
The attempt made to separate the illfilled seeds of gingelly using seed blower at 0.25 water pressure some of the seeds were retained in the bottom portion. Hence the grading of seed at 0.25 water pressure at different durations viz., 15, 30 and 60 seconds revealed that as the duration increase the recovery of blown seeds were higher. At 15 seconds the seeds retained at bottom portion was heavier with 92 per cent recovery. The seed and seedling quality characters in terms of germination and vigour index were also higher in these seeds compared to bulk and blown seeds.
326 Health Problems of Rural Aged: A Social work Intervention, Pradeep Kumar P C
Ageing is natural and universal phenomena. All living organisms including human beings go through the process from conception to infancy, childhood, puberty, and senescence during their life span. Ageing is considered as the closing period in the life span, as old age is connected with deterioration and changes in bodily functions. The reason for these changes is iological and environmental, socio-economic and cultural in nature. Many believe that ageing is an incremental phase in the life span and incremental phase of life cycle beside with which this is to be strictly considered that ageing is also associated with many health problems and diseases. Hence this study is undertaken to understand the health status of elderly and to gather some information about their perceived health needs using the information at Davangere district. The present study is descriptive in nature; hence an attempt is made to describe the situation and major health problems faced by the elderly from 100 elderly populations of aged between 60 years and above in three rural communities of Davangere district.
327 Problems and Prospects of Women Entrepreneurs in India, Dr. V. R. Palanivelu, T. Srividhya
The emergence of entrepreneurs in agriculture and allied activities can propel our rural population into self-sustaining individuals, who in turn can catalyze the development of economy. The concepts of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship have been frequently applied to industrial sector. Agriculture, on the other hand, has largely been viewed as non-entrepreneurial traditional activity. For rural folk it is a way for life. Hence farmers were never visualized as business operators and farming as an enterprise. Not much has been developed to farmers into rational business, sensing individuals or in other words ‘entrepreneurs’. The genesis of entrepreneurship in agriculture and allied activities ,is quite recent. It is now being widely accepted that increase in production, productivity, of terms, farm diversification, innovation and Development of farmers into self sustaining individuals follow inoculation of the entrepreneurial qualities among the farmers. Factors like liberalization of the economy have created the right ambience for growth of entrepreneurs in agriculture. It is estimated that presently women entrepreneurs comprise about 10% of the total entrepreneurs in India. The term “Women Entrepreneurship” mean, an act of business ownership and business creation that empowers
328 Women Entrepreneurs in Small Scale Sector: An Empirical Study on Resource Constraints, Jyoshna.C, Dr. R.Shanthakumari
The aim of this research was to explore and identify the underlying dynamics in women entrepreneurship in Chittoor district. While the main focus was on Resource constraints, women in business face in general, the paper also specifically puts forth self-reported challenges about obtaining resources in the form of skills constraint, funding and network, information and marketing. The goal is to understand the experiences of the Chittoor women entrepreneurs and recognize the constraints in resource requirements at varied stages of their business. To achieve the objective, a sample of 110 entrepreneurs was taken from Chittoor district. To analyze the various resource constraints faced by the entrepreneurs, a Likert type five-degree scale was developed.
329 Shape Memory Materials: An Innovative Way to Improve Properties of Cotton, Vandana Gupta, Nirmal Yadav, Saloni Gupta
Wrinkle resistant finish is applied on cotton fabric, which uses carcinogenic chemicals and lead to environmental and health problems. One such chemical is formaldehyde. Number of researches has been conducted for the development of new materials which can impart better properties by avoiding these problems. DMDHEU is one of the chemical being developed to impart wrinkle resistant finish on cotton. Another material which is a buzz word in 21st century is the Shape memory materials. They are biocompatible and have the potential to be incorporated in textiles. These materials include shape memory alloys and shape memory polymers. This review paper deals with the use of shape memory material in textiles to improve the wrinkle resistant property of cotton fabrics.
330 Relational Analysis of Utilization of Ict Tools, Farming Performance and Profile Characteristics of Commercial Poultry Farmers., Dr.R. HARILAL
The relational analysis indicated that knowledge on poultry farming, poultry farm size, information seeking behavior, economic orientation, rationality in decision-making, achievement motivation, management orientation, scientific orientation, risk orientation and knowledge on ICT had positive relation with utilization of ICT tools among layer farmers. The variables viz. knowledge on poultry, poultry farm size, information seeking behavior, economic orientation, management orientation, scientific orientation, risk orientation and knowledge on ICT had positive significant relationship with utilization of ICT tools among broiler farmers. Among total farmers, knowledge on poultry, poultry farm size, information seeking behavior, economic orientation, achievement motivation, management orientation, scientific orientation, risk orientation, knowledge on ICT, socio economic status and rationality in decision -making, positively correlated with ICT utilization.
331 Profile Characteristics of Layers And Broiler Farmers in Andhra Pradesh, Dr.R. HARILAL
An expost facto research design followed in the present investigation for which 120 commercial poultry farmers ( 60 layer + 60 broiler farmers) of Rangareddy, Chittoor and East Godavari districts selected randomly to study the impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on farming performance of commercial poultry farmers. The data pertaining to dependent variables viz. ICT utilization and farming performance and independent variables collected with the help of a pre-tested interview schedule developed for the purpose. After collection of data, farmers were divided into three groups based on type of flock i.e. layer farmers, broiler farmers and total farmers for better analysis and presentation of results.
332 Diversity and abundance of Dragonflies and Damselflies (Order - Odonata) of Pohara Range in Pohara – Malkhed Reserve Forest, Maharashtra (India), N. A. Manwar, P. P. Rathod, I. A. Raja
The present work is aimed to study diversity and abundance of dragonflies and damselflies of Pohara range in Pohara – Malkhed Reserve Forest, Maharashtra. This study has been carried out for one year from June 2012 to May 2013. We observed six families of Dragonflies and Damselflies (Order – Odonata). The most abundant family was Lebellulidae comprising 20 species followed by Coenagrionidae comprising 10 species. The list abundant families were Gomphidae, Ashnidae, Platycenemididae and Lestidae comprise one, two, one and one species respectively. Species richness (S), Relative abundance (P), Species diversity, and Evenness (E) were studied.
333 Kohlberg’s Stager of Moral Reasoning in The Context of Intelligence and Socio Economic Status of High School Students, Dr. S.S. Rana
Education is a powerful tool for the cultivation of values among students. At every stage, in any system of education, character development is regarded as one of the important aim of education. There are various psychological approaches to moral development. One of the most important approach is cognitive development approach by Kohlberg (1966), which concentrates largely on individual moral judgement that is the reason behind the judgement they make. This study was to investigate the impact of Kohlberg’s stages of moral reasoning on intelligence and socio-economic status of high school students. The data of present study was analyzed by ‘t’ test and co-efficient of correlation. It was found that public school students significantly differ in moral reasoning ability than the Govt. school students. Positive relationship between moral reasoning and intelligence was obtained.
334 Photo and Thermo Stability of Root and Shoot Extracts of Acalypha Indica L and Their Effect on Hypocotyl and Root Length af Soybean ( Glycine Max L), Dr.S.Maqbool Ahmed
Soybean provides a major world source of plant protein, vegetable oil and animal feed. Its products are important and commercially used in many parts of the world. The fields of Soybean are infested by number of weeds, among which Acalypha indica is noted repeatedly in all the experimental sites. In the present investigation photo and thermo stability of root and shoot extracts of Acalypha indica on hypocotyl and root length of Soybean was studied.
335 Idealist Theory of Consciousness: a Fragment of Saksin Phenomenology, Dr.Sheeja O.K
Much of the Indian philosophy is cognitive in the sense that it is a direct inquiry into the elevation of phenomenal consciousness (cit) to higher and higher levels of cognitive activity. This paper examines the description of Consciousness asSaksin in Advaita Philosophy. The Advaita theory of consciousness is not restricted to the analysis of epistemological crises, it also analyses metaphysical issues. Consciousness is one and homogeneous, indivisible and eternal. It is also referred to as self or atman. In Advaita, we can find a phenomenology of levels of consciousness. Consciousness is simply a witness to its own operation and divergent modes. It is eternal, non-dual and remains unchanged. Significant feature of Advaita phenomenology of consciousness is that consciousness at a certain level, simply a witness to its own operation and divergent modes. This idea or level of consciousness is witness consciousness. In the absence of such a consciousness, experience or knowledge would not be possible.
336 Demystifying Credit Rating, Geetika Jaggi
The paper intends to provide view about the concept of credit rating, rating terminologies, how rating action is initiated in the form of rating process and how ratings are assigned. The paper also covers the role of rating agency and the concerns particularly in India and recommendation to improve the efficacy of CRA’s in India.
337 Education and its Impacts on Rural Women Entrepreneurship, M.MAHENDRAN, Dr. R.RAJAN BABU
According to Swami Vivekananda education refers to great thoughts of impassion words in “Education is manipulation and perpetuation already men” in the words education reforms in the world. Particular women education great change to social; and empowerment of the women growth life. Now a day’s women education very rabid rural areas in business activity learner to women entrepreneurs group of business and social awareness of enlightenment to impact of women education. The great rural economic development main parts of tools with women education involved to rural banks, rural cooperative banks, and NGOs financial system understood. Women education effective in various business activities and technical education today huge women entrepreneurs’ international level business encouraged to help of women literacy. Modern education system great change to women entrepreneurs’ flourished development and continuous perseverance activities and management and administration power utilized to great impact on women education.
338 Effect of The Combination Cytostatics on Cell Line Mcf-7, Marianna Trebunova, Jan Rosocha, Jozef Zivcak
There are many scientific studies dealing with the study of cancer cell lines these days. In oncological research there are important tools determination cell viability. In our study we investigate the effect of three cytostatic drugs on cell line MCF7. We chose these cytostatic drugs: docetaxel (DOC), doxorubicin (DOX) and cyclophosphamide (CPA). We determined the growth curves of cells after 120 hours of their growth for different initial number of cell (2000-10000 cells), and we evaluated the MTT assay for 6 different concentrations of combinations this cytotoxic drugs for 96 hours. MCF-7 cells were exposed to cytostatics for 24 hours. The metabolic activity was evaluated over the 24 hours. Results: According to the statistical analysis, the change in the growth rate was significant (p
339 A Quantitative Analysis of Heavy Metals in Vegetables Grown At Kakching-Wabagai Area, Thoubal District Manipur, Naorem Mohendro Singh, Nongmaithem Rajen Singh
Present study compares the potentially toxic heavy metals present in some seasonal vegetables grown along the sites of the Sekmai River and its tributorial sites at the Kakching-Wabagai areas. Potentially toxic elements are non-biodegradable and their presence in small amounts can cause toxicity to human and animal lives. Heavy metals like Iron(Fe),Copper(Cu),Zinc(Zn) and Lead(Pb) can pose threat to the human live if their presence exceed the maximum permissible limits, when the vegetables are taken as a livelihood foodstuff. Four seasonal vegetables namely Mustard (Brassica Campestris-local name Hangam-yela), Cauliflower (Brassica Oleracea Botrytis-local name Kobi thamchet-manbi), Cabbage (Brassica Oleracea Capitata-local name Kobiful-kabi) and Spinach (Spinacea Oleracea-local name Palang-sak) were collected from the Kakching-Wabagai area. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopic method was used for the quantification of Fe, Cu, Zn and Pb in these vegetables. Concentration of Fe and Zn were more than the permissible limit however, Cu was less with no appreciable amount of Pb in all the vegetables. Heavy metal content was found highest in unwashed sample than washed sample.
340 Caste-system and transformation in Ravindranth Tagore’s “Gora” and Premchand’s “Godan” through the characters of “Gora” and “Mattadeen”., Vaghela Jagruti Laljibhai
In the pre-Independent India, caste-system and untouchability played a vital role on the plight of the poor people, especially peasants and untouchables affected and suffered lot. Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra are four category of Indian people. They are classified by their birth. Actually karma (Deed) makes the man - not birth, as per Hindu mythology. Gradually, this principle has been forgotten and higher-caste people judged low-caste people by birth and made them untouchables. Some people who believe in karma and humanity join Brahmo-samaj, Arya-samaj, prarthana-samaj etc. But they are also classified as untouchables in orthodox Hindu-society. Some of them are also prejudiced. Ravindranath Tagore and Munsi Premchand are reformist writers. They made people understand that humanity is the main caste, not anything else. Everyone is creation of God. Though by the prejudiced character of Gora and Mattadeen we come to know about preIndependent caste-system, youth and flows of socialization and individual’s transformation by experience.
341 Micro Finance as an Initiative to Promote Social Welfare in Kolar District, Dr R Sarvamangala, Deepika T
The study deals with the role of micro finance institutions in poverty alleviation, women empowerment & improving the status of the rural poor in the society.. Kolar District Geographically comes under a dry zone, mainly depend on agriculture directly or indirectly. As agricultural activities are mainly determined by the rain water, unemployment & under employment is a common phenomenon in this area..This study was madeto know the role of micro finance in promoting social welfare,and to study potential hurdles in the development of social wellbeing. It was found that micro finance is an effective tool for promoting social welfare in the district. 100% respondents accepted Micro finance is a boon to them which has supported their life and 95% of them were self employed and it has improved their status in the society
342 Study of Bioclimatic Relations on Olive Cultivation , Hairi Ismaili
In two olive varieties, Kaninjot and BTirana, in five geographic area were analysed, specifically: thermal Constant (CT), thermal Sum (St), Vegetative Constant (Cv), hydrothermal Constant (Cht), Edaphic Humidity, fat index, quality index, biometric index, maturity index etc. The data were modelled as per JMP software and DG modelling bioclim/domain. The results showed that suitability index (IS), has produced declining results following longitude (N), and by order: plot (1>2>3>4>5). Index IS, had a strong positive relation (r²=0.98), with the longitude. Also through Ip, Ct, Cv and Cht, produced positive results and the correlation coefficient (r²=0.88>0.82>0.79). The olive reacts positively up to longitude 390.38’’, until 42017’, whereas further extension in terms of longitude presents a general declining performance, especially for the indices of maturity, quality and productivity
343 Enhancement of The Archaeological Site of The Hellenistic-Roman Quarter of The Valley of The Temples in Agrigento, Santina Di Salvo
The enhancement of the archaeological sites of the Hellenistic-Roman Quarter of Agrigento, in Sicily, should be one of the objectives of a project for increasing the value of one of the most visited places allover the word. This objective can be achieved through specific skills. One of the important aspects to be considered is the ability to communicate the material and immaterial evidence of building remains of the Hellenistic-Roman period to a wide range of visitors. Tasks of technology allow to explore the tools to convey the historical memory and promote the identification of the ruins. In each reliable intervention it is necessary to seek more useful strategies that help audiences experience and understand the sites, according to the conservation requirements. This is made possible by a multidisciplinary approach, in order to create and empower the relations among the values and the potentialities of the Mediterranean cultural heritage.
344 Low Cost Production of Mushroom by Using Groundnut Meal (De-Oiled Cake) During Composting, Dr. Parveen Garg
Considering the constraints due to unavailability of uniform quality chicken manure in local market, three different combinations of wheat and Groundnut meal (de-oiled cake) were tested for their ability to affect yield and cost of production of Button Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus). Compost was prepared by mixing 18, 22 and 25% Groundnut meal with wheat straw by short method of composting. 80% chicken manure with wheat straw was the control. All the ingredients composted for 18 days of two phases composting using tunnel for peak heating as advocated by Shandilya et al, 1976, fresh grain spawn was obtained from Bharat Mushrooms, Delhi, India. Formaldehyde treated casing soil (2:1 mixture of 2 year old farm yard manure and garden soil) was used for casing of beds. The results indicate that all the combinations affected yield and proved to be promising factors for low cost production of mushroom. Combination with 22% Groundnut meal gave the maximum production of Mushroom (226 Kg/ton of compost).
345 Trends and Growth of Tourism Sector in India – A Research Perspective, Dr. C.VETHIRAJAN,S.NAGAVALLI
Tourism is one of the largest service industries in terms of gross revenue and foreign exchange earnings. Its role and importance in fostering economic development of a country and creating greater employment opportunities has been well recognized worldwide. In India, the tourism industry has the potential to grow at a high rate and ensure consequential development of the infrastructure. It has the capacity to stimulate other economic sectors through its backward and forward linkages and cross-sectional synergies with sectors like agriculture, horticulture, poultry, handicrafts, transport, construction, and so on. It is also a major contributor to the national integration process of the country and encourages preservation of natural as well as cultural environments. The main purpose of this work is to explore the unlimited business opportunities of entrepreneurship in tourism industry and a guide for entrepreneurs entering tourism business.
The jewellery industry occupies an important position in the Indian economy and has strong domestic demand as well as has substantial export market. Gold has traditionally been valued in India as a savings and investment vehicle. Advertising can influence more than just the evaluative dimension of the consumer’s attitude. The attitude concept can be categorized into attitude toward the advertisement and attitude toward the brand choice. This article intends to assess the advertisement media towards consumer purchase behaviour of jewellery in Coimbatore city. Using convenient sampling method 200 respondents were selected for the study with a pre structured questionnaire. Percentage analysis, anova and chi-square have been applied to analyse the data.
347 A Study On The Future Market Potential Towards Coir Products Export With Special Reference To Pollachi, S.Mohanraj ,R.Sheeba
Indian coir industry has been fortunate to get boost in the form of the ever increasing awareness about eco-protection. Coir, being a natural fiber which is environment-friendly in the strictest sense of the term, is the fiber of the future today. The eco-friendly quality of coir will help it to hold its ground even as it battles competition from synthetic fibers in today’s developing world. The development of geotextiles, which helps protect the soil and in turn the environment, by acting against soil erosion, is the best advertisement for coir in recent times The pattern of exports and product mix has changed very much drastically. With the level of fiber and yarn exports, India is an exporter of goods with added value. Which in turn led to a significant change in total volume and value of export.
348 Role of Packaging on Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards Green FMCG Products, K.Sudhalakshmi,Dr.K.M.Chinnadorai
The importance of packaging design as a vehicle for communication and branding is growing in competitive markets for packaged green FMCG products. This research utilized a focus group methodology to understand consumer behavior toward such products. The challenge for researchers is to integrate packaging into an effective purchasing decision model, by understanding Consumer’s behavior towards the packaging of green FMCG products. When consumers search for and process information in-store, the product’s package can contain relevant and useful information for the consumer. Product packaging forms the end of the ‘promotion-chain’ and is close in time to the actual purchase and may therefore play an important role in predicting consumer outcomes. Packages also deliver brand identification and label information like usage instructions, contents, and list of ingredients or raw materials, warnings for use and directives for care of product. The study reveals that the packaging plays a major role in the consumer decision making process. The packaging has a greater influence on the impulse buying behaviour.
349 Factors Affecting Talent Management Practises– A Review, Kavita Rani, Prof.Sanjiv Kumar
In the present hypercompetitive and increasingly complex global economy, one of the greatest challenges facing by almost every organization is to successfully attract, assess, train and retain the talented employees. In the present time of talent drought in the labor market, every company wants to have the best and brightest employees in their organization, and with the help of Talent Management that can be achieved. Talent Management Practices are the end to end process of planning, recruiting, developing, managing and compensating the employees throughout the organization. Having a talented group of employees has always been a key to success of any organization and it will translate into cost savings and higher productivity, but retaining these experienced persons in the present talent hunger marketplace is a really complex job. Younger generations have different expectations and if they are not fulfilled by their organizations, they take a little time to move from the organization. Retaining and developing the talented employees in the organization are the critical success factor which depends upon a number of factors in addition to salary and benefits. This paper makes an attempt to identify the various factors affecting Talent Management Practices. The study is based on extensive literature survey and the secondary sources of the information were used for the attainment of the objective.
350 A Study on The Significance of Branding Towards Oral Care Products With Reference to Coimbatore City, MR. J. PRASATH,MR.R. KANAGARAJ
Branding has emerged as a top management priority in the last decade due to the growing realization that brands are one of the most valuable intangible assets that firms have. Driven in part by this intense industry interest, academic researchers have explored a number of different brand-related topics in recent years, generating scores of papers, articles, research reports, and books. This paper identifies some of the influential work in the branding area, highlighting what has been learned from an academic perspective on important topics such as significance of branding. The paper also outlines some gaps that exist in the research of branding and formulates a series of related research questions. Choice modeling implications of the branding concept and the challenges of incorporating main and interaction effects of branding as well as the impact of competition are discussed. Much research progress has been made in the study of branding, but many opportunities still exist.
351 A Study on Customer Perception Towards Cement in Coimbatore City, Dr. B. Saranya,Dr. V. Kavitha
Cement has come a long way from being the ugly grey powder sold in plastic bags. Today they have become a brand by themselves. Cement was first invented by the Egyptians and it was later reinvented by the Greeks and the Babylonians who made their mortar out of lime. The study is undertaken in Coimbatore City which is the growing hub for educational institutions, pump sets and wet grinders, where many building constructions are undergone. Hence, this study is undertaken with a sample size of 200 respondents, to find out their perception towards cement by using simple random sampling method. The findings are used to frame suggestions for the seller and to the customer.
352 A Study on Electricity Problem in Powerloom Units (Special Reference With Coimbatore District), Mr.V.Santhosh,Dr.K.Poorna
The purpose of this study is to find out the electricity problem of powerloom units in Coimbatore district. A total number of customers taken for the study is 150 and statistical tools employed to analyze are percentage analyze. The powerloom sector has various areas of concern like the cost problem, weaving problem, no proper government support, etc., Many weavers have lost their sources of income and business due to shortage of power supply. There is also another important situation where often strikes take place and affect the powerloom sector.
353 A Study on Consumer Perception and Satisfaction Towards Restaurants in Coimbatore City, MS. LATHA. K.
Globalization has made drastic changes in world economy and it has offered lots of opportunities for business houses and industries. The Restaurant industry today is a diverse composite of ownership patterns and varying management structures which offer a variety of services. However, the basic product, which is the Food - Drink remains the same. With the emergence of weekend culture in metros, increment in standard of living of service class people, emergence of mall and retail culture, the Indian restaurant industry has a profitable future. Customers usually consider various factors before making a choice of a restaurant. These factors may be understood as service, taste, cleanliness, location, charge, payment mode, loyalty, free gifts, variety in terms of food available, brand name etc.
354 Service Standards, Dr. M. THIRUMAGAL VIJAYA,D. SUGANYA
This project aims at creation of effective service standards to the customers. The service should be provided to the customer with the time period. The importance of customer service may vary by product, service, industry and customer. A customer service can experience a change in the entire perception of a customer in an organization. Once customer service goals or standards are determined, employees need frequent feedback on their performance so that they know if they are reaching their goal. The service standards should meet the customer needs.
355 Employee Retention Practices for Human Capital and Its Influence on Business Performance , D. KANNAN,Dr. M. SIVASUBRAMANIAN
In this article, an attempt is made to assess the Employee retention practices for Human capital and its influence on business performance banking Industry in Chennai metropolitan city of India, based on the views of the bank employees. The study has covered 525 randomly selected employees of public and private sector banks in Chennai metropolitan city of India. The questionnaire instrument with 10 statement for measuring employee retention practices and 22 financial ratios for measuring the business performance is used to for data collection. The internal consistency of collected data is tested by Cronbach’s alpha coefficient. The ratios with high correlation are grouped under common factor using principle component factor analysis. Business performance is evaluated by canonical correlation analysis .The results of the analysis have exposed the fact that PAS in SAIL is effective.
356 Comparison of Data Mining Algorithms for Enhancing The Web Usage Mining , R.SUBA LAKSHMI
World Wide Web is the large source of online data, which includes text, images, videos, audio, etc., and is currently facing explosive growth of information. The information thus present in WWW lacks integrated structure or scheme, which poses serious drawbacks. From the user’s perspective, it is very difficult to extract useful knowledge from the huge amount of information and secondly, it is also difficult to extract for the users to access relevant information efficiently. One way to extract such information from WWW is to use Web Usage Mining, which is the process of extracting knowledge from web user’s access data by using data mining technologies. The extracted information can be used by many applications like personalization, website redesign or site improvement, business intelligence, navigation pattern behavior prediction, etc. This research work is focused on the discovery of knowledge about the people using the web, their interest and expectations, using association-based analysis. For this purpose, two frequently used algorithms, namely, Apriori and FP growth algorithm are selected.
357 A Study on Customer Preferences and Satisfaction Towards Selected Online Websites With Special Reference to Coimbatore City, Mohanapriya.s,Dr.D. Anusuya
Online shopping has grown in popularity over the years mainly because people find it convenient from the comfort of their home or office. One of the most enticing factor about online shopping is popularity during a holiday season, it alleviates the need to wait in long lines or search from store to store for a particular item. The main scope of the study is to know about customer satisfaction towards online shopping. The present study reveals about reasons for preferring an online website and satisfaction towards online websites.
358 Bacterial Contamination of Computer Key Board and Mouse in Tabriz Dentistry School, Mohammad Samiei,Shahriar Shahi,Negin Ghasemi,Zahra Borna,Farrokh Farhadi,Nahid Pourhashem
Introduction: Use of computers in health care setting increased in recent years. The role of hands in the transmissionof nosocomial infections is well established. The aim of this study was to evaluate contamination rate of computers in dental clinic. Materials &Methods: Microbial sampling was performed on 51 computer keyboards and mice. After incubation on blood agar and EMB plate at 37 for 48 hours bacterial species were identified. Results: Contamination rate in clinical part and outpatient site were 87.5% and 94.74%, respectively. The most common species were staphylococcus, streptococcus spp. Staphylococcu aureus, Escherichia coli, Psudomonas spp and gram positive bacillus were isolated potentially pathogenic bacteria. Conclusions: Computer key boards and mice act as reservoirs for bacteria. So good hand hygiene and frequent cleaning of surface including computer keyboards and mice will be necessary.
359 Poverty Trends in India, C, Narayana Reddy
In a developing country like India, with low level of income and high incidence of poverty, poverty has an impact on all aspects of development (social as well as economic). Poverty affects social development directly. In this paper an attempt has been made to analyze the poverty trends in India. By the World Bank standrds of $1 per day per capita, India has 458 million poor people (52.5 per cent of its population) and accounted for 35 per cent of the World’s total in 1992. From the analysis, it is observed from the various rounds of NSS that the overall poverty fell sharply from 52.88 per cent in 1970-71 to 27.5 per cent in 2004-05. There was a slight increase in poverty level up to 1973-74 and thereafter the poverty declined continuously.
360 Sports Competition Anxiety Level among the Selected Ballgame Players: Comparative Study, Dr. Sentu Mitra,Mr. Arup Gayen
The objective of the study was to compare the sports competition anxiety level among the selected three different ballgame players. Sixty male players representing three different ball games namely basketball, football and volleyball players, constituted the sample of the study. Sports Competition Anxiety of distinct ballgame players were selected as the variables of the study. Sports Competition Anxiety was measured by SCAT questionnaire. Descriptive statistics, One-way analysis of variance were employed to analyze the data. There was no significant differences were found among the selected three ballgame players.
361 A Study of Relationship Between Academic Achievement And Mental Health of Secondary School Tribal Students of Assam, Dr. M.S. Talawar,Mrs. Anindita Das
The present investigation was undertaken to study the Academic Achievement of secondary school tribal students in relation to their Mental Health. The Researcher had selected 200 secondary school students giving representation to gender and locality. The mental health scale developed by Mercy Abraham andK.C. Baby Prasannawas used as tool and academic achievement scores has taken from school. Pearson’s product moment correlation was applied to find out the relationship and ‘t’ test was applied to find out the significance of difference between different variables. The study found that there is a positive relationship between academic achievement and mental health of secondary school tribal students of Assam. The study also found that there is a significant difference in the mental health of boys and girls, urban and rural secondary school tribal students of Assam.
362 Mahasweta Devi’s Mother of 1084 : Saga of predicament of middle class women in Indian society, Chintan Jayvant Arya
Mahasweta Devi is one of the prominent women writers of India. Mother of 1084 is the most popular fiction of Mahasweta Devi even cinematized. The book is a poignant satire on the suffering of the middle class woman in the male dominated society and a saga of a brave woman who fights along for the injustice done to her. In most of her writings has tried to bring the condition of suppressed in to light and became ‘Voice of the voiceless’. The present book depicts the struggle of woman against family, society, and the system for identity, space, independence in the male dominated social texture. It throws light on the process of role assigned to women in the family. It even criticizes the system of straightjacketed psyche of women fixed in the frame of different roles and responsibilities assigned to them in the name of duties. Devi writes with a purpose and in the present work, she has successfully related the social movement to the emotions of her protagonist. She strongly believes that every writer has asocial duty to perform.
363 A Study of Perception of D.Ed. Students on Their Training, D.Jagan Mohan,B.Srinivasa Reddy, Dr.Y.Varaprasada Reddy
A teacher is one who imparts knowledge to the pupils. When a teacher is doing or helping someone else to learn, he or she is teaching, it is also important to keep in mind that the quality of teaching is directly related to the quality and the value of learning that is taking place in his students. Further there is no best way to teach should do at the particular moment is not something that can be determined from any scientific formula. In a way all the teachers those who are in teaching profession from kindergarten to university level; may not be teaching or behaving uniformly well to the extent of satisfaction of students; at least in the classroom situation. A teacher should be a good model or a leader so as to be initiated by his / her students both within and outside the classroom situations.
364 Plath’s Mirror is an All-seeing Eye, Dr. P. K. Debata
Sylvia Plath’s Mirror stands as an icon of seeing all objects true to its existence. Something whether it is in the form of its any state. In this regard Plath’s Mirror takes the role of an omniscient. So my aim of this paper is to decipher the ideas that how it has been able to see all sort of objects with reference to the mirror. Mirror, somehow is an embellished form of personal projection expressing her personal agony. The Mirror has revealed the complete truthfulness of its power of perception which is clearer than the water.
365 Implementation of ‘n’ bit parallel CRC using Unfolding, Retiming, Pipelining for high speed applications, C.Arun Kumar Chowdary,C. Kumara Narayana Swamy
Presently in networking environment high speed data transmission is very crucial. Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) is essential method for detecting error when the data is transmitted because the errors are introduced over physical links. In this paper, we present a fast Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) algorithm that performs CRC computation for an arbitrary length of input message bits. This paper purposes ‘n’ bit parallel CRC architecture based on LFSR, Unfolding, Retiming, Pipelining order of generator polynomial is 32 and showed CRC -‘n’ is having high throughput and less power consumption compared to CRC-64 parallel architecture through Xilinx simulator
366 Implementation of Enhanced 64-bit Binary to Floating Point Converter using verilog, Venugopal Rajkumar .H,C. Kumara NarayanaSwamy
Computation with floating point arithmetic is an indispensable task in many VLSI applications and accounts for almost half of the scientific operations. Also adder is the core element of complex arithmetic circuits, in which inputs should be given in standard IEEE 754 format. The main objective of the work is to design and implement a binary to IEEE 754 floating point converter for representing 64 bit double precision floating point values. The converter at the input side of the existing floating point adder/subtractor and multiplier module helps to improve the overall design. The modules are written using Very High Speed Integrated Circuit (VHSIC) Hardware Description Language (Verilog), and are then synthesized for Xilinx Virtex E FPGA using Xilinx Integrated Software Environment (ISE) design suite 8.2i.
367 Unveiling the Third Gender in Kaushik Ganguly’s Arekti Premer Golpo, Sajna P
The theme of transgenderism is very obviously mirrored in Kaushik Ganguly’s movie “Just Another Love Story”. The movie depicts a Delhi-based transgender documentary film-maker Abhiroop Sen and his bisexual lover cinematographer, Basu Kumar. Abhiroop Sen’s film crew makes a biopic of Chapal Bhaduri alias Chapal Rani, a veteran transgender jatra actor, who played women’s role during 1950s. The film takes the audience through the present life of Abhiroop Sen and past life of Chapal Bhaduri, with the same actors. The paper analyses the life story of Abhiroop Sen, enacted by Rituparna, and Chapal Bhaduri, making a comparison between them, and the hardships they undergo being transgender . The film explores alternative sexual orientations and identities across two generations. The bond of sisterhood exhibited by transgender community is also focused in the film. The bond between mother and the third gender, and their role of motherhood is also hinted at. The paper implies that inspite of being progressive, our society is vindicative, unforgiving and conventional.
368 Workers Exposure and Individual Behavior in A Car Battery Plant, Olivia Anca Pogacean,Eugen Stelian Gurzau
We investigated a group of 188 workers from a battery plant. The workers filled in a questionnaire regarding cyclical activities, work with strenuous exercise, the use of the personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilation, personal hygiene and the general health status. Most of the workers (90 %) reported repeated activities, 76 % work with strenuous exercise. According to the filled in questionnaires PPE is provided for 98.4 % of the workers while only 64.4% of them use PPE. Shower facilities are provided for all the workers, while about 80% of them take a shower at the end of their shift. Smoking at the workplace is recorded in 3.7% of the investigated workers. Battery plant management need to implement an intervention program, to change knowledge, attitudes, practices, behavior of the workers, as controlling exposure by respirators, cleaning, personal hygiene issues it is obviously of an major emergency importance.
Objective: : To find out the proportion of various causes of AUB in females undergoing hysterectomy in accordance to the classification system PALM COEIN proposed by FIGO . Method:Data was collected from the case records of females who underwent hysterectomy for AUB in the study period. The study included all women who underwent planned abdominal hysterectomy..The histopathologic findings were also analysed so as to find out the proportion of various causes of AUB in females undergoing hysterectomy Results A total of438gynaecological hysterectomies were performed in the study period 2012-2014.Out of these 356 (81.3%) were total abdominal hysterectomies with or without bilateral salpingoophorectomy and 82 (18.7) were vaginal hysterectomies. 253 hysterectomies were done for cases of AUB which amounts to 73%.. The commonest histopathological diagnosis made was that of AUB-L in 43.7% cases ,followed by AUB-O. Conclusion. .In our study we could classify the specimens according to PALMCOEIN,and find out the relative proportions of each causes.Such studies will help inproviding data for comparative and epidemiological studies in various populations. More studies need to be conducted for finding out the causes ofor the increased prevalence of leiomyoma in the region.
370 Genesis and Growth of Education in Tenkasi, M.JOSEPHRAJ
Tenkasi is situated within fifty four kilometers to the west of Tirunelveli on the Tirunelveli- Shengottai road in Tamil Nadu. and at the footsteps of Thirikoodamalai of the western Ghats near the courtallam waterfalls. Tirunelveli district, which is called ‘Oxford of South India’ has a rich tradition in education. In the year 1986, the Revenue District of Tirunelveli was bifurcated as Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi Districts and a new post of District Educational Officer at Tenkasi was created and the name of posts of the District Educational Officer. Education plays an important role in shaping and developing society, education makes the society more perfect. So this paper analyze the Genesis and Growth of Education in Tenkasi.
371 Nawalgarh Haveli Paintings: A Theme Depended on Ramayan, Dr. Madan Lal Rajyora
Wall painting as an art genre enjoyed great popularity in India starting in the 2nd century B.C., but attaining its pinnacle only in the 6th century A.D., with the splending paintings of Ajanta and then others. In the 16-17th centuries they underwent a vigorous revival and played an important role in the decoration of the royal palaces, in the homes of the noble and rich, in temples and cenotaphs. Unfornmately the inveterate Indian custom of periodically ‘renovating’ the decoration of homes and temples by repainting them or drastically erasing parts of them is leading to the destruction of important works of art from the past. The aim of the present book is also to document the serious damage caused to this Indian artistic heritage. The earliest examples of Indian painting, that we find evidence of, are on the walls of some of the caves in the Kaimur Range of Central India, Vindhya Hills and some places in Uttar Pradesh. Nawalgarh is a town in Jhunjhunu district of Indian state Rajasthan. It is part of the Shekhawati region and is midway between Jhunjhunu and Sikar. Nawalgarh is famous for its fresco and havelis and considered as Golden City of Rajasthan. It is also the motherland of some great business families of India. The theme of the wall painting or frescoes decorating the beautiful “havelis” of Shekhawati region has changed over a period of time. In the earlier days at the time of its inception, mythology dominated the themes of frescoes, which shows the local legends, animal, portraits, hunting and wrestling. But a century later there was a change in the theme of the paintings to reflect the British influence in Indian culture. The traditional subjects were replaced by cars, trains, balloons, telephones, gramophones, men in suits hunting and portraits of havili owners immaculately dressed.
372 Damages Under Law of Contract: A Remedy or Penalty, Saroj Saini
“Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium” is a Latin legal maxim which means “where there is a right there is a remedy”, which means that, when a person’s right is violated the victim will have an equitable remedy under law. This article is aimed at making an analysis of the two most important words used in Sections 73 and 74 of Indian Contract Act, 1872 i.e. “Damages” and “Penalty”. In this article, an effort has been made to analyse all the perspectives and all the ways in which these words can be construed so that one can easily conclude the real meaning and sense of these sections. These two words are not defined under the same as to what does they mean or include.
373 The Foreign Students Perception of Speech in Malay Language, Siti Nuur Roihan aidin,Vijayaletchumy Subramaniam
This study discusses over the foreign students perception of speechinMalay language. This study is conducted based on the Socio-psychology LearningLanguage Theory by Gardner and Lambert (1972). There are three aspects of the study put forth by the researcher, namely the perception while-speaking, individuals involved in the speeches and the place where the speeches take place. Five foreign students learning in Universiti Putra Malaysia were randomly selected as the respondents of this study. This study involves the survey method by using the questionnaire form as our primary analysis material. Data were obtained from the questionnaireforms which were analyzed quantitatively using the Statistical Package For Social Science(SPSS) software, version 21. The study finding establishes that the perception of foreign students on the Malay language in speeches is moderate.
374 The Effectiveness of Mind Mapping in Improving The Mastery of Malay Language of Dyslexic Children, Anida Nasuka,Vijayaletchumy Subramaniam
This study aims to assess the extent to which the mind mapping can improve the language mastery of dyslexic children. The main objective of this study was to clarify the effectiveness of using mind mapping in improving the Malay language mastery of dyslexic children. The theory used in this study is Dyslexia Syndrome Theory founded by Levinson (1994). The study samples consisted of 10 dyslexic children who are undergoing training at the Dyslexia Special Learning Center of Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. This study uses the methods of literature and field survey methods. The tools used in this study consists of essay writing test paper (EWT). Data obtained from this study were analyzed quantitatively using SPSS program. This research will benefit teachers atthe Dyslexia Learning Center to serve the mind mapping as a method to improve the language mastery of dyslexicchildren. This study shows that mind mapping is effective in increasing the Malay Language mastery of dyslexic children, especially in terms of vocabulary and sentence.
375 Impact of Demographic Factors on Motivation of University Teachers in North India, Rajesh Tiwari,Dr. Bimal Anjum
The paper evaluates the factors that motivate university teachers and their association with the demographic factors. A descriptive research design is used for the study. The primary data is collected through questionnaire from teachers of private and public universities of North India. The data is analyzed through descriptive tools and analysis of variance.
376 Sensory Science Marketing, Chandrasekaran S,Dr.K.Chandrasekar
In today, business doesn’t succeed without marketing. If you see ‘Marketing’ is single word but, till now they cannot scarify within boundary limit because marketing can grow up in different faces. On this paper to review that sensory marketing it is a new face from the home which is highly impacted of consumer buying behaviour at today business world. As element of strategy of differentiation and positioning, contemporary marketing begins to make use of tools that would have never thought in the past and thinks creatively in order to expand and harden the mental terri¬tory each brand occupies in our brains as consumers. The sensory marketing nothing but, dealing with senses through stimuli designed to be directly related to a particular brand/product.
377 Employee Engagement in REVL Private Limited, Coimbatore, R.DIVYA,Dr. M. VELUMANI
Engagement of workers in the different organizations is rarely studied and poorly understood, even though these employees have a significant influence in the institution and the quality of their performance contributes to the quality of relationships with other. In addition, theoretical and practical understanding of workers in different organizations is needed in order to prioritize and implement engagement building interventions targeted towards improving their employees’ performance, public satisfaction, and other organizational outcomes. The present research proposes to identify the determinants and outcomes of employee engagement at REVL.
378 Toxocara Canis in Stray Dogs of Tirana and Related Public Health Risks, Bejo BIZHGA,Arben BOÇARI,Dardan SHEHDULA, Emilian SHABANI,Jerina RUGJI,Xhilda ROKO, Robert KOSOVA
Toxocara canis is a nematode parasite widely distributed in Tirana. Tirana is expanding with conditions that favor the growth of the number of stray dogs. The current number of strays in Tirana is about 2300 (± 250). This number includes only dogs within the urban city without considering the suburban areas. Infestation burden with T. canis in strays resulted 59.6%, with significant variations between various age groups. Puppies up to 6 months resulted 100% infested by T. canis. Parasitic burden for this age-group resulted with the higher at an average of 1,879 e/ g / feces. Dogs aged 6 ÷12 months old resulted infected with 58.1% by T. canis with high parasitic burden at an average of 800 e/ g / feces. Dogs over 12 months of age resulted in a less infestion rate by T. canis (22.1%) at an average of 697 e / g / feces.
379 SERUM VITAMIN D IN PATIENTS WITH TYPE 2 DIABETES MELLITUS, Dr.AnishaMohapatra,Dr.Prakruti Dash, Prof.PramilaKumari Mishra,Prof.Prakash Chandra Mohapatra
Accumulating researches suggest that serum Vitamin D has an effect on insulin synthesis, secretion and insulin resistance revealing an inverse relationship with glucose tolerance. The present study was undertaken with an objective to evaluate the serum Vitamin D status in the patients of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with and without complications and its association with the disease process. The serum vitamin D concentrations were found to be significantly reduced in patients of type 2 DM as compared to healthy individuals with significantly lower level observed in complicated cases. A significant negative association was observed between HbA1C level and serum Vitamin D concentration in the study population
380 An Anthropological study of mortality in relation to fertility among Yanadi tribal community of Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA., Dr.G.Ravi Kumar
A number of studies have shown that mortality has a direct impact on fertility behavior. This study attempts to examine the influence of mortality (including the perception of mortality) on the fertility behavior of Yanadis--the 2nd largest tribal group in Andhra Pradesh, India. All mortality events showed high rates among the Yanadi women; 50% of them had experienced some form of pregnancy wastage including infant or childhood mortality. It was also noticed that 24% of the women had experienced 1 or more infant deaths and 21% had experience early and later childhood deaths. In view of the long-term perspectives for reducing mortality and fertility among these tribals, immediate priority should be given to maternal and child health programs.
381 Comparision of Mifepristone and Misoprostol in the Induction of Labor At Term, Dr Raksha M,Dr Arun Rao,Dr Shameem VPA
Aim: To assess the ability of mifepristone and misoprostol individually in priming the cervix. When mifepristone alone is insufficient, to determine if vaginal misoprostol used sequentially, is effective in inducing labor. Methods: prospective randomized comparative study conducted in LadyGoschen Hospital, Mangalore. Inclusion criteria: singleton term pregnancy and Bishop’s score 5, scarred uterus, cephalopelvic disproportion, antepartum hemorrhage, oligohydramnios. Statistical analysis:was performed using the ?2 test, p-value of
382 Biopsychosocial Wellbeing of Migraineurs, Mr.Vishnu Renjith,Dr. Mamatha Sivandanda Pai, Ms. Flavia Castalino,Dr. Anice George
Headache is a common complaint across all age groups.The second most common cause of headache, is migraine. Migraine pain can be intense and unremitting. A study on biopsychosocial wellbeing of migraineurs was conducted at a selected hospital of Karnataka. The objective of this descriptive survey was to assess the biopsychosocial wellbeing of migraineurs. Sixty adult migraineurs of age group 18- 64 were selected using purposive sampling technique. Fifty percentage of migraineurs were in the age group of 31-50 years of age. Seventy percentage of the study participants were females. Overall biopsychosocial assessment showed that sixty percentage of the migraineurs had low biopsychosocial wellbeing. A statistically significant positive correlation was found to be existing among biological psychological and social domains of wellbeing. The study concluded that migraine affects the biological, psychological and social wellbeing of the migraineurs.
383 Study of Standard Operating Procedure of Sitopaladi Churna And Its Physico Chemical Analysis , Dr Anshuman Rajnala, Dr R.R.Hiremath, Mr Ajit M Lingayat
Churnas an Ayurvedic dosage form contains an herbal powder which is complex mixtures of different ingredients; each ingredient has variable in activity, concentration of phytochemicals, consistency, stability and shelf life as per particle size. Sitopaladi Churna is one of widely using compound formulation indicated in respiratory disorders for all ages. To observe the effect of particle size in Sitopaladi Churna a study was conducted. Here Sitopaladi Churna was prepared by using different mesh size (80,120 & 150) and remarkable changes were observed in morphological parameters. Then present study has planned to check particle size effect after using different mesh size (80,120, & 150) in different analytical parameters used to analysis Sitopaladi churna. In this study we done physico chemical analysis and phyto chemical study of raw drugs and also finished product.
384 Localization of Vehicle in Tunnel Section As A Means of Improving Safety in Road Tunnels, Jana Kalikova,Milan Koukol,Jan Krcal
In road tunnels, safety is ensured by technical means (sensors, emergency exits), whose purpose is to help resolve dangerous situations. In case of emergency, people can escape from the dangerous areas through emergency exits, while the Tunnel Control Center (TCC) monitors the situation and triggers previously developed emergency scenarios to carry out controlled evacuation of all persons. This paper describes a proposal of extension of the existing evacuation systems with vehicle localization elements including monitoring the number of persons in given tunnel section with the aim of providing this information to the emergency services and enhancing the possibility of escaping from the tunnel safely.
385 Mineral composition of urinary stones-Quantitative analysis by FTIR Spectroscopy, Rahiman Mujeeb M,Bernhardt Vidya G,D'Souza Janita R T,Mr. Muhammed Manzoor. AP,Mr. Vipin C,D'souza Nischith
Urinary stones are mineral material deposition within the urinary tract. Aim of this study is to find out mineral composition of urinary stones which can guide treatment and give information that may prevent recurrence of stones. This study was conducted in the Department Urology and Biochemistry, Yenepoya Medical College Hospital, Mangalore, India during the period December 2011 to October 2013 and the quantitative mineral composition of stones were assessed by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). Approximately 79.5% of stones were mixed and 20.5% of stones were pure stones. FTIR data revealed that mixed stones were primarily composed of calcium oxalate (90.5%), calcium phosphate (67%) and uric acid 25% and small percentages of calcium carbonate and magnesium ammonium phosphate.75.6% of pure stones were composed of calcium oxalate, 19.5% of uric acid stones and 4.9% calcium phosphate stones
386 Learning Disability the Neglected Classroom Reality, Dr. Manoj Kumar Choudhary,Dr. Sandeep Kumar
This paper may not enable the teacher to formulate diagnostic tests or remedial strategies but she should be in a position to cooperate and collaborate with the counselor and the clinical psychologist and faithfully carryout out their instructions to the benefit of her disabled students.The writer intends to urgently call on the teacher educators to understand and address the needs of these children. This can be achieved by creating awareness among the teachers and by training them at both pre-service and in-service levels.
387 The Effect of Gamma Radiation on Optical Properties and Hall Effect of Thin Zns Film, Shatha S.M. Alazzawi
In this search prepared Zinc sulfide (ZnS) thin film by using the thermal method of evaporation in vacuum under pressure 5x10-5 mbar of thickness 300nm on glass substrate at room temperature. Also the search had included studying some of the structure and optical and electrical properties of ZnS thin film before and after irradiation from Co-60 with ray dose (10) Mrad. The results of X-ray examination showed that the granular size become less after irradiation because the intensity of the non irradiation film is larger than that of irradiation. This means that crystallization become less because the granular size become less. The measurement of the absorption and transmittance spectra within the range of wavelength of (200-600) nm. The absorption seems to be higher in the radiation than the irradiation films. The increase of the absorption occur when the photon energy is equal to the value of the energy gap then the electronic transfers between the valance and the conduction band will began, this is useful in applications of photovoltaic, sensors and solar cell. The transmittances decreased with radiation by gamma in the wavelength larger than 400nm. Absorption coefficient of ZnS thin films has the same value and the same behavior of A, and it increased with increasing wavelength to value 300 nm then it will be almost constant. This because of the increased value of the absorbance. Direct band gap energy of ZnS thin films was estimated to be 2.4 eV for non irradiative thin film and 2.1 eV for irradiative thin film. The decrease in the values of optical energy gap after exposure to radiation and the reason for this is due to formation of localized levels within the optical energy gap which leads to decrease the values of energy gap. Refractive index of ZnS thin films at 500 nm wavelength for non irradiative film 1.9 and for the film after irradiation is 2.3. Extinction coefficient value for the film before irradiation 0.29 and 0.31 after irradiation at 500 nm. The entire sample P-type, with irradiation the conductivity decrease two order of magnitude, and also the kereru of concentration decreases one order of magnitude. The mobility increase six times by irradiation.
388 Quality of Work Life : A Review, MR.SANTOSH L.PATIL,DR.S.Y.SWADI
The quality of work life is one of the important of component of individual life besides personal and social life. It is imperative for an individual to feel satisfied in order to perform better at the work place and it is equally important for the organization to look into various aspects of an individual employee to motivate him to do better at the work place. In order to achieve higher quality oriented production and to sustain in the globalization era, every organization is paying a due attention to it by initiating QWL programs. It is very comprehensive component at work place which abounding in innumerous vital aspects which deserve attention in all time periods. The present study is an attempt to orient about the views of various thinkers towards QWL and the various important factors of it which in case not considered would be a disaster on the part of management as well as employees. The present paper is based on secondary source of data. For the construction of the paper, the articles published in national and international journals were referred.
389 A Study on Job Involvement With Special Reference to Marketing Professionals in Coimbatore, R.Anitha,Dr.K.Muralidharan
Job Involvement measures the degree to which a person identifies psychologically with his or her job and considers his or her perceived performance level important to self worth. His degree of Job Involvement results on fewer absences and lower resignation rates. The present study thus concludes that moderate level of job involvement was found among the marketing professionals. The study also concludes that the demographic variables namely age, educational qualification, salary, experience, means of transport, extended benefits, reason for liking the job and training programs attended do influence the level of job involvement of the marketing professionals.
390 Effect of SAQ Training and Plyometric Training on Selected Motor Fitness and Physiological Variables Among Junior Basketball Players, RAKESH PRASAD,Dr. P. K. SUBRAMAINIAM
The purpose of the study was to find out the effect of SAQ training and Plyometric training on selected motor fitness and physiological variable among junior basketball players. For this purpose, 45junior basketball players were randomly selected from Varanasi of Uttar Pradesh. Their age ranged between 13 to 17 years. The selected subjects were divided into three equal groups of 15 each, group I underwent SAQ training group II underwent Plyometric training and group III acted as Control that did not participate in any other training apart from their regular curricular activities. The subjects were tested on selected variables such as speed and breath holding time prior and after the training period. The selected variables speed was measured by 50 yard dash and breath holding time was measured by manually. The analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) was used to analyze the significant difference, if any among the three groups on selected variables. It was concluded from the results of the study that after the training programme there was a significant improvement in the speed and breath holding time for training group when compared with the control group.
391 Effect of Progersterone Dose and Intravaginal Sponge Diameter on Reproductive Performance of Induced-Estrous Local Ewes in West Java, Soeparna Soeparna,Rangga Setiawan,Siti Darodjah,Tita Damayanti Lestari
The use of estrous induction technique is able to synchronize estrous of each ewe in order to increase the reproductive efficiency of livestock. However, the success rate of this technique is very dependent on the progesterone dose and its absorbance in the body. Therefore, this study was aimed to figure out reproductive performance of local sheep induced by the combination of progesterone doses and vaginal sponge diameters. 48 local ewes were used in this study and were grouped into 12 treatment groups. The treatments consist of the combination of progesterone doses (20, 30, and 40 mg) with vaginal sponge diameters (1, 2, 3, and 4 cm). The method used a randomized block design and the measured variables were: estrous response, pregnancy rate, litter size, and birth weight. The result showed that the highest estrous responses of the ewes were from the combination of sponge diameter 4 cm in all variation of progesterone doses. Meanwhile, the best pregnancy rate was found in the group of 20 and 30 mg progesterone dose in the diameter of 2 cm. However, this study did not find any difference among groups for litter size and birth weight. In conclusion, estrous induction using progesterone is effectively to synchronize estrous phase and pregnancy period of ewes, although it does not effect on litter size and birth weight of lamb.
392 Combined Effect of Yoga and Endurance Exercises on Lean Body Mass Among Players, C.KARTHIKEYAN, Dr A. UTHIRAPATHY
Aim of the study was to find out the combined effect of Yoga and Endurance exercises on Lean Body Mass among players. For this study forty five (N=45) men Football players studying various Engineering College in the Zone-XIII affiliated to Anna University, Chennai Tamilnadu, India during the academic year 2011-2012 were selected randomly as subjects. The subjects were divided into three groups of fifteen each, namely Yoga training (n=15), Endurance training (n=15) and Combined Yoga and Endurance training. Lean Body Mass was selected as dependent variable and it was assessed by Using Formula (Total body weight - kilograms of body fat). The training period was limited to 12 weeks duration. All the subjects were tested on Lean Body Mass prior to and immediately after the training periods. The data collected data from the three groups prior to and immediately after the training programme on the selected criterion variables were statistically analyzed with Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA). Whenever the ‘F’ ratio for adjusted post test means was found to be significant, Scheffe’s post hoc test was followed to determine which of the paired mean differences was significant. In all the cases 0.05 level of confidence was fixed to test the hypotheses. The results of the study concluded that there was a significant difference among Yoga training, Endurance training and Combined Yoga and Endurance training on Lean Body Mass among Inter Collegiate Football players, further the results revealed that Combined Yoga and Endurance Training group had significantly improved the selected dependent variable namely Lean Body Mass.
393 Legal Protection of Child Labour in India: Problems and Perspective, Dr. Anand Pawar, Rakesh Vaidya
The children are the most precious asset. They are very much human beings though weak and immature. Their needs and rights should not be attended merely as a byproduct of progress nor are they attended as an end and means of progress. child abuse, physical, sexual, or emotional maltreatment or neglect of children by parents, guardians, neighbour or others responsible for a child’s welfare. Child abuse is a growing epideictic in the world. Child abuse comes in many different forms and they are; emotional, sexual, physical, and neglect. People have forgotten that children have a voice and they need to be heard and protected. Child labour is a major problem in India. It is a great challenge that the country is facing. The prevalence of it is evident by the child work participation rates which are higher in India than in other developing countries.
394 A Gender-Wise Analysis on Metacognition And Learning Styles on Problem Solving Skill of B.Ed Trainees, T.Yogaraj, Dr. R. Selvaraju
In the present research the investigators made an attempt to explore the effectiveness of metacognition, learning styles and problem solving skill of B.Ed trainees. The concept of metacognition can be described as a higher-order cognitive structure. More specifically, metacognition as an appreciation of what one already knows, together with a correct apprehension of the learning task and what knowledge and skills it requires, combined with the agility to make correct inferences about how to apply one’s strategic knowledge to a particular situation, and to do so efficiently and reliably. Students with good metacognition were able to perform efficiently in teaching
395 Prevalence of Viral infections in pregnant females in Northern India, Dr Neha Gupta
This study was done to recognize the prevalence of known viral infections of Hepatitis B and C and HIV in obstetric patients presenting for delivery. All pregnant cases presenting for delivery between January 2010 and December 2013 were investigated for Hepatitis B and C, and HIV infections through blood tests. All positive cases were documented. There were 2576 pregnant patients who presented for delivery to the department. Fifty one of these patients were Hepatitis B positive, which was 2 % of the total cases managed. Twenty five cases (1%) were Hepatitis C positive, and twelve patients (0.5%) were HIV positive.
396 Domestic Violence and Subjective Well Being Among The Women Professionals And House Wives, K.Selvi, Dr.K.Muralidharan
Domestic Violence can be described as when one adult in a relationship misuses power to control another. It is the establishment of control and fear in a relationship through violence and other forms of abuse. The violence may involve physical abuse, sexual assault and threats. Sometimes it’s more subtle, like making someone feel worthless, not letting them have any money, or not allowing them to leave the home. Social isolation and emotional abuse can have long-lasting effects as well as physical violence. Many women in India are the victims of domestic abuse. Innumerable women who silently suffer assaults and abuses everyday inside every second home across the country can now perhaps look forward to a remedy that protects their vulnerable position. The phenomenon of domestic violence is widely prevalent but has remained largely unseen. The present study concludes that moderate level of domestic violence was found among both working professionals and house wives. The subjective well being was found to be moderate among the working professionals and high among the house wives. However, not much difference is noticed between these two categories of women with respect to domestic violence and subjective wellbeing.
397 Spread of Buddhism in the West, Ravi Chandra Reddy Bhimavarapu
The ‘come and see for yourself’ attitude of Buddhism attracts many Westerners. They are not asked to believe in anything, but to follow the Buddha’s advice of testing ideas first. Buddhist attitudes of peace, mindfulness and care for all living creatures have come to be the concern of many groups in the West. very few people in Europe or America would have known what the word ‘Buddhist’ meant unless they had been born in the last 50 years Around the middle of the nineteenth century, a few Buddhist texts were translated into European languages. Thus Buddhist teaching came to be known to the European scholars. A few of them who were influenced by Buddhism, introduced Buddhist ideas into their own writings. Later, more and better European translations of Buddhist texts were made by the early part of the twentieth century, a large number of Buddhist texts had already been translated into English, French and German. This includes virtually the entire collection of Theravada scriptures as well as a number of important Mahayana texts.
398 Comparison of Speed and Explosive Power Among Different Levels of Handball Players, Dr. B. Chittibabu
The purpose of our study is to analyse speed and explosive power among differenent levels of handball players. Sixty (60) male handball players were selected as subjects from AGM Higher secondary school, Thuraiyur. These players were classified into three groups namely junior (20), senior (20) and super senior (20). These players were tested on speed and explosive power which was selected as criterion variables and measured by 50 yards dash and standing broad jump. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was computed and revealed a significant difference on speed (F = 8.82, p < 0.05) and explosive power (F = 5.95, p < 0.05). We concluded that speed and explosive power significantly differ among different level male handball players in school may be due to experience and physiological changes.
399 Effect of High Intensity Interval Training on Aerobic Power and Anaerobic Power of Male Handball Players, Dr. B. Chittibabu
The purpose of this study is to find out the efficiency of high intensity interval training on aerobic power and anaerobic power of male handball players. To achieve the purpose thirty (30) male handball players were selected from Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Annamalai University, Tamilnadu, India. These subjects were tested on aerobic power and anaerobic power before and after eight weeks of high intensity interval training (HIIT). The mean maximal aerobic speed 4.21 m/s was used as a criterion velocity to set running paces for high-intensity interval training. Statistical technique used in the present study was ANCOVA for aerobic power and anaerobic power. The result of the study revealed that eight weeks of high intensity interval training resulted in 8.20% of improvement in aerobic power (F(1,27) =108.04, p < 0.05) and 28.58% in anaerobic power (F(1,27) =28.54, p < 0.05). It is concluded that high intensity interval training for eight weeks resulted in improvement of aerobic power and anaerobic power of male handball players.
400 Role of E-Business Towards Borderless Economy, Dr. Mairaj Salim
Technology in the modern world has advanced a standard of living that we could not imagine even twenty-five years ago. No king in history has been in possession of the vast array of time, work and life savers that are readily available to even the most ordinary citizen today, yet we are all still pioneers in terms of the advances to come. The invention of the personal computer sent a silent shot heard around the world a run at the universe that has exploded into our offices and our homes. Today, we readily accept the concept of the “borderless economy.” The term conjures images of a river of international commerce circumnavigating the globe, millions of “net-izens” wired together in a virtual community of consumers, and commercial transactions consummated at the speed of light. In a word, this revolution is e-business. E-business is, by definition, global. Business methods that are effective and acceptable in one jurisdiction may either not be permitted or work well in other markets. Expect variations in practice across national lines, despite the best efforts of international rulemaking bodies. The paper discussion deals with emergence of its relative competitive relevance in borderless world.
401 An Empirical Study on Relevant Industrial Relations Factors in Kerala Rubber Products Manufacturing Industry, Latha. K, Dr. Roji George
Purpose - There is considerable debate in the literature about the defining characteristics of Industrial Relations. As Industrial Relations(IR) vary from country to country across various economic and geographical zones, from industry to industry within a country and from plant to plant or branch to branch within a company. Such variations are not arbitrary and need be studied carefully and hence the purpose of this study is to identify the relevant IR Factors in Kerala Rubber Products Manufacturing Industry. Design / Methodology / Approach – sample size of the study was 80 top level managerial personnel, who are currently working in unionized and non unionized environments, belonging to Automobile tyres and tubes , Rubber compounds, Rubber footwears, rubber mattings manufacturing industrial units of Kerala. Findings – Study shows that Methods/Process factors of IR are more significant than institutional or employment conditions as factors of IR.
402 Assessment of Ground Water Quality for Multipurpose Use in Parts of Andoni Rivers State Nigeria, Ideriah, T. J. K.
The quality and suitability of ground water in parts of Andoni Local Government Area were assessed for portability and irrigation purposes by analyzing the water for physico-chemical parameters, Heavy metals (Mg, Mn, Fe and Pb), microbial contents and irrigation indices using standard methods. The results obtained were compared with permissible limits for drinking water provided by World Health Organization, Standard Organization of Nigeria and National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control. The results in the groundwater were
403 Physico-Chemical Parameters for Coastal Water of Pulicat Lagoon, South East Coast of India, N. Amaranadha Reddy, Dr. B. C. Sundara Raja Reddy, Prof. N. Balayerikala Reddy
Changes in lagoon characteristics of physic-chemical parameters like pH, temperature and electrical conductance (Ec) and chemical parameters like Dissolved oxygen (DO), Organic matter and Silica provides valuable information on the quality of the water in the lagoon. The study area is located in the major portion in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh and remaining part is on Tiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. A total of 41 water samples were collected during July, 2011 and analyzed for physico-chemical parameters (pH, bottom water temperature, air temperature, EC, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Organic matter and Silica). Statistical analysis like Pearson Correlation matrix and Factor loadings were performed to the data set to know the relationship among the studied parameters.
404 A Study on Mental Health of High School Students, Dr. C. Maria Ugin Joseph
Twenty first century is an era of acute modernization. The school environment is an optimal context to provide mental health services. Media throws abundant cross-cultural exposure to the students, and at times, so called; social media leads students to the evils of maladjustment, loneliness, addictedness and loss of socio-emotional support. Researches reveal that children with better mental health do better academically and socially. The study reveals the following findings: The level of mental health of high school students is moderate. There is significant difference between boys and girls in their level of mental health. There is significant difference between rural and urban students in their level of mental health. There is no significant difference between students of nuclear and joint family in their level of mental health. The educational programme such as yoga, meditation, cultural activities…etc should be planned in such a way to improve mental health among students.
405 Empowerment of Muslim Women, Dr. Shivendra Pratap Singh
Empowerment of women as described in National Policy of Empowerment of women 2002 takes Economic empowerment and social empowerment as its basic parameters. Economic empowerment includes poverty eradication and income generation and social empowerment includes education, health and nutrition etc. Apart from these parameters other aspects which determine women’s empowerment are mobility, self esteem and choice of career. In the case of Muslim women the state of empowerment is still not clear hence a study about their actual status is required. In many cases we find a number of myths related to their rights being propagated by various extremist groups (both Hindu and Muslim). It is by and large observed that while the outsiders carry a very biased view of Muslim women and are generally not aware of the reality, Muslim women also tend to not realize their actual status. Most of them are not clear about the rights given to them by Islam as a religion as well as the Indian constitution. This paper aims at bringing about general awareness among the Muslim women about their status, rights and duties.
406 Problem Solving Ability of Secondary School Students in Relation to Their Attitude to wards Mathematics, Dr. Ehtesham Anwar
This study investigated the problem solving ability of secondary school students in relation to their attitude towards Mathematics. The students of class IX studying in secondary schools of Lucknow city constitute the population of the study. The sample consists of 250 students of Class IX from 6 different secondary schools of Lucknow. Null hypotheses were formulated to examine the relationship between problem solving ability and attitude towards Mathematics and to compare the problem solving ability of secondary school students having high and low attitude towards Mathematics. A marginal relationship was found between problem solving ability of secondary school students and their attitude towards Mathematics. It was also found that high or low attitude towards Mathematics has not any impact on the problem solving ability of the students. Therefore it can be concluded that if a student possess high or low problem solving ability, it does not necessarily possesses mean that his attitude towards Mathematics is also high or low.
407 Knowled A Study on Knowledge Management Practices Among Self-Financing Arts and Science Colleges in and Around Tiruchengode, Dr. D. Muruganandam, Ms. D. Praveenadevi
Knowledge Management is engaged in enriching organizational knowledge by means of applying sound practices of organizational learning and information management. Knowledge management deals with developing and maintaining information which creates value. With a flourishing growth of self-finance arts and science colleges all over the country and their potential to transform the arts and science education as such, it was estimated fit to focus on these colleges with regard to knowledge management practices. The study was limited to select arts and science colleges in and around Tiruchengode. The literature survey identified a number of variables and certain relevant variables were chosen and formulated a well structured questionnaire. Both primary and secondary data were collected and analyzed using appropriate statistical tools. From the analysed data, interpretations were drawn. Findings and conclusions were based on the results and formulated suitable suggestions. This study also presents directions for future research.
408 Work Life Balance of Women Employee: A Literature Review, M. A. Raaj Arajeswari, Dr. R. Saravanan
Profession and objectives are the most imperative elements in life. The greater part of the ladies are impending forward to work keeping in mind the end goal to bolster their gang. This change is presently characteristic and element because of progress of environment and financial conditions. The greatest test for ladies is the most effective method to adjust the requests of family and profession. The writing distinguishes the different angles for example, professional success, Work Stress, Career desire, Work Family Conflict and Family Work Conflict, Child care in connection with Work Life Balance (WLB) and its hones. This paper uncovers the diagram of the different difficulties and issues confronted by Ladies workers to accomplish WLB. The sources alluded in this paper incorporate different diaries, reports, web destinations and so forth and the points of interest has been given in the reference segment.
409 A Study on Consumer Satisfaction in Organised Retail With Respect To Apparels, Shaheema Hameed
Retailing is one of the oldest businesses that human civilization has known. Most of the developed and emerging economies had adopted organized retail long ago and the percentage share of organized retail in total retailing has increased over the years. However, India, a land of self-sufficient villages, has continued to rely primarily on small, close to home shops. Customer satisfaction is the key factor in knowing the success of any retail store or business; therefore it is very important to measure it and to find the factors that affect the customer satisfaction. This paper provides a review on consumer satisfaction in 3 areas; Antecedents of consumer satisfaction, measurement of satisfaction, and consequences of consumer satisfaction. The primary study conducted on 52 consumers revealed that perception of service quality is influenced by the various natures among various customers and that service quality factors significantly affects customer satisfaction.
410 Influences of Macroeconomic Variables on the Performance of Indian Stock Market, Firoz Husain, Dr. Adeel Maqbool
This paper is an attempt to investigate the linkage between stock market & macroeconomic variables in the Indian context using techniques like correlation, regression, ADF test & Unit root test, Granger causality test. A time span has been chosen for this study from January, 2004 to February, 2015 uses 134 monthly data to portray a larger view of the relationship. The result of the study shows that four out of eight variables are relatively more significant and likely to influence Indian stock market. These factors are Exchange Rate, Gold Price and M3 and IIP. There is a positive relation between Exchange rate and SENSEX, Gold rate and SENSEX, and Money supply(M3) and SENSEX whereas BoT and SENSEX shows a negative relation. Regression analysis in which Exchange Rate and Gold Price and M3 affecting the stock market. All variables in this study are not stationary at level, but become stationary at first difference. The result has been concluded on the bases of the granger causality test in which Crude oil price has been seen as affecting stock market. This study will be useful for the investors who might be able to identify some basic economic variables that they should focus on while investing in stock market and will have an advantage to make their own suitable investment decisions.
411 Areal Declination of Paddy Cultivation and Its Impact on Food Security - A Study on Karrimpuzha Watershed - Palakkad District, Kerala., Richard Scaria, P. K. Vijayan
In the name of development over the past few decades Kerala agriculture land use as undergone drastic changes, to mention a few, the hills are mined, scared grooves are damaged and paddy fields converted to nonagricultural use. Agriculture is the main stay of the economy and is the only source of food both for direct consumption and as raw material for refined foods. The accelerating rate of paddy field conversions into non-agricultural uses lead to one of the current challenging issues of water scarcity, biodiversity loss, rural unemployment and food insecurity. Food security concern is of utmost importance to food deficit state of Kerala. Where a large percentage of its population is poor and still a high share of total house hold expenditure is devoted to food, food security can become a reality only when the agricultural sector is vibrant. In this context this study is been carried out taking Karrimpuzha watershed, which is situated in the central part of Palakkad district which has recorded a great loss of paddy area. This paper attempts to examine the conversion of paddy fields to other uses and its impact on the food security.
412 Awareness of Environmental Issues in Our Locality, Kritika Garg
413 Impact of Shrimp Culture In Chilika Area, East-Coast of India: A Study of Krushnaprasad Block of Puri District, Odisha, Bibhuti Bhusan Dora, P. K. Kara
Commercial shrimp farming in India expanded rapidly after trade liberalisation initially were introduced in early 1990s. This paper examines the social, economic and environment impact that has been generated in the community along Odishacoast in East India. The result suggests that macro-level policies such as trade liberalization are useful at the national level, but at the local level they can generate imbalanced growth. Although the shrimp farming has generated substantial foreign exchange at the local level, it has widened the gap between rich and poor. To protect the livelihoods of the rural communities and the environment India needs to formulate effective coastal resource management policies and established adequate institutions at the local level this will help ensure a stable source of income from shrimp farming for small scale farmers and minimise adverse impact on the local environment.
414 Community Managed Forests a Potential Sources of Carbon Sink: A Case Study from Kumaun Central Himalaya, Jitendra Bhatt
Participatory approaches to forest management have gained wide acceptance worldwide and have also become the primary guiding principle in the management of natural resources. The state Uttarakhand is ecologically and socially diverse owing to distinct climatic, physiographic factors and demographic setup. Community management of the forests in the state as Van Panchayat (V P) started from the year 1932 and close to 7211 km2 area (19 % of the total forest area) presently managed by the V Ps. Present study was carryout in a seventy years old V P of Kumaun Himalaya to investigate community perception, change in vegetation dynamics, C stock and C sequestration rate. The selected V P was monitored for ten years to collect the data and change in community perception over the time. The results indicated that dependency of the people for fuel wood for forest is decreasing due to availability of LPG connections but scarcity of green fodder still prevailed. Demographic variable indicated that both human and cattle population decreased over the study period. The possible reason for this the migration in search of jobs. Total tree density, basal area, biomass, carbon (C) content in all the selected species except Pinus roxburighii increased. Quercus leucotrichophora showed maximum density thus also have maximum C sequestration rate while Rhododendron arboreum showed the least. On an average the V P sequestrated 13.1 t C ha-1yr-1. It can be concluded that there is a shift in energy consumption pattern and awareness for conservation increasing in the community. The community can trade forest C, which is now emerging, to raise funds for functioning but careful choices in this regard will become especially critical to link community forests as C trade centres.
415 Teacher Educators –Emerging Challenges, Shri. Ravi. Rajendrasinh Pal
Indian society is rapidly changing with the explosion of knowledge, population, Growth, advancement of science & technology and innovative ideas and practices. As such teachers have to perform a crucial role as catalytic agent of change and modernization. The rate of increase in knowledge demands the preparation of new teachers upgraded in quality .like all other professions ,Teaching profession is also facing a demand o the teacher competence. In the contemporary society , the role of the teacher has changed from a transmitter of knowledge to a reflective practitioner ,which means that tomorrow’s teachers need to enrich competence to face the emerging challenges. Teacher Educational Programmed; The gulf between theory & practical, Lack of professional attitude/right attitude /divergent thinking /vision. The Role of the Teacher Educators; Practice what they preach in terms of philosophy ,sociology ,psychology, methodology ,etc. Provide good role models who exemplify values; Prepare the trainees adequately for the practice in the filed ,employing a variety of training techniques like group & individual planning , observation , demonstration ,Microteaching , discussion and feed back ,Simulation ,role playing and shared performance etc. teacher educators initiate the process of building bridge and save teacher education from the rituals, artificialities and absurdities that have crept into make it true to life ,competency based and performance orientated.
416 Comparison of Selected Motor Fitness Components Among Different Match Practice Teams, Dr. K. Muralirajan, S. Saravana Sudarsan
The purpose of the study was to compare the motor fitness components among different match practice teams. To achieve this purpose fifty male sports person from the Alagappa University College of Arts and Science, Paramakudi, were selected as the subject. All subjects were practicing regularly and related from different team games like Hockey, Football, volleyball, basketball and handball, who had participated in Interuniversity were selected as the subject for this study. Their age ranged from 18 to 21 year old, the study was confined to the selected motor fitness components namely Muscular Endurance, Speed, and Agility. The data of selected subject for motor fitness components (muscular endurance, speed, and Agility) were recorded by different measures, for muscular endurance, speed and Agility, data were observed by performing the 600 meter run/ walk, 50 meter dash and Shuttle Run. There is significant difference found between the mean value of motor fitness components (muscular endurance (F= 62.67) and agility (F= 3.104) among different match practice group. And no significant differences were found for the mean value of speed (F=2.227) among different match practice group. With the limitations of the study it may be concluded that, there was no significant difference found between the different match practice groups i.e. Hockey, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and Handball in relation to their motor fitness component (speed) and there was also no significant difference found between the hockey and handball in relation to their motor fitness component (agility). On the other hand there was significant difference found between the different match group i.e. Hockey, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and Handball in relation to their muscular endurance and agility (accept hockey and handball), when the subjects were involved in similar type of daily routine.
417 Studying the Trauma of Gender and the Politics of Partition: A Focus on What The Body Remembers, Ms. Mansi Chauhan
The proposed research paper seeks to study the Partition and gendered violence on various levels through different women characters portrayed in What the Body Remembers. Violated women who symbolized violated nation were stigmatized by the society and many of them preferred death than being labeled as ‘impure’ women. Many women committed suicide because they feared of falling into the hands of ‘others’ or killed by their ‘own’ people in the glorious name of ‘sacrifice’. The manifestation of women in this novel raises issues that are enormously diverse and it emphasizes on narratives of women which are often omitted in the history.
418 Community Managed Forests a Potential Sources of Carbon Sink: A Case Study from Kumaun Central Himalaya, Jitendra Bhatt
Participatory approaches to forest management have gained wide acceptance worldwide and have also become the primary guiding principle in the management of natural resources. The state Uttarakhand is ecologically and socially diverse owing to distinct climatic, physiographic factors and demographic setup. Community management of the forests in the state as Van Panchayat (V P) started from the year 1932 and close to 7211 km2 area (19 % of the total forest area) presently managed by the V Ps. Present study was carryout in a seventy years old V P of Kumaun Himalaya to investigate community perception, change in vegetation dynamics, C stock and C sequestration rate. The selected V P was monitored for ten years to collect the data and change in community perception over the time. The results indicated that dependency of the people for fuel wood for forest is decreasing due to availability of LPG connections but scarcity of green fodder still prevailed. Demographic variable indicated that both human and cattle population decreased over the study period. The possible reason for this the migration in search of jobs. Total tree density, basal area, biomass, carbon (C) content in all the selected species except Pinus roxburighii increased. Quercus leucotrichophora showed maximum density thus also have maximum C sequestration rate while Rhododendron arboreum showed the least. On an average the V P sequestrated 13.1 t C ha-1yr-1. It can be concluded that there is a shift in energy consumption pattern and awareness for conservation increasing in the community. The community can trade forest C, which is now emerging, to raise funds for functioning but careful choices in this regard will become especially critical to link community forests as C trade centres.
419 Empowerment of Women Through Autobiography A Study of Shashi Deshpande’s Selected Memory , Acharya Bhavna Vinodkumar
Shashi Deshpande is known for creating women characters who are contemporary. Deshpande’s women protagonists are victims of the prevalent gross gender discrimination, first as daughters and later as wives. The objective of this study is to find out if Shashi Deshpande’s women characters are really empowered women or if they are just wearing a mask of tranquility. The study aims to find out if Shashi Deshpande’s women really assert themselves or somewhere in their assertion process conform to endurance. The study wishes to find out if compromise is the key word in Shashi Deshpande’s heroines’ vocabulary. Shashi Deshpande believes that women have a great strength. All humans do. Actually women have reserves we are often unaware of. Women are better at dealing with emotional traumas. This is because women, unlike men, have never had to suppress their emotional selves, they are more open about these problems - both in articulating them and understanding them. Shashi Deshpande has dealt very minutely and delicately with the problems of middle-class educated women. Shashi Deshpande is only making her voice more distinctive with every new publication. Writing from the margin is also written with felicity to evoke emotions. However much she may deny the influence of feminism in her novels, it is the core of her novels.
420 Using of Fuzzy Set Theory to Assess Natural Parks’s Beauty: the Case of Sierra De Grazalema Natural Parks, Emilio Ram Iacute Rez Amp Ndash Juid Iacute As
The Sierra de Grazalema natural parks located at the South of Andalusia (Spain), is one of the most important in the provinces of Cádiz and Málaga. In the last decades, as a consequence of climatic factors, besides the increase of leisure activities, scenic quality assessment methods have been taken into consideration as a key to promote tourism activities. Hitherto, current assessment methods focus on quantitative evaluations that provide digital information to the users, although people prefer more explicit information than detailed quantitative data on scenic quality assessment. In this paper, an expert system tool is used for evaluating scenic quality through fuzzy reasoning. Results showed that physical features of Sierra de Grazalema natural parks, along with landscape design, are very important to evaluate scenic quality. This research developed a methodology of building an expert system in natural parks area.
421 Determination of Grain Moisture Content Using Ftir Spectroscopy, Supriya, Mrs. Ritula Thakur
Agriculture being the third largest sector of India’s economy plays a vital role in stabilizing the economy of the country. Moisture determination of grains plays a significant role in enhancing the output in the agro based industry. A variety of techniques have been used for the measurement of moisture in grains. Spectroscopic moisture analysis methods are of considerable interest as they are non-destructive, efficient and accurate techniques. In the present work, grain moisture content is measured using FTIR Spectrometer. The result obtained by FTIR Spectrometer is compared with the result of oven method and digital moisture meter.
422 Indian Cinema what it Can Teach Us?, Rudra Prasanna Mohapatra
: Today’s generation think of Indian cinemas as entertainment. This piece of literature strives to bring home other dimensions of Indian cinemas. Indian cinemas taught society about the ill effects of traditions, superstitions, popularised inter-caste marriages through love stories and also exhibits various serious themes on Indian socio-polity and security. Thus Indian cinemas in particular and cinemas in general has a massage for the societies. But changing dimensions of human society and behaviour has forced the movie-makers to make movies for financial investment only. Here, the history, changing prospects and regional diversities of Indian cinemas are discussed to establish the necessities of movies for human societies.
423 A Study on the Effectiveness of ‘Minute Paper’ as A Classroom Assessment Technique in Social Science, J. Krishnamoorthy, Dr. S. Kulasekarapermal Pillai
The aim of the present study is to find out the effectiveness of minute paper in the social science. Experimental method adopted in the present study and 160 secondary school students were selected from Villupuram educational district. Self made tools namely minute paper and achievement test in social science were used. Findings revealed that the minute paper has significant effect on achievement in social science and there is significance difference between the means of the control group and the experimental group in the post-test achievement in social science.
424 A Study of Teaching Aptitude of B.ed Pupil Teachers in Relation to Their Intelligence, Dr. Umender Malik, Ms. Poonam Sindhu
The present study has explored the relation between teaching aptitude and intelligence of B.Ed. pupil teachers . A representative sample of 600 (300 male and 300 female) teachers from urban and rural B.Ed. colleges of three districts in Haryana was randomly selected. Teaching Aptitude Scale (2002) By L.C. Singh And Dahiya and Test Of General Intelligence (2012) By S.K.Pal & K.S.Mishra were used to collect the data. The study revealed that significant difference was found between teaching aptitude and intelligence of rural male B. Ed. Pupil teachers. Similar results were found out for rural female B.Ed. pupil teachers. However results were reversed for urban male and female B.Ed. pupil teachers for the same comparison of teaching aptitude and intelligence.
425 Cournot Duopoly Under Asymmetric Demand Uncertainty, Yasunori Fujita
In the present paper, we compare Cournot equilibrium, Ryu-Kim equilibrium and Sakai equilibrium by constructing a duopolistic model where there is asymmetry of demand information between the two firms in a sense that one firm has only partial information, while the other firm has perfect information concerning the demand. It is revealed that as for the output of the firm which has only partial information, Cournot equilibrium is the largest, followed by Sakai equilibrium and Ryu-Kim equilibrium, while as for the output of the firm which has perfect information, Sakai equilibrium is the largest, followed by Cournot equilibrium that is equal to Ryu-Kim equilibrium.
426 Performance of Indian Agriculture since Reforms, Bini. C. B
At 179.9 million hectares, India holds the second largest agricultural land in the world. A majority of the Indian population relies on agriculture for employment and livelihood. Steady investments in technology development, irrigation infrastructure, emphasis on modern agricultural practices and provision of agricultural credit and subsidies are the major factors contributing to agriculture growth.The country has today emerged as a major player in the global agriculture market. Agriculture accounts for 14 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) and about 11 per cent of India’s total exports; it is also an essential link in the supply chain of the manufacturing sector and at the same time constitutes a big market for industrial products. Currently, India is the world’s largest rice exporter and second in terms of wheat exports. Horticulture exports have also seen good growth. India’s agro exports during 2013–14 touched US$ 45 billion as against US$ 25 billion in 2011–12.
427 Emotional Intelligence: its Nature, Concept & Measurement, Dr. Jakir Hussain Laskar
428 A Study on Bankruptcy Level of Software Companies in India , Dr. Kavitha Shanmugam, J. Tamilselvi
There are several issues that are utmost relevance with factors that affect the firm’s financial distress such as high leverage, cash shortage and risk management. Given that, in many cases, financial distress may lead to firm’s insolvency. Financial distress can be defined as a circumstance where a company cannot meet nor has difficulty in paying off its current financial obligations. Therefore, since it is difficult to them to predict financial distress, this paper provides a moderate attempt to understand the feasibility of using financial ratios, capital structure and Altman Z-score as an empirical approach to predict financial distress in future. The stakeholder theory of capital structure proposed by Titman (1984) argues that firms will take into account the nonfinancial stakeholders’ preferences when making capital structure decisions. In particular, firms selling specialized products will choose a lower leverage ratio. The study found that according to Altman Z score for top ten software companies in India for the year 2005 – 2014 are 2.827 that denotes that the companies risk is in low range. The companies are out of crisis zone and financially sound. There were no signs of the companies going bankrupt
429 Training of Researchers Phd. Perceptions and Challenges , Celia Carrera Hernandez, Josefina Madrigal Luna, Yolanda Isaura Lara Garc Iacute A
It is a phenomenological qualitative research to understand experiences and perceptions (Rogers, 1959/1978) of teachers, students and graduates 8 doctoral programs of the State of Chihuahua, Mexico. It seeks to recover the subjective reflection on the processes of training to understand the way the training of researchers is made and propose actions to improve the efficiency and quality of Educational Research, also contribute to the improvement and consolidation of those elements that It depends research capacity within the processes of formation of researchers. The technique of in-depth interviews and survey was used. 16 teachers participated doctoral students from 30 different programs and 16 doctoral graduates. It highlights actions and attitudes of students as self-training exercise, aspects of heterotraining as the necessary academic support and collective participation in the production of knowledge are identified.
430 Shikshako ke Vyaktitva ka Uchchhatar Madhyamik Vidhyalayo me Adhyayanarat Vidhyarthio ke Aatmavishvas par Prabhav ka Tulnatmak Adhyayan , Dr. Soniya Popali, Smt. Umakant Sinh
431 The Effect of Taping Applied in the Direction of Underlying Muscle Fibres on the Activity of this Muscle, Martina Vrbov Aacute , Dagmar Pavl
The effect of taping was monitored in a clinical study of 20 intentionally selected healthy subjects. The effect of elastic tape applied in the direction of muscle fibres in two various ways (with tension from the beginning of the muscle to its attachment and vice versa) was evaluated compared to the situation without tape, in terms of the level of initial muscle activity and the onset of muscle fatigue during three-minute 30 % MVC isometric contraction measured using the median EMG signal frequency. The evaluated muscle was the biceps brachii on the non-dominant arm. Results were tested from the perspective of both material and statistical significance. Results proved neither a statistically nor a practically significant effect for either of the two tested tape application methods on initial muscle activation and muscle fatigue onset.
432 Educational Attainment of Elementary Level Students of Slums And Its Relation to Intelligence : A Correlational Study, Awadhesh Kumar Dwivedi, Dr. Adnan Khan Lodi
Education in its broad sense may be defined as a process designed to inculcate the knowledge ,skills and attitude requires to enable individuals to cope effectively with their environment .Its primary purpose is to foster and promote the fullest individual self realization for all people. Achieving this goal requires understanding of commitment to the proposition that Education is a primary instrument of social and economic advancement of human welfare. Day to day the world is becoming more and more competitive the level of academic achievement has become the key factor for the progress in academic sphere. The parents desire of high level academic achievement for their wards which puts lot of pressure on students ,teachers and school administrators, that what are factors play role in promoting achievement. Are they natural? or may be nurtured by teaching learning environment, guidance of teacher and support 0f parents. Education for all is a scheme of government of India to provide Elementary level Education to every child of country. The Government of India has declared and made a law under Right to Education to ensure compulsory and free Elementary Education .The of Present study is to examine and analyse the reach of Elementary Education to deprived class student of Slum area and level of their Educational Attainment in relation to their personal factors specially in relation to intelligence. For the present study the sample size taken is 140 students of class VIII th. Which consist of70 of Govt. Schools and 70 from Pvt School students located in slum area of Lucknow city. For evaluating the Educational attainment of Students of slum .General Classroom Achievement Test by Prof. A.K. Singh was utilised as Tool .For Intelligene Cattle Culter Fare Test was used as a tool.The Finding of the study revealed that Educational Attainment of students of Slum differ significantly in relation to their high and low level of intelligence and shows a positive correlation with Educational Attainment with intelligence.
433 Caste Reservation in Education: A Study of the NCR, Yuvraj Khetan
This paper analyses the effect of the reservation policy in higher education. The focus of this paper is on Delhi NCR and the data has been collected in the form of online surveys. The survey has three sections – background information, the main survey and a true or false section. All of these sections play a part in understanding the final results. This paper attempts to answer the question ‘Is the reservation policy leading to social inclusion and integration amongst college students in the NCR?’ The results of the survey indicate that although there is a hint of resentment in the non-category students, overall, they are more accepting towards the SC/ST/OBC students. The category students still do not feel integrated well enough but that can be achieved by creating awareness and providing adequate support
434 Achievement in Commerce In Relation to Learning With Smart and Traditional Classes, Dr. Anbuchelvan
To know the impact of smart class on students academic achievement in commerce an experimental study with two group design was taken up in relation to learning with smart and traditional classes. On the basis of results of basic commerce knowledge test 40 students who have equal ability were selected as sample, and they were equally divided into two groups namely (Experiment and control). The students of experimental and control groups are subjected to teaching with SMART and traditional classes respectively, after the completion of particular topic (Transport) in commerce in both groups, all the students subjected to achievement test, then the test scores was analyzed with one another with respect to their demographic variables. The findings are, there exists significant differences between control and experimental group students in their academic achievement in commerce irrespective of their background variables, and it is clear that the experimental students’ achievement in commerce is higher than the controlled.
435 Data Analysis In Economics by Using Stata, Dr. Alok Kumar Pandey
Commercial shrimp farming in India expanded rapidly after trade liberalisation initially were introduced in early 1990s. This paper examines the social, economic and environment impact that has been generated in the community along Odishacoast in East India. The result suggests that macro-level policies such as trade liberalization are useful at the national level, but at the local level they can generate imbalanced growth. Although the shrimp farming has generated substantial foreign exchange at the local level, it has widened the gap between rich and poor. To protect the livelihoods of the rural communities and the environment India needs to formulate effective coastal resource management policies and established adequate institutions at the local level this will help ensure a stable source of income from shrimp farming for small scale farmers and minimise adverse impact on the local environment.
436 Impact of Globalization on Rural Development in India – Some Issues and Concerns, Dr. K. Kaliyamurthy
The term globalization has been associated with key areas of change, which have led to a marked transformation of the world order. Globalization in India is generally taken to mean integrating the economy of the country with the world. This, in turn, implies opening up the economy to foreign direct investment by providing facilities to foreign companies to invest in different fields of economic activity in India. The main policy initiated towards globalization by the Government of India can be discussed under many headings. Globalization can be a major force for prosperity only if it is backed by adequate national policies and conducive social and economic environment. The present paper is totally based on secondary data. This paper will give an overview of what the forces of globalization have in store for the women of India. The various impacts of globalization on the society as well on women in India were also highlighted in the paper. The data thus collected shows the status of globalization in India, the significant role played by the new economic policy in promoting the Indian Economy, Does globalization cause poverty, Why are so many people opposed to globalization and Can globalization be controlled. A large group of working women of India is in the rural and unorganized sectors. Socially the majority of Indian women is still tradition bound and is in a disadvantageous position. Since globalization is opening up the Indian economy suddenly at a very high speed, without the required economic and social policies to provide the much required safety net, women who have been involved with production in the traditional ways, have to cope with numerous problems and yet try to avail of the opportunities which an open economy promises. With this background, this paper mainly focuses on the Anthropological vision and critical reality on the impact of globalization on Indian rural women from various angles.
437 Image: Play an important role in Life, Dr. Shah Neha K.
As we all know picture says thousand words. It is easy to describe any details using photographs or images. It is very easy for child to learn anything through visual aspect. Some learning would be almost impossible without visual support. Small children start their learning process with the use of picture books and are much more likely to engage with a book that has pictures than text-heavy book. Advertisement using pictures are very effective on people. Photographs are also important in our life. In this article I am trying to find ‘how images are important in different ways in our everyday life’.
438 A Comparative Study of Entrepreneurial Skills of Commerce and Management Students of Selected Universities of Haryana, Dr. Kritika
In a developing economy like India, Entrepreneurship has a very significant role in economic development of economy. The study of entrepreneurial skills is essential not only to solve the problem of unemployment but also to solve the problems of industrial development, regional inequalities, unequal distribution of income and wealth, concentration of economic power and diversion of profits from traditional avenues of investment. Today students are faced with an array of stream selection and competition is fierce among students. This is why an understanding of entrepreneurial skills is vital to the success of a commerce or management student. This paper is a humble attempt to sketch the various important dimensions of entrepreneurial skills in India. A major part of the work is devoted to deal with the entrepreneurial skills of commerce and management students.
439 Utilisation of Banking Products by The Customers, Dr. S. Kavitha
Electronic banking implies performing basic banking transaction by customers round the clock globally through electronic media. It also defined as “delivery of bank services to a customer at his office or home by using electronic technology and this has resulted in conceptualization of Virtual banking”. It covers computer, telephone and other delivery channels. In recent time E-banking has spread rapidly all over the globe. All Banks are making greater use of E-banking facilities to provide batter service and to excel in competition. The spread of E-banking has also greatly benefited the ordinary customer in general and corporate world in particular. The facilities of E-banking are: Automated Teller Machines (ATMS), Plastic Card Currency, Mobile Banking, Telebanking, Electronic Clearing Services (ECS), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), National Electronic Funds Transfer System (NEFT), Cheque Truncation System. The suggestion of the study in E-banking should be offered to public free of charge as possible, and to provide trained banking staff in various of E-banking The study indicates that the advances in technology and telecommunications have certainly introduced new delivery channels for the commercial banks product and services. These new delivery channels include Automated teller machines (ATMs), Internet banking, Mobile banking, Telebanking and Electronic fund transfer (EFT). Among these new delivery channels Automated teller machine (ATMs) are the most widely accepted and highly utilized delivery channel by the customers. The banks have to educate customers in the use of every new technology / delivery products to make use of it. On the whole e- banking increased operational efficiencies and reduces costs, besides giving a platform for offering value added services to the customer,
440 Perception of House Wives on the Importance of Savings with Special Reference to Sirkazhi Town, Dr. Balu. A, Ms. Muthumani. K
T This paper focuses on the attitude of housewives towards savings in Sirkali town in Tamil Nadu state. An attempt has been made to identify factors influencing investment decisions by them. Data analysis reveals that the factor ‘facility’ play a major role in influencing savings decision compared with other factors. It is felt that awareness level regarding is low in rural areas. Therefore campaigns, advertisements and other awareness programmes may be conducted in semi urban and rural areas especially among women folk.
441 After Sales Service Impacts Customer Satisfaction: A Case Review of Mobile Phone Industry in Delhi, Ncr, Dr Saloni Gupta, Ms. Rati Dhillon
The current study is focused on understanding the dynamics of after sale service and its importance in the mobile phone industry along with its impact, if any, on the satisfaction level of customers in Delhi. The study uses a structured closeended questionnaire to conduct survey among 500 respondents selected on random basis. It was found that there is high efficiency among mobile phone retailers in delivering after sale services to their customers. Also, the efficiency of after sale service had a direct and positive relationship with customers’ satisfaction level.
442 Factors That Motivate the Rural Households To Buy Microinsurance Products, A. Meenakshi, Dr. U. Jerinabi
Microinsurance is a form of finance designed to suit the needs of rural people who do not have access to conventional forms of insurance. It consists of small premium policies on life, weather, accident, household, fire, cattle and motor insurance. The insurance needs of rural India are different from their urban counterpart and cannot be met by formal insurance products. Objective of the study is to analyses the factors that motivate the rural households to buy microinsurance products and factors analysis is applied to identify the factors and multiple regressions are used to test.
443 Assessment of Knowledge And Attitude of Trainee School Teachers Towards Identification and Management of Specific Learning Disabilities Children in Selected Training Institutions of Odisha, Kalyani Moharana, Dr. Mohua Biswas, Dr. K. Reddemma
Objectives 1. Assess the socio-demographic profile,knowledge & attitude of trainee school teachers towards identification and management of SpLD children; 2. Suggest appropriate recommendations. Material & method:- Type of Study:- Cross-sectional study Place of Study:-V.S.S, Medical College Hospital, Burla. Study Subjects:- 269 trainee school teachers. Study Instruments: - Pre-tested & pre-Designed Questionnaire Study Analysis: - SPSS version 17.0 Observations :- Out of total 269 study subjects 33.1% were from North, 23.8% East, 22.3% South & 20.8% from west Zone respectively. 93.70% were in the age of 18- 25 years, 6.30% were in the age of 26- 32 years, 59.9% were female & 96.3% unmarried,81.40 % from rural area All of the teachers had inadequate knowledge but 94.80% had favourable attitude towards SpLD. Conclusion: Guideline (self instructional module) is effective for trainee school teachers to increase their knowledge.
444 Designing a Prototype Model for the Application of Knowledge Management Strategies in Agriculture , Dr. R. Balasubramani, Santosh A Navalur
India is one of the rapidly developing nations of the modern world. It has become an independent country, a model republic, more than six decades ago. During this period the country has been engaged in efforts to attain development and growth in various areas such as building infrastructure, finance, agriculture, industrialization, rural development and so on. As compared to the various areas of development agriculture, have not reached the desired level of development and reflects lot of scope for development if we can think of competitive strategies. In this paper we have made an attempt to discuss the importance application knowledge management in Agriculture and its prototype model to implement knowledge in agriculture in a comprehensive way.
445 The Significance of Landscape in Pahari Miniature Painting, Jeevan Kumari
Paintings under Rajput school of Art were divided into two catagories. Tajasthani school and Pahari school. In the second half of the 19th century Pahari paintings play a great role in the history of Indian miniature painting. The earliest paintings in miniature style originated in Basohli, from where the style spread to the hill states of Mankot, Nurpur, Kulu, Mandi, Suket, Bilaspur, Nalagarh, Chamba, Guler and Kangra. Pahari Artists inspired from the natural beauty. They filled the emotions in the landscapes which is said the painted poetry and express the harmony between man and nature. They used the landscape to present the main theme as the suitable background for them. Landscapes were based on the illustrations of Baramasa Bhagvata Purana, Rasamanjari and Ragamala series.
446 Effect of Movies on Value Orientation in Senior Secondary Students, Kanchan Sinha
Research was done to assess the orientation in value through movies among senior secondary students Durg district (C.G.). Measurement of Value Orientation by Movies’ by Ojha and Ojha was administered on 100 senior secondary students ( 50 males and 50 females ). Result of this study shows that senior secondary students values are highly oriented by movie viewing as only 0.84% students were found in negligible and very low value orientation range ; majority 56.5% students were in very high value orientation range and 26.5% students in high value orientation range. Only 9.17% and 7% students were in average and low value orientation range respectively. Among all the values , theoretical values were most and economic values were least oriented values. Both male and female senior secondary students were highly oriented by movies but significant difference were found only between political value , rest value have no significant difference between male and female senior secondary students.
447 DFT studies of small rare-gas clusters, Koushiki Gupta, Asoke P. Chattopadhyay
Small rare gas clusters RgN (N=3 – 7) has been studied at the DFT level using a fairly large basis set (aug-cc-pV5Z) and PBELYP functional. Potential energy curves of ground states over some interatomic distances have been plotted. Binding energy and equilibrium bond distance values agree with experimental findings.
448 Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Palladium (Ii) with Cyanex 301, Bhanu Raman, Shweta S. Salunke
This paper describes experimental work of solvent extraction of Pd (II) from acidic aqueous media with Cyanex 301 as extractant in chloroform. Various parameters such as acid concentration, reagent concentration, shaking time, effect of diluents and effect of foreign ions were studied. Quantitative extraction of Pd (II) in 0.5M HCl was possible with 0.05 M Cyanex 301 after 60 seconds of shaking .The pale yellow coloured Pd-Cyanex 301 complex exhibits maximum absorption 310 nm where extraction of reagent was found to be negligible. The complex is stable more than 48 hrs. The probable composition of the species has been deduced from the extraction data. Beer-Lambert law is obeyed in the concentration range 6µg -80µg with Sandell’s sensitivity of 1.09 x 10-3 µg/mL/cm2 and molar absorptivity of 91,166 mole-1.cm-1.dm3. A study of effect of diverse ions on the extraction showed that several metals ions like Ti+4, Mg+2, Ce+4, Al+3, Mn+2 do not interfere during the extraction and estimation of Palladium. The data have been successfully employed for the separation of binary mixtures containing the non interfering metal ions. The optimized conditions of separation have been successfully utilized to recover metal from real samples.
449 A Study on Risks Faced by Exporter, Dr. G. Chandrasekar, Mr. T. Balamurugan
International trade has its risks, but it also opens up a world of opportunities. The possibility of getting unexpected returns from an investment is called as risk. Risk results in receiving lower returns than an actual return which expected. It includes the probability of losing a part or whole of the original investment. The essential feature of risk is uncertainty. The possibilities of facing risks are large proportions today due to the political and economic changes that are sweeping the world. An outbreak of war or civil war may block or delay payment for goods exported. A coup or terrorism may also bring about the same result. Payments for exports are open to risks even at the best of times. This study was conducted to find out the risks that are frequently faced by the exporter and also to find out the factor which influenced the exporter to insure risk.
450 Level of Awareness on Investment with Reference to Employees of Information Technology Sector, Mrs. P. Sasirekha, Dr. U. Jerinabi
Awareness of investors is considered to be indispensable while studying one’s savings and investment pattern. Awareness of an investor towards savings and investment is created modified and shaped up by various external sources. The print and electronic media such as the dailies, weeklies, television, radio etc., and personal contact with friends, relatives, investment consultants etc, contribute a lot in creating awareness among investors. For improving financial literacy of individual’s there lies a need for financial education. For designing an effective financial education program, current awareness level as well as investment behavior of individuals towards financial products must be known. This paper is an attempt to examine the level of awareness on investment. The study concludes that, majority of the investors are having only average level of awareness on investment.
451 Impact of Organised Retailing on Unorganised Small Traders in Salem District, Tamilnadu-an Empirical Study., Mr. C. Chinnaraja, Dr. M. Sivasubramanian
Organised retail is to continue the growth in Tier I and Tier II cities. This change is due to increase in consumer Most of the organised retailing has started in India after 1991, liberalization. Indian organised income, lifestyle, awareness and few other reasons. Our study is to find out the impact of organised formats entry into the well established unorganised market in Salem district, Tamilnadu. This study involves a detailed analysis of a survey conducted by us in Salem district unorganised market. The findings reveal a significant change in the buying habits of consumers after the entry of organised stores. This paper not only highlights the organised retailing’s impact but also the consumers’ pattern of shift towards it from unorganised stores in the survey area.
452 Benefits of employee training for developing economy, Sonal Goyal, Nidhi Chhabra
Training and Development is vital to any business for sustained development and acts as a continuous process for improving the caliber and competence of the employees to meet the current and future performances. Employees are valuable resource (asset) of the organization. It provides a competitive advantage at any level: individual, organizational, and society. It consists of individual or employee and overall growth of the employee as when employees of the organization would develop the organization, organization would be more flourished and the employee performance would increase. This paper attempts to study benefits associated with training and development at different levels.
453 Regional Aspirations in North East India: the Experience of Assam, Bijoy Gogoi, Mr. Anjan K. Bordoloi
Regionalism, as a political ideology is gaining ground in India. If we go back to history, we will find that, after the regional movements in the South and in Punjab, the movement in Assam can be counted as one of the oldest regional movements in the country. The paradigm shift that the regional movements have brought about is to change the mindset of the people so as to facilitate a localized, pin-pointed outlook to political problem-solving. At this juncture, when most states have felt the need for regional parties to raise their respective problems, Assam has reduced the regionalists into almost non-entities, with less than one-twelfth of the total seats in the legislature. AGP is now the fourth largest party, after the Congress, AIUDF and the BPF. The Assam Movement was instrumental in bringing about a surge of regional ambitions in the eyes of the common man. That it instilled in an ordinary man ability to dream about regional prosperity is the biggest contribution of the movement. The inability to follow up the dreams that were created, and a failure of the political class who were entrusted to convert those dreams and idealism into reality has really dashed hopes and lofty dreams. The society in Assam seems to settle down, and seems content for much lesser. Regionalism cannot only be confined to formation of a political party and its existence, it has to be a broader, a more widespread phenomenon. The problem arises when certain groups assert their authority over it, when the actual authority should lie with the people. The soul of Assam lies in a regional ideology, where people come out of their differences in customs and celebrate their diversity. The concept ‘Son of Soil’ plays an important role in the process of growing the sense of regionalism in North Eastern states particularly Assam. As a result of growing regionalism, various movements occurred for the separate autonomy within Assam in different times.
454 Bauddhakalin Chikitsa Vigyan, Ek Avalokan, Suraj Pratap
455 Right To Privacy: Whats That? Asks Media, Mrs. Ashwini
Privacy is the asset of an individual. Every human being will have some or the other matter or issue which they consider private; which they do not want the world to know. Respecting the privacy of an individual is our duty. Thus the media should also respect the privacy rights of all, be it film celebrities, politicians, sports stars a layman too. But an analytical view into the functioning of media offers a clear picture that privacy is barely respected by them. “Everything is their cup of tea”. The Indian constitution too provides Indian citizens protection from violation of privacy rights. If the media is announcing some private matter, which if not done will affect the security of the nation or well being of the society it is accepted. But media many times gets into the bedrooms of celebrities, their health records or files, their family fights or husband wife relationships, extra marital affairs, divorce, children and several other issues which are completely personal and are not necessary for the public’s knowledge. This paper tries to look into these issues in detail, provide cases to substantiate the same and also provides feasible solutions for it.
456 Redefining Tax Residence of Companies, Utkarsh Kumar, Shria Tikoo
: Regarding tax, the major aspect that counts is where one inhabits – “the residency”. The residential status of a company essentially determines the taxability of a company’s income in India. For a company, which is a resident of India, the whole lot of income that is earned by it becomes taxable whereas a non-resident company only pays taxes for its income sourced in India. Hence, in order to evaluate the taxability on income, determining the residential status of a company is of the utmost significant. The paper will evaluate the significant changes that are brought about in the Finance Bill widening the scope of residency to a great extent