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Advance Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Discoveries

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1 Importance of the consumption profile of a Residential House for RES Designing. , Ján KošÄo*, 2Marcela Taušová, 3Peter Tauš, 4Dušan Kudelas, 5Miloš Špirko
The importance of a detailed consumption profile is increasing with the increasing share of the use of renewable energy sources due to their unpredictability. Indeed, it is very important to take into account their volatility with the potential volatility of energy consumption. The same proportion of its importance can be attributed to the size and type of the customer. If we move only at the municipal level, the most problematic is the consumption profile of apartment buildings. It is almost impossible to find two type-identical apartment buildings with identical heat, hot water and electricity consumption profiles. The reason is simple – people. This is the main reason why the design of RES should be based on precisely measured durable consumption values, not standardized energy demand values. It is necessary to get used to the fact that quality measuring systems in a residential building are not a burden, but to help reduce energy costs. Whether by energy management or by using energy that is renewable and clean. KEYWORDS : Energy demand, energy consumption, consumption profile, RES.
2 Specifics of using RES in Apartment Buildings , 1Ján KošÄo*, 2Marcela Taušová, 3Peter Tauš, 4Dušan Kudelas, 5Miloš Špirko
The use of renewable energy sources is already becoming a common part of construction and renewal of family houses. For apartment buildings, the use of RES is determined by various factors, which are moreover very difficult to generalize. Therefore, when considering the owners or managers of apartment buildings on the installation of renewable energy technologies in the energy system of the house, it is best to give concrete examples and possibilities of such devices. In their presentation, it is necessary to point out all aspects of the impact of the given technology on the operation of the house – both positive and negative. But we do not have to look for inspiration only at domestic ground. KEYWORDS : RES, apartment building, RES technologies, consumption profile,
3 Survey of Schistosoma haematobium among Basic School Children in Urban and Rural Communities in Khartoum North, Khartoum State, Sudan. , Nadia A Elsammani1, Abdelghaffar Ali Adam2,Adam Abdalla Mater3
A cross-sectional study was conducted to determine the prevalence of S. haematobium among school children in selected basic schools in a rural and an urban area in Khartoum North, Khartoum State, Sudan.  A structured questionnaire was administered to 600 children to collect information used to determine the factors associated with Schistosomiasis. Urine specimens (600 samples) were examined using the standard sedimentation technique to determine the prevalence of S.haematobium. Overall, prevalence of S.haematobium  in both communities was of 15.7% a rural  area  had a higher prevalence 16.0% compared to an urban community 15.3%.The prevalence rates were significant in both communities, with gender in both communities, males  was recorded  higher infection rate   than females, 90(23.5%) and 4(1.8%), respectively, while age group 13-15 year age group recorded the highest prevalence18(22.2%) and  21(17.1%) in the urban area and the rural area, respectively. When compared to other age groups, these differences were significantly different (p < 0.05) in both communities. It was concluded that Schistosomiasis remains a serious public health concern in Sudan. Therefore, application appropriate integrated control program will significantly reduce the disease transmission. KEYWORDS : Schistosoma haematobium, Prevalence, Rural, Urban. 
4 Spinal anesthesia and peripheral block for the cocaine abusing patient. Is it safe? – A Case Report , Luiz Eduardo Imbelloni1, Ana Carolina Vilela2, Marcelo de Araujo Pistarino3, Eduardo Piccinini Viana4, Jaime Weslei Sakamoto5, André Augusto de Araujo6, Fernando Augusto Reginatto Roberto7
The increasing use and abuse of cocaine in Brazil is an issue of great national and international concern. As anesthesiologists taking care of patients with cocaine abuse we have to be aware of the implications of substance abuse on anesthetic management. We report two cases of men with chronic cocaine use, 31 hours and 10 hours after nasal cocaine use, submitted to spinal anesthesia for lower limb orthopedic surgery and peripheral nerve block for postoperative analgesia without any complications during the procedure, PACU and the ward. Both patients were discharged 24 hours after the procedure without pain, after anterior lumbar plexus block and the lateral combined femoral-sciatic nerve block. KEYWORDS : Addiction; Cocaine; Orthopedic Trauma; Regional intrathecal anesthesia; Regional peripheral lumbar plexus block. 
5 Knowledge and Attitude of Adolescent Girls on Child Marriage- Experiences from Bangladesh. , Md. Anamul Hoque1,Mohammed Mamun Or Rashid2
Child marriage is a global problem with 38% of adolescent girl being married before the age of 15 in Bangladesh. Since research on this particular issue is very scanty, this study attempts to explore the level of knowledge of the adolescent girls about the child marriage. Analyzing both quantitative and qualitative primary data, the study finds that the practice of child marriage is extensive and common among the households having financial difficulties. Male stokers’ underhand manner, likelihood of daughters’ involvement in illegitimate relationship and eloping and premarital pregnancy compel parents to practicing child marriage in the study area. As per marriage law in Bangladesh the minimum legal age of marriage for girls is 18 years and boys is 21 years1 . Any marriage before these ages can be treated as child marriage. Despite such legal obligation; child marriage is happening in Bangladesh particularly in slum and rural areas. According to various studies, poverty and ignorance of the parents/ guardians about the consequence of child marriage, less access to sexual & reproductive health services and prevailing social norms of marriage are the main reasons for child marriage2 . KEY WORDS: Bangladesh, child marriage, adolescent girl, slum, impact of child marriage.
6 Manganese (VII) Adsorption Kinetics from Aqueous Solutions Using Watermelon (Citrillus Lanatus) Peels as Adsorbent. , U. Augustine* 2B. Ishaq, 3T.M. Akpomie, 4N.B.Matthew
This research work investigated the adsorption of manganese (VII) ions from aqueous solution onto watermelon peels. The study was carried out to assess the possible use of watermelon peels as a low cost adsorbent. The influence of the following factors; contact time and initial metal ion concentration on the adsorption capacity has been studied. The percentage removal of the metal was observed to increase with increase in contact time; 10-40 minutes. The result indicated that activated watermelon peels could be effectively used for the adsorption of Mn(VII)  ions from aqueous solutions. First order and second order kinetic studies were carried out. The kinetics study conformed to pseudo second-order model. KEY WORDS: adsorption, maganese (VII) ions, watermelon peels.