1 Modern Technological Advances and the Challenges in the Kente Weaving Business of Ghana , Philip Spitta Ansah  
The study examined the challenges of introducing modern technology to facilitate the traditional Kente weaving business of Ghana. Amongst its objectives were ascertaining the weaknesses associated with introducing the technology by identifying the threats emanating from infusing modern technology into the industry. The importance of the study lies in the fact that the findings and recommendations will not only go a very long way to enrich the body of knowledge on the subject of Kente weaving business in Ghana, but will also help make the cottage industry more attractive to the youth and uplift the living standards of the Kente weavers. Challenges associated with the initiative had to do with the fact that most of the weavers are old and illiterates so a lot of work has to be done in coaching them to come on board with the new technology. It is unlikely that the existing weavers would be able to fund the equipments needed for a smooth integration of technology into the weaving of Kente. Keywords: Technology management, Innovation, Kente weaving, traditional, Challenges, weaknesses.