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Autonomous Maintenance: A Case Study on Assela Malt Factory

Melesse Wakjira Workineh and Ananth Shalvapulle Iyengar

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

Purpose: M/S Assela Malt Factory (AMF) is the pioneer in malt supply to the breweries throughout the Ethiopia. The boiler plant faces machines failures, and rate of failures is increasing year after year, which affect the production cost. The important problems of the boiler plant are machine breakdown, machine idle, production loss, too much maintenance man hour, high maintenance expenses, and plant capacity loss. Objective of the research is productivity improvement through identification of problems in machines and the improvement of efficiency, employee?s attitude and culture of work.Quality in maintenance and the associated product quality is aimed to be enhanced by application of Autonomous Maintenance (AM) and set maintenance plan for the plant. Design/Methodology/Approach: The study proceeded with observation, data collection, related literature review; document analysis, interview, and giving training for the operators to embark upon 5S implementation at boiler house. A three steps approach for maintenance and improvement of the machine were implemented. First to set the cleaning procedure for the machine and work place, inspection and check for the cause of breakdown and initiate corrective action by maintenance, and final to assign the standard plan for maintenance. Findings and Originality/Value: This plan has resulted in remarkable improvements in maximum effectiveness of equipment, tidier workplace and morally boosted employees. This project was completed within 18 months and results of research are following conclusion. Breakdown was decreased about 46.38% per month. Average capacities were increased about 8.75% per month. Production capacities were increased about 4.85% per month. Machine idle was decreased about 8.01per month. Maintenance man-hours were decreased about 22.93% per month. Maintenance expense was decreased from begin start the project about 64.42%. Originality/Value: Ethiopian manufacturing industries needs a grass root level improvement. Implementation of 5S, TPM, and AM forms the basis for a clear path for growth and sustainability. The key success factors are identified and reported in this paper and a clear implementation steps are also provided for an Ethiopian process industry framework