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Entrepreneurial Competency in SME'S

Dr.L. Vijay and V.K. Ajay

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

In recent times, SMEs especially in the emerging economies are struggling to navigate the current rough economic ocean. Debates are going on among scholars, practitioners and policy makers to identify a model to assist SMEs to sail smoothly through the stretch of hurdles. Reflecting on Gibb (2005)s contention pertaining to the significant role of SME entrepreneurs in managing their ventures, some insights into how to increase the odds of survival and success among SMEs could possibly be unearthed. In essence, calls to refocus on the key roles of the entrepreneurs open up rooms for further deliberation on the requisite competencies that can be ingrained to cushion the adverse economic impact among SMEs. Based on the Theory of Entrepreneurial Competency proposed by Bird (1995), this study posits that competency model could shed some light into ways to increase the likelihood of business survival and success especially in the context of a developing country.