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Revista de Divulgação Científica Sena Aires

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Resumo: O objetivo desta revisão de literatura foi mostrar a relação entre nutrição, saúde e o conceito de qualidade de vida no envelhecimento. O estudo também descreve os fatores biológicos, psicológicos e sociais que determinam os hábitos alimentares e a relação entre o estado nutricional e as condições sociais e seus impactos na saúde do idoso. O artigo mostra que os hábitos alimentares dos idosos são influenciados por fatores individuais, culturais e sociais que afetam diretamente o acesso, a escolha e o consumo de alimentos. Concluímos que o consumo de alimentos, representado pela quantidade e qualidade dos alimentos, é afetado pela renda, pelas interações sociais e pelo humor do idoso, bem como pelos aspectos fisiológicos e fisiopatológicos.
Abstract: The aim of this literature review was to show the relationship between nutrition, health, and the concept of quality of life in aging. The study also describes the biological, psychological, and social factors that determine the eating habits and the relationship between the nutritional status and the social conditions and their impacts on the health of the elderly. The article shows that the eating habits of the elderly are influenced by individual, cultural, and social factors that bear directly on the access, choice, and consumption of food. We concluded that food consumption, represented by the quantity and quality of food, is affected by the income, the social interactions, and the mood of the elderly, as well as by physiological and physiopathological aspects. The identification of the determinants of eating behavior along with the assessment of the nutritional status and the social conditions of elderly individuals are important factors for the improvement of the quality of life and the promotion of healthy aging.
Abstract: The actions considered of medium and high outpatient and hospital complexity are to the managers an important cast of responsibility for ensuring the resolvability and integrality of assistance to citizens. The Ordinance SAS / MS nº 120, April 14, 2009, gave new standards for hospitals providing services of the Unified Health System. Among them are included those related to highly complex nutritional therapy (enteral and parenteral). The public hospitals of the Federal District find difficulties to qualify and subsequently accredited them. The objective of this study was to describe the current situation of public service of Federal District in actions of accreditation in Nutritional Therapy for High Complexity. This was a descriptive study conducted from April to July 2012 based on information from the public hospitals of the Federal District and technical documents / records. Meetings were scheduled with the various Regional Health for clarification of pending accreditation. The information was compiled into a database and recorded in the form of report to the managers. As the hospitals were suited to the requirements of Ordinance nº 120, the documents were sent to the accreditation/qualification. The study showed that three Units have achieved the desired profile for accreditation/qualification. The Ordinance nº 120 may contribute to the control and monitoring of actions in healt h facilities, because it establishes criteria that depend on the integration of different areas.
4 STUDY OF PREVALENCE AND MICROBIAL RESISTANCE RATES AT A PUBLIC HOSPITAL IN RIO DE JANEIRO CITY , Marcus Vinicius da Silva Coimbra, Marcus V. da Silva Coimbra Filho, Nádia Cristina de Lima
Abstract: Antimicrobial resistance among bacterial pathogens is a global problem, but in Brazil data are sparse. This study analyzed the prevalence and resistance rates of the main microorganisms isolated of biologic materials from patients in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Non – Intensive Care Unit (N-ICU) at Brazilian Air Force Central Hospital (HCA), during 2005. At microbiologic laboratory, standard methods were used for identification and susceptibility testing. In addition, quality controlled strains were utilized, routinely, to ensure accurate performance of the assays. The analysis of data demonstrated the presence of high resistance rates in most of the bacteria studied. It suggests that resistance, among gram-positive and gram-negative bacilli, is common and significant in hospital studied. The isolates from ICU patients presented resistance patterns higher than those from UI. Resistance rates among Staphylococcus sp. were high but similar those found around the world. The Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) prevalence was 26% and 77% when the isolates came from N-ICU and ICU, respectively. In spite of resistance to most relevant antimicrobial has been common among gram-negative bacilli, the majority remained susceptible to imipenem. Particularly alarming are the high resistance rates, presented by K. Pneumoniae from ICU and N-ICU and E.coli from NICU, probably because of the extended-spectrum -lactamases (ESBL) enzyme. These results have important implications for physicians at HCA, with regard to empirical antibiotic selection. They also have important implication for authorities involved in hospital management, as well as in the development of policies regarding antibiotic utilization, infection control and public healthcare.
5 ANALYSIS OF NOISE IN MECHANICAL WORKSHOPS OF LUZIÂNIA – GOIÁS , Ronni Geraldo Gomes de Amorim, Ana Flávia Leal Cavalcante, Simone Paixão Araújo Pereira.
Abstract: This paper presents results of a research to evaluate the sound pressure levels to which workers of repair shops of Luziânia- Goiás are exposed in their workplaces. The research also examined the perception that such workers have about the effects causes by high intensity noise and symptoms from exposure to theses noises. From the results, we conclude that repair shops represent an unhealthy environment with respect to noise intensity.
Abstract: The objective of this study is to identify the frequency of occupational accidents among crew prehospital mobile represented by the Fire Department and the Office of Mobile Emergency Care (SAMU), with emphasis on biological hazards, and establish specific goals situation favoring of accidents during the assistance to victims, assess the knowledge of mobile pre-hospital assistance team on the existence of standards of prevention and control of accidents and the accession of the same, c ompared to biosecurity measures for the biological risk. It is a descriptive study based approach for quantitative analysis. The sample consisted of a group of 33 individuals, 18 firefighters and 15 SAMU, 82% male, 58% aged between 30 and 40 years, 55% of service time of approximately 6 years, 91% load Hours Daily 24 hours, 70% were alerted to the biological risk on admission, 61% did not participated in work of Continuing Education on biosafety, 70% said there is no specialist service for the professional guidance and care, 76% of the staff are vaccinated against Hepatitis B, and only 33% made the 3-dose regimen. 100% consider the use of gloves or surgical procedure necessary and 97% report using them forever. We found 9 exposures to biological material, 89% during the visits of the victims, 67% performing immobilization procedures, providers with greater frequency of accidents 55%, 56% reported the accident immediately and only 44% were seen by some specialized.
7 DEATH AND DYING IN PERSPECTIVE OF NURSING STUDENTS , Daiana Barbosa Ribeiro, Renata Costa Fortes
Abstract: Death, loss and all its implications, are present in day-to-day professional nursing since graduation. The thanatology, the study of grief, suffering taboos that hinder their approach in academia. The objective of this study was assess students' knowledge of the undergraduate program in nursing on thanatology This is an exploratory research of field, qualitative and quantitative, carried out during April-May 2011, where we applied a semi-structured questionnaire containing 12 questions to 107 students from undergraduate nursing of a higher education institution within the State of Goiás. The analysis of the material was developed delimitation and characterization of the sample, the reflection of the students about the process of death and dying and the relationship thanatology and undergraduate nursing. We found that students leave the nursing graduate with little or no information on how to deal with the process of death and dying. It is then, to undergraduate courses in nursing, starting in their academics thanatology for the future professional terms increasingly prepared to cope with bereavement.
Abstract: The objective of this study was to evaluate chromium supplementation in type II diabetic patients in a health center in Brasilia-DF. It is a cross sectional study conducted between September and October 2011, data were collected from a semistructured questionnaire applied to type II diabetic patients in a health center in Brasilia-DF, which contained specific questions on chromium supplementation, according to certain selection criteria. This study was approved by the Ethics Committee of the SES / DF. Of the 84 patients, showed that 57.14% were female, mean age 63 years, average income of 4.8 minimum wages 5.95% with college degrees. The most prevalent comorbidities were: hypertension 26.04%, 11.90% arthritis, rheumatism, gout 2.38% and 4.76%. According to the clinical features 100% did not know the benefits of chromium as hypoglycemic and took hypoglycemic drugs for control of diabetes, only 17.85% of those read the label before taking medicine. According to interview all patients used food sweetener. It is observed that the FFQ 100% of the sample showed a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, meats, whole grains, milk and milk products. In 100% of the sample according to the 24HR investigated that all diabetics carry lunch and dinner. It was observed in this study, absence of chromium supplementation in patients with diabetes mellitus type II, and ignorance on the part of the same importance of the use of this nutrient in the control of blood glucose levels.
9 ANTIMICROBIAL SENSITIVITY PROFILE OF Pseudomonas aeruginosa ISOLATED FROM INTENSIVE TREATMENT UNIT PATIENTS OF A PUBLIC HOSPITAL IN BRASILIA , Natália Freitas Velasco da Silva, Cristilene Akiko Kimura, Marcus Vinícius da Silva Coimbra
Abstract: A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infectious disease more routine, which is defined as the presence of microrganisms in the urinary tract, from the inner parts, such as kidneys, to the external parts, such that the urethra. The objective of this study was to detect the prevalence of microorganisms that cause this infection and also examine the profile of antimicrobial sensitivity of the patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a public hospital in Brasilia-DF. The data were collected from 1 June 2009 to 01 June 2010, they passed 382 patients. Of these 360 patients underwent the examination of urine, and these 77 (21.4%) were positive. The prevalence proportion of females was affected. The frequency of the main microorganisms was: Pseudomonas aeruginosa (32.5%), Klebsiella pneumoniae (16.9%), Proteus mirabilis (9.1%), Escherichia coli and Candida albicans (7.8% each). Regarding antibiotic resistance, we have: Pseudomonas aeruginosa with high rates reaching 96% (ciprofloxacin) and the lowest was 32% (piperacillin + tazobactam) and 36% (aztreonam), Klebsiella pneumoniae also had high rates to antibiotic piperacillin ( 100%) and aztreonam (73%), Proteus mirabilis was the lowest with 0% resistance to almost all antibiotics tested only to aztreonam (17%), Es cherichia coli took up a resistance to the antibiotic piperacillin (83%) and the antibiotics ciprofloxacin and levofloxacin (67% each). The results show us that we need to implement actions to reduce the rates of urinary tract infections, in addition to prevention measures in relation to aggravating circumstances, such as elderly patients and the use of catheters for long periods.
10 NUTRITIONAL ASSESSMENT IN ELDERLY INSTITUTIONALIZED , Ramyne de Castro da Paz, Débora Mesquita Guimarães Fazzio, Ana Lilian Bispo dos Santos
Abstract: The objective of this study was determine the nutritional status of elderly residents in a particular institution of the Federal District (DF), Brazil. This research is a cross-sectional study, observational and analytical. The variables analyzed were: body mass index (BMI), arm muscle circumference (AMC), arm circumference (AC), triceps skinfold (TSF), 24-hour recall (R-24) and Mini Nutritional Assessment (MAN). A breakdown of means was accomplished by a posteriori Tukey test with a significance level of 5% (p <0.05). We evaluated 24 elderly. The anthropometric variables BMI, TSF, AC and AMC, have identified the presence of malnutrition in 37.5%, 37.6%, 54.1% and 50.0% of participants, respectively. Dietary data showed an energy consumption lower than the estimated average requirement, but the consumption of macronutrients proved to be appropriate. We found that this population has a significant prevalence of malnutrition, and food consumption with energy intake inadequate.
Abstract: The objective of this study was to identify factors related to the lack of success in smoking cessation in patients accompanied in a Health Centre of the Federal District. This is a retrospective study performed at the clinic of analytical smoking Health Center No. 02 Santa Maria-DF. The sample for the evaluation of medical records of 100 participants of the anti-smoking therapies in the period 2008 to 2011 containing the following data: sex, religion, age of smoking initiation, and Richmond Fargestrom tests, presence of depression and anxiety, the association of smoking with alcohol and other drugs, smoking-related diseases, living with smokers, reasons for quitting, and psychiatric diseases. We observed that 60% of participants were women, the predominant religion was Roman Catholic 65%, age of smoking initiation prevailed 5 to 15 years with 66%, 74% had a high degree of dependence, 81 % were very motivated, 21% had severe depression, 69% developed anxiety, 34% associate smoking with alcohol and other drugs, 45% had some disease related to smoking, 87% lived with smokers, 100% of the participants sought help because they concerned with health and 23% had a psychiatric illness. The anti-smoking treatment is essential, but factors such as withdrawal syndrome, depression, living with smokers, level of addiction, anxiety and low motivation to participate in therapies can influence non-adherence to treatment and non-termination for which continued until the completion of therapy.
12 Life Quality of Oncological Patients: An Evidence-Based Study , Jhuly Amado Souza; Renata Costa Fortes.
Abstract: Cancer is a disease characterized by chronic and uncontrolled cell growth. The oncological therapy (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) may induce anorexia, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, among others, which affect the nutritional status of patients.
13 Use of the Systematization of Nursing Care (SNC): A Tool for Achieving a Quality Audit , Maria Izelta da Silva Santos, Walquiria Lene dos Santos
This article’s intention is to do a bibliographic review on the Systematization of Nursing Care (SNC) as a tool for quality audit.
14 Sacred Bark (Rhamnus purshiana): A Literature Review , Clariane Ramos Lôbo
Abstract: Sacred Bark (Rhamnuspurshiana) is a medicinal herb that has a laxative effect. Its usage causes an irritation in the intestine that increases the peristaltic movements, thereby stimulating evacuation.
15 Clinical Case of Pregnant Women with Morbid Obesity who Underwent Bariatric Surgery. , Cristiane de Souza Queiroz; Adriana Haack2; Lidiane Batista Muniz.
Abstract: The number of morbid obese patients who underwent bariatric surgery has been increasing nonstop around the globe. There was an increase in the number of women in childbearing age who undergo this kind of surgery, assuming that serious complications can occur, risking the mother’s and fetus’ lives.
16 Adhesion to Medication in the Elderly group of “Golden Age” from the Faculty of Science and Education Sena Aires of Valparaiso of Goias-GO , Evandro Rodrigues Cardoso, Renata Costa Fortes, Cristilene Akiko Kimura, Nádia Cristina de Lima.
Abstract: In the past few years, the elderly population in Brazil has been growing, consequently leading to an increase in the amount of health issues. For a suitable and high grade treatment, it is necessary that the elderly population adhere to the necessary medication.
17 The Impact of the Regulatory Acts of National Agency for Sanitary Vigilance on Distribution of Psychotropic Anorexigenic Substances. , Juliana Pimenta de Oliveira, Rosângela Batista de Vasconcelos.
Abstract: Obesity is a disease that affects the quality of life of human beings and has been growing a lotin the past few years, which leads people to seek for treatments that stimulate a quicker and easier weight loss. The excessive consumption of these medicines compelled the National Agency of Sanitary Vigilance to publish norms to limit this abusive utilization.
18 Analysis of Antioxidant Properties of Ocimum gratissimum and Its Role in the Process of Antiaging , Dálila Dias Costa,Túlio César Ferreira, Débora Mesquita Guimarães Fazzio.
Abstract: Concern about health and aesthetics have increased through the years, thus, there is a need of further studies. Aging is triggered by several factors, but the main one is the excessive amount free radicals in the body, leading to damage to DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) molecules and loss of biological functions such as changes in the collagen’s structure. Diminishing The Action Of free radicals is supported by the adequate intake of antioxidants.
19 The Correlation Between Aging and Heredity in the Development of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Analytical Cross-Sectional Study. , Angélica Cordeiro de Oliveira Cardozo; Cláudia Rita de Araújo Lima Martins
Abstract: Aging is not necessarily related to diseases and disabilities, but nontransmissible chronic degenerative diseases are often found among the elderly, especially diabetes mellitus, DM, for presenting itself as an important cause of morbidity and mortality, especially among the elderly.
20 Analysis of the Double Product Physically Active Women on the Cycle Ergometer to 60% of Maximum Heart Rate , Sandro Dias de Carvalho
Abstract: The importance of investigating the cardiac responses in population becomes relevant for the elucidation of cardiac over load during physical activity. Therefore, monitoring of heart rate (HR), systolic blood pressure (SBP), provides us with data to quantify the double product (DP), considered myocardium effort.
21 Potential Drug Interactions in a Group of Patients with Hypertension and Diabetes of the Family Health Strategy , Maria de Souza Tavares, Thiago Campelo Macedo, Daniella Ribeiro Guimarães Mendes
Abstract: Drug interaction is a clinical event in which the effects of a drug are altered by the presence of another drug, herb, food, drink or some environmental chemical agent. It is not possible to clearly distinguish who will and will not present an adverse drug interaction. Among the conditions that put patients at high risk for drug interactions is the group of hypertensive and diabetic patients of the Family Health Strategy, because they have chronic diseases and their increased intake of other drugs.
22 The ENADE’s Chaining‑Bias in Higher Education in Brazil , Francisco de Assis Batista da Silva, Antônio Marmoro Caldeira Júnior.
National Student Performance Exam as the main tool used by the Ministry of Education (MEC) to assess, in his point of view, the quality of undergraduate Courses in Brazil, adopted by the SINAES - National Evaluation System of Higher Education (Law 10861 April 14, 2004). Those eight years in which ENADE came into force were surrounded by many uncertainties and criticism, even sparking a revolution in IES (institution of higher education - Undergraduate Course) in the national territory of Brazil. It evaluates the performance of students at the beginning and end of their graduation through evaluative cycles established by the MEC. It is the largest input in the composition of the CPC - Preliminary Program Rating and the IGC - General Index for programs. It has undergone several changes and now, as the overall result of the marks obtained by students entering and graduating, settles if a course is of good or poor quality. This is the great bias of this evaluation, regulation and supervision policy adopted by the government, forcing institutions to better understand it and prepare for these cycles; otherwise, they have to pay a very high price for poor performance of students, passing from one supervision and even the closing stroke your superior course of undergraduate with a CPC 2 or less, in a note that ranges from 1 to 5.
23 Attitudes of Students and Teachers Regarding the Adoption of the Form of Distance Education Modality of Instruction , Renata Costa Fortes; Adriana Haack
ABSTRACT. Introduction: Distance Education (DE) arises to offer learning and Internet interactivity, becoming a way to promote the professional qualification required for guaranteeing individuals’ ability to succeed in a competitive and changeable market.
24 Pregnancy After Bariatric Surgery: An Evidence Based Study , Cristiane de Souza Queiroz, Lidiane Batista Muniz, Adriana Haack, Alessandra Cedro da Silva Santos.
25 Wound Treatment: A Revision Article , Selma Márcia dos Santos Côrtes
ABSTRACT. Introduction: In Brazil, wounds are a serious public health issue due to the large number of patients with altered skin integrity, which is levied on public spending.
26 Actions and Perspectives of the Primary Care Nutritionists from Department of Health –Federal District , Adriana Haack
ABSTRACT. This article shows the role of nutritionists in Primary Health Care programs and coordination related to Datebook Pact for Life. Accordingly, it collaborates with the planning and management of health research implemented in the Department of Health of the Federal District, partnering with other institutions as well as integrating or follow discussions on subjects of nutrition and food in the deliberative. The role of the nutritionist reveals the importance of knowledge in nutrition to improve the quality of life, and enables greater effectiveness of programs and actions that up hold the National Food and Nutrition.
27 Evaluation of Pain Perception in Healthy Individuals After Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation , Ronney Jorge de Souza Raimundo, Joaquim Pereira Brasil Neto
ABSTRACT. Introduction: Recently, several reports have highlighted the therapeutic potential of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). However, not many studies have addressed a case of acute pain, although the various types of chronic pain have already shown significant responses to treatment.
28 Major Health’s Complaints of Professionals of Nursing in a Public Hospital of Brasilia ‑ DF , Deusenice Barcelos Bontempo, Maria Patrícia Vaz Nascimento, Francisco de Assis Batista da Silva
ABSTRACT. Introduction: One of the aspects of quality of life that deserves more attention is the quality of life in work. The hospital is considered a high-risk environment for hosting a great number of agents that can be harmful if not controlled.
29 Sickness Absenteeism in Workers of an Automotive Components and Parts Industry in Curitiba– Paraná , Ana Paula Hey, Juliana Helena Montezeli, Maria Cristina Cescatto Bobroff, Eunice de Pádua, Raquel Tavares Hamasaki, Cristiano Caveião
ABSTRACT. Introduction: The work is related to human activities and is a process that is constantly changing.
30 The Knowledge of Nurses in Family Health Strategy About Cerebrovascular Accident , Maisa Clauber Veloso de Almeida, Ednardo Gonçalves Ribeiro, Daniella Ribeiro Guimarães Mendes
ABSTRACT. Introduction: The cerebrovascular accident (CVA) is characterized by rapid loss of neurological functions due to blockage (ischemia) and/or rupture (hemorrhage) of cerebral blood vessels. Rehabilitation is one of the numerous roles of nursing, which stimulates independency, eventually promoting self-care, in patients, and helping their return to living in family and in community.
31 Systematization of Care Under the View of Nursing Undergraduate Students , Michelle Hermanns Gabriel Paes, Juliana Helena Montezeli, Ana Paula Hey, Cristiano Caveião, Andréia Bendine Gastaldi.
ABSTRACT. Introduction: The systematization of nursing care (SNC) is an important tool in the nursing field, which allows the nurse to apply its management and technological knowledge at the clinical practice, by guaranteeing the organization of the necessary conditions to perform it.
32 The Advantages of Using the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Exam in the Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer , Glênio Abrantes Guedes ; Antonio Marmoro Caldeira Júnior
Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men, followed by lung cancer. It is estimated that over 300,000 new cases are detected annually, of which approximately 41,000 are fatal. PSA is an acronym in English for Prostate Specific Antigen. It is a protein found both in normal prostates and in those affected by diseases.
33 Tuberculosis: Risk Factors for Treatment Dropout and Adherence Strategies , Nayara Gonçalves Teodoro Lemes; Ronney Jorge de Souza Raimundo
Tuberculosis has afflicted mankind since ancient times, but it was only at the early1940s that the chance has emerged to cure it with drugs. One major concern about tuberculosis regards the increase in its treatment dropout rates.
34 Major Consequences of Self‑medication by the Elderly , Yara de Almeida Silva ; Ricardo Fontoura
Pharmaceutical drugs are among the most frequent interventions by the elderly in order to increase survival and improve the quality of life. The changes determined by aging also promote changes in the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of drugs.
35 A Review of the Literature on the Main Publications and Main Nursing Care Procedures for the Asthmatic Patient , Antonia Fonteneles de Souza; Walquiria Lene dos Santos
Asthma is a common lung disease that is increasing worldwide and is considered a serious public health problem.
36 Potential Drug Interactions in the Protocol of Oncologic Palliative Care for Pain , Naihane Guerra Santos; Daniella Ribeiro G. Mendes; Marcus Vinícius da Silva Coimbra
Drug interaction is a pharmacological or clinical response to administering a combination of drugs, in contrast to the effects of two agents individually considered. The use of multiple drugs simultaneously is one of the main risk factors for the occurrence of drug interactions and adverse drug reactions.
37 Physical Activity in the Improvement of Life Quality of Patients with Fibromyalgia , Priscila Miranda de Carvalho ; Kelly Cristina S. A. Pereira
Fibromyalgia is a syndrome with an unknown etiology, characterized by widespread chronic musculoskeletal pain. It is defined as diffuse pain for at least three months, and the presence of sensitivity in at least 11 of 18 painful points called tender points.
38 Crime X Justice –Social Interaction as a Risk‑Reducing Factor of Criminality in Brazil , Ronaldo Augusto da Silva Fernandes
To investigate the signs of criminality in a context of non-interaction between the individuals with society
39 Associating Nutritional Status, Laboratory Tests and Symptoms in Children Aged 0 to 3 with a Food Allergy Diagnosis in a Reference Center of the Federal District , Yara Sipauba Rodrigues ; Adriana Haack ; Renata Costa Fortes
Food allergy – an abnormal clinical reaction involving specific immunological mechanisms – has experienced a sharp increase in the recent decades and is considered a serious public health problem.'
40 Perception and Feelings of Nursing Professionals about Palliative Care , Gerliene de Oliveira Garcia ; Walquiria Lene dos Santos
Understanding the meaning of palliative care is fundamentally important for assisting patients who are nearing the end of life, when they are reaching a “terminal stage”, i.e., without any possibility of therapeutic healing.
41 Microbiological Evaluation of Total and Thermotolerant Coliforms in the Water and Drinking Fountains of a Public School in Gama ‑ Distrito Federal , Juliana Arruda dos Santos ; Joaquim Xavier da Silva ; Antônio José de Rezende
Water is the most important natural resource of the planet and is essential for sustaining the life of all living beings. However, it can also serve many microorganisms harmful to the human health.
42 Adolescents, young adults and emergency contraception: An integrative review , Kamila Campos Lima Valverde, Annelissa Andrade Virgínio de Oliveira
Emergency contraception (EC) is an important issue, especially during adolescence. EC consists in a hormonal method that avoids pregnancy after an unprotected sexual relation, in the case of failure of other contraceptive method, or in case of sexual violence. This study sought to identify the scientific knowledge produced from August to October 2013 on the recourse to EC by adolescents and young adults. It employs a qualitative approach in which an integrated review method was chosen, in order to attain its proposed aim. Regarding the elements associated with the recourse to EC among young adults and adolescents, the following elements were identified: failure in the used methods, neglect, forgetfulness or not in relation to other methods, uncertainty in relation to the used method, lack of knowledge about its effects, fear of pregnancy, culture and peer influence. It is expected that the results of this study can become a source of knowledge as a means of evincing the perceptions of teenagers and young adults who resort to EC. Only by understanding the intrinsic peculiarities of this group will it be possible to organize the health system and create and/ or implement public health policies in this field.
43 Nursing care to elderly patients with depression , Ivete Sousa Meneses ; Daniella Ribeiro G. Mendes
The aging process in Brazil has been faster than in other countries, as a result of rapid change both in the fertility rate and life expectancy.
44 The importance of the role of nursing for the eradication of tuberculosis in the Brazilian population , Suzel de Souza Neiva , Ana Elizabeth Oliveira de Araújo
Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the most important concerns in terms of public health in Brazil. It is transmitted through the airways and caused by the etiologic agent mycobacterium tuberculosis. Brazil is among the 22 countries prioritized by the World Health Organization (WHO) for TB control and corresponds to 80% of the global burden of the disease. Coughing up blood is the main reason that leads to seeking medical care. Thus, monitoring the patient with TB during treatment needs to become a priority, with an emphasis on cultural, social and psychological factors. The lack of information increasingly becomes a major cause of patient dropout, while patients often make the wrong use of medication. Such situation can lead to drug resistance by the microorganism and hinder the attainment of cure. This study highlighted the importance of care and monitoring of nursing in the continuity and evolution of treatment for patients suffering from TB, considering that the public health policies aim at eliminating the illness in the long term. All analyzed papers and articles make it clear that the participation of the nurse is the key element of the health policies to heal and possibly eliminate the disease in the population. Therefore, the study suggests the need for continuous education involving educational psychology, along with nurse training in integrative, complementary, motivating and multidisciplinary care, aiming at joint techniques and activities alongside health agents, thus making the connection between health professionals and patients.
45 Incidence of cryptococcus neoformans in captive birds and free‑living birds , Gabrielle de Macêdo Cruz ; Nero Carlos de Novais Junior ; Joaquim Xavier da Silva
Cryptococcosis is a disease caused by the encapsulated yeast-fungus Cryptococcus neoformans. It is considered one of the most common fungal infections in immunocompromised patients
46 Microbial analysis of tracheal fluid samples of patients at the ICU of a public hospital of the Federal District collected by a nurse , Marianne Menezes Tosin ; Rosilene Vasconcelos Moreira ; Joaquim Xavier da Silva1 ; Mauricio Rolo Filho
The microbial analysis of tracheal fluid is an important resource in the hospital routine, used with Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients with ventilation devices or not. The aim of this study was to assess the results of microbiological analyses of tracheal secretions of ICU patients obtained by a professional nurse, describing the relation between tracheal aspiration and the variation of the microorganisms that infected the patients submitted to the aspiration procedure at this unit, and the indiscriminate use of antibiotics that has led to a selective pressure on the bacteria at the hospital environment, thus making them multiresistant. This is an exploratory and descriptive study drawing from prospective data and a quantitative approach at an ICU of a public hospital in Brasilia, DF. The sampling consisted of 27 patients with the results of 33 lab analyses. From the number of infected patients after the tracheal aspiration carried out by the nurse, the study infers the need to intensify educational activities to promote a change of behavior among health professionals, thus improving the quality of the assistance and the prevention of nosocomial infections.
47 Profile of insulin users assisted at a health care unit , Hellayne Karyna Oliveira Sousa ;Rosângela Batista de Vasconcelos
Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic disease with a high prevalence in Brazil and is considered a public health problem.
48 A study on the awareness of nurses regarding depression among the elderly , Ludmila Santos Aguiar ; Walquiria Lene dos Santos
This paper investigates key factors in the treatment of depression among the elderly. Depression is a frequent mental illness in this age group and intensely affects its quality of life. This population is more prone to depression due to the reduction of social perspectives; declining health; frequent losses; and biological, vascular, structural and functional changes, in addition to neuroendocrine and neurochemical disorders that occur during aging. There are 30 available antidepressants. Several studies have shown that the adherence to a regular exercise program can significantly improve the cognitive performance of the elderly, increasing their self-esteem, mood and sense of well-being, while promoting the reduction of physiological stress and positive effects in terms of body image, thus reducing the level of anxiety and depression. The methodology employed was an exploratory field study with a quantitative approach. The data collection instrument was applied in 26 family health programs (PSFs) in the city of Valparaiso de Goiás to 26 nurses working with primary care in the municipality. In the collected data, most of them are between 20 and 30 years old, female and single with a college degree. It was also found that monitoring the family and exercise are of great importance for the treatment of depression among the elderly. The study concludes that depression deserves full attention and care at any age, but, in addition to the sick elder’s own effort, it is also necessary to count with the attention of the persons involved in his or her life.
49 Prevention of cervical cancer: On the awareness of women assisted in the municipality of Valparaiso de Goiás , Marliene Rosa de Souza ; Walquiria Lene dos Santos
The cervix is covered by several layers of squamous epithelial cells arranged in a very orderly manner. In neoplasms, this stratification becomes disordered. Such disorder begins with progressive intraepithelial changes that may develop into an invasive cancerous lesion within 10 to 20 years. The central objective of this study was to identify the awareness level among women assisted in the city of Valparaíso de Goiás on the topic. This is a quantitative research in which data was collected by means of a closed questionnaire applied to users of a primary health care unit in the city of Valparaíso de Goiás, after their signing of an Informed Consent Form (ICF). The results showed that the health professionals who participate most with information about the disease were nurses (30%) and community health agents (CHAs, 18%). Approximately 48% did not receive any information. The data suggests that there is a need for educational activities regarding women’s health, which favors the adoption of preventive health practices to avoid cervical cancer. The study concludes that there is still a low level of participation by the users in educational activities and it is necessary to provide training to health education teams, so that they may undertake a joint work to reduce women’s health risks and stimulate and provide guidance to women on the importance of preventing uterine cervical cancer.
50 Subjective methods to identify the nutritional profile of patients with neoplasia: Patient‑Generated Subjective Global Assessment (PG‑SGA) and Subjective Global Assessment (SGA) , Erinalva de Sousa Gomes ; Ana Lucia Ribeiro Salomon
Cancer may cover nearly all tissues and organs in the human body necessarily as a consequence of genetic mutations within a cell associated with the transformation of the structure and function of deoxyribonucleic acid, as a consequence of abnormal proliferation .
51 A literature review about nursing care in the humanization of hospital birth , Ricardo Neto Ribeiro de Oliveira, Daniella R. G. Mendes
This paper sought to identify the scientific knowledge produced between 2009 to 2014 about nursing care in the humanization of hospital birth. We selected 15 articles that addressed the issue and were published between 2009 and 2014 in journals indexed in the LILACS and SciELO databases. A highlight among the journals that most published on the subject is the Anna Nery School Journal of Nursing (26.66%). The survey reveals that the nurse has a crucial health-education responsibility in connection with pregnant women, to promote humane care and ensure them a model conducive to the effective humanization of parturition and birth, while meeting individual needs by means ofthe active participation and ofthe power to make healthy choices during the pregnancy period. We expect that the results of this study may serve as a source of knowledge and encouragementfor more studies on this subject, which still has much to be explored in our context.
52 Descriptionofglomerulopathiesinsystemiclupuserythematosus (SLE) and their respective therapeutic programs , Gabrielle Silva Andrade
Lupus nephritis is one of the most important manifestations of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. Renal involvementis a significant cause of morbidity and mortality, due to the possibility of progress to kidney failure and complications correlated with chemotherapy. This study consists of a literature review based on different sources, to provide details about the types of SLE, and to describe their current chemotherapy, thus enabling accessible knowledge both for professionals and patients. The treatment of lupus nephritis is found to be peculiar and varies from patient to patient. However, the drug of first choice is either cyclophosphamide for a short period of time or other immunosuppressive in order to decrease the cytotoxicity without compromising the effect ofthe drugsused in the therapeutic regimen.Wealso perceived the need for early diagnosis and control of hypertension, in order to increase survival and improve the quality of life of patients.
53 Breastfeeding: Nursing expertise in support of breastfeeding , Rosana Lima Bandeira ; Adriana Pederneiras
Breastfeeding is the act in which the child is nouri- shed directly from the maternal breast. The process of breastfeeding conveys to newborns several important nutrients for growth and de- velopment. We evaluated the knowledge and actions to promote breastfeeding by the nursing staff of a private hospital in Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil. This is a descriptive, crosssectional study with the application of a semi-structured questionnaire. The concerns of mothers and relatives regarding breast- feeding reflects the deficiency of information during the pre-natal exams about the particulars of the postpartum period, especially breastfeeding. Professionals were found to face large difficulties to transmit the information, since 80% of the answers to the question- naire expressed dissatisfaction. The active participation of health care professionals is essential in the promotion of breastfeeding, considering the social context beyond support at the place of work.
54 Prevalenceofurinarysepsisinpregnantwomen attheUBS /ESFofCruzeiro do Sul , Jéssica Pereira Lima de Souza; Daniella Ribeiro Guimarães Mendes
Gestational urinary sepsis may be symptomatic or asymptomatic, and is a concern for professional nursing in attention to prenatal care. The objective ofthis study was to investigate the prevalence of urinary sepsis in pregnant women at the Basic Health Unit of Cruzeiro do Sul. A descriptive retrospective study was conducted by means of a quantitative and qualitative approach. Its sample consisted of 124 medical records of pregnant women. From the analyzed records, 19.35% of the pregnant women were diagnosed with urinary sepsis. 8.33% ofthese women developed cystitis, while 33.33% developed anemia, even in cases that had been treated with iron supplements. Among pregnant women with urinary sepsis, 41.66% were referred to a specialist, 12.50% to the urgency and emergency unit and 4.16% to the high risk unit. The main treatment was cephalexin (91.66%) and the more prevalent symptom was back pain (58.33%). The study concludes that it is extremely important that each family health unit has its own procedures to controlthe prevalence ofurinary sepsis, in order to provide better care to pregnant women and prevent the diseases commonly found in pregnancy
55 Knowledge of nursing students about hospital waste , Manoel Ribeiro ; Wender A. de Oliveira
Hospital solid waste, or medical waste, has always been a serious problem for hospital administrators. With the wide range of activities that occur in the hospital environment,the discarded waste does not receive proper treatment and can pose a great danger both to human health and to the environment. The objective ofthis study was to describe and evaluate the knowledge of students ofthe 8th nursing period at the Sena Aires Faculty of Sciences and Education on management of medical waste. This is a descriptive, observational study with a quantitative approach that applied a questionnaire on medical waste to analyze the degree of knowledge of the students. It was possible to identify the knowledge of nursing students on the subject through the questionnaire. The number of correct answers was satisfactory, indicating that respondents theoretically know the correct forms of disposing waste, which unfortunately are not perceived in the daily waste disposal practices of hospitals. Therefore, the study concludes thatproperwaste management can significantly contribute to reduce the occurrence of accidents, especially those accidents caused by sharp objects.
56 NURSING WORK IN PSYCHOSOCIAL HEALTHCARE CENTERS - LITERATURE REVIEW , Iel Marciano de M. Filho, Maria Salete S. Pontieri Nascimento, Osmar P. dos Santos, Keila Cristina Félis, Thaynara Nascimento dos Santos
We assessed the nursing work in the psychosocial healthcare centers according to the scientific literature. This is a literature review performed in the Virtual Health Library, PubMed, CAPES Periodicals Portal and Public Catalogue of Journals and included references published between 2007 and 2013. The essential role of nurses is brake the concepts of exclusion what demands seeing patients in their integrality and seeking their social reintegration. However, a few actions taken for nurses were described as idealsbut they not always happen- such as: receptions, triage, anamnesis and disease historical, home visit, elaboration of the singular therapeutic plan, health team meeting; coordination of groups/workshops; attendance of familiars; individual attendance, application of the SAE, nursing consultation; supervision and training of nursing technicians and auxiliaries. CAPEs’ nurses is a participant, deliberative and collaborative professional into the multidisciplinary team, but his/her work will only be effective when we see the patients in their integrality and overpass the barriers of the biologist practice.
57 TREATMENT OF TRIGGER POINTS WITH CUPPING THERAPY , Gabriel Henryque Campos; Cláudia Teixeira Santos
Cupping therapy helps dissolving trigger points (TPs) located in a fascia by stagnation. This technique consists of releasing the connective tissue, thus releasing the fascia, increasing blood circulation and oxygenation for a better sliding of the aponeurosis, while relaxing the affected muscles. TPs are one of the most common causes of musculoskeletal pain, leading to a muscle pain condition characterized by palpable nodules in hypersensitive areas of the most superficial muscles. The objectives of this study were to review some concepts on TPs while using cupping therapy to verify its effectiveness. We searched the literature at the PubMed, Medline and SciELO electronic databases, and reviewed studies on the development of trigger points, as well as the theories of their pathogenesis and clinical diagnosis. The result of this research shows that treatment of myofascial trigger points with the suction cup significantly reduce the pain threshold, and that it is important to undertake further studies on this topic.
The medicinal decline of Cannabis came with the appearance of other substances and the difficulty of isolating its active principle. The Israeli professor, Raphael Mechoulan, was able to identify and isolate the main components of this plant, allowing a greater knowledge about a Cannabis. It has about four hundred substances. Among these substances, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol, one responsible for psychoactive effects and the other for not being psychoactive, were the most interesting ones. In studies, it was possible to perceive that there are different species of Cannabis, and Cannabis sativa is characterized by a high THC content, Cannabis indica having a low THC content and Cannabis ruderalis that has no psychoactive substance. Another finding that drew much attention was that of cannabinoid receptors. Being CB1, which has great concentration in the brain and are responsible for most of the psychoactive effects, CB2, which are found in the immune system, and finally CB3 which is the way they call the other non-CB1 / CB2 cannabinoid receptors. With the advancement of medicine and all these discoveries it was possible to carry out studies with Cannabis and to prove that it has pharmacological effects. Today, this plant is used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, AIDS, glaucoma, schizophrenia, anxiety, weight reduction and insomnia.
Cancer of the cervix is a tumor that affects the lower portion of the uterus, called the cervix or cervix. Currently, Cervical Cancer has been a victim of women worldwide. It occupies the second place in the list of cancers, only losing for the mammary neoplasias. The objective of this study is to evaluate nurses' knowledge about the control of Cervical Cancer, where nurses work in an integral manner. It is a cross-sectional descriptive field study and with a quantitative approach, 35 professional nurses were surveyed in the city. The results point to the full knowledge of this pathology, characterized by the ethical approach and humanized approach to the patients submitted to the essentially invasive examination, confirming a reasonable adherence to the examination. It is concluded that the service for the prevention and treatment of women's health in the municipality is fulfilling what is recommended by the Ministry of Health. Nevertheless, it is necessary to invest more in the health area, such as: training and training of nurses, campaigns information aimed at the less favored society.
We analyzed the scientific knowledge of the nutritionists of Basic Health Units, the Regional Centers of Home Care and Clinic Area Public Health in the DF on the nutritional treatment of Allergy to Cow's Milk in Infants. This is a descriptive cross-sectional study with 48 nutritionists. All nutritionists are female and 72.91% has expertise in infant nutrition and other areas and 70.80% work 40 hours / week. There's no statistically significant association between the degree of specialization of nutritionists and frequency of care to infants (p = 0.6603) nor between the workday with the frequency of care (p = 0.4647). The nutritionists who work in Clinical showed higher levels of correct answers in the knowledge and treatment practices, followed by Basic Health Units. The nutritionists of three areas showed extensive knowledge about protocols and treatment of allergy - related practices. Participation in training, access to information and scientific research can contribute to a more effective treatment and quality.
61 OCCURENCE OF CAR CRASHES BETWEEN 2009 AND 2013 IN A CITY OF NORTHWEST MATO GROSSO , Dulcinéia Martins Ferreira Companhoni, Rodrigo Marques da Silva
We analyzed the occurrence of traffic accidents in urban areas Juina, Mato Grosso, BRAZIL. This is a documentary research, with the object of study the records of 2110 occurrences of traffic accidents occurring between January 2009 to December 2013 and collected data of traffic accidents bulletins of the PM VIII Regional Command. After collection, the data were entered into Microsoft ® Excel ®, version 2013, and analyzed using the Statistic Package for Social Sciences, where the variables were analyzed according to the year of occurrence and considering all years involved (2009-2013). In the analysis of the annual distribution of accidents, there was an increase in the number of accidents in Module 5 neighborhood between 2012 (19.2%) and 2013 (19.8%); with a predominance of ATs in the period between 18:00 and 06h01min in 2011 (13.12%) and those caused by collisions (19.2%) and collisions (19.4%) in 2010. In addition, alcohol consumption was predominant motivation in 2009 (18.9%), and the Sabbath day most accidents occurred in all years (21.7%). These results confirm the hypothesis of this study, that is, that there is a predominance of accidents in Module 5 district (Five), on weekends, in celebratory months, motivated by alcohol, being the type collision and avenues of congestion such as Avenida Mato Grosso and Londrina Avenue. Thus, we emphasize the importance of strengthening the measures contained in Law with character education and preventive actions so that the number is reduced traffic accidents and their consequences for victims.
62 OCCUPATIONAL STRESS IN TEACHERS OF A HIGHER LEVEL EDUCATION INSTITUTE ON METROPOLITAN AREA OF GOIÂNIA , Bruna Luiza de Souza Araújo, Danyara Vaz Gomes, Viviane dos Santos Pires, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Ana Lúcia Siqueira Costa
This paper aims to evaluate the stress level on teachers of the healthcare area of a Higher Level Education Institute (HLEI) in the metropolitan area of Goiânia-GO. It is a cross-line, analytical and quantitative research which was made from September to November 2017. The data were collected based on a sociodemographic and professional Questionnaire and through the Job Stress Scale (JSS). After the application of the instruments, a database was made by using IBM SPSS Statistics 20 software. 49% of faculties showed high level of stress and 51% low level of stress. The most reported stressors were: deficiency in spreading information abo organizational decisions; the way how tasks are distributed at university; working for so many hours; lacking of information on work tasks; and the type of control existing at work. Conclusion: Stress is a teaching-related issue, what required programs of healthcare to these people in order to relieve the effects of stress and, thus, improve the quality of teaching-learning process in the institutions.
We aimed to identify the conceptions of nurses attending in a psychosocial care center located in Goiania (Brazil) about the caring for adults with grave mental disorders. This is an experience report with qualitative approach, whose data production was held from August to December 2013 with two nurses trough semi-structured interviews. Then, we literally transcribed the interviews and assessed them through the Bardin’s content analysis. This project was approved under the protocol number CEP/SGC 1840/2011. After assessing interviews, we found four thematic categories, as follows: Field activities performed for nurses; Core the activities performed for nurses; Difficulties in nursing acting at CAPS; and Barriers to professional acting related to the local mental health services network. The main nursing role at CAPS is centered on targeting the integral healthcare and on the premise of a self-care under a holist perspective. However, the nursing training in undergraduate level still follows the biologist model and the permanent education has been an underused resource.
64 BURNOUT SYNDROME IN UNIVERSITY TEACHERS OF THE HEALTH AREA OF A PRIVATE FACULTY OF THE FEDERAL DISTRICT ENVIRONMENT , Michael Douglas Souza Evangelista, Rodrigo Marques da Silva, Cristilene Akiko Kimura, Laura de Azevedo Guido, Ana Lúcia Siqueira Costa.
The aim of this study was to assess the Burnout Syndrome occurrence in university health professors at a private college in a Federal District’s surrounding city. This is a cross-sectional, analytical and quantitative study carried out between August and December 2017. Data were collected through the following selfapplicable instruments: Questionnaire to describe the socio demographic and professional profile of teachers and the Maslach Burnout Inventory. Data were analysed in the StatisticalPackage for Social Science (SPSS), version 17. We observed that 22.2% of faculties had high emotional exhaustion, 33,3% high depersonalization and 88,9% low professional accomplishment.After associate the subscales, we found 11% of the sample experiencing the Burnout Syndrome. Although faculties are exposed to several work stressors, they use effective coping strategies to relieve stress and, so, do not suffer of Burnout. However, they already are felling little satisfied with their jobs.
65 HEALTHCARE FOR PATIENTS WITH SYSTEMIC LUPUS ERYTHEMATOSUS - LITERATURE REVIEW , Ionara Guimarães Machado Santos, Rodrigo Marques da Silva , Victor Cauê Lopes
We assessed the scientific production about the healthcare for patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. This is a literature review conducted in BDENF, LILACS, SCIELO e MEDLINE trough the search terms: “lúpus” and “assistência” in the field “abstract” of SCIELO library; and in the field “words in abstract” of LILACS, BDENF and IBECS. In Medline, we used the terms: “lupus” and “CARE” or “ASSISTANCE” as title words and “humans” as limit.We found 88 articles, but 84 did not met criteria for inclusion, leading to 4 papers as final sample. From those, two were published in brazilian journals and two in international ones. Most were published in the last eight years (2007, 2008, 2010), with evidence level of 6 (case reports; n=3). Regarding the professional category of the first author, we verified the predominance of nurses with master degree. New researches ob healthcare for patients with systemic lupus erythematosus are needed, specially those into the nursing field and with research desings of higher evidence level, such as experimentals and quasi-experimentals studies.
We assessed the scientific productions about the guidance for adequate breastfeeding and identified the main complications from incorrect breastfeeding. This is a literature review whose data gathering was conducted from December 2015 to February 2016 in the Scientific Electronic Library Online and in Virtual Health Library. We included publications in Portuguese with full text available. Those papers without a direct relation with the main theme were excluded. We found a total of 20 articles, but 6 were unsuitable with the theme, leading to a final sample of 14 papers. The main complications of breastfeeding were: mammary cracking; breast ingurgitation and mastitis. Nurses need to provide guidance about the care before, during and after the breastfeeding in order to prevent often complications. Offering or not the breast milk is a mother’s’ exclusive decision and the health workers’ role is offering guidance and support for patients for promoting the breastfeeding and decreases the complication indexes.
67 NURSING IN EVALUATION AND CONTROL OF POSTOPERATIVE PAIN , Viviane Silvestre de Souza, Marcelo Moreira Corgozinho.
Pain is the fifth vital sign to be recorded at the same time and in the same clinical environment which are also evaluated in other signals. An appraisal of safe and effective patient in which endocrine and metabolic alterations resulting from the anesthetic-surgical trauma are considered and also the creation of standards and evaluation criteria for patient care in this period and their evaluation. The control of postoperative pain basically involves the use of NSAIDs, opioids, by various routes and methods, use of physical and cognitive behavioral interventions, such as educational techniques, relaxation, guided imagery and distraction among others. . The present study was developed through literature searches of existing articles, indexed in databases: Scielo, bireme, and lilacs, with the following descriptors. Pain, Pain in the postoperative pain assessment by nurses, the importance of pain. The aim of this study is to describe on the nursing assessment and control of postoperative pain. It is the job of nursing implement drug therapy for the prevention and relief of pain, taking responsibility for the evaluation of the same in the postoperative period for the promotion of comfort to the patient with pain relief.
This study aims to capture the perception of undergraduate students of Nursing, Faculty of Science and Education Sena Aires (FACESA) on the use of Next day pill with regard to its ethical and moral point of view. This is a descriptive study with qualitative and quantitative approach, using for data collection a questionnaire with ten (10) questions and these are specifically directed to the students of the Faculty of Science and Education Sena Aires (FACESA). The sample included the participation of 63 students, over 18 years. The data were compiled into graphs and charts using Microsoft Excel 2010 program to a greater understanding of the results. The study showed, among many things, that the awareness of how to use this contraceptive method because of the knowledge acquired during the undergraduate degree with a significant rate of 70%. Another important fact is that although the vast majority have religion (97%), they have already used this method to prevent or even stop a possible conception delay function in menstruation, for the respondents the abortifacient potential of the pill was unknown the majority (65%) where the opinions of those who thought that the morning after pill had abortive characteristics came against the view of the church. - An overview of the complexity that involves science, health and religion.
The pharmaceutical industry has been excelling in the global market as an important economic source of this sector however a need for development of methods of control and quality management. Quality control in the pharmaceutical industries is of paramount importance to maintaining your well ensure the quality, safety, efficiency and credibility of its medicinal products to the consumer market, along with the regulatory bodies of health (ANVISA) through laws and guidelines governing the GMP's. For this is being carried out an analysis of the raw material will be tested and evaluated where dimenhydrinate comparing it with current literature and the reports provided by the suppliers.The dimenhydrinate DIM is a compound derived from the ethanolamine a first generation antihistamine, which has the effect, anticinetósico and antiemetic anti-Vertigo drug.To this end the effectiveness of even the DIM will be subjected to a battery of analysis as laboratory routine, according to the literature (and USP Pharmacopoeia), certifying the reliability for the production and use of the same.
70 INHIBIT BACTERIAL FLUID EXTRACT Stryphnodendron adstringens (MART.) COVILLE (BARBATIMÃO) ABOUT STRAINS SELECTED Staphylococcus aureus , Leonardo Alves Vieira Soares, Sabrina Bartz Pereira
The Stapyhlococcus aureus is a pathogenic bacterium is extremely important to present wide range of infections and be a normal member of the human body microbiota . Staphylococcal infection also can manifest resistance to antimicrobial of choice available in therapy. This research aimed to analyze the in vitro antibacterial activity of Stryphnodendron adstringens (Mart.) Coville (Barbatimão). Through this study were developed discs at the Faculty of Science and Education Sena Aires, containing aqueous fluid extract against the micro - organism stabilized pattern of S. aureus in the middle of Mueller hinton culture with quantitative and qualitative approach in disseminating methodology second disc ( Kirby- bauer ) . At the end of this study , it was concluded that barbatimão discs showed inhibition halos with values close to susceptibility testing of antibiotics in gram-positive microorganisms
71 COMMUNICATION NURSING PROFESSIONAL WITH POOR HEARING , Efigênia Cristina Pereira de Oliveira, Erci Gaspar da Silva Andrade.
Through communication, humans sharedifferent information with each other, making the act of communicating na activity essential to life in society and showing that no matter the form of communication it is important that one understands the language of each. This study describes the difficulties of nursing professionals in communication with the hearing impaired, which aims to raise the greatest difficulties of these professionals in communication withthe DA and its opinion to the Brazilian language learning (LIBRAS). The sample data consisted of a structured questionnaire of quantitative and qualitative approach in Attentions of Basic Health Units, including 22 nurses and 28 nursing technicians where this was to survey the perception of these Professionals about LIBRAS. The result of this research reveal that professionals do not have necessary knowledge of the LIBRAS and that language is more than important part of a humanized and quality consulting.
72 THE PREVALENCE OF SELF MEDICATION IN ELDERLY POPULATION OF GOIÁS VALPARAISO , Austregesilo Fonseca Silva, Hellayne Karyna Oliveira Sousa Duarte
Self-medication is defined as the practice of ingesting drugs without the advice and follow-up or a qualified health professional. In other words, it is the intake of drugs for own risk. This study examined the degree of awareness and the risks of self-medication in the elderly population of Valparaiso de Goiás, was concerned to report the motives leading the elderly to self-medicate. This is a descriptive quantitative and qualitative. The research will be conducted with 34 elderly, Valparaiso county residents of Goiás in the neighborhoods: East Garden, Morada Nobre and Valparaiso II in the first half of 2016. Most of 61.8% makes use of medications without medical prescription, and only 38.2% is use of drugs with medical prescription. Concomitant use of these drugs with other prescribed drugs associated with factors inherent to each individual and considering your particular health condition requires assessment of risks to health, especially in regard to intoxication and drug interactions. It is very important to identify and analyze the selfmedication in the elderly, so that this information can serve as health actions to enable the planning of rational use of medicines, promoting conditions of individual and collective health, based on the performance of preventive projects or dressings.
73 INFLUENCE OF WORK SHIFT ON NURSING TEAM’S QUALITY OF LIFE IN A HOSPITAL OF NORTHWEST MATO GROSSO , Gisele Matos de Oliveira, Rodrigo Marques da Silva, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Laura de Azevedo Guido.
We analyzed the influence of work shift the nursing team’s quality of life(QoL) in a hospital of Northwest Mato Grosso. This is a crossectional, analytical and quatitative research, conducted with 55 nursing workers trough a demographic and ocupational form and the WHOQOL-BREF. After collection, the data were entered into Microsoft Excel 2013 and analyzed using the Statistic Package for Social Sciences. Workers considered their QoL as “neither good, neither bad” and they were “neither satisfied, neither unsatisfied”on their health. They showed high general QoL (60%), being the highest scores found in Social Relations and the lowest in Environment domains. Nurses with children had higher general quality of life with a signficant difference(p<0.05). The female workers with children presented lower Phisical (3.71±0.52) and Pshychologic (3,77; ±0,53) QoL. Those with past due vacation had lowe Physical Qol and Higher Psychologic and envirnomental QoL (3.79; ±0.55). The relation between work shifts and quality of life (general and per domain) were not significantly different. We suggest that additional reserches be taken, once nursing workers dayly experience the factors that contribute to a poor quality of life.
74 SEXUAL REALITY WOMEN PRISONERS , Bianca Garcia da Silva, Daniella Ribeiro Guimarães Mendes
O presente trabalho buscou apontar a realidade sexual de mulheres presidiárias, buscando conhecimento e informação sobre seus direitos, abrangendo aquelas que são esquecidas pelo Estado, enfrentando preconceitos, um Sistema insalubre e insuficiente exemplificado pela consolidação de uma Política Pública especifica para o Sistema prisional. Tendo como um dos objetivos reconhecer as dificuldades e carências enfrentadas por presidiárias e o abandono de seus parceiros, no espaço de confinamento, como expressão do desejo dessas mulheres impossibilitando de uma escolha de objeto normativo, levando-as a homoafetividade.. A pesquisa foi realizada por meio de uma revisão bibliográfica realizada com a análise de 10 artigos publicados nas bases de dados, SCIELO, BVS e LILACS. A contribuição que este levantamento bibliográfico mostrou que a busca pela promoção e prevenção de doenças e desafiadora que colocam a coletividade em situação de iniquidade e vulnerabilidade.
75 AIR PREHOSPITAL CARE: PRACTICE NURSES IN POLYTRAUMA PATIENTS , Karen Leme Bonuzzi, Claudia Cristina S.da Silva Muniz, Osmar P. dos Santos, Iel Marciano Moraes Filho, Victor C. Lopes, Rodrigo Marques da Silva.
We assessed the nursing practice in air prehospital care for polytrauma patients according the scietific production. This is a literature review whose data were gathered in Februrary 2016 from Scielo, Lilacs and Medline. As research methods we used the next decriptors from: Air prehospital care; Polytrauma; Urgency and Emergency. Air nurses need a good health condition, emotional control, criativity and improvising skills to get a satisfactoy performance during the rotorcraft flight. Also, patients need to be previoulsy clinical stabilized and the nursing team adequated trained to handle with health materials during the flight and for acting in pre-hopistal emergencies and aerial removal. Altough there are protocolos for nursing pratices in this field, we found a lack of scietific studies, what limits a wide discussion about the aerial rescues. In this sense, new and more detailed researches aout nursing care in air pre-hospital care need to be held. Thus, we can expect a safer and qualified healthcare, as well as a adequate education for professional who work in this healthcare area.
76 NURSING ROLES IN MOTHERS’ GUIDANCE ABOUT BREASTFEEDING , Ariele Londres Mesquita, Valéria Andrade Brito Souza, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Thaynnara Nascimento dos Santos, Osmar Pereira dos Santos.
Exclusive breastfeeding is a global public health problem. The nurse as educator and health promoter is the one who should guide the pregnant women in prenatal, puerperal and postpartum. There are many benefits to breastfeeding, including rapid uterine involution, benefits for the mother in preventing a new pregnancy, and benefits for the baby who will receive all the nutrients needed early in life. Based on this assumption, the study aims to identify the roles of nurses in the process of raising awareness of breastfeeding in relation to pregnant women. This study constitutes an integrative review of scientific literature and for the collection of the materials were used the Virtual Health Library (VHL) databases, Capes Periodicals and Google Scholar; the inclusion criteria were indexation of studies in the respective databases; direct relation with the descriptors; research developed in Brazil; languages of Portuguese publication; publication period between 2011 and 2016. Based on the facts extracted, it is understood that the lack of guidance on breastfeeding, the care and benefits generated are still the main reasons for early weaning; In this way nurses have an important role in the prevention and health promotion of these mothers, strategies should be created in conjunction with health teams to reduce the rate of breast complications and consequently ensure adequate breastfeeding without harm to both the mother and for the baby.
This study addresses the burnout syndrome, a disease that has the characteristics coming of stress from work, which mainly affects health professionals and education, because they are directly connected with human actions. Objective is to evaluate the frequency of risk factors for burnout and describe risk factors for burnout syndrome. The participant population of this study was a team of 12 professionals who are part of the faculty of the institution. Study of quantitative descriptive approach, using the data collection tool based on a form of the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) developed by Maslach and Jackson (1981) that evaluates the burnout syndrome. Showed up with the results that 70% of teachers have a high level of emotional exhaustion, loss of feeling, dissatisfaction as to the quality of life, 61% have a high level of depersonalization, 50% have low job satisfaction, socio-demographic variables associated to the dimensions of burnout. The results thereof are intended to pursue cases of the disease by developing policies for the health of teachers in order to provide quality personal and professional life.
The creation of the chest pain protocol aims to optimize the care of patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and other cardiovascular diseases, providing an early diagnosis and timely treatment. This work aims to evaluate the performance of chest pain protocol Heart Hospital of Brazil (HCBr) that feature added in your monitoring of the patient from emergence until their high .The quality indicators chest pain protocol in HCBr are collected through a built-in patient record that is filled by nurses throughout the client's stay in the hospital record. After discharge plug is referred to the quality sector of the institution that acts as a database providing the basis for carrying out this research, which were collected, analyzed and compared the quality indicators which builds the chest pain protocol and verifying that there conformance with the goals established in accordance with the guidelines in effect on the Brazilian Society of Cardiology and other equivalent hospital institution. The data obtained in the months of August and September will serve as prospecting for improving care for chest pain in the institution, as well as evaluating the success and effectiveness of chest pain protocol.
The increasing number of accidents occurring in early childhood care, because the pattern of these accidents are aggravating proportions reaching these children. We can see those in which only the light incident occurs, which disables that distorts and even death. The present study aims to show the importance of the nurse as educator in prevention of major accidents early childhood. This is a descriptive quantitative character, aiming to verify the effectiveness of the role of the nurse as an educator for the prevention of major accidents occurring in early childhood. From interviews with frequent in mothers of growth and development and monitoring in pediatric care units in Valparaíso de Goiás which has 38 units in your network health program, held data collection. The collection took place after the ordeal of the study by the Ethics and Research Committee. The work complied with at all times of their realization Resolution No. 466/12 of the National Health Council The results showed that 40% of respondents reported that they learned to act at the time of the accident, while 38% said they have taken adequate measures, about 21% reported that they panicked at the time of the accident. 81% of respondents reported that they were not informed by the nurses. Among the accidents addressed in consultations 10% report falling, poisoning and burns 6% and 4% drowning. It is concluded that the nurse should be seen as an educator for the prevention of accidents covered.
We examined the benefits of the Internet in the lives of elderly people belonging to the project "Living" in the municipality of Luziânia, Goiás, where a field survey with a sample of 37 elderly men and women through a questionnaire was made containing the variables: state civil, income, education, disease, physical activity, alcohol consumption and smoking. Applied a questionnaire to evaluate access to the Internet, conducting computer courses, the purpose of using the internet and benefits. It was observed that 78% of the elderly were women, 35% married, 13% received less than one minimum wage per month and 5% illiterate. It was found that 56% were hypertensive, 24% had dyslipidemia, 13% diabetics, alcoholics 3%, 5% and 5% smokers sedentary. By analyzing the use of the internet, 57% reported using this medium. Of these, 43% were qualified and the most prevalent access were: social networks (37%), research sites (31%), news and sports (12%), games (6%), entertainment (6%) and banking, labor, among others (6%). The benefits of the Internet, 95% said the internet was able to provide them, especially more information and knowledge (41%), increased communication with friends and family (31%), the exercise of memory and increased self-esteem ( 10%), fun and entertainment (6%), friends (6%) and everyday ease (6%). The use of the Internet was able to provide benefits to the elderly, leading to increased self-esteem and the possibilities of knowledge, communication and leisure.
81 COMPLETENESS OF THE INFORMATION SYSTEM OF DENGUE NOTIFICATION IN GOIÁS VALPARAISO, 2012-2015 , Leidimar Soares da Silva, Daniela Ribeiro Guimarães Mendes.
The aim of this study is to analyze the relationship between the decision making process and the data provided by the Notifiable Diseases Information System (SINAN Online), assessing the completeness of the records of dengue research records in the Municipality of Valparaíso de Goiás in the years 2012-2015. This is a documentary study, quantitative and exploratory held in SINAN Online database, evaluating the fill proportion of the fields and the recommended completeness classification. There was a completeness ranging from 55.71% to 60.78% in the years studied. There is in practice a significant overall incompleteness, with a percentage of fill below expectations. The data is used to promote direct action to combat dengue obtained a good result filling is possible to carry out direct action to combat the vector, as delimiting the neighborhood with the highest infestation index and perform search active. Notes a fragility in the fields that contains very important data that allows the formulation and implementation of public policies directly to the affected population.
82 LIBRAS AND THE ATTENDANCE OF DEAF PATIENTS IN THE HEALTHCARE SETTING , Raiene Teixeira Cardoso Lessa, Erci Gaspar da Silva Andrade
The study aims to analyze according to opinion of the hearing impaired the use of the Brazilian Sign Language (LBS) and the service even in health. We used qualitative field research, performed through an interview administered questionnaire for the hearing impaired, with the purpose of collecting data, in several places respecting the availability of respondents. According to results collected using the LBS is the most requested, is for communication between professionals and patient hearing impaired or the presence of an interpreter. The attendance for the hearing impaired, depends on factors related to communication, such as the use of pounds or more. The domain of professionals regarding the LBS is of fundamental importance for the proper performance of the service to the hearing impaired in health.
Drug identification is an essential tool to aid in various investigations aimed at combating drug trafficking, researchers have long been developing increasingly efficient methods for identifying substances that are deemed to be illicit and that are capable of creating ill health psychological and social. We assessed the scientific production about the means of identification of illicit drugs in the fight against the drug trafficking. For this research, articles published between the years of 1979 and 2015 were used, using keywords, modified drugs, drug identification and forensic toxicology. Drugs, like amphetamines, benzodiazepines, stimulants, solvents, are all on the list of controlled products and require special permits for circulation. It realizes that even having legislation that curb the free trade of these substances they manage to transit through the country through illegal salespeople, on the other hand, more and more projects have been appearing with the objective of facilitating the identification of these drugs, such as PeQui, a project of the Federal Police which aims to trace chemical drug profiles and particularities that can define characteristics and correlations between a certain manufacturer's product and thus reach a possible producer.
The Occupational Health Nursing is a professional area of great importance for organizations, in the sense of working together with the company and the workers, to prevent accidents and occupational diseases, but it faces difficulties in its daily practice. The general objective of this study was to analyze the scientific evidence about the main difficulties faced by the Occupational Health Nurse in the prevention of accidents and in the care of diseases in organizations. This is a bibliographical review, fulfilled in the databases of the Virtual Health Library (VHL) and Google Scholar, including articles published between 2010 and 2017, complete and available in Portuguese and related directly to the topic. After the search and exploratory reading, 16 articles were selectedfor discussion. The articles selected showed that exist a insufficient literature on the barriers faced by nurses in occupational health in the performance of their work, and it’s necessary capture this information between the lines in the context of research on the health of workers. There are difficulties related to the labor market itself and internal problems, in the relationship between companies and workers, mediated by the nurse. The two parties can withstand security measures, the company wanting to spend less and workers wishing not to lose their jobs, because they are sick or injured. Because time is spent on educational activities, the Occupational Health Nurse offers only a small contribution to the evolution of research on labor markets and their own difficulties.
85 NURSING TEAM’S ACTIONS FOR IMPLEMENTING THE POLITIC FOR LESBIANS, GAYS, BISEXUALS, TRAVESTIES AND TRANSSEXUALSLITERATURE REVIEW , Mirlene dos Santos Querino, Sabrina S. Almeida, Sara Carolina da Silva Oliveira, Juliane Umann, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho.
The beginning of the LGBT movement was held in New York in 1969. It was the scenario of the first revolt of these people due to the way they were treated for the authorities. While the political movements aimed fight against the criminal or sinful view of the homosexuality, the Gay pride parade started to spread around the globe. In Brazil, the seek for human rights began from meetings in public spaces, such as pubs and clubs, in the 70’s- during the dictatorship. We assessed the Nursing team’s actions for implementing the Politic for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, travesties and transsexuals. This is a scientific literature review conducted in April 2017 on the Virtual Health Library (BVS), Capes Periodicals Portal and Google Scholar trough the descriptors: nursing, homosexuality, National Politic of integral health for LGBTs’ and Implementation of Healthcare Plan. Nursing curriculums does not approach discipline son acceptance and specific treatment actions for the LGBT public, well as the diseases related to these persons. This, when graduated, these individuals will face difficulties to provide an effective healthcare for the LGBTs’. Nursing workers and society need to get training for caring the LGBT public. The healthcare provided has to be based on a theoretical and clinical point of view inorder to deliver a qualified treatment for the LGBTs’.
86 CHECKLIST OF BIRTHED NEWBORN: MAIN DIAGNOSES OF NURSING BY INTERCORRENCES AND SUCEPTIBILITY OF THE SAME IN THE NEONATAL , Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Guilherme Barbosa de Souza, Francisca Nayara Nava do Nascimento, Jéssika Lorrane Almeida Santos, Marlucia Reges de Carvalho.
The term neonatology is defined as the art and science of diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the newborn. This is an area of fundamental importance in nursing practice and that is why SAE comes from the encounter in the improvement and instrumentalization of the holistic care and quality to the same. Thedevelopment of tools that provide information, such as checklists, promote the early identification of frequent neonatal nursing problems, assisting the planning of nursing care, either during hospitalization, discharge plan development and home care guidance. The study was of a descriptive character of the type of experience report about the unveiling of the discipline of neonatology in the first semester of 2017, where the Nursing students carried out data collection through specific neonatology literature of the main Nursing problems evidenced in the NB and later elaborated real or situational nursing diagnoses and risks or potential oriented by the teacher. This study intends to demystify and to break the barriers of the difficulty that the nursing professionals still find in the implementation of the PN to the RN and soon to improve, to instrumentalize and to provide a quality nursing assistance to the RN through a developed checklist.
87 SELF MEDICATION IN BRASILIA FLIGHT CONTROLLERS , Neugivan Ricardo de Medeiros, Rosângela Batista de Vasconcelos.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), have health goes far beyond the fact of not having diseases, that is, the individual must have social welfare, physical and mental. It is not rare to find someone to make use of self-medication to achieve their well-being and can directly influence this practice in their daily tasks. In the present study we analyzed the frequency of drug use by flight controllers in Brasilia, where a field survey using a pre-designed questionnaire was conducted by analyzing the class most widely used drugs, use of time and concept "popular" of selfmedication. Aiming to provide a subject of reflection to these professionals, was applied a survey among professionals that control flight in Brasilia analyzing the constant use or not the practice of self-medicate for long or no periods , since his own diagnosis induces him to choose the best medicine, in his view, for the cause of pain, making a doctor's appointment is waived. Many patients who seek self-medicate to alleviate or slow down any symptoms and is subject thereby cause greater damage to their health by poisoning or because of masking some serious pathology.
HPV (human papillomavirus) is recognized as the cause of cervical cancer and is related to several other types of cancer.1 The levels of knowledge about HPV are low in several populations around the world, especially regarding their relationship with altered results of oncology cytology, cervical cancer and genital warts.2,3. In this study, 28 women were interviewed in the Basic Health Units of the Municipality of Novo Gama - GO, with the objective of evaluating the knowledge about this topic. The results indicate a superficial knowledge about this virus. Nevertheless, it is noted that there is a need for training of professionals involved in this pathology, which aims to provide information to the most needy population.
We aimed to Evaluate the influc in the male street population in the central region of São Paulo. The study consisted of an exploratory, transversal and quantitative field study with data collection through questionnaires with open and closed questions in the regions of the Center of São Paulo, evaluating the socio-demographic profile and the presence of RF for SAH, with random sampling by conglomerate in 96 men aged 20 to 60 years, performed in the years of 2013 to 2017. The project was presented and approved by the Research Ethics Committee, in compliance with resolution 196/96 of the National Health Council (CNS). The volunteers were submitted to a semi structured interview with questions directed to identify the interference of the emotional factors in the HA. Among the 96 men interviewed, 67 reported some value between 1 and 10 on the Psychological Stress Levels scale and 29 did not know how to report, suggesting that the male population suffers from some degree of stress due to their vulnerability conditions. Nursing has one of its main attributions, Primary Care and Health Education, becoming a partner in the guidelines for this population, aiming at the promotion and prevention of health problems. According to the above, there is a relationship between hypertension and stress after our data analysis. According to the above, there is a relationship between hypertension and stress after our data analysis. The state of vulnerability that this population is subject to, such as: danger situations, poor diet, reporting of alcohol use, smoking and illicit drugs to face cold, anger, rejection and feeling of incapacity, are in a situation of constant stress. But it is a theme that needs to be explored by studying ways in which this population is encouraged to actually change the way of life, showing dignity and that, through reintegration programs, they can redeem themselves, resulting in a reduction in the world mortality rate.
The ingestion of supplements, the main prescribers and the types of supplements used by physical activity practitioners from Brasília’s (DF/Brazil) gyms were analyzed. A cross descriptive sectional study was carried out at two gyms in Brasília, DF. The study consisted of 50 individuals of both sexes, aged between 19 and 60 years. The data were collected through the application of questionnaires. It was observed that 70% of male participants and 53,8% of female subjects reported practicing physical activity more than three times a week. This group justified the exercise practice as a concern with their healthiness. It was found that 50% of the women and 80% of the men interviewed consume supplements, between those the most consumed were Whey Protein, followed by BCAA and Creatine. The nutritionist was responsible for the prescription of supplements in most of the interviewed users, although most of them reported other non-qualified prescribers.. The results show that the consumption of supplements is a reality, especially in males. A prescription is still a concern, since indiscriminate use can be harmful.
We evaluated the Food Profile and Nutritional Status of elderly people attending a Convalescent Center. This is an analytical cross-sectional study carried out at the Center for the Coexistence of the Elderly, in Brasília-DF. The sample consisted of 20 patients, 20% male and 80% female, mean age 65 years. All patients participated in the 24-hour Food Recall register, referring to a food day and the Mini Nutritional Assessment (MAN), as well as the collection of weight and height for analysis of body mass index (BMI). According to the food consumption analysis, it was observed that the majority of the evaluated ones have adequate intake of macronutrients, and inadequate of almost all micronutrients, except sodium. For the evaluated nutrients, the inadequate intake was quantified in less than 50%. The analysis of the nutritional status according to the BMI (kg / m²), revealed that 13 (65%) elderly were eutrophic and 7 (35%) were overweight. The nutritional status obtained by MAN showed that about 18 (90%) eutrophic and 02 (10%) were at risk of malnutrition. Comparing the BMI data with those of MAN, we observed that neither malnourished or underweight elderly were found in both. The results suggest that there is a nutritional deficiency in relation to the consumption of vitamins and minerals by the elderly of the study. However, there was a prevalence of adequate nutritional status for age in both methods.
Critical Patients, because of decreased mobility, often develops skeletal muscle decline, atelectasis, pressure injury, and bone demineralization. One method that has proven to be of great value in early mobilization in critically ill patients is the cycle ergometer, which is a bedside bike that the patient can do passive, active and weathered exercises improving or maintaining functional capacity. Objective of this study was to systematically review the effects of early mobilization with the use of the cycloergometer in critically ill patients. We searched the electronic databases Pubmed, Jama, Sielo, Medlene and PEDro. In addition, a search of the published references was searched. In English, Portuguese, languages, published in the last 10 years. Including seven randomized controlled trials, randomized controlled trials and experimental study, studies were reviewed three of them applied the method in the MMSS and five in the MMI. The cycle ergometer proved to be a safe and viable method for critically ill patients with significant improvements in functional capacity and peripheral muscle strength, respiratory muscle strength, reducing the sensation of dyspnea and fatigue.
The purpose of this case report is to demonstrate how nutritional management can be performed in elderly patients with a diagnosis of pancreatic adenocarcinoma and undergoing elective surgery. The diet proposed supplied the energy and caloric needs of the patient, the goal of recovery of the nutritional status and preparation of the patient for the surgical procedure was reached, considering the timeframe in which the events occurred. It was offered the supplement with immunonutrients for a period of 12 days in the preoperative period, being continued postoperatively, as recommended by DITEN, 2011. The importance of the use of nutritional screening and screening tools for the early detection of undernourished or at nutritional risk individuals, thus optimizing the planning for the supply of specific calories and nutrients in order to improve the nutritional status and prepares them for surgery.
94 PRUNE BELLY SYNDROME- CASE REPORT , Anna Catarina Rocha Ferreira, Carla Chiste Tomazoli Santos, Chadya Samia Soares Pacondes de Miranda, Kelly de J. Menezes da Silva, Victor Cauê Lopes, Ihago Santos Guilherme.
Prune Belly Syndrome (SPB) is characterized by symptoms that are organized in a triad based on the absence, deficiency or congenitalhypoplasia of all abdominal musculature, as well as changes in the urinary tract accompanied by bilateral cryptorchidism. The objective of this study was to report a clinical case of this severe syndrome and to present a brief Physiotherapeutic care protocol. The reported case is of a 3-year-old male patient with bilateral cryptorchidism, malformation of the abdominal musculature and respiratory difficulty using tracheostomy and nasoenteral probe, was investigated at the Sena Aires Science and Education Faculty in Valparaiso de Goiás, where was submitted to a physiotherapeutic protocol. Because it is a serious syndrome, it is necessary to have an effective diagnosis for a rapid physiotherapeutic intervention, since it will be possible to know the limitations of these patients and to provide effective care with the objective of improving the quality of life and its insertion in society, promoting the well-being of the patient. child, besides serving as a guide for new research in the area, especially those with little evidence.
The adoption of measures to ensure the quality of medicines must be a constant concern of the consumers and the official regulatory agencies. Although the diversity of existing brands with the same active ingredient drugs, the question arose whether these drugs were equivalent, demonstrating the same (bioequivatent) as the brand-name drug. Thus, the present study aimed to conduct a comparative study of commercial tablets of metformin available in the cities of the interior of Goiás and certify whether these drugs are in accordance with the specifications of the pharmacopeia and fit for public consumption. The samples were analyzed for appearance, hardness, weight, disintegration, dissolution and content of the drug in vitro. The three brands of products containing metformin hydrochloride 1g evaluated when subjected to the quality assessment tests, were representative of a lot of satisfactory quality, showing properties that qualify, according to tests conducted as a product suitable for use therapeutic.
96 PREOPERATIVE GUIDELINES RECEIVED BY PATIENTS SUBMITTED TO ONCOLOGICAL SURGERY , Rodrigo Marques da Silva, Rhea Silvia de Ávila Soares, Letice Dalla Lana, Jucelaine Arend Birrer, Sadja Cristina T. de Souza Mostardeiro.
We evaluated the preoperative guidelines received by patients with gastric and esophageal neoplasms undergoing gastrectomy and esophagectomy admitted to a surgical clinic of a university hospital. This is an exploratory, descriptive and quantitative approach research, whose data were collected between November 2012and January 2013along with eight patients using a structured interview. For analysis, data were quantified by simple statistics. There was prevalence of male (75%), married (62.5%) with incomplete primary education (37.5%) and retirees (37.5%) patients. The age range stood between 41 and 78 years. It was verified that 50% of patients were underwent to esophagectomy, 75% were instructed in the preoperative, and of these 62.5% were instructed by the nurses. The highlights were the drains, catheters and tubes (15%) as contents of the guidance and the puppets (60%) as tools / resources for guidance recalled by patients in the postoperative. Patients were instructed about their surgery, recalled the information received and the resources used in pre-operative by nurses. Thus, is observed the importance of guidance adequate to the needs and questions of patients.
We the microbiological quality and the presence of aerobic mesophilic bacteria in the hands of the employees of a restaurant in Brasília-DF, and to evaluate their hygienicsanitary behavior as well as their knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the food and nutrition through a self-administered questionnaire. This is a qualita-tive cross-sectional study carried out in a food producing unit located in Brasília-DF. The sample consisted of 10 employees of the different functions, being 70% male and 30% female with mean age (years) of 33.2 ± 9.0. Regarding the level of education of the participants, 30% had incomplete elementary education, 10% incomplete second-ary education and 60% complete secondary education. The research was divided in two stages, in the first one was evaluated if there is adequate Good Manufacturing Practices in the food services through a questionnaire. In the second step, samples were taken from the employees' hands, with swab with Stuart medium. The evaluated manipulators presented good theoretical knowledge in personal hygiene compared to the manipulation according to the high number of answers in the questionnaire. However, the results of the microbiological analysis reflect a failure or deficiency in the sanitization process, classifying the level of contamination of the hands as unsatisfactory ranging from 3.7x103 to 1.2x104 Colony Forming Unit per hand. Corrective measures should be employed and employees should be made aware of personal hygiene in order to avoid possible food contamination.
We verified if prescriptions of antimicrobial prescriptions are in accordance with RDC 20/2011, to verify if there is a correct dispensing of prescriptions at the drugstore in Federal District and to identify the main errors in prescriptions such as: dosage, patient data, lack of stamps on revenue among others, thus characterizing noncompliance with RDC 20 / 2011. 318 revenues were analyzed in the period from 03/01/2017 to 04/30/2017. The present study is descriptive and documentary, presented qualitatively and quantitatively in tables. We verified that of the analyzed revenues 4 were without prescriber's stamp, 2 without the full name of the patient, 315 did not contain the age of the patient, 19 did not present the date of the issuance of the prescription making it invalid. Regarding the medicines, there were failures such as: 3 without dosing, 13 without the pharmaceutical form and 35 without the route of administration, often making it impossible to dispense the prescription due to lack of information. Among the most commonly prescribed drugs are amoxicillin and cephalexin. Despite RDC 20/2011, many medical prescriptions are still erroneously prescribed and it is incumbent upon the medical supervision agencies to act with more emphasis, thus avoiding harm to the health of the population.
We evaluated the constipated elderly and their influences of the food consumption as well as practices of physical exercises among elderly people equal or superior of 60 years. This is an analytical cross-sectional study carried out in a long-stay institution in Goiás. The sample consisted of 12 elderly individuals, 25% female and 75% male. The elderly were evaluated by the evacuation evaluation method and adapted feeding frequency. After the analysis, 16.67% of constipated elderly patients were diagnosed. The study also evaluated stool stool constancy and fecal elimination and its influencing factors, with 75% showing no difficulty in evacuating, 66.67% consuming 2 sometimes fruits and vegetables and 100% take 3 to 4 glasses of water per day. Fecal elimination was evaluated with the influence of water intake, 77.78% of those taking 3 to 4 cups per day were found to have 75% of normal fecal elimination. The present study, even in the short term, has shown that dietary intake of fruits and vegetables along with water intake has positive results in the treatment of intestinal constipation.
100 QUALITY OF LIFE AND SEXUALITY IN THE POPULATION OF THE THIRD AGE OF A CENTER OF CONVIVENCE , Bianca Jacob de Araújo, Charlene de Oliveira Sales, Lúcia de Fátima Santos Cruz, Iel Marciano Moraes Filho, Osmar Pereira dos Santos.
The elderly population in Brazil has been increasing continuously, so there is a need to discuss their way of life and their well-being. In addition, one lives in a reality in which there is little concern with the quality of life of these people, mainly when it comes to sexuality. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) quality of life corresponds to the individual's perception of their position in life, in the context of the culture and value system in which they live, and in relation to their aims, perspectives, prototypes and concerns. It is therefore essential to cover aging as a natural procedure and capable of a comprehensive approach to health. The objective of this study was to verify the understanding about quality of life and to investigate the sexuality of the elderly population in a group of elderly people in the city of Trindade-GO. This is a qualitative research with a descriptive approach. Talking about the quality of life of the elderly and their sexuality is as important as giving the first sexual orientation to adolescents. It is necessary to understand that the third age also has its pleasures and unique way of living. Old people are people who need fun, to live emotions, and to feel active, because on the contrary, they may feel incapable and useless.
101 RECOGNITION OF RACIAL IDENTITY IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION , Hellen Araujo Queiroz, Jady Beatriz Siqueira Alvarenga, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Ariana Fidelis, Leila Mendes Araujo, Lidia Mendes de Araujo.
We evaluated the construction of the identity of an Afrodescendant child in the Brazilian Schools. This is a review of the scientific literature conducted in April 2017 in the Virtual Library in Education (BVE), Capes Periodicals and Google Scholar through the descriptors: Identity, child, child education, racist, teacher. The study was divided into three strands: 1. The identity of Afrodescendant; 2. Development of the Identity of the Child; 3. The role of the teacher in the construction of the Afrodescendant child's identity. The identity of the Afrodescendant child is built in the initial series of basic education, highlighting the fundamental role in which the school and the factors that compose it, such as teachers, textbooks, and any others play in this process. The teacher must prepare to deal with these issues in the classroom, not just propagate stereotypes about the identity of the afrodescendant child. Thinking in this society where intolerance, disrespect, prejudice, racism and discrimination have been so present, schools and their teachers, are agents with a mediating role are the ability to influence citizens in the process of formation, so they must fight and seek an education egalitarian, democratic and citizenship and values the identities of black children. May these children speak, show and "dress" their identity, without fear and with pride.
The objective of this research was to relate the changes in the hemostatic system with the continuous use of oral contraceptives and the occurrence of deep vein thrombosis. Hemostasis is a physiological process that aims to keep blood flowing within the blood vessels, thus preventing the formation of clots. Deep vein thrombosis is a serious disease, characterized by the formation of clots in deep veins, the risk factors are highlighted: hereditary, acquired and probable association. A bibliographic survey was carried out in databases and databases. To obtain the results, 11 articles were analyzed. These studies show that estrogen and progestagens trigger significant changes in the hemostatic system due to their androgenic action, resulting in the formation of fibrin and may occur in the formation of clots in the veins. Because OA is the most widely used method in the world, knowledge of adverse reactions considered serious, such as DVT, becomes extremely important.
103 NUTRITIONAL PROFILE OF PATIENT WITH HYPOXIA: A CASE REPORT , Claudia Ferreira da Costa, Larissa Beatrice Granciero Barbosa.
We reported the nutritional profile of a patient diagnosed with hypoxia in home care. She is a female patient, 49 years old, with a previous history without pathologies, choked with chicken bone having lunch in restaurant, presenting difficulty to swallow if aggravated for days. With a medical indication, he underwent endoscopic surgery. Intercurrences occurred during the procedure. Hypoxia occurred after cardiac arrest and seizures, resulting in damage to three brain sites identified by electroencephalogram examination. Patient after four months in the ICU was referred to home care, where she is less than a month still unconscious, unstable and being fed by SNE (nasoenteral tube). Among some methodologies, the ASG (global subjective assessment) was the most efficient and practical in several studies to detect malnutrition that is the biggest enemy of hospitalized patients.
104 PERCEPTION OF HEALTH PROFESSIONALS ABOUT THE DIFERENCE BETWEEN BODY AUTONOMY AND PREGNANCY , Francidalma Soares Sousa Carvalho Filha, Lívia Maria Mello Viana, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Janderson Castro dos Santos, Jaiane de Melo Vilanova.
We aimed to discuss the conceptions of health professionals, especially nursing professionals working in a public maternity, about the female body self - determination based on the current Public Policies, in the scope of Sexual and Reproductive Rights and the precepts of the Right to life. This is an exploratory, evaluative research with a quantitative approach. The scenario of this investigation was the Municipality of Caxias-MA, being used as a field of research the Maternity Carmosina Coutinho. The study population consisted of 73 health professionals working at the institution. Data collection took place through the application of a questionnaire. Most professionals disagree that women have the right to self-determination in all circumstances. The correlation between the questioning of what a woman should do with her body, including abortion, with sex, showed that 54.1% of women responded partially and 58.3% of men disagree. In the religion variable, there was an equality of opinions (50%) between agreeing and disagreeing with the affirmative among professionals who claimed to be Catholics. Sexual and reproductive rights should be guaranteed to women in all situations, but not always health services and professionals, especially nurses, contribute to the full exercise of these rights, reinforcing the need for professional training and improvement in the implementation of Public Policies of health.
We aimed to investigate the occurrence of absenteeism in workers of a urban family healthcare unit located in a northwest Mato Grosso municipality. Documental research conducted in March 2015 trough the consult of documents and records about the workers who complain the healthcare team of the urban perimeter. We found a total of 35 professional absences. The main reason of the absenteeism was associated with musculoskeletal diseases, what corroborate with the related-available literature. We stand out the high number of sick leaves without the International Disease Classification number (63%), what made the absenteeism profile description harder in this sample.
106 COPING AND FAMILY STRESS AND COUNSELING IN THE PERSPECTIVE OF AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER , Francidalma Soares S. Carvalho Filha, Hilma Mirella Costa e Silva, Raimunda de Paula de Castro, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Franc-Lane Sousa C. do Nascimento.
We aimed to analyze the daily lives of parents/caregivers and people who are in the spectrum of Autism. It is a case study type, with a qualitative and exploratory approaches. An interview was applied to 32 parents/caregivers of people living in the Autism Spectrum Disorder. The project was approved by the Research Ethics Committee. The same finished with the verification that most caregivers reported that their daily life is extremely focused on the care of the child/person with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We also noted that the greatest obstacles faced by caregivers were the difficulties regarding the care of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, such as: communication and food. We also noted that the areas most affected in the caregivers' daily life were leisure and work. In this way, even knowing the difficulties in caring for people living in the Autistic Spectrum, mainly because of the characteristics of communication and social interaction, it is fundamental that caregivers have at their disposal a support network, with a view to stimulate the development of these people and to seek their insertion in the most diverse spheres, so that it has a life as close as possible to the typical one.
107 THE ROLE OF NURSES IN NURSING CARE WITH WOMEN IN THE CLIMATE PERIOD , Daniele Barbosa da Silva Andrade, Francismeire Nascimento de Araújo Lira, Enilde Vieira da Silva, Elisângela de Andrade Aoyama, Fabiane Coelho Farias.
The climacteric is a physiological phenomenon which runs through the ovarian follicular depletion which affects women in general, marking the reproductive period for non-reproductive. In this period the nurse plays an important role such as guide and educates women with allowing women to practice self-care improving their style and their quality of life. This paper aims to highlight the care provided by nurses and their actions in relation to women in menopause. The sample was held with 30 women with the age range of 30 to over 45 years, residents in the city of Gama / DF who agreed to participate in a questionnaire which addressed issues related to symptoms in the climacteric period. Based on the results it was possible to draw up charts and graphs that noted the importance that the nurse has to promote awareness of these women in climacterium. Through this research we can observe the symptoms of climacteric women and enabled us to identify the actions that nurses must draw to educate and guide them so that you can educate them to self-care meeting the individual needs of each.
We assessed and identified total coliforms and thermotolerant present on drinking fountains water of Public Parks. Refers to a qualitative-quantitative approaching research where five water samples were gathered in sterile containers. The methodology for this water analysis were performed according to the N.62 Normative Instruction from Agriculture Ministry being analyzed in triplicates and divided in two steps: presumptive and confirmative tests. The samples were submitted into three successive dilutions of 10-1, 10-2 and 10-3. All the samples were inoculated in Lauryl Tryptose Broth then incubated at 36°C (±1ºC) for 24-48 hours. All water samples presents to be suitable for human consumption according to the N.2.914/11 Ordinance from Health Ministry. Results demonstrate that the water from the analyzed drinking fountains are in potability standard for human consumption, however it does not rule out the need of continuous surveillance by tests that proves it’s quality.
109 STRESS AND BURNOUT IN NURSING WORKERS OF AN INTENSIVE AND SEMI-INTENSIVE HEALTHCARE UNIT , Graziela de Souza Alves da Silva, Gabriela Alves Vieira da Silva, Rodrigo Marques da Silva, Rafaela Andolhe, Kátia Grillo Padilha5, Ana Lúcia Siqueira Costa.
We identified the stress symptoms and Burnout Syndrome occurrence in nursing workers of an intensive and semi-intensive healthcare unit. This is an analytical, cross-sectional and quantitative study. The Maslach Burnout Inventory and Stress symptoms list were applied in 50 nursing individuals working at an intensive and semi-intensive healthcare unit. Data were assessed in the Statistical Package for Social Sciences. Professionals showed moderated level of stress (48%). The feeling of strain, tiredness and overwork were the most frequent symptoms. 44% workers presented high emotional exhaustion, 44% high cynicism and 48% low professional competency. 12% met criteria for Burnout Syndrome, from which 66,67% were nursing technicians. Although the Intensive and Semi-intensive healthcare setting has potential for stress, most of professionals are under moderate stress, what may justify the low occurrence of Burnout.
110 HISTORICAL EVOLUTION OF THE STRESS CONCEPT , Rodrigo Marques da Silva, Carolina Tonini Goulart, Laura de Azevedo Guido.
We analyzed the conceptual evolution of stress according to Biologic and Interactionist models and the main Brazilian researches conducted based on these models. This is a narrative review performed at Pubmed, at CAPES digital bank of thesis and dissertations and at CAPES Periodicals Portal. We used the words stress and nursing in each base. Applying the inclusion and exclusion criteria, we selected 22 scientific productions. As a human phenomenon, stress was initially assessed under the biologic viewpoint, being titled as General Adaptation Syndrome. Subsequently, the issues regarding to stress process were considered. We highlighted descriptive researches, which were performed to nurses and to nursing students and found moderate and low stress level. The conceptual evolution of stress associated to the researches performed among professional and students have been provided the knowledge construction in the stress field. However, analytical and experimental researches are still needed.
111 NURSING KNOWLEDGE FENCE THE OBESITY- LITERATURE REVIEW , Ana Patrícia de Sousa Oliveira, Walquíria Lene dos Santos.
The objective of this study is the nurses' knowledge about obesity, which is reached. This was an integrative literature quantitative approach, made the survey using scientific databases: Virtual Library BIREME and Virtual Health Library (VHL) in databases Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO) and Latin Literature American and Caribbean Health Sciences (LILACS) of the year 2006-2016, with specific key words, respecting the ethical aspects. As keyword, 45% of authors described obesity, 20% overweight, 15% body mass index and 20% Enfermagem.Pôde conclude that the knowledge of nurses in the construction of new habits for health is of paramount importance, always trying to see what the patient already understands about this subject, and from there add new information to promote customer health and well-being. The nurse's knowledge is essential to ensure good follow-up to patients with obesity, so it is necessary that it develop actions that promote knowledge the population, seeking necessary measures for proper interpretation of findings related to the growth of the obese population.
We reported the case of a patient with Hallervorden Spatz Syndrome, hosted in the home program of the Regional Hospital of Asa Norte (HRAN), Brasília, DF and discuss the nutritional therapy instituted to improve the quality of life of the same. This is a clinical case study between 01/09/2017 to 10/30/2017 where all the clinical and nutritional evolution of the patient during the period of hospitalization was investigated. Pode-se perceber que a conduta dietoterápica estipulada para a paciente veio a resultar positivamente na qualidade da vida da mesma. Resultados: Após a introdução adequada de uma conduta dietoterápica para a situação da paciente, ocorreram mudanças em seu diagnostico nutricional levando-a a sair do nível de desnutrição auxiliando com um ganho ponderal, diminuindo sua constipação crônica e eliminando suas úlceras por pressão. From a dietary formulation, it can be noted that the nutritional therapy instituted demonstrated benefits for the quality of life of the patient with Hallervorden Spatz Syndrome.
This work aimed to evaluate the parasitic profile in leaf lettuce commercialized in different stands of a free trade fair at Federal District. This is a qualitative research, in which four lettuce samples were randomly selected, and they were analyzed by applying the Hoffman’s technique of spontaneous sedimentation. The parasitological analysis of the four samples of leaf lettuce showed negative results regarding the pathogenic microorganisms’ presence to human health. Based on the data obtained in the present study, it is concluded that the samples have good sanitary conditions. Although the result is at odds with some findings in the literature, it is necessary to increase the number of samples analysed in additional research on the subject to an approach based on best evidence.
114 THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE NURSING PROFESSIONAL about the CARDIORRESPIRATORY ARREST ACCORDING TO THE NEW GUIDELINES AND ITS UPDATES , Ionara Sibele Leão Barbosa, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho; Bruno Alves Pereira; Synara Rodrigues Soares; Wangsney Silva5; Osmar Pereira dos Santos.
The objective of this study was to identify if the professional nurses have scientific technical knowledge about the new guidelines of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), it is a retrospective study with exploratory descriptive analysis of qualitative and quantitative character. It is known the importance of the knowledge of the nursing professionals, since it is a nursing care the greatest clinical emergency, which is the Cardiorespiratory Parade, so it is important to make clear that the results referring to the research, is that the professionals researched presented a certain Lack of knowledge about the use of the new cardiopulmonary resuscitation guidelines, 2015, some answered that they use the ABCD logarithm, and in the new 2015 guidelines, the logarithm is CABD, with this it is clear the need for a permanent education in relation to the researched topic.
115 UNDERSTANDING OF THE AUTISTIC SPECTRUM FOR PARENTS/CAREGIVERS- DESCRIPTIVE STUDY , Francidalma Soares Sousa Carvalho Filha, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Janderson Castro dos Santos, Marcus Vinicius da Rocha Santos da Silva, Najra Danny Pereira
We assessed the knowledge of parents/caregivers of Autistic Spectrum persons about the disorder. It was an evaluative, descriptive and exploratory research with a qualitative approach. The research scenario was the city of Caxias, using as research field the Association of Autistic Friends; The Association of Parents and Friends of the Exceptionals; and the Center for Child Psychosocial Care. Data were gathered trough an interview applied 31 parents/caregivers of children diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum disorder. Few caregivers knows the concept of the TEA. Concerning the most disturbing childrens’ behaviors, they quoted tantrums, nervousness, self-harm and hyperactivity. Most of participants perceived the childrens’ quality of life as satisfactory. After the study, the analysis showed that TEA is a complex theme, thus, a person having problems, but even so, parents/caregivers believe that they can have a good quality of life and develop behaviors common to all children, which demands from the health, social and educational systems an individualized care, observing as real the needs and the opportunities of inclusion that favor the socialization and quality of life of such people.
This study aimed to evaluate the outcomes of patients who are candidates for elective gastrointestinal surgery after the immunomodulatory formula usage during the perioperative period. Data were collected from 117 patients who were eligible for the 43 sample, those were divided in 2 groups (Supplemented and not supplemented) which were evaluated according to the nutritional screening (NRS-2002) results, hospitalization length and infectious or non-infectious complications appearance on post-surgical of gastrointestinal elective surgery patients. The study concluded that immunomodulatory formula do have a beneficial effect in surgical patients who were classified as nutritional risk patients by the NRS-2002. This results demonstrates the importance of nutritional care as a preventive strategy against the development of malnutrition and its related losses. Concerning the presence of comorbidities, diarrhea, number of deaths and adequacy of the supplement, no significant differences were found.
117 SUGGESTION OF A CLINICAL PROTOCOL FOR ELDERLIES WITH HEART DISEASES IN PUBLIC HEALTH SYSTEM , Ramyne de Castro da Paz, Anna Paula de Sousa Silva, Carla Larissa Cunha Sottomaio, Lorrany Fernandes Gomes, Melorie Kern Capovilla Sarubo Baptistella, Renata Costa Fortes.
The objective of this study is the suggestion to implement a protocol for the early detection of nutritional risk and / or malnutrition of hospitalized elderly patients by means of the association of parameters consolidated by the literature. The MNA-SF is a validated instrument, through large representative samples of the elderly population worldwide. Measurement of calf circumference (CP) has been used as a predictor of the functionality and quantity of muscle tissue. It is verified that the greater the measured value of CP, the better the performance of functional activity and the lower risk of frailty of the elderly. The benefit of the clinical protocol is early detection of nutritional risk or malnutrition, promoting recovery, minimizing changes in nutritional status and, consequently, providing better quality of life for individuals.
We built a new vector for expressing anti-CD3 human antibodies fragments (pMIRES FvFc R – Fc mutated) with imunoregulatory potential. We used cloning techniques for transfering a synthetic antibody fragment cloned in pUC 57 vector to the pMIRES FvFc R expression vector by bacterial transformation by heat shock; then preparation of plasmidial DNA in small and medium scale; as well as the digestion of the same with restriction enzymes and subsequent analysis and extraction of plasmid DNA by electrophoresis. Cloning procedure were confirmed by Sanger sequencing. This work resulted in the construction of a new cassette for expression of human antiCD3 antibody fragments containing two mutations in the variable region and a mutation in the Fc portion, which is believed to enhance the heterologous production of the antibody. The construction of this new expression vector, with the addition of the RNA export sequence and mutations in the Fc portion, sought to contribute to the characterization and enhancement of the binding and effector characteristics of the anti-CD3 monoclonal antibodies.
In building upon the World Health Organization’s definition of public health for entire populations, opportunities for public health internships have emerged as one of the ten essential public health services in developing a collaborative and competent workforce. Academic institutions of higher learning play an important role in preparing and maintaining structures for student success, allowing capacity building through public health internships. The Directors of Public Health Education (DPHE) document that nearly all (95%) of internship respondents reported that participation in internship programs provided the necessary skills to be effective on the job. Through the development of strong internship programs, academic institutions of higher learning and public health programs are fulfilling their mission to educate and train a competent workforce.
The objective of this study was to investigate the metabolic, immune and inflammatory effects of dietary supplementation of Panax ginseng in overweight and obese individuals. This is a qualitative review of articles published in: SciELO (Library Online), PubMed (US National Library of Medicine) / MEDLINE (Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online), Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information (LILACS) and Science Direct, Cochrane Library from 2012 to 2017. A total of 77 articles were found, however, of the articles found only 5 were included because they met the eligibility criteria. All studies found were clinical trials in obese and / or overweight humans. It has been observed that Panax ginseng is capable of acting in the homeostasis of the cardiovascular system by stimulating angiogenesis, enhancing the immune system, as well as exerting antibacterial, antitumoral, anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, hypotensive, hypoglycemic and neuroprotective activities. The results suggest that Panax ginseng represents a promising alternative therapy for patients suffering from various diseases such as obesity and its comorbidities. However, due to the scarcity of studies, it is necessary to carry out additional studies to prove the real benefits of this herbal medicine.
121 META SKIN CANCER: KNOWING AND PREVENTING POPULATION , Simara Silva Bomfim, Ani Cátia Giotto, Anna Gabriella e Silva.
Skin cancer is the highest incidence in Brazil. This neoplasm presents different lineages, non-melanoma skin cancer (NSCLC) and melanoma type (MC), these being the most common types. NSCLC is the most frequent; it is a slow-growing, locally invasive tumor with a good prognosis if it is treated properly and in a timely manner, however delay in diagnosis can lead to severe ulcerations and physical deformities. It is an integrative review of the literature, for this review, it was considered the identification of the problem and objective; analysis of the literature focusing on the subject to be studied; evaluation of data applying inclusion and exclusion criteria; analysis of the data extracting from the primary sources the characteristics of the sample and method. Exposure to UVR can cause changes in melancholic DNA resulting in the risk of carcinogenesis in melanocytic nevi in childhood. The period of childhood and adolescence is considered a critical period of vulnerability to the effects of sun exposure. This behavior may lead to the development of nonmelanoma cancer or malignant melanoma in adult life. It was verified that the skin cancer index is higher in patients over 60 years old than in young people, since they present a greater number of lesions. However, it is important to address the issue of the development of childhood neoplasia and appropriate photoprotection measures.
122 PERCEPTION OF NURSING PROFESSIONALS REGARDING THE ASSISTANCE GIVEN TO DRUG ADDICTS AT THE PSYCHOSOCIAL ATTENTION CENTER FOR ALCOHOL AND ANOTHER DRUGS (CAPS AD) , Charles da Silva Santana, Mayara Candida Pereira, Danielle Ferreira Silva, Leila Batista Ribeiro, Rodrigo Marques da Silva, Cristilene Akiko Kimura.
We described the perception of nursing professionals regarding the assistance given to drug addicts at the Psychosocial Attention Center for Alcohol and another Drugs (CAPS ad). It is a literature review based on the qualitative method. The perception of the nursing professionals changes at the moment they start working directly with the drug addict, acquiring a more humanized perception based on the real necessity of offering an assistance that aims the rehabilitation and the social inclusion of the patients. Besides, the professionals feel unprepared when it comes to the knowledge in this field. The performance of nurses who work at CAPS ad was a decisive factor to the changes of nurses’ perception regarding drug addicts as well as awoke the necessity of seeking knowledge to work with it.
123 ELECTROCONVULSIVE THERAPY: ETHICAL AND LEGAL IMPLICATIONS , Fernanda de Barros Machado, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Ariana Fidelis, Rogério José de Almeida, Maria Salete S. Pontieri Nascimento5, Keller Kathier Cerqueira Carneiro.
It analyzed the ethical and legal implications of ECT; To demonstrate the divergences of conceptions between the groups that support the ECT among those who condemn it; to highlight evidence on the effectiveness of treatment and to identify the participation of nursing in its application. Methodology: This is a bibliographical research, carried out from 2001 to 2017 with 12 publications obtained in the databases of the Virtual Libraries BDENF, VHL, MEDLINE and SCIELO. Results: It is a treatment recognized by the Federal Council of Medicine and Brazilian Association of Psychiatry, its applicability requires that the requirements established in the protocol of execution of this treatment be fulfilled. Ethical aspects were not clearly addressed by the studies. ECT has a history of abuse that is not denied even by its own advocates, but when properly prescribed, there is efficacy with treatment. The role of nursing in the application of treatment is poorly reported, and is more related to the pre and post-development care of the technique. Considerations: There is a stigma of the use of electroshock that still predominates in society in general. More than a technical practice, ECT needs to be discussed as a treatment that generates rejections and that brings a historical framework of punishment and social pain. If today it has its relevance and has become a judicious and ethical application, it is necessary that these issues be respectfully faced and discussed in society.
124 ESTRESSE OCUPACIONAL DA EQUIPE DE ENFERMAGEM DE UM SERVIÇO DE ATENDIMENTO MÓVEL DE URGÊNCIA , Antonieta dos Reis Meireles, Maryland Gomes Machado, Rodrigo Marques da Silva, Osmar Pereira dos Santos, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Fernanda Michelle Santos e Silva Ribeiro.
We assessed the level of occupational stress in nursing professionals of the urgency mobile healthcare services. This is a cross-sectional, analytical and quantitative study developed with 22 nursing workers trough a socio-demographic and occupational questionnaire and the Occupational Stress Scale. We found predominance of professional with low stress levels (54,55%). The most stressful situations reported were: few perspectives of growing in career; deficiency in trainings for professional improvements; the way the tasks are distributed at work; performing tasks that overcome the professionals’ skills; and the lack of communication between me and my pairs at work. Although the nursing workers are exposed to potentially stressful situations, they showed low levels of stress, what may suggest the use of effective strategies to cope with stress.
125 IMPORTANCE AND NEED OF STRATEGIES FOR SCHOOL ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT , Larissa Dayane Soares da Costa, Lucineide Maria de Lima Pessoni, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Carla Chiste Tomazoli Santos, Hellen Araujo de Queiroz; Leila Mendes Araujo.
We assessed the importance and need of strategies for school organization and management. We conducted a qualitative research of a pedagogic political project, field observation and enterview with the prinicpal and teachers at school. For data analysis, we identified categories that allowed understanding how the organization and management process at school has been materialized in its real settingspecially regarding the processes of democratization of relations, roles and activities at school. We highlight the conceptions and principloes of managemnt that were produced in nrazilian education history, with emphasis on the participative and democratic management model. As problematic, we consider the difficulties faced by managers in consolidating of a real democratic management in state public schools. Descriptors: Pedagogy; School managment and organization; Participative democratic Managing.
126 PHYTOCHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF Copaifera langsdorffii DESF. , Allan Jones Matias Lisboa, Fellipe José Gomes Queiroz, Ani Cátia Giotto, Jovenilson Francisco dos Santos, Kelen Cristina da Silva.
The Brazilian biome has a wide variety of plants of pharmacological actions known and with uses already consecrated by popular culture. This work aimed to analyze the specific phytochemical composition of Copaifera langsdorffii Desf, a typical cerrado tree. Through the qualitative identification of the constituent substances, it will be possible to prove the pharmacological action of the species Copaifera langsdorffii, as cicatrizant, antibacterial. In order to classify their chemical compositions is qualitative, so that the population of Valparaiso de Goias has been using for therapeutic treatments or cure of some diseases. Thus the intention of analyzing the samples in the laboratory with the qualitative chemical compounds.
127 STRESS IN UNIVERSITY TEACHERS OF THE HEALTH AREA OF A PRIVATE FACULTY OF THE FEDERAL DISTRICT ENVIRONMENT , Sthefani Cardoso de Andrade Sá, Rodrigo Marques da Silva, Cristilene Akiko Kimura, Graziela Queiroz Pinheiro, Laura de Azevedo Guido, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho.
We aimed to describe the stress level of health area university faculties of a private institution from the Federal District surrounding areas. This is a cross-sectional, analytical and quantitative study, conducted between August and December 2017. Data were gathered trough the next self-reported instruments: sociodemographic and occupational form; and Work Stress Scale. The stress levels in health area faculties were low in 67% of them. The most stressful situations reported were: the lack of autonomy for work execution, the deficiency of spreading information on organizational decisions; the lack of information on the tasks at work, the insufficient time for performing the tasks at work, type of control at work and insufficient time to attend the work demands. Although the teaching profession is considered stressful, faculties seem to deal very well with the stressful situations from work environment through effective coping strategies.
128 RISK FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF ANOREXIA NERVOSA IN COLLEGE NUTRITION STUDENTS , Tainara Sousa Araujo, Fernanda Cristina de Jesus Colares Bento, Misael Rabelo de Martins Custódio.
The objective of this study was to identify university students of nutrition who presented symptoms of anorexia nervosa development. The self-fulfilling questionnaire Eating Attitudes Test was applied to 70 undergraduate nutrition students in the first year of graduation of a private institution in the Federal District. The Body mass index (BMI) was calculated based on measured and self-reported weight and height. The results indicated that 38.6% of the university students studied presented risk of developing anorexia nervosa and 61.4% were considered as having no symptoms. Regarding the BMI assessed 70% of university students were in eutrophy and the self-reported BMI 71.4%, statistically independent of the classification of nutritional status the university students of nutrition are in a group at risk for the development of anorexia nervosa. Therefore, it is concluded that the high percentage of positive results for EAT-26 is a matter of concern, since it highlights the current trend of increasing prevalence of eating disorders, but mainly evidences the susceptibility of nutrition students. However, further research is suggested in order to clarify the aetiology of such disorders in future nutrition professionals.
The aim of this study bring to presentation the Knowledge with intuit to help in prevent complications related to chronic kidney disease. This is a qualitative and cross-sectional investigation conducted in Healthcare Centers and Primary Healthcare Units from Valparaíso de Goiás from September to October 2017 through interviews and structured forms. Since hemodialysis is a complex procedure and need to of very specific care, both the patient and in family of the same, this research aims the capacitation is professional auxile about to the care that comes watch the patient, the and to relieve risks to their quality of life. The survey will be conducted interviews with professionals who already got contact and work with hemodialysis.
130 LEUKOPENIA AND THROMBOCYTOPENIA DIAGNOSIS FOR DENGUE , Bruno Rafael Sousa Barbosa, Antônio Marmoro de Caldeira Júnior.
Dengue is an arbovirus of endemic and epidemic character, caused by flavivirus virus, Flaviviridiae family, transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti. The disease is manifested in a broad spectrum of symptoms that lead to changes in the hemogram parameters. This work aims to demonstrate the changes found in the blood counts with the binomial leukopenia, thrombocytopenia and use the value to support the diagnosis of the disease in cases that would be difficult or impossible to achieve the specific test for dengue NS1. This is a descriptive and exploratory study with quantitative and qualitative approach. We analyzed 88 blood counts of patients with positive result of NS1 antigen test obtained in the Clinical Center and Firstborn located in the Laboratory Garden Inga municipality of Luziânia GO. At the end of this study, it was concluded that the results showed that the blood test aids in the diagnosis of dengue, but does not replace the antigen research NS1 to recent cases and IgM / IgG in patients after the period of one week infection. In addition, the complete blood count after dengue confirmation provides important data for monitoring progress and cure the disease.
We aimed to know the importance of living groups for the elderly. Specifically, we assessed the reasons that lead the elderly to participate in the coexistence groups; To know the activities provided by the groups of coexistence of the elderly. To know the degree of satisfaction with the health reported by the elderly participants of the coexistence groups. This study is an exploratory, descriptive study with a quantitative qualitative approach. The study population consisted of 15 people aged 60 and over who attend in a private faculty from Goiás state and groups of coexistence where the faculty has an insertion. The testimonies revealed the need for the elderly to stay socially inserted, because aging in a healthy way is not only good health, but several factors contribute to feel active. The groups can function as a support network that mobilizes people in the quest for autonomy, in improving self-esteem, in resilience and reducing vulnerability.
We aimed to investigate the effects of immunomodulatory formulas usage in surgical patients with gastrointestinal cancer. It is a integrative review in which the following descriptors were used: “enteral nutrition”, “surgery”, “gastrointestinal neoplasms”, “arginine”, “fatty acids, ômega-3”, “glutamine”, those were combined with Boolean operators “and” and “or” in indexed databases. Furthermore, 460 journals were found using these combinations, from those, 19 articles were selected. These articles emphasize the importance of immunomodulatory formula usage in surgical and oncological patients at specific periods due to its beneficial effects on the patients nutritional status and immune.
133 NUTRITIONAL STATUS OF OLDER PATIENT WITH ACUTE MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION FOR THE MYOCARDIAL REVASCULARIZATION SURGERY IN THE PRE- AND POST-OPERATIVE PERIOD , Anna Paula de Sousa Silva, Carla Larissa Cunha Sottomaior, Ramyne de Castro da Paz, Lorrany Fernandes Gomes, Melorie Kern Capovilla Sarubo Baptistella, Renata Costa Fortes.
We evaluated the nutritional status as well as the nutritional risk of a patient with acute myocardial infarction hospitalized for myocardial revascularization surgery. This is a clinical case report of an elderly patient admitted to the Cardiology Institute of the Federal District in March 2018, assisted in the preand post-surgical periods through the application of subjective methods and nutritional assessment objectives. The presence of nutritional risk and / or malnutrition, both in the pre- and postoperative periods, were observed through all nutritional screening methods (Nutrition Risk Screening or NRS2002; Malnutrition or Universal Nutrition Screening Tool - MUST; MiniNutrition Assessment in Reduced Version - MAN-FC or Mini Nutritional Assessment Short Form - MNA-SF). Palmar grip strength was the anthropometric measure that presented reduction in the postoperative period when compared to the initial values (preoperative). The description of this case draws attention to the need to identify early the risk of malnutrition (or malnutrition) by applying protocols capable of evaluating acute and chronic conditions when used together.
134 ASSESSMENT OF SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ACTIONS AT FACULTY OF SCIENCES AND EDUCATION SENA AIRES FROM 2017 TO 2018 , Rodrigo Marques da Silva, Carla Chiste Tomazoli Santos, Alice da Cunha Morales Álvares, Iel Marciano Moraes Filho, Cristilene Akiko Kimura.
We assessed the social responsibility actions in a private institution of goias state from 2017 to 2018.This is a documental report, with longitudinal deseing and quantitative approach. We gathered the data from July 2017 to July 2018 trough the faculties technical reports, attendance lists, and biannual reports of the Social Responsibility committee at Faculty of Sciences and Education Sena Aires, located in Goias sate, Brazil. Quantitative variables were presented in descriptive measures: minimum and maximum values, mean and standard deviation. The number of students, faculties and support staff attending the social responsibility action increased. The adhesion of nursing, pharmacy and physiotherapy students to the committee activities also increased. 1109 healthcare procedures were donemostly auriculotherapy and acupuncture. We evidenced the institutional impact on the geographical and socioeconomic settings, in local and regional levels, which is essential for consolidating the institution´s Social Responsibility committee.
135 CONSTRUCTION OF THE INSTRUMENT FOR EVALUATION OF TOLERANCE IN FRIENDSHIP RELATIONS , Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Larissa F. de Carvalho, Luana E. Melo, Marcela R. Di Marcelo, Yashmim M. dos Santos, Margareth Regina Gomes Veríssimo de Faria.
The human being has a deep need for belonging, that is, to establish bonds with other people in relationships that provide constant positive interactions. The goal was to construct an instrument for assessing tolerance in the relationship of friendship and also to unravel the characteristics of interpersonal relationships, specifically in relation to tolerance in friendships. It is a methodological study that was carried out from June to December 2018. To guide the construction of the Instrument for the Evaluation of tolerance in ETFS friendship relations, likert type, the evaluation items were constructed and presented. The procedures for constructing the items were based on the guidelines of França and Schelini 2014 in the Semantic Analysis and Evidence and Reppold, Gurgel and Hutz 2014 based on the process of construction of psychometric scales. We interviewed 42 students from the health area of a private university in the state of Goiás, with female predominance. The most relevant variables were: "friendship is accepting the other person the way it is" and "I accept the defects of my friends, because I know I have defects too". It is concluded that friendship relations are rarely disinterested or altruistic. They are often intended to fulfill emotional needs, including the need to be accepted.
136 HEALTH OF EARLY WEANED CHILDREN UP TO 2 YEARS OLD , Joseane Natália Andrade Almada, Lerison Adriano Ferreira Fernandes.
This article aims to analyze the health of early weaned children up to 2 years old. Through a descriptive study, how important breastfeeding is in the health of the child throughout his childhood. Reflect on how mothers view this period of extreme importance. Reflection on the benefits of breastfeeding, having as background the reflexes on the health of the child. In today's society, women are often responsible for supporting the family, thus weaning their children at an early age, since they need to work, another factor influencing this scenario is the mother's literacy. The nurse must target the client in a holistic way, trying to understand everything about the client's life and showing the best way to breastfeed their children, even with all the commitments. Therefore, the pleasure of breastfeeding and the knowledge of the benefits of breastfeeding is the key so that early weaning does not occur. Nurses' knowledge of these benefits is essential because it will make the woman aware of the importance of breastfeeding in the child's health.
137 REFERENCE, GENERIC AND SIMILAR MEDICINES: QUALITY ASSESSMENT OF CAPTOPRIL AND ENALAPRIL TABLETS , Edson Ferreira Chaves Medeiros, Lucas Vargas da Mota, Haline Gerica de Oliveira Alvim.
This work aimed to assess the quality of the tablets and the relationship between reference, generic and similar drugs. To study and collect data, physical and physico-chemical tests were performed according to the Brazilian pharmacopoeia 5th edition 2010, in this way, the analyzed products presented satisfactory results regarding visual aspects, leakage test, determination of average weight in pharmaceutical forms solids, determination of mechanical strength through the tests of hardness and friability and disintegration test. They demonstrated quality according to the mentioned specifications, being suitable for consumption.
138 NUTRITIONAL PROFILE OF PRE-SCHOOLS PARTICIPANTS OF THE PROGRAM MORE EDUCATION IN THE CITY OF GOIÂNIA- GO , Luana Carla Andrade Souza, Veronica de Lima Santos, Rodrigo Ansaloni de Oliveira, Keila Cristina Félis, Carla Chiste Tomazoli Santos, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho.
The purpose of the study was to assess the nutritional profile of preschool children of a full-time school participating in the More Education program in the city of Goiânia-Go. This is an exploratory and quantitative approach. The scenario of this research was a fulltime school benefited by the More Education Program in the city of Goiânia-GO. The study sample consisted of 154 pre-school children. In total, 42% of children were in the normal range, 33% are underweight, followed by 13% of children with grade III obesity, 7% with overweight, 3% with obesity grade II and 2% grade I. The lack of heterogeneity in the results showed a lack of preparation for the governmental parties and of the school management in the nutritional quality of the students that is directly related to the physiological and mental growth and development of the children attending the educational institution.
139 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR TRAUMA REGISTRATION AND SERVICE MANAGEMENT , Jessica de Arêa Leão Silva, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Ailane Milard Moreira de Souza, Mariane Conceição Paixão, Acza Araújo Soreas de Alcântra, Sandra de Nazaré Costa Monteiro.
We aimed to construct and validate a software for the registry of trauma aiming at the identification of the sociodemographic profile, gravity scales with a view to the creation of a substantial database on the patient victim of the trauma. Methodological research developed in five stages: situational diagnosis; Literature revision; Elaboration of illustrations, layout, design and texts; Validation of the feasibility of software content; And pilot test. The SISAT trauma record information system was elaborated with 13 intuitive insertion screens, available on 37 sociodemographic and clinical variables for primary and secondary, severity scales in trauma, procedure, conducts, referral and discharge; Implanted in a trauma reference center. Trauma registries in developed countries demonstrate safety and quality of care. The elaborated technology was able to subsidize actions such as: research, decision-making and quality of the quality of trauma care.
We investigated university students’ attitudes and perceptions toward the use of contraceptives in the Dominican Republic using the Contraceptive Attitude Scale. This is a quantitative descriptive study designed to examine attitudes toward and use of contraceptives among university students. Data were collected using the Contraceptive Attitude Scale from randomly selected University students at a medium sized university in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic. Study findings suggest some gender differences related to the perceived need to use contraceptives, consequences, encouragement, and difficulties with usage. Differences were also found based on years at the university in regard to feelings and reasons linked to the use of contraceptives, and age distinctions with topics including contraceptive encouragement among friends and contraceptives use preferences. Findings suggest the need to improve social norms and perceptions about contraceptives as a strategy to increase their use among university-aged students. Focusing on contraceptive and sexual education at the university level through peer educators, selfesteem building, and specific interventions could assist in improving the overall health of young adults in the Dominican Republic.
141 EPIDEMIOLOGICAL AND CLINICAL PROFILE OF YOUNG ADULT PATIENTS ADMITTED TO THE YELLOW ROOM OF THE TRAUMA CENTER OF THE DISTRICT BASE HOSPITAL FEDERAL , Ailane Milard Moreira de Souza, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Jessica de Arêa Leão Silva, Mariane Conceição Paixão, Acza Araújo Soreas de Alcântra, Sandra de Nazaré Costa Monteiro.
The objective of this study was to know the epidemiological and clinical profile of the young adult admitted to the Yellow Room of the Trauma Center of the Base Hospital of the Federal District - HBDF. This is a descriptive, cross-sectional, prospective study with a quantitative approach, performed in the Yellow Room of the Trauma Center of the Base Hospital of the Federal District (SA-CT-HBDF), from March to August 2016. The results were presented by means of simple frequencies and percentage performed with tables. The prevalence of traumas in male patients was found to be 69.59%, attendance in the age group 20 to 24 years old, service demand in the evening period was 35.33%, with a predominance of road accidents with 74.50% of the cases. The study enables nurses to better understand the profile of patients who are constantly being treated at emergency care units.
142 Primary attention as a structuring axis of the reduction of violence indicators against children and adolescents , Rachel Amorim Quirino da Costa Marinho, Ricardo Saraiva Aguiar.
To demonstrate the role of primary care in coping with violence against children and adolescents. Method: This is an integrative review of the literature, in the period from 2010 to 2015, of articles searched in the BDENF, LILACS and SciELO databases. Results: It was decided to define three categories for the discussion of the results: public policies, the protection network and actions developed to prevent violence. Conclusions: It has been verified that public policies are state instruments that strengthen intentions to confront violence. There are many institutions of the protection network available, but the actions are still fragmented and perpetuates the isolation of these actors. Further efforts are needed to create a network that acts in a systemic, continuous and articulated way with the purpose of guaranteeing the protection, promotion and prevention of the health of children and adolescents for a full and healthy development.
143 Supplementation Of Ômega-3 In Practice Of Intense Physical Exercise , Jullyana Vieira Rebouças Del Brito, Flávia Miranda De Jesus, Janete Ferreira Beserra, Anna Maly de Leão e Neves Eduardo.
To analyze the research on supplementation with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA-n3) in intense physical exercise practitioners (EFI).
144 Policy Implications for the Growing Diabetes Epidemic in Mexico , Jenette Smith, Miguel A. Perez.
Increasing rates of diabetes in Mexico have lead health authorities to declare a state of emergency. It is estimated that in 2017 some 13 million, or 10% of people in Mexico have diabetes mellitus, with Type 2 diabetes being the leading cause of death and disability combined in that country. In fact, if rates continue to increase unabated, it is expected to have an adverse impact on the life expectancy of the country. The aim of this paper is to discuss the necessity of expanding health care policy regarding nutrition and the consumption of empty calories to combat the diabetes epidemic in Mexico as well as discussing the importance of exercise, health promotion and health education regarding non-communicable diseases, diabetes detection, and health coverage
145 Foliar Phytochemistry of Justicia Nodicaulis (Nees) Leonard (Acanthaceae) occurrent in cerrado from Goias , Jordana Gomes Rocha, Josana de Castro Peixoto, Thaynara Lima dos Santos.
The genus Justicia L. can be considered the largest genus of Acanthaceae, with about 600 species. In the Justicia genus, the presence of lignans, flavonoids, terpenoids and alkaloids are reported, which are of great importance in pharmacology. The objective of this study was to observe and record the main classes of secondary metabolites of the leaf structures of the species Justicia nodicaulis (Nees) Leonard, occurring in the area of Environmental Preservation at the University Center of Anápolis - GO. Portions of young leaves (proportion of smaller size) and adults (larger size ratio) were collected, preferably being extracted descendingly from the third node, identified just below the end of the specimen, samples were collected from 10 specimens of J. nodicaulis (Nees ) Leonard along the creek of the experimental area of the University Center of Anápolis. Materials that were purchased for the purpose of performing the phytochemical prospecting and survey of the essential oils. For the qualitative analysis of the classes of secondary metabolites most present in the species, we used methodologies described in the literature of the science of phytochemistry. Among the results, new and adult leaves, coumarins, tannins, anthraquinone heterosides, flavonoids, cardioactive and saponin were obtained. Between the survey of the essential oils, 49 members were obtained more occurring in the analyzed literature.
146 Contraceptive Methods and Prevalence of Adult and Young Women at Risk of Thrombosis in the Campos Centro Universitário do Distrito Federal-UDF , Celi Santos da Silva, Rosiane Sá, Juliana Toledo.
The contraceptive pill is a very reliable method. In addition to preventing pregnancy, contraceptives have shown benefits in other situations, such as dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps), menorrhagia (excessive menstruation), and premenstrual tension. Lately it has been causing many challenges to face, many reports from women who have concluded that they have acquired thrombosis through the use of contraception. With case studies conducted in Brazilian capitals, performed with women aged 15 to 39, show how problems related to deep thrombosis in venous sinuses, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension are growing not only with contraceptive use, but the way it is taken, women reported taking it to avoid pregnancy, with this leads to increased risks that due to their prolonged use, the influence of genetic factors that are drastically influencing the increase in cases. Epidemiological knowledge indicates that the use of these drugs preestablishes a higher risk of developing deep venous thrombosis (DVT). It is determined that the use of oral contraceptives increases the prospect of DVT, since the hormones composed in these drugs act in the cardiovascular system.
147 The use of music gospel as therapeutic instrument in the rehabilitation of drug addicts in house of recovery in the vicinity of Federal District , Leydiane Eduarda Viana, Maria Luzineide Pereira da Costa Ribeiro.
To assess the patient's perception regarding the music and the therapeutic mechanism of this bias during her speech using gospel music as a therapeutic tool in his rehab for addiction recovery in the Mother House of the New Man.
148 Anxiety Level and Associated Factors: Pharmacy Students from a Private College , Leonardo da Silva Brito, Deborah Shirley da S Guerreiro Almeida, Maria Luiza Sousa Amorim, Luciana Zaranza, Juliana Oliveira de Toledo.
To evaluate the anxiety profile of students of the Pharmacy course in a private institution of the Federal District and to verify associated factors
149 Degradation of repellent DEET by Pleurotus ostreatus laccases , Erika Campos Santos, Elaine Sousa Nunes, Thiago Souza Bulhões, Kátia Maria de Souza, Mariângela Fontes Santiago.
We evaluated the remediation capacity of DEET in liquid medium by the white decomposition fungus Pleurotus ostreatus using the solid residues of cocoa as an enzymatic inducer and performed toxicity bioassays with the post-treatment samples, for water treatment applications.
150 Performance of the Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy in the Management of Antimicrobial Use in Public Hospital of DF , Karina Cunha dos Santos, Marcelo Joaquim Barbosa, Willanda Niek Melo da Silva Araújo, Vanessa de Vasconcelos Sena, Quênia Teixeira de Souza.
Define multidisciplinary protocols for service standardization. Definition of the list of drugs to be monitored and study preliminary results. Methods: Creation of a working group and tabulation of the data in Excel® with the main interventions executed in February / 2019.
151 Microbiological analysis of “Minas frescal” cheese commercialized in free fairs , Patrícia Faria Barbosa, Larissa Albuquerque Siqueira, Ana Elisa Barreto Matias.
To assess the Minas Frescal Cheese comercialized in open air markets, in Gama- the surining area of Brasilia, Federal District, in order to verify the microbilogical and physical-quimical limits according to the patterns and governantal organisms.
152 The use of polypharmacy and alcohol consumption in the elderly population of a district of Brasília , Danielle Alves de Mello, Leonardo Costa Pereira, Margo Gomes de Oliveira Karnikowski, Kerolyn Ramos Garcia, Gislane Ferreira de Melo, Marileusa Dosolino Chiarello.
In this study, domiciliary surveys investigated the polypharmacy and alcohol. Method: polypharmacy and alcohol were investigated intake 202 seniors living in a district of Brasília, assisted by the local family health program. Results: 20.7% evidenced polypharmacy (n = 42) of whom only 7.32% (n=3) consumed alcohol in a regular basis. Only 15% (n = 31) of the studied population consumed alcohol, of whom only 16% (n = 5) in an abusive form. Conclusion: investigated elderly used to avoid risk habits such as excessive alcohol intake
153 Insertion of people in maturity in college education , Kerolyn Ramos Garcia, Marileusa Dosolina Chiarello, Joaquim Trajano Pinto Soares Lima, Leonardo Costa Pereira, Suzana Schwerz Funghetto, Margô Gomes de Oliveira Karnikowski.
we compared the insertion of mature persons (≥40 years) in higher education - HE in Brazil with the growth of this population in the period of 2011/2016. Method: Public data of the INEP/MEC census of higher education from 2011 to 2016 was used. The population data of the age groups investigated for the same period was obtained from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics. Results: The aging index increased by almost 30%, but enrollments in the HE of mature people increased more than the population of this age group, and the largest increase being in the range over 60 years. Private institutions accounted for 4/5 enrollments.
154 Profile of grievers and location of adult patient injuries attended in the yellow room of the Federal District public hospital , Rodrigo Escobar Guerra, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Jessica de Arêa Leão Silva, Ailane Milard Moreira de Souza, Acza Araújo Soreas de Alcântra, Sandra de Nazaré Costa Monteiro.
To identify the mechanisms of trauma and the most frequent types of injuries in patients aged 30 to 49 attended of the Federal District Public Hospital trauma center, specifically in the yellow room. Method: This is a cross-sectional descriptive epidemiological study on the epidemiological and clinical profile. ). Inclusion criteria were: primary admissions, age range 30 to 49 years, both sexes and trauma victim. The sample was composed for 697 admissions. Results: Among the injuries, it was evidenced that in this age bracket, traumatic motorcyclists prevailed with 27.7% (n = 193), followed by a traumatic motor vehicle occupant with 17.5% (n = 122) and fall of the height itself with 11.04 % (n = 77).
155 Background on national policies on mental health and alcohol and other drugs in brazil from technical note n ° 11/2019 , Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, João Pinheiro da Silva, Adriano Figueiredo Mato, Gilvan Silva Bezerra, Cíntia Taumaturgo Fernandes de Negreiros, Ihago Santos Guilherme.
156 Policies for the health worker, with a focus on basic care nursing , Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Francidalma Soares Sousa Carvalho Filha, Lívia Maria Mello Viana, Ihago Santos Guilherme, Laura de Azevedo Guido.
157 Nursing and care with patients who are deaf in the hospital , Raiane Pereira Silva Cunha, Mayara Candida Pereira, Maria Liz Cunha de Oliveira.
To describe the difficulties faced by nurses in assisting and communicating with deaf patients at hospitals and to show improvement strategies for communication. Method: A survey of electronic data was performed on the Virtual Health Library (BVS) - BIREME and on the Scientific Electronic Library Online - Scielo. The research was carried out from the keywords obtained through DECs (subject descriptors in BIREME health sciences): Deafness, Communication, Assistance, Nursing, Health Unit, from 2013 to 2018.
158 Modulation of intestinal microbioth with probiotics and their relationship to obesity , Deidiana Kelly Nascimento Souza Soares.
To evaluate the results from intestinal modulation with probiotics in the treatment of obesity. Method: We carried out bibliographic surveys in the databases PUBMED, SCIELO and LILACS, published from 2006 to 2018, with the key words: probiotics, gastrointestinal microbiome and obesity.
159 Assistant practices in immediate pre-birth, birth and post-birth: experience of an obstetric resident nurse , Raíssa Simões Dias, Henry Walber Dantas Vieira.
To describe the activities applied in the nursing practice of resident nurses in pre-delivery, delivery and immediate postpartum care. Methods: This is a descriptive study of the experience report type, carried out during the practical activities of the Multiprofessional Residency Program in Health and Professional Health Area - Obstetric Nursing at Getúlio Vargas University Hospital, Federal University of Amazonas, in a maternity ward from Manaus-AM Results: the care activities for the usual risk delivery were based on scientific evidence and what the Stork Network recommends, as well as the Ministry of Health regarding good obstetric practices. Conclusion: the resident nurse in obstetric nursing becomes increasingly important in the delivery care scenario, given that their training and conduct are based on scientific evidence, deconstructing mechanized and plastered learning, making it more humanized and focused the return of the protagonism of childbirth to women.
160 Health professionals facing the patient out of therapeutic possibility of cure , José Paulo da Silva, Clara Caroline dos Santos Silva,Jocellem Alves de Medeiros, Maxsuel Mendonça dos Santos, Henry Walber Dantas Viera, José Jailson de Almeida Júnior.
To know the feelings, training and conduct of higher level health professionals in front of patients without therapeutic possibility of cure in a hospital unit. Method: It is a qualitative, descriptive and exploratory research. The study subjects were fifteen health professionals: three doctors, one physiotherapist, one nutritionist and ten nurses who were part of the group of effective employees of this hospital. Data were collected through semistructured and recorded interviews containing open questions. Results: After analyzing the data, four thematic units emerged: on death and dying, in front of the patient with no therapeutic possibility of cure, palliative care and the family, professional training for end-of-life care.
161 Use of elastic bandage kinesio taping in control of sialorrhia in a child with cerebral paralysis , Valdenia Tavares Sousa, Ronney Jorge de Souza Raimundo, Carla Chiste Tomazoli Santos, Leonardo Gama Alves, Ihago Santos Guilherme, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho.
To verify the efficiency of Kinesio Taping (KT) in the control of saliva and sialorrhea swallowing in children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and then evaluate the improvement of the child's quality of life, motivation and self-esteem. Method: This is a case report performed with a seven-year-old female child, who was undergoing physical therapy at the School Clinic of a Higher Education Institution (HEI), around the Federal District. The patient responsible voluntarily signed the Informed Consent Term (TALE), after clarifying the study objectives and procedures to be used. The participant presents clinical diagnosis of CP with spastic diplegia and chronic sialorrhea. Results: The initial treatment and the kT method were maintained. In the control of sialorrhea, no allergic reaction related to the bandage was observed for child. She has adapted the placement of the KT tape and achieved a 40% reduction in salivation volume and then a reduction in the number of towels used per day for oral hygiene. In the beginning, the average score for sialorrhea frequency assessment was 4 points. After the second consecutive application, the score scale obtained was 3 points, on average, the mother also reported that there was a reduction in sialorrhea after the use of bandage.
162 Antifungal activity of lactobacillus present in the yogurt on candida albicans in vitro , Gabriel Lopes Vasconcelos, Leandro dos Santos Lourenço, Rodrigo Marques da Silva, Fernando Vianna Cabral Pucci.
This paper aims to assess the antifungal activity in vitro of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus that exist in yogurts on the Candida albicans growing. Method: we ringed the Candida albicans, that was provided in a tube and in a Petri´s plate, containing agar Sabouraud dextrose to compose the colonies and increase the Candida albicans population. Samples were diluted in physiological solution and seeded in the Petri´s plate, being incubated for two hours. After this time, we put the yogurt- containing the Lactobacillus bulgaricus and the Streptococcus thermophilus on the Petri´s plate. It was incubated in the heating chamber under 37oC for 48 hours. Results: After the incubation period, we verified that Candida albicans growing was inhibited, reducing the number of colonies in plates where the yogurt was seeded in.
163 Polymedication of elderly in the university opened to maturity , Dennyse Ellen de Freitas, Beatriz Barros Martins, Jamilly Keilla Barbosa Paulino, Dayse Emanuelle de Freitas Veríssimo, Lindomar de Farias Belém.
To o identify the patients affected by polypharmacy, because, in Brazil about 70% of the elderly suffer from some chronic disease and are treated with one or more drugs. Method: The research is descriptive, exploratory, qualitative and quantitative, held with students of the University Open to Maturity – in Campina Grande - PB, in the period from February to May 2018. A Most of the patients studied were represented by women (70%) compared to men (30%). Results: Most of patients were represented by women (70%) compared to men (30%).We observed that 67% of the elderly use 5 drugs or more, while only 33% of these are treated with less than 5. Among the most prescribed, those used in the treatment of hypertension, like the Losartan (16%), diabetes treatment, such as Glifage (12%) and dyslipidemia, such as Simvastatin (10%).
164 Depression and its relationship with adherence to antihypertensive pharmacotherapy in elderly , Débora Dornelas Belchior Costa Andrade, Camila Serra Rodrigues, Alice Garbi Novaes, Carmelia Matos Santiago Reis, Maria Rita Carvalho Garbi Novaes.
To analyze the relationship between adherence to antihypertensive drug treatment and depression in hypertensive elderly assisted by the Family Health Strategy in the city of Brazlândia, Federal District. Method: This is a descriptive cross-sectional study. Structured interviews and questionnaires (EDG-15 and MMAS-8) were performed in hypertensive elderly (n = 261). Results: The analysis showed 59% female, 90% low educated, 53% were retired, 68% were married, 13% lived alone, 78% received up to 2 minimum wages, 68% did not self-medicate, 38% obtained 88% sedentary, 81% non-smoker, 60% diuretic, 22% monotherapy.
165 The perception of nursing students on patient´s safety in a private college of the federal district , Ludmila da Silva Souza, Regina Celia de Oliveira Martins.
To know the perception of nursing students on patient´s safety in a private college from the Federal District. Method: This is an exploratory and descriptive study whose data were gathered trough a semi-structured form applied in 10o semester students after Ethical Council approval and data analysis. Result: In the sample assessed, the mean age was 30 years, with predominance of females, 56.5% were not working in the main area of training or were just studying and 25% work as nursing technician. Of the total, 81.25% reported that both theoretical disciplines and internship fields contributed to know actions that promote safe healthcare and 75% recognize the key concept of patient safety described by the World Health Organization.
166 The care of women in the control and prevention of arterial hypertension in the family environment , Cátia Suely Palmeira, Maiara de Menezes Rabelo, Fernanda Carneiro Mussi.
To identify the care performed by hypertensive women for the control of this grievance and its prevention in the family environment. Method: Descriptive study with the interview of 126 women in an outpatient clinic, in Salvador-BA. Results: The following was verified: a high frequency of ingestion of food with elevated levels of sodium (66.6%), the habit of preparing bens with salted meat (63.5%), sedentary lifestyles (72.2%), not fractioning meals (73.8%) low consumption of whole foods (74.6%). Despite 34.1% living with some hypertensive family member, 64.1% did not talk with the family about prevention and control of the disease, 73.0% did not guide them to check their blood pressure and 50% did not reduce the content of salt for the whole family.
167 Realist simulation as instrument for teaching-learning process in nursing , Keller Kathier Cerqueira Carneiro, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Osmar Pereira dos Santos, Aline Aparecida Arantes, Keila Cristina Félis, Ihago Santos Guilherme.
To identify in the perspective of the teaching staff the importance of Realistic Simulation in the training of the Nurse Practitioner. Method: Descriptive study, quantitative and qualitative, developed with teachers who use the Skills Laboratory, of the nursing course of a University of the Central West were investigated. Results: Six nursing professors participated in the study, who have been working for less than ten years in the institution, with a master's level degree, predominantly working hours. The minority has research or postgraduate participation, and none is involved in extension activities and only half have participated in discussions about the Pedagogical Project of the Course. All have experience in welfare activities. As for the realistic simulation, the majority says they know this approach to teaching, and half have experience, but only 33% use it constantly in their classes. Most say that the skills laboratory is not suitable for this type of teaching and that the institution does not invest enough in the development of these classes.
168 Sleep Quality among Federal District Mobile First-Aid Health Workers , Josué da Sousa Xavier e Silva, Rodrigo Marques da Silva, Débora Dadiani Dantas Cangussu, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Miguel A Pérez, Maria Fernanda Rocha Proença.
To assess the sleep quality in health team workers of the Mobile First-Aid Service from Federal District. Method: this is a crossectional and quantitative study conducted in october 2018 with 66 nursing professionals. We applied a sociodemographic and ocupational form and the Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index. The descpritive measures for data analysis.
169 Knowledge about neonatal screening: discourses of newborns’ mothers and fathers , Ana Paula Sena Da Silva Gomes, Anderson Reis de Sousa, Núbia Cristina Rocha Passos, Thiago da Silva Santana, Clivesson Rodrigues do Rosário.
To describe the discourse of fathers and mothers about the conceptions and knowledge about neonatal screening. Method: Descriptive, qualitative study, conducted with 18 mothers and two fathers in three Family Health Units (FHU), in the municipality of São Felipe, Bahia. Eighteen mothers and two fathers of newborns followed in the Child and Adolescent Growth and Development Program participated in the study. In-depth individual interviews were conducted and data were analyzed using the Collective Subject Discourse method. Results: Mothers and fathers understand the purpose of the foot test, had access to knowledge about neonatal screening, highlighting potentialities in the process of learning and health education, through various sources, highlighting the professional performance of nurses in the care of the child. Prenatal care and weaknesses regarding the diseases detected in the screening.
170 Spirituality for Teaching Residence in Mental Health and Psychiatry , Luana Prado Figueredo, Alessandre de Carvalho Junior, Júlia Carolina de Matos Cerione Silva, José Gilberto Prates4, Márcia Aparecida Ferreira de Oliveira.
To identify the perception of students of the discipline of Spirituality applied to Nursing in nursing residence in mental health and psychiatry. Method: descriptive-exploratory study with quantitative approach. Selfperception was measured in two moments, pre and post thematic content of the discipline “Spirituality and Religiosity (R-R) applied to Nursing” the word cloud technique for information analysis. Results: of the eleven female students, aged 27 years (average), six reported having religious orientation, citing Catholicism, Protestantism, spiritualism and religious syncretism, practicing in addition to organizational to non-organizational religions, through fasting, prayer, scripture reading and religious books, meditation and contemplation. As for the meanings to E-R, the most representative of the first were: something internal, love and self-knowledge, and the second belief, dogma and prayer. From the experience of learning in this discipline, selfperception about the competences to spiritual care in nursing was higher, from 37.7 to 68.8 in the total score.
171 The role of nursing in the breaking of LGBT preconceptions in health services , Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Cassio Murilo Rodrigues Alves, Maria Tereza Aparecida Moi Gonçalves, Francidalma Soares Sousa Carvalho Filha, Lívia Maria Mello Viana, Patricia Alves.
172 The right to health and its (non) implementation by public policies of primary health care: an analysis of the application of the PCATOOL method , Luis Felipe Dias Lopes, Faena Gall Gofas, Sandra Leonara Obregon, Adriane Fabricio, Damiana Machado de Almeida, Sirlene Aparecida Takeda Bresciani.
The health is a universal right and duty of the state, guaranteed through social and economic policies aimed at reducing the risk of disease and other health problems and the universal and equal access to actions and services for its promotion, protection and recovery. The Primary Health Care (PHC) sets up a proposed reorganization of the health system representing the first level of care and the construction of a new care model. A key strategy for the effectiveness of health systems and ensuring improvements in the health status of the population under consideration. The question, problem gird on the need to assess whether the APS actions are being implemented effectively enough to meet the demands of local people. For such a study was conducted evaluation, cross-sectional design, with primary data collection between February and June 2015, in the health units of primary care of the 4th Regional Coordination of Health (4ªCRS) of the RS State. The research was directed to professionals, by checking the attributes accessibility and longitudinality, by applying the PCATool-Brazil instrument, in the municipality of Santa Maria / RS, which allowed us to identify the aspects of structure and process services, hitherto run, require restatement or reformulation, in order to guide the municipal manager in the elaboration of public policies APS.
173 Development of the “Photovoice” dynamic based on the creative and sensitive method , Débora Pereira Cordeiro, Raissa Passos dos Santos, Caroline Félix Ribeiro, Eliane Tatsch Neves.
: To describe the creation and use of “Photovoice” as a dynamic of the creative and sensitive (DCS) method based on a reflection on qualitative research and the Photovoice method. Method: The DCS “Photovoice” followed the principles of the Sensitive Creative Method, using photography as an artistic production, based on the technique of Photovoice, providing participants with space to uncover the meanings of the images. Data emerged from the discussion. Results: The integration of Creativity and Sensitivity Dynamics of the Sensitive and Creative Method to the Photovoice technique demonstrated potentialities for group discussion, considering that photography fostered group debate, allowing access to the latent memory and feelings of the participants, which is valued in group discussion and in the sensitive creative method. Conclusion: It was possible to identify that the use of Photovoice dynamic with the Sensitive and Creative Method has potential to generate relevant data for nursing research, contributing to the development of data production techniques in qualitative research.
174 Prevalence of early weaning and related factors in children of the Federal District and surroundings , Vitor Frazão Neri, Anna Letícia Lira Alves, Lucas Costa Guimarães.
To verify the prevalence of early weaning in children under one year of age and to identify social factors correlated with this practice. Method: Cross-sectional study conducted from february to september 2017. The sample consisted of 235 mothers of children aged 0 to 12 months who were in health centers for routine consultations. A questionnaire was applied with questions addressing maternal, child and breastfeeding characteristics. Data were analyzed using IBM SPSS Statistics® software, version 22.0. Results: The prevalence of early weaning was 52.4% (p <0.01), the main reasons given by mothers for early weaning were “return to work” with 20.3% (p <0.01) and “Weak / non-sustaining milk” with 13.3% (p <0.01). Data were analyzed considering 5% of statistical significance and 95% confidence interval. Conclusion: Most mothers are aware of the importance of exclusive breastfeeding, but social factors directly influence early weaning. Mothers' return to work and the insecurity of thinking that milk is weak and not supporting the child are frequent problems.
175 Violence experienced by workers of a psychosocial care center on alcohol and other drugs , Fernanda Silveira de Souza, Rosana Ribeiro Tarifa, Ricardo Henrique Soares, Márcia Aparecida Ferreira de Oliveira.
To describe the situations of violence experienced by workers of a Psychosocial Care Center on Alcohol and Other Drugs and the consequences of this violence in their daily lives. Method: This is a descriptive and exploratory quantitative study approved by the Research Ethics Committee (CAAE: 62471416.3.3001.0086 and 62471416.3.0000.5392) and conducted in a Psychosocial Care Center in the city of São Paulo. Descriptive data analysis was performed using R Studio Version 3.4.3 software, Rcmdr version 2.4.4 package. Results: More than 96% of respondents report having experienced some violence while working in the service in which the survey was conducted, mostly in the form of verbal aggression. Their reverberations were divided into flight, seeking support, and illness. Conclusion: It is crucial to explore this theme to understand factors implicated in this violence, ways to minimize it or minimize its impact on health workers' lives.
176 Evaluation of the wrist tightening technique as a pre-analytical interference in the potassium dosage , Kênya Oliveira Guerra, Lerison Adriano Ferreira Fernandes, Eloisa Elena Cangiani, Breno Silva de Abreu, Karina Ribeiro Modesto.
To evaluate potassium alterations in relation to wrist grip frequency by the research participants, seeking to contribute to a better understanding of the quantitative aspects regarding the use of wrist grip technique during phlebotomy, to verify how often wrist may contribute to potassium elevation. Method: Two blood samples were collected from each individual. At first, keeping the hands relaxed during phlebotomy and secondly, pumping the fist clenching the phlebotomy procedure to evaluate potassium changes in relation to the frequency of wrist tightening. Results: In general, it was observed that there were changes in practically all dosages and that individuals could have been misdiagnosed with hyperkalemia and could be submitted to unnecessary treatments. Conclusion: The technique of wrist tightening during phlebotomy should be avoided, since a significant percentage of the cases presented a potassium elevation that does not correspond to the individual's normal serum potassium level.
177 Use of PPE by primary care health professionals in a municipality of Goiás , Gisele Oliveira Garcez, Laiana Miranda Tavares, Luciane de Lima Paiva Bernardes, Patrícia Vieira Ramos Dutra, Priscilla Siqueira do Valle, Alice da Cunha Morales Álvares.
To know the understanding of basic health professionals in a city of Goias state, regarding the use of Personal Protective Equipment, focused on Nursing Technicians and Nurses in health posts. Method: questionnaires were elaborated on the same approach for these professionals, reflecting on the partial return of the questionnaires delivered, although it did not influence the intended study, as it was a sample survey. Results: Through this resource, 13 (thirteen) Nursing Technicians and 20 (twenty) Nurses were submitted to the study. Given the resource used, the research followed the light of authors addressing the subject under study. Conclusion: although it seems logical, some interventions need to be made in order to improve the use of PPE among professionals who constitute the system. from a municipality to the national configuration, because the understanding is that the whole is constituted by units.
178 Elderly patient safety from the nurse's point of view in an LSIE , Aretusa Amorim Lima, Elias Rocha de Azevedo Filho, Regina Celia De Oliveira Martins Nunes, Alberto Cesar da Silva Lopes.
To describe patient safety from the perspective of nurses, provide nursing services and care for the elderly, believing that they are the professionals who maintain the patient's closest proximity. Method: It is a study of literary review carried out through scientific articles. An electronic search was conducted in the following databases: (BDENF) - Special Bibliographies in the Brazilian Nursing Area and in SciELO - Scientific Electronic Library Оnline and reliacción how books. Result: The nurse, as coordinator of the nursing team, cannot lose sight of the exercise of his / her role of responding is a team committed to always seek technical-scientific and ethical improvement. Conclusion: in view of the magnitude of the patient safety issue, which promotes the current perspective of women's health organizations, and some considerations about teaching and research assistance become forward-looking. to consolidate a constructive and constructive safety culture.
179 Male prenatal care: challenges in nursing practice in primary health care , Rosa Maria Santos de Medeiros, Sheila Passos Mota Coutinho, Ana Margarete Cordeiro da S. Maia, Anderson Reis de Sousa, Michelle Teixeira Oliveira, Clivesson Rodrigues do Rosário, Núbia Cristina Rocha Passos.
To describe the challenges in nursing practice regarding the implementation of male prenatal care. Method: Descriptive, qualitative study, conducted with ten nurses who work in Primary Health Care, in Family Health Units, in the municipality of Feira de Santana, Bahia, Brazil. An individual semi-structured interview was conducted, analyzed by the Collective Subject Discourse method. Results: There are challenges related to the dimensions of academic and vocational training, such as male uptake and adherence and technical, attitudinal and care delivery directed to men's health, and consequently male insertion in prenatal care, which is directed to meeting the logic of the production of demands, and focused on the cisheteronormative perspective. Conclusion: The presence of challenges in the implementation of male prenatal care implies the absence of nursing care production directed to this context, with direct relation to gender constructions, such as the organization of the academic formation process and the organization of practices. in health in the system.
180 Effects of Yoga practice on fear of falling and mobility of elderly fallers , Lucimar Soares Bueno, Renato de Ângelo Araújo, Márcia Aparecida Ferreira de Oliveira.
The increase of the elderly population increases the number of falls and their consequences. From this, there are studies demonstrating that Yoga, because it is a millenarian technique that aims to provide its followers with physical, mental and spiritual balance, can also interfere in the postural balance. Objective: compare the results of yoga practice training in elderly balance; as well as comparing the results of yoga training on mobility and no fear of falling in older people with a history of falls. Method: Twenty elderly were evaluated and the training was done during a period of 4 months. Mobility was assessed by the Time and Up and Go (TUG) test. The fear of falling was assessed by the FES-I. Appropriate statistical tests were used for interand intra-group comparison before and after training, with p ≤0.05. Results: After data collection, it was observed that Yoga can contribute to the improvement of the balance and fear of falls, besides also having subjective positive effects related to quality of life. Conclusion: yoga practice impacts balance and reducing fear of falls.
181 Child development and their respective motor phases , Cíntia Taumaturgo Fernandes de Negreiros, Sarah Rebecca Sousa da Silva, Carla Chiste Tomazoli Santos, Aline Aparecida Arantes, Francidalma Soares Sousa Carvalho Filha, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho.