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Study on Spatio- Economic Relationship of Industries in Greater Nagpur Area

Rashmi S. Waghmare

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

This paper is an attempt to address the spatio-economic relationship of the industries and the general theory and challenges relating to the industrial location. The existing industrial performance of the region, the top performing and lagging industries of the region along with the spatial analysis were ascertained, using tools like shift share analysis, location quotients and delineation tools such as land and economic suitability matrix. Nagpur is becoming one of the major nuclei for Industrial Growth in the State of Maharashtra and the country in a larger perspective. Thus, this paper tries to represents the regional industrial environment through proper industrial mix where the enterprises can make profit by determining spatial margin to profitability. It can be used as the foundation for enterprises to select locations and type of industries in the overall scope of industry allocation.