1 Competitive advantages of the national higher education system in the context of globalization , Iryna Kalenuk, Antonina Dyakon
The article reveals the essence and types of competitive advantages of the national higher education system. It features the analysis and assignation of priorities of formation of functional and structural competitive advantages of the higher education system in the context of increase of the number of external and internal challenges for development.
2 Risks in the system of education: assessment and management , Oleg Kuklin
In the article the relevance of educational risk-management has been revealed. On the basis of the analysis of the wide range of political, economic, global, demographic, technological and other risks it has been proved the necessity of educational risk-management on different levels in education: micro level, regional level, meso level, macro level and meta level. The peculiarities of educational risks connected not only with direct economic losses but with strategic losses have been disclosed. The system of external risks is thoroughly clarified and some possible mechanisms of reaction to them are proposed. Presents current regulatory institution of higher education degree of risk and grounds for the necessity of their changes.