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An Experimental Study on the Effect of Microstructure on Wear Behavior of Fe-Cr-C Hardfacing Alloys

K.M. KenchiReddy and C.T. Jayadeva

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

Hardfacing is a low cost method of depositing wear resistant surfaces on metal components to extend service life. The prime requirement of a metal is to have good resistance to wear, corrosion and high temperature. A study has been carried out to investigate the relationship between abrasive wear resistance and microstructure of Fe-Cr-C hardfacing alloy. Two different commercial hardfacing electrodes were employed to investigate the effect of the microstructure. Results indicate that as hardness increases, the loss of wear decreases. Electrode-I has less wear as compared to electrode-II as the percentage of chromium, carbon and silicon is more in electrode-I. The abrasion tests were carried out in a dry sand?rubber wheel abrasion machine according to the procedure A of ASTM G65 standard. The factors such as, arc current, arc voltage, welding speed, electrode stick-out and preheat temperature, predominantly influence the weld quality.