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Evaluation of Stream Flow Network using Entropy Measures of Normal and Lognormal Distributions

N. Vivekanandan

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

Evaluation of stream flow network in any geographical region has utmost importance for planning, design and management of water resources so as to reduce chances of project failure and also to minimize the economic risk. Setting up and maintaining a streamflow network is an evolutionary process, which is need to be reviewed and upgraded periodically to arrive at the optimum network. This paper illustrates the use of entropy measures given by normal and log-normal distributions for evaluation of streamflow network with nine gauging stations of Krishna basin. The study shows that the Pondugala and Wadenapalli stations provided 100% redundant information, indicating possible discontinuation from the existing network of the basin. The paper presents the methodology adopted in evaluation of streamflow network and the results obtained thereof.