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A Study on Customer Preference Towards Electronic Goods

Dr.S. Aravinth

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

The preference of customers is nothing but the required a product or commodity according to their expected features and attributes. In this regard the researcher is dealt with the housewife and taken them as respondents in the name of customer on their choices of purchasing electronic goods. In this fast moving world, the city life has much more advanced in many schedules. Without the adoption of electronic good one family could not be a competed one in the society. The family is always lead by the women, who shares the half of the burden of the leader for a family. In such a situation she preference more advanced and supporting commodities which fulfils her day to day works. The researcher has designed a framework or a task which is actually leads to find the significant relationship between the wife acceptance factor and the electronic goods [1]. This will also gives an opportunity to the retailers who actually deals with the electronic consumer goods, to know the exact behaviour of the family administrator on purchasing electronic commodities.