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Pakistan Journal of Society, Education and Language

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1 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS OF ORPHANS IN ORPHANAGES: A CASE STUDY OF AL-ISLAH CENTER IN DISTRICT MARDAN  , Abbas Tahir Master Student    Shah Saud M.Phil Scholar     Dr. Ahmad Ali Assistant Professor  & Dr. Syed Rashid Ali Associate Professor  Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan bukharasani@gmail.com (Corresponding Author)   
Abstract  The study intends to reflect the ideal and actual situation of Al-Islah Centre considering Government policy for orphanages. Recreational, educational and food characteristics of the policy were considered for the research. The study used qualitative method and interview schedule was used as a tool of data collection. The results show that performance of the orphanage in providing a normal life to orphans is impressive however, there are certain gaps between the policy and its real implementation especially in recreational aspect. The educational interventions also have flaws, as per policy. All the problems were rooted in the financial barriers. So, the Government has the obligation to eradicate those barriers through funding the orphanage.  Keywords: Orphan; Orphanage; Food; Recreation; Education 
2 GROWING USE OF INTERNET AND SOCIAL MEDIA IN PAKISTAN: EFFECTS ON FAMILIES AND CULTURAL VALUES  ,     Nazir Ahmed Sangi Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad nazir.sangi@gmail.com & Nasim Khan Mahsud   Lecturer, Department of Sociology Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad nasimkhanmahsud@gmail.com (Corresponding Author) 
    Abstract  The Information & Communication Technology-ICT devices are indispensable today. Globally, it is evident that such technologies have variant effects on work and non-work situations. It is generally assumed that these devices are facilitating the fast-moving societies. Though positive effects of ICT usage are improving lifestyle but literature emphasizes over negative consequences of social media on families particularly on childparent inter-relationships. ICT has well-blended itself to the everyday life of people in modern times throughout the globe. Keeping this situation in view, the current paper presents outcomes of an exploratory study conducted at Islamabad and Rawalpindi with 200 postgraduate students of Allama Iqbal Open University – AIOU. Mainly quantitative approach was employed to have a clearer and reliable understanding about the issue under study. Specifically, to assess the effects of these technologies on family domains at i) social, ii) cultural and iii) individual level, purposive/judgmental sampling technique was used for data collection. The samples consist of both male and female respondents’ views, which advance our understanding about how social media is shaping social, cultural aspects of family life and relationships of individuals in families. The study also examined the positive/negative influences of social media, which provided several dimensions helping to offer suitable measures for the optimum beneficial utilization of ICT at family level.  Keywords: ICT; Education; Internet resources; Usage; Social media; cultural values