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Microwave Drilling with Litz Wire using a Domestic Applicator

Nitin K. Lautre, Apurbba K. Sharma, Pradeep Kumar and Shantanu Das

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

The work presented in the paper shows a way to drill a blind hole on perspex material at 2.45 GHz frequency of microwaves using a domestic applicator of 700 W maximum powers. The approach was based on the approach was based on the application of a Litz wire coax as a monopole, to act like a drill bit with a heat source. The methodology involves no rotary but, single linear movement of tool inside a microwave applicator for drilling. A computer simulation on COMSOL for about 50 minute each run, was also used to show the heat distribution inside microwave applicator. The result of computer simulation helped to locate the optimized position of Litz wire inside the applicator for optimum heat generation. The experimental results show the feasibility of microwave drilling and limitations on perspex specimen in the used applicator. The work presented involves a new approach in the area of microwave drilling of materials on a customized domestic microwave setup