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Micro-Entrepreneurship: A Sustenance Tool in the Unserved Market

G. Magesh Kuttalam

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

Organisations living in the age of intensified competition make the entire organisation to involve and reinvent their strategies and tactics so as to retain or develop business. In spite of the efforts a large market (3/4th of the world population) remains unserved or underserved called as Bottom of Pyramid (BOP). Different experts estimate the size of BOP market as 3-5 trillion USD annually. This untapped potential attracts many of the contemporary marketers. Unfortunately a very few could succeed in their endeavour. Many corporations were unable to reach the set target and could not sustain their mission. The paper attempts to explore the challenges that were in the way to serve the unserved market. The paper ends suggesting that developing micro entrepreneurship pertaining to each village or settlement will help organisations to manoeuvre the challenges.