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Multi-Response Optimization of Manual Material Handling Tasks through Utility Concept

Jaswinder Singh, P. Kalra and R.S. Walia

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

In this work six Manual Material Handling (MMH) task parameters such as box size, Body Mass Index (BMI), frequency of lift, load lifted, vertical distance of lift, and asymmetric angle were chosen for multi response optimization of task parameters. Most of the existing approaches for multi response optimization of process parameters focus upon the subjective and practical knowledge available about the process. This is particularly true in case of Taguchi based optimization. however, this approach introduces some uncertainties and confusions in overall decision-making process. keeping in view these limitations, an approach based on a utility theory and Taguchi quality loss function (TQLF) has been applied to MMH tasks for simultaneous optimization of more than one response characteristics