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The Psycho-Social Aspects of Non-Adherence in ART Therapy in HIV/AIDS and Social Work Intervention: A Case Study in Delhi

R. Seema Rani

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

HIV/AIDS, the epidemic is a major concern of public health since its impacts are devastating. Though the highly active antiretroviral therapy has significantly minimized the fast mortality rates among PLHIVs yet Non-adherence has occurred as one of the biggest challenge in the success of antiretroviral therapy because it declines its effectiveness. 95% adherence is hardly achieved and ensured. Factors causes non-adherence are many but hidden psycho-social aspects are yet to be studied intensely. More over the attached social stigma and discrimination may determine the success of the treatment. Psycho-social situation determines one?s ability to adhere to treatment. The social work profession is simply meant to meet the human rights of people with certain principles, values and approaches. The case study approach tends to deal with various behavior dynamics and social situations through regular interaction and coping strategies. This paper by case study presents how psycho-social situations make a person non-adherent and suggest the role of social worker in controlling and enabling the clients to be adherent.