1 Development of Self Orientation Scale for Measurement of Karen Horney’s Tripartite Neurotic Trends, Arun Kumar
After going through literature of Horney’s tripartite neurotic trends, the items for the Self Orientation Scale were selected. The scale was developed with 15 items. Each item begins with a situation which has three alternative behavioral responses. One depicting moving towards people, second depicting moving away and the third depicting moving against people. The scale was administered to 100 students. For item analysis of the test the median split was applied to the scores of moving towards people, away from people and against people and two groups for each neurotic trend were obtained. The frequencies of the responses to each alternative were tabulated for the high and the low groups. Chi-square test was applied on these frequencies to test whether the particular response differentiated between the high and the low groups pertaining to the concerned tendency. Those items where a significant chi square value has been obtained have high discriminative validity and thus are quite appropriate for distinguishing people who are high or low on the respective trends.