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Role of Financial Institutions in Entrepreneurial Development with special reference to Women Entrepreneurs

Rajat K.Sant


The word entrepreneur has been taken from the French language where it cradled and originally meant to designate an organiser of musical or other entertainments. Entrepreneurship among women in India is a recently fast growing concept that is applauded in several quarters of our Na tional life. The Central and State Governments have initiated a number of steps taken in recent years for giving a great fillip to the cause of Women Entrepreneurship Development by way of granting a variety of special concessions, incentives, subsidies, r ebates and assistance of varied nature, financial, technical, organizational and managerial etc. The Financial Institutions also has been contributing its share to this cause. They have launched a number of schemes of assistance to the favor of women entre preneurs. Several women's Organisations at national and regional levels have also taken up this cause and sponsored a number of conferences and workshops in recent times, which gave a great moral support and inspiration for the women entrepreneurs to take up viable schemes of business and industry. The present paper in this regard is an attempt to examine the role of financial institutions in promoting small scale and tiny industries in terms of growth of entrepreneurs.