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Amna khan

Journal Title:Escalating Research

Try to take what I am saying at face value and do not try to read into it. I am not capable of that kind of phrasing Many of us might have seen people with some awkward or strange facial expression and we might have come across with people who may have difficulty in understanding nonverbal communications, social interactions and in sequencing the objects. Such people are supposed to have Autism. Autism is acknowledged as complex developmental disability which is mostly said to appear in first three years of a child not every child be a victim of it but if you observe a child with abnormal facial expression or unsocial behavior then he might be at risk of autism. Historically the traces of autism were prevailing earlier in 1943 but it was Leo Kanner who first clarified the details of autistic behavior. Prior to his explanation autism was named as childhood schizophrenia. Kanner observed that such affected individuals were showing difficulty in understanding others feelings and they are obsessive. Such infants might face visual hindrances. Autism spectrum disorder is another wide term used for lifelong complex neurological disorder with no known cause in many cases but it is portrayed by three spheres of influence mostly communication, interaction and monotonous behaviors.