1 How Does A Corporate Blogging Support Marketing Communication Activities? , ABSTRACT: The use of corporate blog has become one of another best choice for a brand to achieve its marketing communication objectives. Corporate blog is assumed that it can execute strategies through its articles such as building image, sales and product orientation, customer relationship management, and more. This research analysed 224 content of Koinworks‟ corporate blog in 2 months. Using computer-mediated communication theory, this study finds that corporate blog has a high level interactivity that is effective to be utilized for marketing communication activities. This theory is supported by marketing communication mix to find what type of marketing communication activity that it should be, and also enhanced by corporate credibility concept to understand on how corporate blog reinforce the image of a company or brand. It is suggested for companies, especially the financial technology companies, to consider corporate blog as one of important activity in marketing to be applied. However, this study still needs to be optimized by an in-depth interview of the authors from respective corporate blog or readers to gain wider perspective. KEYWORD: Content Analysis, Financial Technology, Corporate Blog, Computer Mediated Communication