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Shock Model Approach to Determine the Expected Time to Recruitment using Two Parameter Type I Generalized Logistic Distribution

R. Elangovan and T. Ramani

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

Manpower is a term which means a group of person who has acquired some particular skill or expertisation to undertake a particular type of job. Manpower planning is an important aspect of human resource management based on mathematical and statistical modeling. Loss of manpower is unpredictable; a suitable requirement policy has to be designed to overcome this loss. Determination of expected time to recruitment, and the likely time at which the total manpower loss reaches a particular level called threshold is an important aspect. In this paper the expected time to recruitment and its variance are derived by assuming two parameter type I generalized logistic distribution using the concept of Shock model and cumulative damage process. The breakdown point at which the organization crosses the threshold level is also derived. The analytical results are substantiated with suitable numerical illustrations