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A Study of Consumer Sensitivity in the Direction of Branded Petrol and Dieselin Kadi and Mehsana City

Dr. Prof. Chanduji Thakor, Prof. Jignesh Patel


The external environments affecting the organization are changing. These have led to increase in pressure on the firm. Threats in the form of competition, product commonality, increasing cost of attracting new customers have brought the firms under pressure. In the new business scenario, brands are becoming the most valuable assets that a business can possess. Competition is customer friendly. It shifts the balance of power form seller to the buyer. Brands in this context are new business warriors. They connect corporations with customers. They are tools of monopoly creation within the competitive setting. Petroleum Companies like IOC, BPCL, and Reliance are trying to differentiate their products by branding them. In this paper the researchers have tried to find how the concept of branding is successful in the case of petrol and diesel. The researchers have surveyed 100 petrol and diesel consumers from North Gujarat region on the basis of convenience sampling method. To make the research the middleman i.e. petrol pump owners/managers/employees are also surveyed.