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FEM Analysis of Effect of Rolling Parameters on Cold Rolling Process

K. Devarajan, K. Prakash Marimuthu and Dr. Ajith Ramesh

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

A FEM simulation study was carried out to investigate the influence of the rolling parameters on the rolling process. Using commercial FEM software, ABAQUS, a number of cases were studied. In this paper, a two-dimensional Elastic-plastic finite element model to simulate the cold rolling of thick strip with different roll angular velocity and roll diameter models is described. The angular velocity of the rigid rolls ranged from 30 to 480 revolutions per minute (r.p.m.) and the rigid roll diameter ranged from 100 to 300 mm. The initial feeding speed of the plate and friction was kept constant, thus causing a slip between the plate and the roll surfaces. The main interest of this study is to see whether the speed of the rolls and the diameter of the rolls have any influence on the contact pressure and the residual stress in cold rolling process. The roll speed is an easily controlled operational parameter which may be used to enhance the process and the quality of the final products by changing the roller diameter and see the effect of stress and contact pressure on the thick plates strip is new one.