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Removal of Air Containing Tri Ethyl Amine (Tea) Using Vapor Phase Biofilter Packed With Wood Chips and Rice Husk

Bharath Gandu, K. Sandya, A. Gangagni Rao and Y.V. Swamy

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

Mixed bacterial strains named as AGR/IICT/1-5B was isolated from the active sludge of ETP of a polymerization industry. Strains AGR/IICT/1-5B was primarily identified as 3 gram positive and 2 gram negative bacteria. These strains were used for the abatement of TEA in bio filters. Experiments were conducted on biofilter having the working volume of 1.2 L. Microorganism was immobilized on mixture of wood chips and rice husk (1:1 v/v) which is used as the filter medium. The biofilter was operated at the following conditions; Temperature 30c, pH values in the range of 7.0 -7.6, Loading rate at 1-144 g m-3h-1, EBRT at 20-40 s, moisture content at 50-59%. Removal efficiency in the range of 90-95% was obtained during the study.