1 The Educated Citizen: Cultural and Gender Capital in the Schooling of Aetas’ Children in the Municipality of Janiuay, ROME B. MORALISTA, DR. GABRIEL C. DELARIARTE
This qualitative research investigate the educated citizen, Cultural and Gender capital in the schooling of Aetas’ children in the Municipality of Janiuay is largely focused on three domains or methodologies: grounded theory, phenomenology, and ethnography – although there are many other forms of qualitative inquiry (Murphy et al 1998). This study combines extensive participant observation and in-depth group/individual semi-structured interviews with six (6) elementary teachers and ten (10) Aetas’ mothers. The respondents provided their insight to acquisition of elementary education at public elementary school. The result of interview and observations suggested that the educated citizen was a construct that could help explain issues concerning the education of Aetas’ children in Janiuay, Iloilo. In addition, the educated citizen seemed to have basic components-cultural and gender capital- intertwined in the children’s academic achievement. The results revealed that The male aetas are looked upon by the aetas themselves as the head of the family, its protector and who does the hard work; the female aetas are looked upon as the ones caring the baby, selling products for their livelihood, doing the cooking and cleaning of the house; Aetas don’t want to be left behind in the current trends, education, and standard of living; the modern aetas become knowledgeable due to education and they earn it in school; some of aetas are already professionals such as: teachers, seafarers, and administrative aid employee in the municipal office.
2 Alternative Learning System (ALS Education): Its Influence on the Intellectual Abilities of Indigenous People, ROME B. MORALISTA, DR. GABRIEL C. DELARIART
The pre-test and post-test research method was used to determine the importance of ALS Education and its influence on the intellectual abilities of Indigenous Peoples at the Brgy. Matag-ob, Municipality of Janiuay, Province of Iloilo, Philippines for the calendar years 2012-2013. The findings revealed that the respondents intellectual abilities was “Very High” from Kabuhayan at Likas na Yaman, and Kasanayang Pangkomunikasyon.; both Matematika at Agham, and Pagpapalawak ng Pananaw “High”. As a whole, the general means show that the intellectual abilities Indigenous Peoples (IPs) at the Brgy. Matag-ob, Municipality of Janiuay, Province of Iloilo, Philippines is “Very High” result in the pre-test; the respondents intellectual abilities was “Very High” form Kabuhayan at Likas na Yaman, and Kasanayang Pangkomunikasyon.; both Matematika at Agham, and Pagpapalawak ng Pananaw “ Very High”. As a whole, the general means show that the intellectual abilities Indigenous Peoples (IPs) at the Brgy. Matag-ob, Municipality of Janiuay, Province of Iloilo, Philippines is “Very High” in the post-test result; there are no differences between respondent’s intellectual abilities in pre-test examination. This simply means that the intellectual abilities in pre-test examination of Indigenous Peoples (IPs) at the Brgy. Matag-ob, Municipality of Janiuay using four (4) strategies were the same. Finally, there were differences between respondents intellectual abilities in post-test examination. This simply means that their differences in four (4) intellectual strategies in post-test examination exert a significant influence on the academic performance of respondents for their personal growth.
3 Damage of Typhoon Yolanda in the Agricultural Crops of Calinog, Iloilo, ROME B. MORALISTA, DR. GABRIEL C. DELARIARTE, DR. RAYMUND B. GEMORA
The phenomenological method aims to describe the damage of Yolanda typhoon in the agricultural crops of farmers in the Municipality of Calinog. The findings found out that both male and females farm but have different roles. Usually, males prepare the land. Both male and female transplant and harvest the crops. Females are also engaged in post-harvest processing (cleaning and drying at household level) and selling the surplus production of both vegetables and staple food crops. Some farmers are active in farming associations; women are often more active than men; the Municipality of Calinog is among the largest municipal contributors to total provincial rice, with Iloilo Province being the largest contributor. Corn is the second food crop in the municipality and a staple food of the Filipino population; coconut farming in the Municipality of Calinog was the one of the smaller production. Rice, corn, vegetables, and fruit bearing trees are main sources of economic activity among farming communities in the upland areas, The people engage directly (e.g. farm owners, workers and traders) or indirectly (e.g. transport and logistics). Copra production is a year-round activity for producers, with about three harvests per year. Corn, rice, vegetables, and fruit bearing trees such as mango, Chico, and banana are major livelihood activities of farmers in the said Municipality. Finally, Sugarcane farming mainly takes place in the Municipality of Calinog, which contributed over one fourth the total sugarcane productions in the province of Iloilo.
4 Tracer Study of the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Graduates from 2008-2012, DR. NORMA L. MENEZ
This study was done in order to find out whether there are also mismatch, underemployment and promotion issues among graduates in Masters in business program of the university. More specifically, it determined the employment status of the graduate after pursuing MBA program in Lyceum University from 2008 – 2012, which include the university customized MBA program. It also determined the school-related and work-related factors that affect the graduate’s employability and promotion and further assess the extent by which work values and skills provided by LPU contribute to the graduate’s employability and promotion. Descriptive research design was used to trace graduate’s employability and employment status of Master in Business Administration in Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas. Results showed that 96 percent of the Masters in Business Administration graduates from 2008-2012 are gainfully employed locally with regular status and are holding professional and managerial positions. The MBA course has contributed to the graduate’s professional advancement. Communication, human and technical skills and the values of Love of God, honesty, love for truth and persevearance and hardwork are very relevant to their job. The professional subjects, curriculum and instruction gained from LPU –MBA are likewise found very relevant to their respective work.
5 Survey and Documentation of the Isnags Traditional Farming Tools and Implements, RONALD O. OCAMPO
This study was conducted to document farming tools and implements of the Isnags of Apayao. The study made used of the descriptive survey method of research with key informant interview and documentation as primary data gathering tools. The Isnags are bounded with beliefs and practices in all walks of their life. In the performance of these beliefs and practices, some of their farming tools are being utilized. A popular festival featuring ethnic songs , dances and rituals called the Say-am is being performed as a means of preserving their unique cultural traditions. The aliwa is used in the performance of a ritual as they cut the head of a dog or a pig to be used during say-am. After the say-am is the giving of food wrap in banana or “samak” leaves signifying the commence of the activity.
6 Improving The Quality Of Nipa ( Nypa fruticans) Wine, RONALD O. OCAMPO, NORMALINA P. USITA
This study was aimed to improve the quality of nipa wine. Specifically, it was intended to determine what fruit juices that can be added to nipa wine that improve its quality; compare the sample treatments in terms of taste, color and aroma; and determine the cost of production of the different samples. The different treatments were: T0-Nipa wine (NW) control, T1 Nipa wine + Mulberry fruit extract T2 NW + Pineapple, and Treatment 3 NW + Calamansi. The samples were evaluated by 30 panel of judges in terms of taste, aroma and color. Data were analyzed using ranking and rank difference was further tested using the Friedman’s rank test. Results revealed that T1 was the most preferred sample in terms of taste and color while treatment 2 on aroma. The least preferred treatment was the control. Rank differences showed highly significant result in their taste, aroma and color. Hence, nipa wine can be further improve using fruit juice additives. Hence, the following recommendations are forwarded: Mass Production of the improved nipa wine should be undertaken as part of the income generating activities of the college; Promotion of the improved nipa wine should be done especially in trade fairs; The alcohol, sugar content and other nutrients content should be done which is a needed in the development of product label; Design and development of packaging materials should be done for an added market value; Conduct other researches which focuses on other fruit additives should be done; Similar studies should be conducted especially to other wine of less economic value.
7 Gender Roles in The Textile Industry of Apayao, RONALD O. OCAMPO
This study was conducted to examine the dynamics of the community, farms and households, in order to understand the role of men and women in the textile industry. Specifically, it is intended to : determine the activities of men and women in the textile industry; determine the time spent by men and women allotted to their daily tasks; analyze the role of men and women in the textile industry. The descriptive method of research was used with the gender analysis tool kit as main data gathering tool. Purposive sampling was done inn selecting the respondents of the study which involves 30 respondents. Results showed that women are heavily involved in textile related activities especially weaving but also share the responsibility. Men assist in the production of textile products. Men devote of their time in their primary source of incomefarming. Based on the above findings, women play a great role in the textile industry. They are the key players for they are the one involved in most of the textile related activities particularly weaving. Men also share responsibility in the textile industry by assisting the women perform their work. In the light of the findings, the following are forwarded as recommendation: conduct seminar/ training on gender sensitivity among couples; conduct trainings on fiber processing especially banana and abaca and other abundant fibers in Apayao to both men and women; similar research should be conducted to other commodity looking at the contribution of both men and women in the industry.
8 Algebraic Algorithm for Solving Linear Congruences: Its Application To Cryptography, POLEMER M. CUARTO
This study is an integration of two different fields: Number Theory and Computer Science. In this paper, an algebraic algorithm as an alternative method for finding solutions to problems on linear congruences was developed. The basic idea of the technique is to convert the given linear congruence into linear equations and solve them algebraically. The advantage of this algorithm is the simplicity of its computation since it uses algebraic concepts which are easy to understand. Some illustrative examples are given to show validity of this method for solving linear congruences. An application of developed algorithm on solving linear congruences to cryptography using RSA cryptosystem was also presented in this paper.
9 Improvement of the Competencies of Early Childhood Education Teachers in Bicol Region Through Training, Gloria B. Osea PhD and Simeon B. Botor
Socio-demographic profile, teaching methods, strategies used and training needs of Early Child Preschool Teachers (PSTs) and Day Care Workers (DCWs) in Region V (Camarines Sur, Camarines Norte, and Albay) were studied. The level of improvement in the teaching competencies of PSTs and DCWs in Camarines Sur before and after the capability enhancement training was determined. Half of the PSTs were young (19 -30 years old). Almost all (92.5%) of PSTs are female. Half are married and half are single in status. Their monthly salary ranged from Php 3,000.00- Php 4,000.00. All of them finished college but lack specialization in early childhood education. Half of them had one to three years teaching experience. Contrary to the above findings, the DCWs belonged to the middle-age group (31-40 years old). Most of them are female and married. More than half of them received Php 1,000.00 – Php 2,000.00 monthly honorarium and are college graduates who lack early childhood education units. The rest are college undergraduate, high school graduate and high school undergraduate. More than half have worked as DCW for seven to 15 years and above. Early education teachers used demonstration method and behavioral modeling. Computer assisted instruction was never used. Their training needs were on framing behavioral objectives, lesson planning, teaching methodologies, development of instructional materials, and skills in music, arts and drama. Both PSTs and DCWs have fair level of teaching competency (LTC) and have developing level of teachers professional development (LTPD) along lesson planning, teaching methodologies and development of instructional materials before the training except for framing behavioral objectives among PSTs which was satisfactory and skills in music, arts and drama among DCWs was satisfactory. The LTC of PSTs and DCWs in all teaching competencies was high and have expert level of LTPD after the training except for lesson planning among DCWs which was satisfactory. Significant differences were observed in the level of improvement in all teaching competencies of PSTs and DCWs after the training.
10 Threats and Challenges to Agriculture Towards Sustainable Rice Farming, Digna dR. Fernandez
The study is mainly a qualitative research work base on phenomenological approach. Archival method was also utilized to retrieved past data and information necessary for the study; present records from selected government offices was also used ; and most importantly, first hand information were gathered from people whose age and experienced in rice farming is immeasurable. This piece of research work was based on the personal experience of the researcher from her childhood days down to her present status: a social science professor in an agricultural state university in Laguna, province, Philippines, and a member of a rice farm community. It presents how Laguna Province, an agricultural and a rice farming area in the Philippines, endowed with all its natural resources, geographical, climatic condition, and strong manpower is being threatened by problems in increasing population, climate and global warming, capital, profit, and manpower, technology, and industrialization. A social theory known as the “Gintong Butil” (Golden Seed) is being proposed to meet the challenges and threats to agriculture towards a sustainable rice farming development. A social framework had been formulated to elucidate its essence and fullest realization.
11 Level of Implementation of the Community Extension Activity of LIMA, Vincent D. Chua, Kenneth P. Caringal, Bernard Ryan C. De Guzman, Edward Allan D. Baroja, Johnver B. Maguindayao, Beverly T. Caiga
The study aimed to assess the Level of Implementation of the COM-EX Activity of LIMA. The researchers used descriptive method of research. The data were gathered through questionnaires. The respondents of the study were 30 residents of Barangay Wawa, Batangas City. The results revealed that the respondents are aware on the different activities of the ComEx Activity of LIMA; and the ComEx activity of LIMA are well Implemented. The researchers recommend to the school to conduct seminar regarding in the environment issues to obtain knowledge and to increase the awareness of the beneficiaries of the ComEx of LIMA.
12 Gender Preference in the Selection for Entry Level Engineers at Electric Companies in Batangas Province, John Kenneth P. Aala, Gary G. Atienza, Evans Jommelle Angelo Chongco, Gilbert D. Mendoza, Mark Harold B. Poquiz, Engr. Angelita M. Pagcaliwagan
This study determined the Gender Preference in the Selection for Entry Level Engineers at Electric Companies in Batangas Province in terms of communication, technical and management skills and to identify the common problems experienced by the respondents in hiring male and female engineers and analyze if there is a significant difference in terms of gender preference and common problems. This study used a descriptive method of research wherein the quantitative data were gathered using a survey questionnaire. Results showed that there is no significant difference in the preference of the electric companies in selecting the entry level engineers between male and female applicants in terms of communication skills and management skills. However, there is a significant difference in the preference of the electric companies in selecting the entry level engineers in terms of technical skills This implies that the companies prefer most male applicants when it comes to technical skills. There is no significant difference in the problems encountered by the employers or human resource managers in terms of family matters, health and personal concerns. This signifies that the employers can experience almost the same level of problems between male and female employees. Female engineers have to take extra training in order to enhance their technical skills such as training in doing and making schematic and block diagram, training in facility planning and design and on electronics and electrical applications for them to be competent and do what male engineers can do. For male engineers it is also recommended to continue their trainings and learning’s so that they will be more competitive to their job. Both male and female engineers have an opportunity to work in electric companies in Batangas Province.
13 Applied Cognition Approach: A Key Factor for Authentic Learning, DONNA LEA P. BUENDIA
Learning-by-doing is generally considered the most effective way to learn. A variety of resources and emerging visualization and simulation make it possible to offer students authentic learning experiences through cognitive application ranging from experimentation to real world problem solving. This paper assessed the preference for cognitive application as an approach for authentic learning of the students of College Arts and Sciences in Batangas State University. More specifically, the study aimed to describe the profile of the students in terms of age, sex, course, and to determine the authentic learning experiences as to authenticity, engagement and learning motivation as determinants for the responsiveness of the students. Descriptive type of research was utilized in the study. The results showed favorable responses that applied cognition through authentic learning is more preferred and have a greater impact in learning. It also revealed more inclination of the students from older year levels in applied cognitive methods for gaining authentic learning, given that they are getting ready to transverse the path in their career lives. In terms of sex profile, female respondents tend to be more affiliated with the psychomotor domain showing a little difference with the response of male participants. Female respondents are motivated further to devote more efforts to real professional practice. Respondents from BS Development Communication used their active orientation to relate with customized strategies in order to know the applications necessary for their course education. However, BS Psychology students gave emphasis on the theoretical and abstract education as shown in the lower mean results. In order to have an effective education setting, an authentic learning environment requires students to reflect upon a broad base of knowledge to solve problems, and to predict, hypothesize, and experiment to produce a solution.
14 Influence of Media on Body Image Satisfaction among Adolescents, GENESIS M. JAVELLANA
The media plays a large role in how teenagers view themselves by shaping images of what teenagers are supposed to be or do. This study focused on the influence of media on the body image satisfaction among adolescents. The study aimed to determine which media influence adolescents most, the level of body image satisfaction of the adolescents, the relationship between media and body image satisfaction, and propose measures to enhance the adolescents’ body image satisfaction. The study used the quantitative method of research. It utilized a survey and a questionnaire entitled Body Areas Satisfaction Scale, and all the third year and fourth year high school students of Stonyhurst Southville International School served as respondents. Results revealed and was concluded that the internet is the most frequently used media with the respondents using it often; the level of body area satisfaction of the respondents is mostly satisfied; magazines have the strongest negative relationship with the weight of the respondents; and, measures such as media awareness seminars and screening and balancing of commercials and advertisements on television and magazines are needed in order to balance the effects of media on adolescents.
15 A Molecular Dynamics Heuristic for Solving the Traveling Salesperson Problem, Jaderick P. Pabico, Jose Rene L. Micor and Ma. Christine A. Gendrano
In this paper, a nature-based metaphor for computation is presented as a heuristic solution for a popular combinatorial optimization problem, the traveling salesperson problem (TSP). The metaphor was aptly named artificial chemistry (ACHEM) because the computational process is based on molecular dynamics. It is designed as a distributed stochastic algorithm that simulates reaction systems of algorithmic objects whose behavior is inspired by natural chemical systems. Finding the optimal solutions for TSP are particularly intractable for problem instances that are very large. This is the reason why a heuristic, such as the ACHEM, is a preferred solution than a computational procedure that provides optimal ones. To evaluate the utility of the heuristic, ACHEM was applied to find near-optimal solutions to large instances of the TSP. Results show that ACHEM outperformed other nature-based heuristics such as the simulated annealing and the self organizing maps, while it performed as good as the genetic algorithm and the ant colony optimization. Thus, ACHEM provides another natural metaphor for solving hard instances of the TSP
16 A Feasibility Study on Offering Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology (With Business Track on Business Processing Outsourcing), DR. ARLY B. BALINGBING
This study aimed to determine the (1) respondents’ profile, (2) the College’s strength and weaknesses, (3) the demand and supply of ABIT graduates for the next five years, (4) the course’s feasibility in Rinconada, and (5) the socio-economic benefits in offering the ladderized degree. Using descriptive survey method and random sampling, data were gathered from 1,578 graduating students from eight high schools in Nabua, Camarines Sur through questionnaire and informal interview. Statistical tools used are frequency count and percentage technique. Findings showed that 63%of the respondents were female, 56% were 15-16 years old, and 33% were parents-dependent. The College is ISO – certified with academically conducive, state-of-the-arts facilities and capable faculty members but no resident instructors of outsourcing-related course. It is situated in a province with two BPO companies which require about 16, 000 employees by 2016 subject to yearly increase. But few graduates are hired due to lack of required competencies and no school offer ABIT with BPO specialization. Respondents considered the course attractive (60%) and highly employable locally and internationally (50%). To conclude, offering ABIT with BPO specialization is feasible since the external and internal aspects are favorable, the needed facility and faculty are available and no other school in Camarines Sur offers it. The administration supports the new program as part of the College’s mandates and as stipulated in its 2014-2018 Strategic Development Plan.
17 Historical Analysis of Nigeria’s Sports Development Policy, DR. SAMUEL OVENSERI AIBUEKU AND SOLOMON OGBOUMA
This paper examined the historical antecedence of policy formulation as an index of Nigeria’s Sports Development initiative, wherein a historical analysis of policy development in sports was undertaken. It identified lack of coverage of all issues concerning sports as the major bane of the current sport development policy and advocated an urgent review of the policy to bring it in line with the velocity of sports development in Nigeria. Generally, recommendations were put forth for the over all improvement of the existing situation.
18 Analysis of University Students’ Performance in Matriculation, Post Matriculation and First Year Examinations in Delta and Edo States, Nigeria, Dr. Henry Ogheneovo Oshemughen, Anita Ochuko Oshemughen
This study analyzed the university students’ performance in University Matriculation Examination (UME), post matriculation examination and first year examination with a view to determining whether the performance of students in UME and post UME had influenced the academic performance of students admitted into first year (100 level) in universities in Delta and Edo States, Nigeria. One research question was raised and one hypothesis was formulated and tested. The study had adopted the ex-post facto design using the correlational method. The population of the study comprised the students in all universities in Edo and Delta states that took the UME and Post UME in 2004/2005 and 2005/2005 academic sessions and a sample size of 8111 students from three universities was selected through stratified random sampling technique. Instruments used for this study included students’ records containing UME and post UME scores; and students’ first year GPA. The data collected were analyzed using stepwise multiple regression. The findings from the analysis showed that UME and Post UME performance of students combined, accounted for 67.2 percent of the variance in their first year academic performance in universities in Edo and Delta states. Based on these findings it was concluded, that the performance of students in UME and Post UME had impacted significantly on their first year academic performance in universities. On the basis of this conclusion, it was recommended among others that the UME and Post UME policy be allowed to continue in University admission in Edo and Delta States, Nigeria.
19 Domesticating Education: The Dilemma of Marketing Education in Nigeria, DR. PRINCEWILL I. EGWUASI, PATIENCE O. NWOSU, JOSEPH M. NWOKOMAH
The argument on the relevance of the present Nigerian educational curriculum content to the needs and aspirations of the Nigerian society has gradually become an acceptable national debate. Teachers, students, parents and all the stakeholders of the educational sector have suddenly discovered the unrealistic nature of the Nigerian educational curriculum and the need to change same. These changes, some believe could be in the areas of selection and organization of the curriculum content, the distribution, development and use of instructional or teaching materials, curriculum implementation and evaluation. While it is very important to consider all these, it is also more pertinent to note that the selection and organization of the curriculum content especially at the primary and secondary schools levels is the bedrock for a sound educational system. It is therefore the concern of this paper to examine the present state of the Nigerian national educational curriculum vis-à-vis the new 9-year Basic Education Curriculum with a view to showcasing its baselessness and suggesting the way out in having a more practical regionalized curriculum as the solution to the problems of Nigeria’s curriculum content.
20 Entrepreneurship as a Career Choice: An Analysis of Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy and Intention of National High School Senior Students at the Municipality of Calinog, Iloilo, ROME B. MORALISTA, DR. GABRIEL C. DELARIARTE
The main objectives of the study were to determine the entrepreneurial career choice, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, and entrepreneurial intention of National High School Senior Students at the Municipality of Calinog, Iloilo. Descriptive survey type of research was utilized in the study. personal choice is mainly considered in career choice. Creativity is mainly considered in entrepreneurial self-efficacy. To be a teacher (Educator) is very popular in entrepreneurial intention of the respondents. The main variables of the study are significantly and positively related which means that the increase in one variable is also in increase in another. It is recommended that parents, guidance counsellors, and the like consider the results of this study in guiding the respondents in their career decisions
21 Glocalization, Perception, Application and Pedagogy of Social Science Teachers, ROME B. MORALISTA, DR. GABRIEL C. DELARIARTE
This study aimed to identify the perception of teachers about glocalization in teaching social science subject. Qualitative methodology was utilized in the study. Findings revealed that the respondents believed that as exceptional local and global educators, they should be less ethnocentric and more empathetic. Findings revealed that respondents believed they should be less ethnocentric and more empathetic as local and global educators. Furthermore, by attending in-service training, travel or study abroad, joining international conferences, and fora, attending graduate school, readings, and use of internet, subscribing professional magazines and joining professional organizations such as ADHIKA or BAKAS. They can diversify the lives of students, teachers with rich resources through which attending graduate studies to teach about different groups and their experiences and well-trained teachers, are obliged to provide students with knowledge and experiences that will enable them to incorporate global perspectives in their classes.
22 Socio-Economic Survey of Entrepreneurship in the Municipality of Calinog, ROME B. MORALISTA, DR. GABRIEL C. DELARIARTE, ROWENA GABALONZO, DR. MARY JANE CATALUNA
The purpose of this present study is to evaluate the socio-economic status of entrepreneurship in the Municipality of Calinog and assist the entrepreneurship and economic opportunity in the market of Calinog by developing a new knowledge in business. The data collection methods were mainly based on observation. The respondents respond that entrepreneurship with respect to their perspective on the existence of opportunity; perspective of the market process, innovation; and the transaction cost economics. They believed economics is intimately associated with the assumption of market equilibrium; acquisition and communication of knowledge; visualizes the world in which there is a continuous process of discovery – not usually major discoveries but mostly minor discoveries about individual wants at particular times and places. Furthermore, the adjustment of prices is the main role of the businessman. They claim that if the wrong price prevails in the market, then an opportunity for profit exists. If differentiated prices prevail in the same market, there is scope for profitable arbitrage between the segments of the market.
23 Non-traditional Design and Development of Culture and Language Sensitive –Curriculum Material Evaluation Tool, MARIE PAZ E. MORALES
The study critically explored non-conventional processes on development and validation of an evaluation instrument entitled: “Culture and Language Sensitive-Curriculum Material Evaluation Tool.” This is an evaluation tool intended to assess and evaluate culture and language sensitive curriculum materials in physics and other sciences. The non-traditional processes highlighted the use of empirical data from pilot study to come up with the statements and constructs for the instrument congruent to instructional congruence framework. Averages of ratings of experts of the evaluation instrument were found to be within the highest range of the 5-point Likert scale (4.74 and 4.98). Aiken’s content validity coefficient ranged from 0.94 to 0.99. Inter-rater Kappa coefficient was 0.83 rated as excellent agreement of raters while inter-class coefficient was 0.71 (single) and 0.98 (average) rated as very strong (single) and almost perfect agreement (average) respectively. Reliability was established qualitatively and quantitatively. Over-all reliability measure was rated excellent using Cronbach’s alpha with a coefficient of 0.99. Each of the construct’s reliability coefficients was found to be 0.98 rated as excellent.
24 A Comparative Study of Motivational Factors Among the CITHM Students, Dr. DEXTER R. BUTED
This study involeved a practical understanding on the perception of the students from the College of Internatioal Tourism and Hospitality Managemet (CITHM) to the courses offered by the LPU-Batangas like Hotel and Restaurant Admiistration (HRA) and International Tourism and Travel Management (ITTM) programs. More specifically, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of HRA and Tourism programs as perceived by the respondents. Also to identify the opportunities of HRA and ITTM programs in terms of career aspirations andgoals as perceived by the HRA and Tourism students and to propose a course of action to further improvement and address the perceived weaknesses of the programs. This study use descriptive methods and selfmade questionaire base on motivational factors of HRA and ITTM students for HRA and Tourism programs. It involved one hundred twenty five respondents from the total populations of 4th year HRA and ITTM students of the university. This study concluded that CITHM may continue the pre-internship program to gain self-actualization locally and internationally.Parents may encourage their children to join in academic competition to enhance the students intellectual ability and knowledge. More specifically, HRA and ITTM students may suggest more assistance and services to the establishment to enhance the teaching styles for a much better improvement. Also, the school may provide a comprehensive orientation and offering carreer guidance for the HRA and ITTM students seeking overseas jobs upon graduation.And, future researchers may conduct similar study but using other variables.
25 Tinapay Festival: Potential Tourist Attraction in Batangas, Philippines, DR. DEXTER R. BUTED
This study was conducted to assess the Tinapay (bread) Festival in Cuenca, Batangas. Specifically, this research determined the development strategies of community-based tourism in terms of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling; evaluated the effects of development of community-based tourism Tinapay Festival in Cuenca; proposed an action plan in promoting tourism in Cuenca. The study used descriptive method with the survey questionnaire as data gathering instrument which was administered among 100 respondents. The results of the study revealed that the respondents agreed that in order to achieve the success of the Tinapay Festival, there must be careful planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Most of the respondents are 60 government officials and 40 locales who agreed that the community involved and the committee in charge proved their incomparable teamwork which made the Tinapay Festival successful. They developed great teamwork through fair distribution of task resulting to respect and trust of the residents.
26 Street Food Preparation Practices, DR. DEXTER R. BUTED & DR. ALEX P. YLAGAN
Food handling should always follow proper procedure and should maintain orderliness and cleanliness. This study aimed to determine the food sanitation practices of street food vendors in Batangas City. Descriptive type of research was utilized in the study. Results showed that majority of the street food vendors sell isaw because people of the community most likely prefer isaw as their merienda. The street food vendors are practicing a clean working area as part of their sanitation practices. The customers perceived that barely checking of the food if it is free from larva is being practiced by the street vendors.
27 Paths with Jumps: Definition, Topology-preserving Dynamics, and Applications, JADERICK P. PABICO
Goggle and other list-based web services like Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook present their n-item results in m pages, where m ??1. The list can be represented as a path Pn(V, E) of order n and size n – 1, where Pn is particularly a sequence of n distinct nodes v0, v1, ..., vn–1 ? V and (n – 1) links (0, 1), (1, 2), ..., (n–2, n–1) ? E. When users are not satisfied with the first few nodes, they will conduct a walk W, often with jumps, that goes back and forth along Pn until they find the kth node, 0 ??k < n, that satisfies their search. The simple walk can be modeled as a sequence of non-distinct nodes in Pn, but modeling it with jumps is difficult because there are no links in Pn to allow the jumps between two non-adjacent nodes. To model this user behavior, the path is alternatively modeled as a sequence of m (m/n–1)-power of Pm/n's separated by P2's, which is termed here as a path with jumps Jm,n. With this new representation for the list, W can be modeled as a simple walk over Jm,n. In reality, the final walk W is an evolution of the time-progressed s sub-walks W(0), W(1), ..., W(s–1), where W(t) is a walk that was developed up to time t
28 Impeachment of a Former Chief Justice: Its Effects to the Court Employees in Batangas City, Katherine Mae L. Guico, Marc Kevin G. Areta, Eunice P. Lopez, Mary Joy F. Matubis Dr. Ma. Rosario B. Tamayo
This paper investigated the Impeachment of a Former Chief Justice: Its Effects to the Court Employees in Batangas City. The result revealed that the respondents agree with the effects of impeachment, the most observed effect of which is that the impeachment led to a more strict compliance of government officials in the declaration of their Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth or SALN. The respondents disagreed that the impeachment reduced foreign investments and diminished the people’s trust to the judiciary. Moreover, the employees’ perception on the effects varies to the level of their seniority (years) in the office. From the results gathered, suggestions have been formulated. First, the Commission on Audit may adopt an efficient policy to ensure that public officials are diligently observing the constitutional provision embodied in Article XI, Section 17 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution mandating the declaration of their SALNs. Being the Highest Tribunal of the country, the Judiciary, may initiate measures to always maintain the constitutional provision under Article XI, Section 1 of the Constitution that public office is a public trust. The Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, otherwise known as RA 6713, may be amended to impose higher criteria for public officials and employees in the discharge of the duties required of them. Future researchers may come up with a thorough study on the effects of the impeachment of the Former Chief Justice using other variables to further scrutinize the other effects of this significant part of our political history.
29 Performance of Sangguniang Kabataan Officials As Mandated By the Local Government Code of 1991, Alyssa Clarizze E. Malaluan, Jovel C. Baja, Gilbert G. Carandang, Justin T. Vergara Dr. Ma. Rosario Tamayo
This paper assessed the performance of SK officials based on the mandated duties provided by the Local Government Code (LGC) of 1991 and the perception of the Lyceum Community on the issue of SK abolition. Two hundred (200) members, composed of the students, faculty members and administrative personnel of the community, who were randomly chosen, served as the respondents. The descriptive method was used to attain the objectives. The results showed that the Sangguniang Kabataan has been able to perform their mandated duties and responsibilities by the LGC being rated as Good. Moreover, it can be drawn that although there are defects, the respondents still believe that reformation, not abolition would correct SK failures and shortcomings. From the results, there are recommendations that have been formulated. First, the government, specifically the DILG, may review the provisions of RA 7160 implementing the duties and functions mandated to the SK. Second, the DILG may also evaluate the performance of the SK officials based on their annual and end-of-term reports. Third, the SK officials may improve or strengthen the duty to conduct an annual activity known as the Linggo ng Kabataan through the collaboration of the Sangguniang Bayan/Panlungsod and the Barangay. Future researchers may conduct similar study using different variables.
30 Level of Nigerian Cadets’ Satisfaction on the Services of Lyceum International Maritime Academy, Dexter R. Buted, John Reynald D. Abiad, John Paul D. Aguba, Alexander Jedd A. Ellar, Dandarc P. Ilao, John Harold D. Sales, Ms. Beverly T. Caiga
Satisfaction characterizes the quality of products and services that the organization delivers to its customers that serves as the basis for continuous improvement. The study primarily aimed to investigate the level of satisfaction of Nigerian students in relation to administration, instruction, facilities, and securities. Descriptive type of research was utilized in the study. Results showed that Nigerian students were moderately satisfied in the LIMA Administration, academic instruction and facilities while they were fairly satisfied in the LIMA Security. The demand of foreign students to have competitive edge by studying abroad includes that the services of an educational institution wherein these students are enrolled should meet the satisfaction of these students in all key areas of administration, instruction, facilities and security; otherwise such institution has to take appropriate action and measure to improvement its services.
31 Creativity and Innovation for Women Empowerment in Nigeria, Yabrifa Bumein and Dr. Comfort E. Mbachu
Self empowerment through creativity and innovation has been one of the major outcries of late and most recently. The need to empower women through educational programmes and skills acquisition in this 21st century is highly critical and can never be over emphasized. Women empowerment enhances women’s capacity to influence and participate in taking decisions which directly or indirectly affect their lives and their total wellbeing. Invariably, for women to contribute and enhance their self-worth, family and the society at large, they need to be very creative and innovative in practical terms. Being creative and innovative entails exploring better ways of empowering women with skills and educational programmes for sustainable development. This paper therefore looks into the concept of creativity, innovation and empowerment. It discusses onthe efforts So far made in empowering Nigerian women with educational programmes and skills. It equally looks into the benefits of empowering Nigerian women with functional education programmes and skills. It as well discusses on the strategies to empower women with functional education programmes and skills. It also looks into the challenges of empowering Nigerian women with functional education programmes and skills. The paper concludes with recommendations on women empowerment through functional education programmes and skills acquisition.
32 The feasibility and fallacies of internationalization of Higher Education in India, Dr. Bipasha Sinha
This article tracks the historical backdrop of foreign collaboration in Indian education. It critically analyses the Foreign Education Institutions Bill of 2010 in the light of the four modes of trade in higher education namely cross border supply, consumption abroad, commercial presence and presence of natural persons. It further deliberates into the various issues of concern regarding Higher education in India like enrollment, equity, infrastructure, curriculum, quality of the institutions, adequate faculty and research output in terms of the global contribution. The article concludes by providing possible suggestions and rectifications that could help change the higher education scenario for the better.
33 The Effectiveness of Teachers and Schools Cluster Model of Primary School Mathematics Teachers Professional Development in Cross River State, Nigeria, ANTHONY CHIGBU NWAGBARA
It is believed that no nation can have the quality of her education rise above the quality of her teachers. The import of this statement is that teachers in Nigeria need to be adequately trained and positioned to ensure quality teaching which will invariably provide effective learning and qualitative functional education. Mathematics teachers’ production requires a deserved attention in the Nigerian educational system in that the demand for them outstrips the supply. A situation that has led to not so well qualified and motivated candidates to be re-directed to major in mathematics in tertiary institutions as professional teachers. These mathematics teachers in training struggle to graduate and are employed to teach mathematics in the schools. In this circumstance, re-training of such caliber of teachers becomes imperative. Workshops, seminars and in-service training of good quality become crucial for their professional development. However, the commonest method of re-training of these teachers had been the cascade approach in which five days of a week in one year are used for interaction between the teachers and commissioned facilitators who lecture them without proper coordination and consideration of the objectives of the re-training. However, late in 2013 the Cross River State Ministry of Education introduced the cluster model of re-training of teachers. Against this background, this study assessed the effectiveness of the teachers and schools cluster model of primary school mathematics teachers’ professional development to ascertain the impact on pupils’ achievement in mathematics. It was recommended that the cluster model of re-training professional teachers should be adopted. It was also suggested that all teachers in the primary school be given a chance of participating in the programme from time to time.
34 An Analytical Study on Present Status of Age-Sex Structure of Nepal, BASANTA DHAKAL
The primary aim of this paper is to analyze the status of age-sex composition of current population of Nepal on the basis of urban/rural area, ecological belt and development zone. It also tries to compare the demographic indicators of current population with previous censuses. Data are taken from National Population and Housing Census 2011 and Statistical Year Book Nepal 2011. This study finds that the age dependency ratio and child-women ratio are 67.17 and 393.89 respectively in the current population in the country. Similarly, the median age and sex ratio are 21.76 year and 94.16 respectively. This study expects that the findings of this paper may facilitate the planners and decision makers to formulate the population policies and programs for the nation.
35 Local Area Redirection Policies for a Lightweight Distributed Desktop Webgrid, Marie Yvette B. de Robles and Jaderick P. Pabico
With the latest innovations and trend towards personalizing users’ web browsing experience, the web has been increasingly dominated by dynamic contents. Solutions abound for improving the performance of static contents today. However, delivering dynamic content remains a challenge due to the many dependencies involved in compiling the content, specifically personalized ones. This paper presents two local area redirection (LARD) policies, the round-robin (RR) and the least busy server first (LBSF) for a cheap, off-the-shelf, local lightweight distributed grid composed of desktop PCs (webgrid). Each LARD algorithm redirects web requests away from a busy server in the webgrid, developed as an alternative architecture for both static and dynamic-content Web sites. The architecture was designed such that performance as characterized by client access time and resource utilizations is optimized during overload conditions, such as flash crowd and time-of-day effects. Through an online simulation technique, we explored the performance savings achieved by the LARD algorithms. Results showed that the end-to-end client delays were improved for both simple and complex jobs. For simple jobs, fewer computers are enough to service the requests at the normal response time. Moreover, the performance continuously improves as the number of computers increases for complex jobs. Results also showed that RR is a better LARD policy than LBSF. LBSF has an added overhead required for the online inventory of the least busy servers in the webgrid.
36 Influence of Interpersonal Relationship on the Administrative and Teaching Performance among Faculty Administrators, RAYMUND B. GEMORA, Ed. D.
The study aimed to determine the interpersonal skills and administrative influence of school administrators of West Visayas State University–Janiuay Campus (WVSU-JC) and to determine the extent of teaching performance among college faculty. The survey-correlational method of research was employed in this investigation. The respondents were the 20 purposely selected school directors and coordinators of West Visayas State University-Janiuay Campus. The findings revealed that the Interpersonal Skills of School Administrators of WVSU-JC are very clearly evident in their support to the faculty. The school administrator ability to allow teachers high degree of initiative and creativity in their work make them to be more dedicated is very clearly evident in their influence; when it comes to teaching performance students getting help from the teacher heads; the interpersonal skills, administrative influence, and teaching performance are interrelated and interconnected. The enhancement of one will also enhance the other two.
37 Effectiveness of Airline Internship Program of Tourism Graduates: A Channel for Job Placement, Chona B. Hernandez, Felisande Lei Particia Bel, 1Van Alyssa Marie M. Dela Cruz, Camille Gabrielle P. Fadriquelan, Given Angel C. Marcial, Annalie D. Pateña
This work was intended to assess the Airline Internship of Tourism Graduates of LPU-B from the school year 2010-2013. Specifically, the study also described the demographic profile of the respondents who have undergone the Airline internship; assessed the knowledge and skills they gained in the Airline internship; determined the level of effectiveness of the Airline internship to Tourism graduates; and found out that the employment of the respondents was paralleled to the course they completed. The descriptive method was used by the researchers in order to gather the needed information of the study. The researchers found out that the respondents of the study were dominated by single female young adults whose employment was coupled with the necessary trainings, and with work experience of less than one year. Based on the survey, the knowledge and skills gained by the respondents in the Airline Internship were both very good and the Airline Internship to Tourism Graduates of 2010-2013 was highly effective. Lastly, the Internship Program of the majority of the respondents is aligned to their current jobs.
38 Awareness of External Environment to the International Curriculum of College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management, 1Amelyn A. Mote, 1Christian D. Bunyi, 1Eloisa Marie L. Cay, 1Ceejey H. De Sagun, 1Alexa Joanne Lea A. Labores, 1Joanna May E. Villarosa, 2Jennie Margaret M. Apritado, 2Rhea Corina B. Mejia
The study aimed to know the level of awareness of the external environment in Batangas City. Specifically, to assess the awareness of the external environment to the international curriculum of the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management (CITHM) in terms of quality education, and employment opportunities. Furthermore, to propose an action plan to enhance the awareness of the external environment to the international curriculum of CITHM. The researchers used descriptive method of research in order to substantiate the awareness of external environment to international curriculum of CITHM. The results revealed that the respondents are aware in the international curriculum of CITHM in terms of quality education and employment opportunities. There are action plans to enhance the marketing strategy of LPU for the awareness of external environment on Dusit Thani Curriculum of CITHM.
39 International and Local Internship Programs of CITHM Students, Monaliza A. Ebreo, Roselyn P. Carranza, Luisa N. Eustaquio, Loraine G. Magluyan,Jessalyn C. Manalo, Jennifer S. Trillanes, Sevillia S. Felicen, Alex P. Ylagan
The aim of this research is to find out the competitive advantages of international internship as compared with the local internship, specifically, to identify student’s exposure in LPU during the internship in terms of knowledge, skills, attitude and personality, and to compare these attributes acquiredin international practicum with local practicum among interns. The researchersused descriptive research method to evaluate CITHM students of LPU who have undergone local and international practicum to identify and compare the skills learned from international and domestic internship. The results revealed that there are no differences in comparing local and international internship programs in LPU. It can be comprehended that from the standpoint of the study, the findings proved that the level of satisfaction of both local and international interns pertaining to the knowledge, skills, attitude and personality learned and applied in LPU are very satisfactory. The researchers recommend strengthening the college internship program.
40 Look-To-The-East Idea In Fajar Asia Magazine, UQBAH IQBAL, NORDIN HUSSIN, AHMAD ALI SEMAN
This study explores the existence of Look-To-The-East idea in Malaya during 1941-1945 Japanese occupation era. During this period, the field of journalism and press have been dominated by the Japanese administration or Malayan Military Administration (MMA). Mass communication mediums such as newspapers and magazines have been used as propaganda tools by MMA. Their main purpose was to dominate the field of journalism and press printing to gather people's support in their war campaigns. The government also exploited newspapers and magazines to obtain cooperation from people in all plans they wished to implement. To dominate the field of journalism, MMA had instructed that all efforts related to the publication must obtain prior authorization. Although the printed media in Malaya then was made the propaganda tool by the Japanese administrators, the Look-To-The-East idea was propogated through various newspapers and magazines such as Berita Malai, Semangat Asia and Fajar Asia. This study explores the existence of the Look-To-The-East idea that can be found in Fajar Asia magazine. It can be divided into political, social, culture and arts, language, economy, youth, family, religion and education segments. This study is centralized upon and focuses on only the language, culture and the arts segments.
41 Perfectionism and Well-being among Academic Achievers, Zeny L. Gasco, Louise Margaux D. Umali, Miriam Grace A. Malabanan, Lida C. Landicho
The relationship of perfectionism and well-being among academic achievers was investigated. In this total of 254 students’ achievers participated in the study from different colleges in Lyceum of the Philippines- Batangas . The instruments used are The Frost Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale (MPS) and the Domains of well-being. The objective of the study is to test the hypothesis if there is a relationship between perfectionism and well-being among academic achievers. ANOVA correlated two- tailed computation was used in analyzing the data. Sample mean and standard deviation of scores were calculated. The study of perfectionism is correlated with well- being and the satisfaction level.
42 Parental Authority and Its Effects on the Aggression of Children, Karen D. Evangelista, Rose Ann P. Mendoza, Miriam Grace Aquino-Malabanan
This research examines the parental authority and its effects on the aggression of children. The main purpose of this study is to determine the types of parenting style being practiced by the parent respondents, and correlate it with children’s aggressive behavior. Participants of the study were children ages twelve to eighteen and their parent (either the mother or the father) who was in Batangas City. The researchers employed pure quantitative design, using three different standardized tests. The study revealed that parental authority is average and above average on anger and fighting as regards to their aggressive behavior. It was also revealed on the study that anger of children is correlated positively with authoritarian parenting style manifested by the parents. Parenting authority and parental discipline are correlated to aggression of children.
43 Parenting Styles and Competitiveness among Mothers of Preschool Children, Ma. Elena D. Braza, Ella Marie D. Malabanan, Miriam A. Malabanan, Elna R. Lopez
This study investigated the effect ofParenting Styles and Competitiveness among Mothers of Preschool Children. The main objective of this study was to determine the factors of competitiveness of preschool mothers and its psychological effects on children. Both qualitative and quantitative research method were utilized in this research. The qualitative data were consisted of focus group discussion and observation. The quantitative research was composed of standardized questionnaire. Based on the results researchers have found that the parenting style of the mothers of preschooler from private school was highly Equalitarian and in public school was highly authoritarian. Psychological effects were found in children such as concept of competition, motivation of winning and determination to be successful. Family and economic aspects resulted as the dominant subject of competitiveness.
44 Leadership Behavior of BATELEC I Department and Area Office Managers: Basis for Enhancement, MARYTESS A. DE SAGUN-SIMARA, DR. FLORENTINA V. JAVIER
Leadership behavior is the behavior associated with the exercise of authority. The effectiveness of leadership behavior is gauged on the leader’s ability to influence others in solving problems and achieving goals. In this study, the perception of rank-and-file employees on the leadership behavior of BATELEC I department and area office managers will be revealed in terms of human motivation, initiative, group process, problem solving, decision making and human relations. The findings of this study showed that BATELEC I managers demonstrate high leadership behavior in terms of human motivation. It was followed by leadership behavior in terms of group process; and then by decision making and human relations that got the same composite mean. Leadership behavior in terms of problem solving got the fourth rank while initiative got the least rank. It also revealed that the socio-demographic profile variables of the respondents do not affect their perception on the leadership behavior of BATELEC I managers. Further, it showed that majority of the respondents are in their 30s, male, Roman Catholic and have gained only a few number of years in the electric cooperative. The researcher recommends that the management of BATELEC I should further enhance work relationship through promoting cooperation among employees. This shall be done through the revival of the employees’ quarterly meeting with a different assigned host for every quarter to be headed by the department and area office managers. Work relationship shall be improved in this activity since its preparation and implementation shall involve all the employees assigned for every quarter.
45 Socio-Cultural Effects of Festivals in Batangas Province, Philippines, Joevel H. Magpantay, Krisheil Joy C. Decena, Darren Mae M. de Torres, Mark John Ken R. Garcia, Aira Jinell S. Villalobos, Sevillia S. Felicen, Kabaitan Dinglasan
This study aimed to determine the socio-cultural effects of festivals in the province of Batangas as part of the cultural tourism industry. Specifically, it described the profile of the respondents in terms of age, gender, civil status, religion, income educational attainment; assess the perceived socio-cultural and economic effects of festivals in the province of Batangas; to test the significant difference between perceived socio-cultural and economic effects when grouped according to their profile variables; and to propose a plan of action to enhance and promote the cultural tourism industry of Batangas Province. Majority of the residents were 60 years and above, female, married and Roman Catholic with monthly income of 5,001 – 9,999.99 and elementary graduate. The respondents strongly agreed that one of the socio cultural effects of festivals is it provide unity in the community and in terms of economic effects, hosting a festival is expensive. A plan of action was proposed to enhance and promote the cultural tourism industry of Batangas Province.
46 Skills Competition as Perceived by the Tourism and Hospitality Management Students, Sherwin D. Magbuhos, Jestrick D. Lalongisip, Kassy Ira B. Magnaye, Veramel Joy C. Magpantay, Princess Anne A. Mercado, Inna Pauline A. Velasquez, Jennie Margaret Apritado, Abigail Manzano
This study aimed to identify the different skills competition that have been joined by the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management (CITHM) students, its implications in terms of university branding and students’ placement opportunities in the industry. It is also intended to seek the perceived suggested impacts of skills competition to the students and to analyze if there is significant relationship between implication of skills competition to branding and opportunities. The study made use of descriptive method and utilized a self-made questionnaire. It was concluded that out of the total population of the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management, most of the respondents have joined CITHM Exposition. The researchers found out that the implications of skills competition in terms of university branding enhances students’ competency with other universities and students’ placement opportunities in the industry improves the quality of work of the students. The study also showed that the respondents gained self-confidence and improved their intra/interpersonal skills. The result of the study showed that there are significant relationship between branding and opportunities, if branding is eminent, and that student placement opportunity in the industry also heightens.
47 Waste Management Practices of an Educational Institution, Carlo M. Punongbayan, Sheena P. Abu, MarrielDanise P. Arago, Michelle G. Caponpon, Alyssa Marie C. Geron, Maela P. Leyesa, Jennie Margaret Apritado, Abigail Manzano
The study aimed to assess the waste management practices of LPU-B. Specifically, it determined the level of effectiveness of Waste Management Practices of LPU-B in terms of: collection strategies, disposal and recovery and processing of waste materials; determined the problems encountered on waste disposal practices tested the significant difference on Waste Management Practices in LPU-B and finally, proposed an action plan that will improve the Waste Management Practices of LPU-B. This research utilized descriptive method of research. The descriptive research is also known as statistical research that describes data and characteristic about what practices, level of effectiveness and recovery and processing. The respondents of the study were the staff and heads of different offices/department. One hundred and one (101) respondents were chosen randomly and purposively. The researchers used a questionnaire as the main gathering instrument. The researchers concluded that waste management practices of LPU-Bwas effective in terms of collection, disposable, recovery and processing as perceived by the respondents. Problems occurred specifically that disposal areas of waste materials were not strategically located. Moreover, means of recovering and reusing such waste were not strictly implemented.
48 Noise Induced Stresses in School Workshops and Students’ Task Performance in Workshop Practice, Japo O. M. Amasuomo, H. U. Elobuike
The study determined whether noise induced stresses in school workshops affected students’ task performance in workshop practice. The study used 185 Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) Technical students in 300 Level which comprised 75 and 112 from the Federal Colleges of Education (Technical), Asaba and Omoku respectively. The Noise Stressor and Performance Questionnaire (NSPQ) were used to collect data. The reliability of the instrument was 0.65 using the Cronbach Alpha coefficient test. Data was analyzed using Arithmetic Mean, Standard Deviation; and the hypothesis was tested with Z-test at 0.05 level of significance. From the findings, it was the opinion of the students that noise induced stresses in the school workshops affected task performance in workshop practice. There was no significant difference in the two groups of students that noise induced stresses from power tools and equipment affected their task performance in workshop practice. It was recommended that, noise from workshop power equipment and tools which affected students should be reduced below threshold for them to carry out effective task performance in workshop Practice.
49 The Effects of Breathing Exercise Toward IgG, Beta Endorphin and Blood Glucose Secretion, Siswantoyo., Mohd. Saleh Aman
This study aimed to demonstrate the influence of breathing exercise toward IgG, Beta Endorphin and Blood Glucose Secretion In The Elderly. This is experimental research with the pretest – posttest design. The sample used the elderly10 men aged 35-45 years. The unit of analysis in this study was blood taken from cubity vein, checking the blood glucose levels used glucometer, beta-endorphin and IgGused ELISA method. Data analysis statistics using the SPSS for windows, was conducted the t-tests. The results showed that based on the statistical analysis, IgG significantly (p:0.013). The mean increase in IgGwas 33.266 ng/mL,beta-endorphin significantly(p:0.000). The mean increase in endorphin was 3.922 ng/mL, and the decrease of blood glucose showed significant (p:0.000). The mean decrease in blood glucose levels was 28.9 mg/100ml. Blood glucose levels showed a decline after the breathing exercise. Conclusion,It can be concluded that regular, targeted and programmed breathing exercise seven week can increased the secretion of IgG and beta endorphins, as well as decreasing blood glucose levels. Breathing exerciseare alternative sports to improve immunity.
50 Relevance of Programmes Accreditation in Nigeria Universities for Quality Assurance, Dr. C. N. Ozurumba, Dr. V. O. Ebuara
This study was designed to examine accreditation of University Academic Programmes in Nigeria towards sustainable quality assurance in education output. The population of the study comprised of five thousand (5,000) academic staff from five (5) Federal Universities in South-South zone of Nigeria. A sample of five hundred (500) academic staff was used for the study. Four hypotheses were formulated and tested using Pearson products moment correlation coefficient analysis. The result showed that, a significant relationship exists between accreditation and programme development, human resources, physical resources, and teaching quality. Based on the findings the study recommends that institutions to be accredited should be closely monitored and not allowed to exceed their carrying capacity.
51 Parents and teachers roles in preschool children’s education in Kenya. How can it be defined?, Peter Kibet Koech, PhD.
This paper analyses the roles of parents and teachers in preschool education in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya. The paper argues that in spite of the Kenyan government effort to strengthen parent-teacher partnerships, partnerships in early childhood education in Kenya in still low. This article argues that most parents and even teachers and other stakeholders in preschool are ignorant of the roles they need to play in the partnerships. The study uses data collected for a doctoral dissertation study findings in Uasin Gishu County. The purpose of this study was to explore parents’ teacher roles in children’s education. This study used an Ex Post Facto design. The target populations were parents and teachers of preschool, pre-school and primary school Headteachers and MOE officials. The sample size consisted of 135 parents, 60 teachers, 10 Head teachers and 10 MOE Officials. Questionnaires and interview schedules were used for data collection. Means, percentages formed part of the descriptive statistics. ANOVA and t-test of independent samples were used and null hypotheses were tested at alpha value 0.05. Findings revealed that parents, teachers, head teachers and MOE officials differed significantly in some modes of parent-teacher partnerships. All this is partly because of ignorance of the roles that parents and teachers define for themselves among others. The main argument is that the Kenyan government and stakeholders must unite in promoting parent-teacher partnerships for the betterment of children’s education and holistic development. It was recommended that there is need to highlight the roles stakeholders should play in early childhood education for harmonious working relationships in schools.
52 Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Career Counselling on Job Findings Amongst Young Graduates in States in Nigeria, INWANG, ETIM UDOM & MKPOIKANKE SUNDAY OTU
The study ascertained the impact of career counselling on job finding amongst graduates in the experimental and control groups. The quasi-experimental design guided the study. Four null hypotheses were formulated. The population of the study comprised all batch B 2012/2013 National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members in Rivers, Enugu, and Osun states with a total number of ten thousand five hundred and seventy three (10,573) (Source: NYSC Statistics 2013). A sample of one thousand (1000) participants was drawn from the population using stratified random sampling technique. A job finding test (JFT) was developed by the researchers and used for data collection. The four hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance using independent t-test statistics. The results showed that participants who have experienced career counselling performed better than those that have not in the job finding test. This finding made it obvious that career counselling has significant impact on job finding amongst young graduates in Nigeria. Based on the findings, conclusion was reached, implications were drawn and recommendations were made
53 Standards in Senior Secondary Education: An Assessment of the Quality Control Guidelines in Edo State, Nigeria, OSARETIN OSADOLOR, PhD
The study examined the existing guidelines used as quality control measures for enhancing standards in senior secondary education in Edo State. It used the descriptive survey design. The instrument used for the study was a questionnaire, while the population consisted of the 797 public and private senior secondary school Principals and the 198 members of the schools inspectorate team (inspectors) across the state. The purposive sampling technique was used to obtain 198 (25%) school principals and 50 (25%) schools inspectors in the state. The mean score and t-test were employed for analysis of the collected data. Some items which presently formed part of the guidelines were regarded as irrelevant while new items were proposed for inclusion in the guidelines.
54 A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Wheat Crop Diversification and Concentration in Baluchistan, Muhammad Sohail Gadiwala, Ghulam Murtaza Safi, Farkhunda Burke, Syed Nawaz-ul-Huda and Imran Khan
The purpose of this study is to examine crop diversification and crop concentration in Baluchistan, Pakistan during seven different periods of four years spells between1981 and 2009. The same has been pursued through measuring Crop Concentration Index (CCI) and Theil’s / Shannon’s Crop Diversification. The Herfindahl’s index (also called Simpson index) and Theil’s index (also called Shannon index) have been used for crop diversification. The Location Quotient measure has been used to determine crop concentration. Results show that similarities have been found in both (Herfindahl’s and Theil’s) diversification indices. The study reveals that cropping intensity is negatively and crop yield positively correlated with each other.
55 Investment Valuation of a Graduate Diploma for Teachers Implications to Career Advancement in the Academe and Education Management, JUAN APOLINARIO C. REYES, MS
This is a case study on the Return on Investment (ROI) of a graduate diploma for the faculty members of the College of Education, Arts and Sciences of Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas. The ROI model for economic valuation was based on the study done by Reyes (Reyes, 2013). This model constructed the revenue function based on per hour rate increase, semestral loading, and other incentives that come with a graduate degree. That study showed that for a Masters degree, ROI after 10 years of employment is 0.66. For a Phd it is 4.42. The present study looked into the opportunity cost of an investment in a graduate degree by obtaining the ROI of alternative investments that can be had for the same capital devoted to finish a graduate degree. These alternative investments were BPI time deposit, Meralco stocks, investment in gold, and investment in a 3 × 1 square meter cemetery plot. The performance of these alternative investments for the last 10 years was analyzed. The revenue functions were constructed using a simple linear regression model. The revenue function and the initial investment which was set equal to the total matriculation fees to finish a graduate diploma yielded the ROI for each of the alternative investments. The results are: BPI time deposit 1.31, gold 1.08, Meralco Stocks 1.16, and cemetery plot 0.33. This makes a Masters degree a less attractive investment in comparison with time deposit, Meralco stocks, and gold. But to earn a Phd is worth its time and money. A faculty can recover his investment in 2.5 years, and he stands to earn an ROI of 4.42 in a 10- year period.
56 Productivity and Livelihood Analysis of Selected Areas of Libon, Albay, Philippines, Charlie P. Nacario, Hanilyn A. Hidalgo, Emma G. Jarcia, Arthur B. Estrella
The study was undertaken to assess the productive capacity of the proposed Organic Agriculture-Based Social Enterprise (OABSE) program areas and generate livelihood management options. The methodological approach used was the Sustainable Livelihoods Analysis (SLA) Framework to assess the productive and livelihood capacity of the agricultural communities of Ponso, Sagrada Familia, Villa Petrona, Nogpo and Libtong in Libon, Albay. The SLA framework assesses productive capacity in terms of access of the farming households to livelihood assets such as social capital, human capital, financial capital, natural capital and physical capital. Rice farming is the most dominant livelihood pre-occupation in these agricultural communities. Access to social capital is high among the communities. It may seem advantageous as it facilitates resource sharing among households but it is largely internal and manifests low access to external support systems. Productivity is constrained as physical access to markets and financial sources are limited. Given the limits in physical access, majority of the poor cannot access financial capital to support farm operations. While the natural capital is fairly abundant, human capital is not enough to optimally utilize the natural capital. Sustainability rating for most of the barangays is fair, indicating that the current production systems are vulnerable to shocks and stresses. Among the barangays, Ponso demonstrated the highest sustainability rating due to a relatively higher level of productivity and social enterprise support. Libtong, on the other hand, had the lowest sustainability rating. In general, the study revealed that productive capacities as manifested by access to livelihood assets are directly related to sustainability. Sustainability patterns may exhibit a stable trend when accesses to livelihood assets are ensured.
57 Theological and Doctrinal Terms Articulated in Filipino Language: A Pedagogical Approach in Religious Studies, MICHAEL M. RAMOS
The efforts to communicate gospel values in the Filipino context and in its native language bring out an authentic inculturation as it ensures not only the relevance of the gospel but also the clarity of the message to the receptor culture. By articulating theology, Filipinos will able to form consciousness, thought, and understanding of their faith in their own cultural way. The more we can communicate and express our faith through our native language, the more that our feeling becomes intensified, deepened, and sharpened. And because of deepened feeling and willing, Filipino Christians can actualize what their Christian faith requires them to do. Hence, the objective to make theology more understandable to Filipino Christians, teaching theology using the dynamic equivalence of Theological and doctrinal terms in Filipino language in the classroom setting can be an important tool in learning where individuals can encounter and enhance further their understanding of their faith. This will lead Catholic students to communicate, express, think, and discuss their faith using their own native language so as to live the faith they professed and to live by it in their own cultural way.
58 Communication Climate and Job Satisfaction of Faculty Members at Cavite State University - Naic, LEAH C. NAVARRO
The purpose of the study is determine whether communication climate and job satisfaction are independent from one another as perceived by the faculty members of Cavite State University – Naic . Specifically, it seeks answers to the following questions:(1)What is the level of faculty members’ communication satisfaction in relation to the following variables, communication, information, relationships, communication channels? (2) What is the level of faculty members’ job satisfaction at Cavite State University- Naic? (3) Is communication climate independent from job satisfaction? The researcher used the descriptive research design. Qualitative and quantitative techniques were utilized in this study. The data for this study was gathered through the use of communication satisfaction and job diagnostic survey questionnaires. Results revealed that Job satisfaction and communication climate are not independent. It means that Communication climate is related to job satisfaction, employees with positive satisfaction on communication climate are satisfied on their job. Therefore, establishing and maintaining a healthy and positive communication climate are very vital in creating and maintaining job satisfaction.
59 Teachers’ Multicultural Awareness of the School Environment: Basis for a Proposal for Multicultural Awareness Enhancement Program for Teachers, NORIEL C. NAVITA
This study was undertaken to assess teachers’ multicultural awareness of the school environment in terms of the following: curriculum and instruction; professional development, competence and school policies; school climate; and personal views on the diversity of the school. This study also aimed to know if there is a significant difference on the perception of teachers’ multicultural awareness when grouped according to gender, educational attainment, position, rank, age and community. After knowing the results, a program enhancement for the multicultural awareness of teachers was developed. The researcher employed the mixed-method design in research. Quantitative research was used by giving survey sheets and using statistical treatments like the weighted mean, t-test of independent sample and one-way ANOVA. Qualitative research was employed through the Focused Group Discussion facilitated by the researcher to a group of teachers.
60 Dayalektal na Diversidad ng Wikang Subanen sa Zamboanga Peninsula, JULIETA CRUZ-CEBRERO
Sumasailalim ang wika ng pagbabago kung kaya’t nagiging diversipikado ito. Ang pagkakaibang ito ay nagreresulta sa pagkakaroon ng mga varayti ng isang partikular na wika. Nabubuo ang dayalektal na diversidad na ito kung nahihiwalay ang isang pangkat sa mga kapangkat sa heyograpikal na kadahilanan. Nagkakaroon ng varyasyon maging sa mga katawagang kultural dahil hindi ganap na naisasakatuparan o naisasakultura ang mga gawaing kultural ng napahiwalay na maliit na pangkat. Isang magandang halimbawa rito ang pangkat ng mga Subanen na matatagpuan sa Zamboanga Peninsula sa Mindanao. Isinagawa ang pag-aaral upang malaman ang linggwistikong pagkakaiba ng mga dayalektong Subanen na ginagamit sa Lalawigan ng Zamboanga del Sur at Lalawigan ng Zamboanga del Norte. Pamaraang indehinus nina Santiago at Enriquez ang ginamit sa pangongolekta ng mga datos. Mga katawagang kultural sa siklo ng buhay, pangkabuhayan at pananampalataya ang kinolekta bilang lunsaran. Gamit ang kwalitatibo at kwantitatibong disenyo at pamaraang diskriptibo sa pagsusuri at pagtalakay ng mga datos . Rehiyon ng Tangway ng Zamboanga o rehiyon IX ang lugar ng pananaliksik. Pinili ang bayan ng Lapuyan sa Zamboanga del Sur dahil ito ang sentro ng Timog Subanen, at Sindangan naman sa Zamboanga del Norte para sa Gitnang Subanen. Sa pagsusuri sa mga katangiang istruktural ng wikang Subanen na isang indehinus na wikang ginagamit sa Lapuyan, Zamboanga del Sur at Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte, natukoy ang varyasyong linggwistikal nito maging ang pagkakatulad ngunit higit ang pagkakaiba partikular sa ponolohiya.
61 Variations of Sorsogon Dialects as Mother Tongue-Based Medium of Instruction in Grade School Mathematics, RYAN V. DIO and MICHAEL JOHN A. JAMORA
One of the salient features in the implementation of K to 12 curricula in the Philippines is the use of the Mother tongue or lingua franca of the area as the medium of instruction from kindergarten to Grade 3 which brought significant effects to the Mathematics classroom situation. Sorsogon province with fourteen municipalities and one city has several local languages that varies from district to municipalities. This descriptive–comparative study using survey-questionnaire and unstructured interview was conducted to describe, illustrate and compare dialects in the Province of Sorsogon as Mother Tongue-Based (MTB) medium of instruction in grade school Mathematics. A stratified sampling technique was utilized in determining the representative area for each of the identified four language varieties existing in the province such as Masbate Sorsogon dialect, Bikol Sorsogon, Waray Sorsogon, and Miraya Sorsogon dialect. Findings revealed that variations in the mathematical terms of Sorsogon dialects within and between the representative areas include lexical and orthographical variations as used by the respondent grades 1 and 2 teachers of the identified four dialects. On the other hand, syntactic variations are visible in the mathematical statements as translated by the respondents in their own dialect. The difficulty of translating technical terms in mathematics and insufficient MTB-based instructional materials are the top problems met by the grade school teachers. A translation dictionary was developed as ready reference that could be validated and be utilized by the grade school teachers in the sample area of the study.
62 To Choose without Sacrificing Happiness: A Marxist Reading of Jose P. Laurel‘s concept of Freedom and Morality, ARISTOTLE P. BALBA & Aldin L. Gonzales
Significantly, ideas about freedom are not limited to the Western thinkers’ arena. In the Philippines, Jose P. Laurel has his share in intellectual discussion about freedom. In Laurel’s concept of freedom, the exercise of rights is very crucial in determining what freedom is. Laurel’s concept of freedom deals on the socio-political aspect of freedom including its implications. In one of his speeches, he equated freedom with political independence. This paper aims to examine and analyze the concept of freedom of one the Filipino historical figure who is regarded as Filipino philosopher, Jose P. Laurel. It is interesting to analyze how a man who is considered to be the president of what is called “puppet government” views freedom. It is significant to find out how a president whose actions are defined and dictated by the Japanese authorities thinks about freedom. In addition, this paper aims to show the relationship of Laurel’s concept of freedom and his concept of morality, having righteousness as the guiding principle to individual morality. The aim of examining and analyzing Laurel’s concept of freedom will be done through Karl Marx’s concept of freedom and morality. It will consult the different ideas and views of Marx about freedom and morality manifested in his socio-political theories.
63 For Filipinos, For Japanese: The Significance of Some of President Jose P. Laurel’s Decisions to Philippine-Japan Relations, ARISTOTLE P. BALBA
As a president of the Republic of the Philippines, Jose P. Laurel acted as a true president and primarily thought of what is best for the Philippines. It is a fact that the period of his presidency was different compared to the period of other political leaders but he tried his very best to balance things. He faced the pressures given by the Japanese and thought of the rights of the Filipinos. These things were evident in his acts, speeches, messages, and statements. This paper presents some of those decisions made by Laurel that became significant to the Philippine-Japan relations. The decisions of Laurel were powerful during the time of his presidency. This paper covers only the period, 1942-1945. This paper does not cover all those significant acts and decisions done by Laurel. Thus, the researcher chooses only those, which are considered essential to show and justify the significance of the decisions, actions and words of Laurel to Philippine-Japan relations. The compilation of speeches, messages and statements of Jose P. Laurel that was published by the Lyceum of the Philippines serves as the main reference. To further enhance the work, different books about Jose P. Laurel and other publications helpful to the study is utilized. The leadership characteristics of Laurel are evident in his decisions. He was always after balancing things and favoring both Japanese and Filipinos. He was a proponent of peace, an economic stabilizer and a defender of human rights.
64 Social Interaction and Ability Grouping: Their Effects on Students’ Metacognitive Experiences in Stoichiometric Problem Solving, FITZGERALD L. FABELICO, Ph.D.
This study investigates the effects of social interaction and ability grouping on students’ metacognitive experiences in stoichiometric problem solving. The social and educational dimensions of social interactions are particularly investigated in this paper. The educational dimension of social interaction includes ability grouping while the social dimension comprises metacognitive functions and transactive structures. Metacognitive functions include the generation of New Idea and the Assessments of strategy, results, and understanding. Transactive structures involve self-disclosure, feedback request, and other monitoring responses. Students’ metacognitive experiences include feelings of liking, difficulty, confidence, satisfaction, and estimates of time, effort, and solution correctness. This descriptive study employed both the quantitative and qualitative methods. The results showed that students’ metacognitive functions and transactive structures vary across ability groups. Moreover, metacognitive functions and transactive structures showed a weak degree of association with ability grouping. Students’ metacognitive experiences like feelings of liking, difficulty, confidence, satisfaction, and estimates of time, effort, and solution correctness vary across ability groups. Although metacognitive functions and transactive structures affect quantitatively students’ metacognitive experiences in solving stoichiometry problems, the effect does not vary across ability groups. However, it is important to note that other monitoring transactive structure influences students’ feeling of difficulty and estimate of effort in solving chemistry tasks across ability groups.
65 Developing a Model for Designing a Task-based Language Syllabus for Hospitality Management Students, NOEL B. MANARPIIS
This study aimed to review theories and existing models for designing a task-based language syllabus; to design and validate a task-based language syllabus; and to propose a model for designing a task-based language syllabus. The social development theory of Vygotsky (1978, 1986; Lantolf, 2000) was reviewed to examine the role of language learning as a social practice. Selinker’s (1972) interlanguage theory was consulted to understand how and why L2 students express themselves in L1 language. Krashen’s (1981) second language acquisition theory was included to help explain the students’ second language acquisition inside the school or outside in the working place. Halliday’s (1985) functional and communicative views of language were also studied for the benefit of the proposed model. Various TBLT syllabus models by leading proponents were reviewed and considered. The participants were subjected to a needs analysis. Then, the research was processed by designing the proposed model syllabus and the learning material that goes with it. In the end, the proposed model was presented as the final output of the research. The study confirmed that a step-by-step and comprehensive procedure was necessary to develop a model for a task-based syllabus design. On the whole, the Manarpiis Model for Designing a Task-based Language Syllabus stands on solid theoretical foundations of communicative teaching that could answer the language learning needs of second language speakers. The overall rating of Excellent thereby shows the proposed syllabus fit as an acceptable model.
66 Ang Dalawang Anyo ng Subli: Laro at Panata, MICHAEL M. RAMOS
Ang subli sa anyo ng sayaw ay dapat maintindihan ng bawat Batangueno na ito ay hindi lamang isang ordinaryong sayaw na sumasalamin lamang sa yamang sining ng Batangas, bagkus ito ay isa rin sayaw na ritwal na nagpapakita ng kalaliman ng ispirituwalidad at pananampalataya ng mga Batangueno. Ang pagsunod sa tradisyong kinagisnan ay dapat may malalim at mabuitng pag-uunawa sa kahulugan at halaga nito upang ang katutubong tradisyon o paniniwala ay hindi tuluyang maglayo o dili kaya ay makalimutan ito sa tunay nitong kaanyuan. Kung maiipapakilala lamang ng maayos ang subli sa dalawang nitong anyo bilang laro at panata, mawawala ang mga agam-agam sa tunay na kahulugan at pinagsimulan ng sayaw na subli. ang subli sa anyo ng laro at panata ay hindi magkahiwalay na elemento sa gamit nito para sa mga katutubo. Marahil kung ang takbo ng kasaysayan ang ating pagbabasihan, may mga tanong na maaaring mabuo sa mga nalakap na impormasyon tungkol sa sayaw na subli tulad ng mga sumusunod: Papaano nahati ang subli sa magkaibang pananaw, bilang laro at panata? Ano ang tunay na kahulugan ng salitang subli? Bakit sa kanluraning bayan lamang ng Batangas napreserba ang ganitong tradisyon at paniniwala tungkol sa subli bilang isang ritwal? Ang mga katanungang ito ay nangangailangan ng mahabang panananaliksik upang mahanap ang mga kasagutan. Ganoon pa man, ang dalawang uri ng pagsipat sa paniniwala ng mga Batangueno sa subli, bilang isang laro o panata, ay dapat bigyan pansin upang ang kabuuan ng importansya at kahulugan ng subli ay huwag lubusang maglaho sa tunay nitong kaanyuan bilang isang sayaw ng panata ng mga Batangueno.
67 The Educated Citizen: Cultural and Gender Capital in the Schooling of Aetas’ Children in the Municipality of Janiuay , ROME B. MORALISTA, DR. GABRIEL C. DELARIARTE
This qualitative research investigate the educated citizen, Cultural and Gender capital in the schooling of Aetas’ children in the Municipality of Janiuay is largely focused on three domains or methodologies: grounded theory, phenomenology, and ethnography – although there are many other forms of qualitative inquiry (Murphy et al 1998). This study combines extensive participant observation and in-depth group/individual semi-structured interviews with six (6) elementary teachers and ten (10) Aetas’ mothers. The respondents provided their insight to acquisition of elementary education at public elementary school. The result of interview and observations suggested that the educated citizen was a construct that could help explain issues concerning the education of Aetas’ children in Janiuay, Iloilo. In addition, the educated citizen seemed to have basic components-cultural and gender capital- intertwined in the children’s academic achievement. The results revealed that The male aetas are looked upon by the aetas themselves as the head of the family, its protector and who does the hard work; the female aetas are looked upon as the ones caring the baby, selling products for their livelihood, doing the cooking and cleaning of the house; Aetas don’t want to be left behind in the current trends, education, and standard of living; the modern aetas become knowledgeable due to education and they earn it in school; some of aetas are already professionals such as: teachers, seafarers, and administrative aid employee in the municipal office.
68 Developing Students’ Competencies and Academic Performance through Academe- Industry Partnership, NEMY H. CHAVEZ, MBA
This study determined the students’ competencies and academic performance of engineering students through Academe- Industry Partnership of the Lyceum of the Philippines University in Batangas City. Descriptive type of research was utilized in the study. Engineering interns have very high competencies in terms of attitude with high performance in personality. There is a significant difference in the internship performance rating of engineering interns, wherein computer engineering interns obtained significantly higher ratings than Mechanical and Industrial Engineering interns. Mechanical Engineering students with high average rating in Industrial and Power Plant Engineering tend to obtain high competencies during internship.
69 Health-Promoting Behaviors and Quality of Life of Filipino Older Persons , SHEILA P. BELIRAN, MARKY S. LEGASPI
The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between health-promoting behaviors and quality of life (Qol) of older persons in Iloilo City. Conducted from January to February 2014, this research utilized 223 randomly-selected older persons as participants who were classified according to age, sex, civil status, educational attainment, work status, monthly family income, type of family structure, and health status. The data were obtained using two published and validated instruments: the HealthPromoting Lifestyle Profile Instrument II (1995) and the World Health Organization Quality of Life Instrument (2004). Reliability testing was done among 20 randomly-selected older persons. The descriptive statistics employed were the frequency count, rank, percentage, mean, and standard deviation; while the inferential statistics utilized were the t-test, one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA), and Pearson productmoment correlation coefficient (r ), all set at .05 alpha level of significance. The overall health-promoting behaviors was low and the quality of life was neither poor nor good. Significant differences were noted in the older persons’ health-promoting behaviors when classified according to age, monthly family income and health status. On the other hand, significant differences were noted in QoL when the older persons were grouped according to age and monthly family income. There was a significant relationship between the six sub-scales of health-promoting behaviors and the four domains of the QoL. The results showed that healthpromoting behaviors are positively associated with better quality of life scores in the older persons living in Iloilo City.
70 Predictors of Academic Performance in Professional Nursing Courses in a Private Nursing School in Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines, RYAN MICHAEL F. ODUCADO and AYESHA C. PENUELA
Many efforts have been made to define an array of factors related to what determines students’ board exam performance, but few studies were conducted in the Philippines as to what can predict academic performance of nursing students. This descriptive correlational study was an attempt to increase understanding of the academic and nonacademic attributes of academic performance in professional nursing courses. Correlations among overall performance in professional nursing courses and the following variables:sex, monthly income, type of high school attended, residence, High school GPA, NAT ratings; as well as grades in English content courses, Math content courses, Science content courses were computed for the 60 students of Batch 2013 of Saint Gabriel College with complete records from the school registrar. The secondary data obtained were statistically analyzed with the use of the weighted mean, rank, Chi square, Pearson r and regression analysis. Type of school attended, and all academic factors were correlated with academic performance in professional nursing courses. Multiple linear regression analysis revealed performance in English and Science courses as predictors of respondents’ academic performance in professional nursing courses. This study concludes that academic factors are better predictorsof academic performance in professional nursing courses. The challenge for the colleges and schools is to develop strategies aimed at addressing these factors that are appropriate to specific contexts and student cohorts.
71 The Effectiveness of the Local Governance Performance Management System (LGPMS) in Improving Governance in the Municipality of San Rafael , MA. NINA I. ADRIANO AND DIOSDADO P. ESTIMADA
- The United Nations Development Program said that one of the reasons why a nation fails in achieving its millennium development goals is poor governance. If governance is such an important factor in the development of a country, then it is important to understand the factors leading to poor government performance, measure it, and improve it. This descriptive study is about the effectiveness of the Local Governance Performance Management System (LGPMS), a monitoring and evaluation, in pointing out weak areas of a local government in order to improve it. In this study, the author chose the Municipality of San Rafael in Bulacan as she is a resident of the town. The study’s focus is on the results of the LGPMS evaluation in the municipality for the period 2010-2012. The study revealed that the LGPMS is an effective tool in pointing out the weak areas of performance of San Rafael, thereby paving the way for improvement in delivering better services to the municipality’s constituents. For the year 2010-2012, the state of local governance performance of the Municipality of San Rafael steadily increased. Because of LGPMS’s ability to point out weak governance areas, San Rafael was able to focus on that area and implement policies and programs to improve its services. LGPMS is therefore an effective performance measurement and management tool in improving the quality of lives of San Rafaeleños.
72 Factors Affecting Higher Education Students’ Success , FAUZIA KHURSHID
Study was designed to investigate factors those are facilitating success among higher education students. It was quantitative in nature, in which scientific methodology was used to measure the research objectives. Students’ success scale was developed in this study through a standardized procedure which was based on 56 items and five subscales, named as, Students’ Personal Characteristics , Factors related with Institutional Support, Factors related with Family Support, Students’ Awareness and Access to Resource. Developed scale was administered on a stratified random sample of 100 Master level students (50 male and 50 female) studying at Quaid-i- Azam university, National University of Modern Language and International Islamic University. With the help of a statistical package of social sciences collected data was analyzed with statistical procedure i.e., SD, correlation and analysis of variance. Results revealed that in the acquisition of students’ success their personal characteristics, factors related with institutional support, family support, their awareness and access to learning resource are playing a very important role. Male university students are showing more strong academic related characteristics as compared to female university students. Those students whose fathers are teaching professionals are exhibiting higher scores on students’ success questionnaire and those whose fathers are business men scored lower. Higher education management and teachers can play a significant role in the determination of students’ success if they devise management practices in collaboration with the factors that are promoting success among learners and by providing conducive learning environment with maximum learning resources.
73 Impact of Outcome-Based Education Instruction to Accountancy Students in an Asian University, IMELDA L. AN
This study intended to determine the demographic profile of the selected accountancy students of LPU – Batangas in terms of age and gender and to assess the impact of the use of OBE Instruction to the respondents in terms of the students’ behavior during instruction and performance after instruction. The purpose of this study is to describe the impact of the new education curriculum as it exists; consequently, the researcher used the descriptive design. From the findings generated, the OBE Instruction can be accepted and learned for new educational system regardless of age and gender. It caters to any Accountancy student who is willing to adapt to the new curriculum. The OBE Instruction received its great extent of impact in terms of the respondents’ behaviour during the instruction and their performance after the instruction. This entails that it is probable and beneficial to continue with the use of OBE. This also indicates that the students tend to be more productive after instruction.
74 Application of Multivariate Analyses Techniques (PCA and CA) for Evaluation of Trace Elements in the Selected Fruits of Winder Area , 1Dr. Salma Hamza, 2Dr. Shahid Naseem, 3Dr. Syed Nawaz-ul-Huda, 4Dr. Farkhunda Burke, 5Dr. Erum Bashir
Ninety seven samples of nine different fruits were collected from various agriculture farms of Winder area, cultivated over igneous rocks of Bela Ophiolite (Cretaceous) and sedimentary rocks of Jurassic age (Ferozabad Group).In the present study Principal Component Analysis(PCA) has been employed to discriminate possible sources that influence trace element distribution in different fruits.It (PCA) revealed contribution of Mn and Ni from different segments of Bela Ophiolite, while the source of Zn and Cu is linked with MVT and Sedex-type mineralization present in the area. Cluster Analysis (CA) of different fruits organized sampling sites into two or three statistically significant groups mainly on the basis of Fe, Co, Cu and Zn concentration. Trace elements content showed wide variation in concentration with respect to sample sites and fruit type in the study area. The fruits of M. zapota (Chikoo) showed higher concentration of Fe (14mg/kg) among the other trace elements. The trace element assemblage of mango (M. indica) shows wide spread but at low magnitude. Iron (3.3mg/kg), Cr (2.6mg/kg), Zn (1.8mg/kg) and Cu (1.6mg/kg) are the main contributors. Comparatively, fruits of some locations have shown highest intake of trace elements relatively daily recommended.
75 Poverty Alleviation Programmes for National Security in Nigeria, 1OGUNDELE, Michael Olarewaju (Ph.D), 2OPARINDE, Raheef Olayiwola (Ph.D), 3ARIYA, Dauda Adeyemo , 4Tolutope Idowu OKE
Poverty is one of the greatest and most complex challenges facing humanity today. It is unfortunately that the message of poverty alleviation programmes are not appreciated by the Nigerian citizens. The after math of the poverty level resulted to unbearable social crises like armed robbery, killings, kidnapping, bombing, religious riot, human trafficking, drug abuse and thurgry, all the crises which constituted great threat to National Security in Nigeria. This paper therefore examined the concepts, causes, problems and government intervention in the poverty reduction efforts and National Security in Nigeria. The study however advocated for the integration of moral and entrepreneurship education into the school curriculum. That, the federal government should intensify efforts in youths’ empowerment and free education, at all levels. Finally, private sectors should be involved in the establishment of technical and vocational centres to train the youths in Nigeria. If done, poverty levels would be adequately alleviated and peace and security of Nigerians would be enhanced.
76 Level of Word Recognition and Reading Comprehension: A Basis for a Reading Program , MINARIZA MARUAL- GILLACO
The study determined the reading profile of all Jose Rizal Memorial School Grade IV pupils enrolled during the S.Y. 2013-2014 through their level of word recognition and level of reading comprehension which were the bases in designing a reading program. The data on word recognition was observed through pronunciation and oral reading speed using the Dolch’s Basic sight words while the reading comprehension was through answering questions right after their silent reading. Based on the standard set by the Philippine Informal Reading Inventory (PHIL-IRI), the respondents were with mastery in reading the basic sight words; only few miscues were identified. In terms of reading comprehension, majority of the respondents were considered under the instructional level which means that they would still benefit from further reading instructions since they are not pupils who refuse or withdraw themselves to read. They can read with assistance and with proper guidance and soon are expected to be independent readers. Thus, based on the findings, a reading profile was developed which served as the source for designing a reading program.
77 Nueva Vizcaya State University: Coping with the Challenges of 21st Century Graduate Education, JENIFER RAYMOND R. TALLUNGAN, Ph.D.
- The quest for education does not cease after having pursued a baccalaureate degree. One should consider a graduate degree that may improve his career. The graduate school of the Nueva Vizcaya State University (NVSU), Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya, which aims at providing quality graduate education to its stakeholders, has been proactively equipped with educational machineries that serve as drivers of institutional capacities of NVSU to offer and conduct quality graduate programs. Despite the efforts of the university to discharge excellent services that address the longing of the graduate students for enhancement of their 21st century skills, there are some inhibitors that need to be unveiled and calibrated to upgrade the institutional capabilities of the university to respond to the career needs of its stakeholders. NVSU has postbaccalaureate programs considered best graduate offerings whose bases of selection are anchored on accreditation, enrolment and number of graduates. Some sectors of society, economy or academia, or particular career competencies are deemed focus of the graduate school. Students who usually enrol in the graduate programs are identified in terms of baccalaureate preparations, career objectives and activities or professional and personal undertakings after completion of the best programs. The quality, relevance and competitive value of NVSU are being strengthened and backed by government policies and programs that favor the improvement of the graduate programs of the university and divulge the educational aspects that should be given attention to address the inhibitors of institutional capacities of the graduate school to offer and conduct graduate programs.
78 Knowledge and Attitude toward Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) and Compliance to Mass Drug Administration (MDA) among Households in Two Rural Barangays , RYAN MICHAEL F. ODUCADO
This descriptive relational study was conducted to determine the knowledge and attitude toward LF and compliance to MDA among households in two rural barangays in Libacao, Aklan. The respondents of this study were taken using a stratified, systematic random sampling technique that included the 187 eligible household heads who received the twodrug combination during the second treatment round (TR) in 2011. Results revealed that most the respondents are “highly” knowledgeable about LF but there are still misconceptions about the cause and transmission of LF. The respondents also have a “favorable” attitude toward LF’s disease process and its management. However, only about two thirds are “compliant” to MDA which is below the national coverage. Age, sex, civil status, educational attainment, employment status, poverty status, knowledge about LF and attitude toward the disease are not significantly associated with MDA compliance.
79 Infection Control in the Use of Urethral Catheters: Knowledge and Practices of Nurses in a Private Hospital in Iloilo City , MARK LISTER F. OPINA1 and RYAN MICHAEL F. ODUCADO2
Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI) are the most common type of healthcare-associated infections. This study was conducted to determine the relationship between the level of knowledge and practices of nurses on infection control in the use of urethral catheters in a private hospital in Iloilo City. A total of 30 nurses participated as respondents. The result revealed that nurses have low level of knowledge and poor infection control practices in the use of urethral catheters. The nurses’ level of knowledge has a bearing on their practices on infection control in the use of urethral catheters. In view of the fact that low level of knowledge is related to poor infection control practices, nurses need continuous education and trainings in the use of urethral catheters in order to prevent and decrease incidence of CAUTI.
80 Functional Teacher Education Programme For Managing Security Challenges and National Development in Nigeria , DAKU NOAH JIMBA (Ph.D.) & Michael Olarewaju OGUNDELE (Ph.D.)
- The paper examined the strategies for managing functional teachers’ education programme for combating security challenges and enhancing National development in Nigeria. The focus therefore was on the concepts of functional teachers’ education, security challenges and development and how teachers’ education can be made functional towards combating the security challenges in Nigeria and how developmental efforts could be enhanced. It was however recommended that teachers education curriculum should be restructured and geared towards combating security challenges and National development especially in Nigeria.
81 Attrition and Retention in Higher Education Institution: A Conjoint Analysis of Consumer Behavior in Higher Education, DANILO E. AZARCON, JR.1a , Cecilio D. Gallardo2b, Carljohnson G. Anacin1c , Edna Velasco2d
Private higher education institutions (HEIs) have the unique characteristic of being an institution of higher learning and a business entity at the same time. As a business entity, enrollment is the lifeblood of all HEIs that supports all of its other functions. True of any business, attracting customer and retaining them are the most important aspects that determine its profitability. In the case of HEIs, this means convincing prospective students to enroll and upon entering the institution, retain them until graduation. For this reason, it is important to know what drives student’s decision to stay or leave the institution. By understanding the different factors affecting students’ attrition and retention decision, the university will be able to effectively make strategic adjustments leading to high retention rate among its clientele: the students. Using the marketing research method called Conjoint Analysis, a tool for identifying underlying preference of consumer and the trade-offs they make, the research determined the students’ decision making process related to retention and attrition. The research found that quality of education is the most important factor determining retention and attrition among students. Nevertheless, quality of faculty and increase in total fees significantly impacts students’ decision to stay or leave a university as well. Communicating and emphasizing the HEI’s excellent quality education at every level is the most important strategy that the institution can adopted.
82 The Charming Life of Gay College Students, ROME B. MORALISTA, Ph.D. and GABRIEL C. DELARIARTE, Ed.D.
This qualitative research investigate the charming life of gay college students of West Visayas State University-Calinog, Campus is largely focused on two domains or methodologies: feminist and emancipator research traditions, although there are many other form of qualitative inquiry. This article combines extensive participant’s observation and indepth group/individual semi-structured interviews with nine (9) gay men college students. The result of interview and observation suggested that the Gay college students are optimistic and capable of inspiring and comforting others; the way they talk, act, see things in life, is funny ways; and strong sense of humour make them charming; the language of gays are charming as a result of their creativity. It is recommended that the problematic people who understand gays may take them as therapy; the gays’ funny ways may entertain others so that gays who have innate talent to make people happy laugh, may join comedy bars for income and for fun. Finally, the creative gay language may enrich our language and thus, the understanding of this language may enrich knowledge and exposure to the colourful lives of gays.
83 Evaluating Students? Perception of Variables that promote Creative Learning of School Algebra for Economic Development and Sustainability, 1Benjamin O. Abakpa, 2O. Adikwu, 3David I. Takor
The paper sees creativity as a nexus of ideas that if pedagogically developed in students’ school algebra, will positively affect the economic development and sustainability of the nation. Based on such conviction, the researchers through a survey study seek the opinion of 155 (96= male and 59= female) Junior Secondary School Two (JSS2) students’ perception of variables that make algebraic classroom creative. Two research questions were asked and answered using descriptive statistic of mean and standard deviation. Algebra Creativity Enhancing Teaching/learning Strategy (ACETS), a 12-item instrument developed by the researchers was validated by three experts in mathematics education and two experts in measurement and evaluation. The reliability of the instrument was established using Cronbach Alpha which gave a reliability index of 0.80. Among the findings are, active participation in algebra class activities (e.g algebra games) give students more understanding and stepwise guides enables students’ understanding. Recommendations such as encouraging mathematics teachers to acquire creativity pedagogical knowledge through training and reading, and use same in their lesson plans and class activities among others were made. It was concluded that, the mathematics teacher be encourage to embark on personal capacity development.
84 Morpolohikal na Varyasyon Sawikang Mandaya ng Davao Oriental, RAYMUND M. PASION
- Ang pag-aaral naito ay naglalayong tuklasin ang morpolohikalna varyasyon sa Wikang Mandaya na matatagpuan sa Probinsyang Davao Oriental. Ang mga terminong kultural na pangkabuhayan — pagsasaka, pangangaso, pangingisda at paghahayupan, batay sa Indigenous Knowledge System and Practices (IKSP) ay ginamit bilang lunsaran ng paglilikom ng mga datos. Sinikap sagutin sa pag-aaral ang mga suliraning: (1) Anong pagbabagong morpoponemiko ang makikita sa mga terminong kultural na pangkabuhayan ng Mandaya ng Caraga, Manay, Bagangaat Cateel? (2) Paano nagaganap ang pagbabagong morpolohikal sa apat na dayalekto ng Mandaya? Kwalitatibo ang disenyo ng isinagawang pagaaral.Metodong indehinusat deskriptibo naman ang ginamit mula sa paglilikom hanggang sa pag-aanalisa ng mga datos at ang mga impormante ay pinili sa pamamagitan ng kombinasyong purposive at snow-ball sampling. Natuklasan sa pag-aaral na mayapat na uri ng pagbabagong morpoponemiko ang nagaganap sa salita ng iba’t ibang dayalekto ng Mandaya. Ito ay ang pagpapalit ng ponema, pagkakaltas ng ponema, pagdaragdag ng ponema at metatesis. May tatlong kaso ng pagpapalit ng ponema ang natuklasan— (1) /l~l/ ? /l/; (2) glide /l~l/ ? /w/; at (3) /o/ ? /u/ at vice versa. Ang kaso naman ng metatesis sa salita ay nangyayari sa Manay. Sa lugar ng Baganga, nagkakaroon ng pagkakaltas mula sa anyo ng salita sa Manay. Sa pangkalahatan, natuklasang ang wikang Mandaya ay nagkaroon ng varyasyong morpolohikal dahil sa paktor na heograpikal, sikolohikal at sosyolohikal na nagaganap.
85 Governance and Leadership of the Palaw’an Tribe of Palawan, Philippines, DAVID R. PEREZ, Ph.D.
This study dealt with the governance and leadership of the Palaw’an Tribe of Palawan. The respondents of the study were the 115 tribal leaders who assumed leadership in their community. This study employed historical, descriptive, quantitative and qualitative research methods. The study revealed that almost all of the respondents are pure-blooded palaw’an, males, married, elementary level, farming as the basic source of living and ages 60 to 65 years old. They were selected foremost by means of hereditary attribute. The criteria in selecting leader include the knowledge of customary law, prove his worth, integrity and have strong sense of justice, professed the value of being equal and fair, respect for the deity and in showing pride to being a Palaw’an. The function of the Palaw’an Tribal Leaders along executive, legislative, judiciary and religious were to maintain traditional law, mediate, settle conflicts or problems, resolve and hear cases, resolve family problems, help community rites and practices, maintain customs and traditions and have high respect on their deity, god and elders.
86 Observed Classroom Practices and Academic Behavior in Physical Education 1 of Freshman Psychology and Education Students , Edna M. Bulaklak and Bernadette I. Pilobello
Identifying the level of various classroom practices would provide baseline information for teachers to understand the needs of the freshmen to improve their attitude towards studies. This study aims to determine the differences of classroom practices and academic behavior between Psychology and Education Freshmen in Physical Education 1 as observed by their professor; and to test the relationship between the final grade in PE 1 and the observed classroom practices and academic behavior. Descriptive type of research method was utilized in the study. Results showed that class practices and academic behavior of Psychology and Education students were highly observed in the class of Physical Education 1. They also have very good academic performance in terms of their final grade in PE 1. Education students have significantly higher academic behavior compared to Psychology students. Students with higher level of classroom practices and academic behavior are also those students who obtained higher final grades in PE 1 and those who were observed with lower level are also those with low final grades.
87 Teaching and Learning of English Language by the French University Students In Porto-Novo, Benin Republic, Yekeen Bello (Ph.D.) , M.O. Ogundele (Ph.D) , F.M. Agboola , E. I. Akande
The focus of this study was to investigate the impediments to the effective teaching and learning of English language by the French University Students in Porto Novo, the Republic of Benin. The study adopted survey research type. The findings revealed that environment and background of the students constituted major hindrance for effective teaching and learning of English. Other problems include lack of qualified English teachers as well as bad method of teaching coupled with mother- tongue interference, while governmental and parental factors were regarded as purely being influenced by French colonial masters’ policy of Assimilation theory. Based on the findings and conclusion, it was recommended that the government of Francophone countries need to integrate themselves with other countries of the world that use English language since the language is globally accepted as the world language. More experienced and qualified English teachers should be employed, and more English lesson periods be put on schools’ time table. Encouragement of “Anglo-francophone” students’ interactions via excursions be effected to enhance the understanding of English / French intelligibility across boundaries.
88 Maternal Profile, Awareness and Utilization of Basic Emergency Obstetrics and Newborn Care (BEmONC) in a Rural Municipality in Iloilo, Philippines, JOANNA MARIE S. ALVARO and RYAN MICHAEL F. ODUCADO
This descriptive correlational study was conducted to determine the maternal profile, awareness and utilization of Basic Emergency Obstetrics and Newborn Care (BEmONC) among women of reproductive age (WRA) in a rural municipality in Iloilo. The 346 respondents were selected using stratified random sampling technique. Data were gathered using a structured interview schedule prepared and validated prior to the actual data collection. For univariate, frequency, percentage, and mean were utilized to describe the data while Chisquare, Gamma, and Cramer’s V were used to analyze and determine relationships between variables. The results revealed that most of the respondents were highly aware of the Rural Health Unit (RHU) as a BEmONC facility and its services. However, most of them have utilized only the prenatal package but not the childbirth and postnatal services. Hypothesis testing found a significant relationship between utilization of BEmONC services and employment status, income level, educational status, OB score, pregnancy status and awareness of BEmONC services. Increasing awareness about maternal and child health care and facility-based services and educating women planning for safe childbirth to deliver in a BEmONC facility that is attended by a skilled medical health professional are essential for the survival of the mother and the newborn.
89 Mnemonics and Gaming: Scaffolding Learning of Integers, SHERWIN E. BALBUENA and MORENA C. BUAYAN
Published literature and classroom experience agree that students have difficulty understanding the basic concepts and principles of integers. This learning difficulty is attributed to students’ memory deficits and negative attitudes towards mathematics and teachers’ poor instructional methods. An integer operation card game combining gameplay and mnemonics was developed to address this issue. The card game was tested for teaching effectiveness in an experiment involving two groups of Grade 7 students. Results revealed that the experimental group outperformed the control group in operating integers, and the difference between performances was statistically significant. It was concluded that the developed card game and mnemonics effectively facilitated students’ learning of integer operations.
90 Effects of E-learning Strategy on Students’ Achievement in Economics, Eric Oziegbe Oleabhiele (Ph.D)
The study sought to find out the effects of elearning strategy on students achievement in Economics. Two hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. The study employed quasi-experimental design. The area of the study was Abakaliki Education zone. The instrument used for data collection was a Multiple Choice Economics Achievement Test (MCEAT). Two hundred and forty-nine secondary school II students formed the sample used for the study. Kuder-Richardson formula (K-R 20) which yielded reliability co-efficient of 0.97. The analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) was used to test the hypotheses. The findings of the study revealed that the mean achievement scores of students taught economics using the e-learning strategy is higher than those taught economics using the lecture. Based on the findings of the study recommendations were made to improve the achievement level of students’ in economics in schools.
91 Grandparents as Hubs Linking Generations in Tehran, Iran: A Sociological Study of Quality of Life, Mohammad Taghi Sheykhi
The paper explores how changes are appearing in gerontology in Iran in recent years. For this reason, a new window must be opened to survey the ageing population ___ transforming into grandparents with new roles and functions. The study of ageing and grandparenting is finding its importance as the number of ageing population is increasing unprecedentedly with special reference to Iran. As ageing is a new experience for developing countries such as Iran, more surveys need to be conducted on the issue to assess the change in quality of life of the ageing people in order to reach appropriate solutions. Due to rapid social change, the socio-emotional context of ageing is worth appraising. Many families find that grandparents living to seventy and beyond, require practical, emotional and financial care that can be more complicated than raising their own children. The paper also explores how grandparents today face conflicting norms and expectations about their roles. To conduct the present survey, some 452 ageing women and men of 60 years of age and over were interviewed through designed questionnaires in Tehran City.
92 The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Adult Education and Non Formal Education for National Development in Nigeria, Daudaadeyemo Ariya (Ph.D) , Michael Olarewaju Ogundele (Ph.D) , Deborah Yetunde Abiodun1 Safiyanu Saleh
This paper examines the role of information and communication technologies in adult education and non formal education and how it can serve as a catalyst for national development in Nigeria. For competitiveness in global stage, the knowledge based economy is given priority and places great importance on the diffusion and use of information in new technologies for productivity and growth. The determinants of success of national economies and enterprises are reliant upon the effectiveness in gathering and utilizing knowledge. The paper therefore, highlights various aspects of adult and non formal education and the utilization of ICT and some of the challenges that could follow such innovation were x-ray and solutions proffered for greater growth and productivity for sustainable national development.
93 Minásbate Equivalents of Mathematical Concepts: Their Socio-Cultural Undertones, Sherwin E. Balbuena, Uranus E. Cantoria, Amancio L. Cantoria, Jr., Eny B. Ferriol
This paper presents the collection and analysis of Minásbate equivalents of some concepts used in the study of arithmetic, counting, and geometry as provided by the elderly residents of the province of Masbate. The glossary of mathematical terms derived from interviews would serve as an authoritative reference for mother tongue teachers in the local primary schools. Some implications on the locality’s historical and sociocultural landscapes were deduced from the scrutiny of terminologies, such as the assimilation of foreign and neighbouring languages and the predominance of representational thinking among the natives
94 Workers’ Knowledge of Prospects and Challenges Awaiting Retirees at Retirement in Nigeria, Olatomide, Onijuni Olufemi1 and Christopher O. Fashiku
This study examined knowledge of workers from Osun and Oyo States on prospects and challenges awaiting retirees in retirement in Southwestern Nigeria. Using the descriptive survey method, a sample of 258 respondents was randomly selected from the two states. A validated instrument titled ‘’Questionnaire on Workers’ Knowledge of Prospects and Challenges in Retirement’’ was used to obtain data from the respondents. The reliability coefficient of the instrument was 0.67, using Pearson Product Moment Correlation. The data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics to analyse the research questions, and t-test and ANOVA test of difference were used to analyse the research hypotheses. The results revealed that workers had average knowledge and good knowledge respectively about prospects and challenges awaiting retirees in retirement. The study further revealed that respondents’ sex, and nature of service did not significantly influence their knowledge of both phenomena of retirement. The study equally revealed the mass media as the major sources of information for the respondents. Based on these findings, it is recommended that appropriate fora – both in the workplace and the mass media should be employed to create requisite awareness about prospects in retirement for employees and the general public.
95 The Use of Multimodal Approach in Teaching Algebra (Measurements) of Grade 7 in Camp Vicente Lim National High School S.Y. 2014-2015 , Precious Faye M. Bicomong, Mary Gem N. Dela Rosa, Razel A. Abedes, Rhowel M. Dellosa
The study aimed to examine the use of multimodal approach in the understanding of Measurements by Grade 7 students of Camp Vicente Lim National High School S.Y 2014-2015. This study utilized an experimental design. Through this design, the level of performance of the grade 7 students on the subject of Mathematics are presented and analyzed. The data were statistically interpreted using experimental statistics such as mean, t-test, z-test and Pearson correlation. A total of 74 grade 7 students served as participants in this study. The researchers found out that there is no significant difference in the pre test and post test results of the two groups. Hence, the researchers recommended that Camp Vicente Lim National High School can trigger the use of multimodal approach by delivering the modalities accurately and in a way that students can understand the lesson very well
96 Test Anxiety and College Students’ Performance on Mathematics Departmental Examination: Basis for Mathematics Achievement Enhancement, Myrna D. Reyes (Ed. D), Aida C. Castillo
The study aimed to determine the relationship of performance of the students in the area of Mathematics specifically in Algebra and Trigonometry and their test anxiety. The researchers used the descriptive correlation research method that could best present and analyze information on the documentary analysis in students’ mathematics performance and descriptive survey about math test anxiety. The data was gathered from the departmental examination given in Algebra and Trigonometry for the academic year of 2013-2014. The respondents of the study were 120 students who took Algebra in the first semester before they took Trigonometry for the second semester of the said year. The statistical tolls used were frequency, weighted mean and Pearson product moment of correlation. The results revealed that the students who took the subjects were obtained a poor performance rating. On the other hand, test anxiety in mathematics moderately felt by the students that is considered a factor that might affect the students’ mathematics performance. The researchers also formulated an action plan for the enhancement of mathematics achievement to improve the passing rate in the departmental examination. The action plan focused on conducting/attending seminars regarding different learning strategies; conducting tutorial session or peer tutoring especially for those who have low performance in mathematics subjects; conducting seminar on reduction of test anxiety; conducting stress briefing to the students through the proctor before taking the exam; providing reward system in mathematics classes; and adapt fun learning techniques in teaching mathematics. And also, the researchers recommended to the math teachers to develop different learning strategies in all mathematics subjects and to provide relaxation techniques before giving the exam to their students.
97 Internal Communication Channels: Extent of Practices to Sustain a Well-Informed Academic Community, Esmenia R. Javier (Ph.D), Maribeth G. Buenviaje (DBA)
The study aimed to determine the timeliness and adequacy, relevance and accuracy of the information provided in the internal communication through various channels being practiced in the Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas in terms of written, verbal and electronic communications. Descriptive type research method was utilized in the study. Results showed that there is a need for continuous improvements particularly on the appropriateness and timeliness of the communication channel and the way that the internal communication should be able to catch the attention of the recipients, and that this should be more clear and precise that can create more understanding of the information intended to be conveyed. The electronic communications reach the recipients on real time but not all department heads may be able to check their emails from time to time. Therefore, it is recommended to implement and monitor the proposed action plan and evaluate the internal communication channel every two years to assess the improvement on how information liquefies among the members of the academic community.
98 Assessment of Library Holdings, Services and Utilization: Basis for the Accreditation Preparation of an Engineering Department , Ma. Elsa V. Guarino (RL) , Marian C. De Mesa (RGC, Ed.D.) , Nemy Chavez (IE)
This study was conducted to assess the Library holdings, services and utilization in Lyceum International Maritime Academy (LIMA) Campus particularly in the College of Engineering. Descriptive type of research was utilized in the study. Results showed that the Faculty members and studentrespondents find that the utilization, services and the book collection on General Education and Engineering Subjects as moderately extensive and functioning very well. The quality of the collections is maintained through regular checking against standard bibliographies avoiding unnecessary duplication of titles and acquiring a wide variety of titles with enduring value. It is recommended to check and update the number of book collections, periodicals and other library materials to support the various instructional needs of the Professional and GE Engineering Faculty and students; and request from the respective colleges the list of references at least every Summer of the next School Year that would be used and would be helpful for the students of the College of Engineering.
99 Principals’ Administrative Skills for Secondary Schools in Plateau State, Nigeria, Michael Olarewaju Ogundele (Ph.D), Anpe Maria Sambo & Gambo Maurice Bwoi
- This study investigated the necessary skills needed by principals in the effective administration of schools at secondary school level. The issue of poor academic performance of students in Nigeria could be attributed to poor administrative skills of school administrators. The poor performance was however, as a result of the multi-faceted problems facing the system in Nigeria such as: inadequate funding; inadequate facilities; low morale of teachers; poor supervision of schools and frequent changes in educational policies. The roles of the principal in meeting these challenges were examined as the chief executive who manages the school finance and who can use his ingenuity to raise fund to complement government’s efforts; a motivator and a change facilitator. This study was carried out in some selected schools in Jos North Local Government in Plateau state. Principal Administrative Skills Survey Questionnaire (PASSQ) was used to obtain information. Some of the recommendations include: The modern-day school principals should be knowledgeable, professionally and administratively competent. Government should make provision for sponsoring principals and organising conferences for them to serve as a means for professional growth as well as incentives to the principals; Principals must define objectives with teachers as teachers would be committed in their job to ensure that the objectives are achieved as they participated in deciding the objectives.
100 Mathematics Teachers’ Perception of Difficult Concepts in Secondary School Mathematics Curriculum in Benue State, Nigeria, CLEMENT O. IJI, PhD ; JERRY E. OMENKA, PhD
This study was designed to investigate secondary school mathematics teachers’ classification of concepts along the dimensions of difficulty level. Also, the intent was to study how mathematics teachers’ cognitive views and conceptualizations influence their perception of mathematics learning items as either difficult or otherwise. Ninety-five mathematics teachers at the secondary school level were used for this study. The instrument spanned algebra, number and numeration, geometry, trigonometry and statistics. Further, the concepts included in the instrument were extracted from the West African Examinations Council’s General Certificate in Education(GCE) O’ level syllabus and the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) secondary school mathematics curriculum. The result of the analysis performed on responses of the subjects involved in the study showed poor agreement in the classifications of the mathematics concepts. Agreement was slightly strong on only five items. It seems the mathematics teachers agree that a majority of the items are important but easy to learn and teach.