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Atif Mahmood & Abira Aftab

Journal Title:Escalating Research

A hospital is a health care setting that provides care and treatment to patients through trained staff and specialized equipment. Recovery from diseases and attainment of health is crucial for everybody. Therefore, health care professionals gain core position in the treatment of diseases and prevention of other health hazards like Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI). The HAI is one of those hazardous conditions which adversely affect patients thus further contributing to ill health. This term paper defines this scorching issue in depth. It reviews the prevalence of nosocomial infections in relation to the globe and specifically in Pakistan. Furthermore, the paper also explains some of the causes which lead to hospital acquired infections. In addition, the paper also discusses its therapeutic management based on different pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions. The pharmacological approaches include antibiotics and non-pharmacological include awareness about universal precautions to limit and eliminate hospital acquired infections. Moreover, it provides strategies and recommendations to treat and preclude these infections. It also highlights some of the data gaps needed to be explored in future in order to prevent and alleviate the sufferings from HAI. Hence, implementation of these strategies would not only help in declining the burden of nosocomial infection in our country but also throughout the world.