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Radiotherapy - A Focused Ray of Hope  

Radiotherapy - A Focused Ray of Hope  

Aklanta Kumar Gogoi, Shivu ME, Ravi Varma M, Swati Pichika and Karthik D Yadav

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Cancer Biology

Oral carcinoma has occupied the sixth position with the 5 year survival rate at 50% or even less. Over the years various other diagnostic methods have been added for the process of diagnosis, however they are just adjunctive to the screening methods. Right treatment at the right time remains as a very important aspect even today and is considered to play a vital role in achieving a good prognosis. Treatment includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and many more. However, the role of each of the treatment is to eradicate oral carcinoma but has its own side effects. Radiotherapy can be used as a single modality as well as an adjuvant to the surgical management after surgery. However, the side effects is a matter of concern in radiotherapy.