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International Journal Of Language, Literature And Culture Researches

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The tradition of being the state of the ancient land called Iran is a result of 3000 years of historical and political accumulation. Since the beginning of history, many civilizations appeared in Iran geography, and several states established and collapsed. Within this cycle, every single civilization have contributed to culture and political structure of its successors.  As a country, having a strong state tradition, Iran's acquaintance with Western intellectual and political culture started in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Thereafter, Iran has endeavored to find a common ground between itself and modern system in terms of historical, linguistic and literary works. The political events and radical changes occurred in this process have taken place in literature and art. This innovative understanding, owes its origins to the West, necessitated a change in poetry in addition to literature and art. This study entitled “Modern Persian Poetry, Nîmâ Yûsic and his followers” discusses the modernization process of Persian poetry. Nîmâ Yûsic, who is known as “the father of modern Iranian poetry”, and his followers' contributions to this process have been tried to be determined. In this study, Nîmâ Yûsic is mentioned extensively, and conclusive information over the other poets who continued the Nîmâî Poetry style is also included.