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A Comparative Study on Removal of Toluene by Batch Reactor using Different Fungal Culture Isolated from Municipal Sewage Water

S. Bhuvaneswari, A.G. Deepa Priya, A.R. Dhayananda Shakar, C.S. Sharath Kumar, M. Gopinath and R. Dhanasekar

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

The increasing rate of polluted gases in the atmosphere raises some of the major environmental and human health related problems that was recently suspected; hence the comparative study on removal of toluene by batch reactor using different fungal culture helps to minimize the toluene gas in the atmosphere. The comparative study on toluene removal was investigated by various parameters such as effect of different fungal culture with its characterization and effect of concentration. After startup the batch reactor was kept in a shaker with 150 rpm for five days with the synthetic effluent, prepared with Toluene concentration of about 1% was used for the entire study. The treated effluent was analyzed by GC-FID for Toluene degradation and was found to be 75% (the environmental conditions were maintained by pH 7 and 30oC ) by Penicillium sp. greater than the Aspergillus niger and Trichoderma viride. A single cycle of two weeks provided degradation rate of about 92%. This provides further scope for experimentation which will be useful in developing the continuous removal of toluene by successive batch reactor or continues reactor.