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Handri Wirastuti Sawitri dan Rahadi Wasi Bintoro

Journal Title:Dinamika Hukum

Continuation of the environment at the end of this century has more attention, not only in Indonesia but also throughout the world. Sustainability of the environment this time was viewed as an obligation of the world community. This matter then pushing the environment damage becomes a deed of contempt of court, so it can be a reason to submit the suing. This article study about the solving of environment dispute by extrajudicial procedure and solving of environment dispute by judicial procedure. Based on the analysis, the pollution and destruction of the environment resulted in the loss of certain parties, such as community, the environmental organizations and government. This can be resolved through extrajudicial or judicial procedure. Solution of extrajudicial dispute can be done by mediation, and conciliation of arbitration. Solution by litigation can be done by class action, legal standing, suing to PTUN. Keyword: Sustainable development, dispute resolution, arbitration.