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Finite Element Analysis of Elastic Stresses around Holes in Plate Subjected to Uniform Tensile Loading

B. Mallikarjun, P. Dinesh, K.I. Parashivamurthy

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

The author reported stress analysis of infinite isotropic plate with a cylindrical circular hole and oblique hole. The present work deals with infinite isotropic plate under uniform tensile load. Three components of different material with different obliquity angle were used for analysis. These components having holes circular & oblique at angles 0, 30 and 60 degree are considered for study. The long twisted blades of gas turbine blade will be treated as infinite plate with oblique holes/cooling holes constituting a geometrically complex, three- dimensional body that is subjected to the action of systems centrifugal force. Stress concentration and stress field around oblique holes is a major challenge area in design of aerofoil in aerospace applications for safety because of their highly specialized applications in aerospace field under severe operating conditions. In design, Stress Concentration Factor (SCF) can be used as multiplication factor, and using that maximum stress can be predicted, thus it shows the stress field around local region. The experimental methods used are photo elastic and strain gauge techniques. When a infinite plate containing a cylindrical oblique hole is subjected to remotely applied uniform tensile load, the circumferential stresses along the boundary of the hole are produced which have been successfully used to predict stresses around holes. The resulting Stress Concentration Factor (SCF) obtained by Finite Element (FE) analysis are compared with experimentally obtained values. The results of FEA technique are in good agreement with experimental values, thus providing a means of analysing more effectively realistic Gas turbine blades. For analysis FEA software MSC/PATRAN, MSC/ NASTRAN-NX v7.0 has been used.