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Interaction Analysis of MAT Foundation and Space Frame for the Non Linear Behaviour of the Soil

Dr.D. Daniel Thangaraj and Dr.K. Ilamparuthi

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

Structural analysis is one of the most important aspects in structural design, since it gives an idea about the performance of the structure under load. Right from the beginning when the process of development started in the field of soil-structure interaction, an attempt has been made to bring sophistication in the theoretical methods of analysis. In the conventional analysis the stress-strain response of the soil is not considered. The equilibrium equations are satisfied but the compatibility is not considered. But in reality the soil, the foundation and the frame act together as a single compatible unit. The non-linear response of soil is considered for this analysis. The non-linear response of the soil is included in the analysis through multi linear isotropic (MISO) model and the parameters used in the parametric study are relative stiffness factors krs and ksb which are the function of the modulus of the soil, modulus of frame raft materials and geometric properties of the structural elements.