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Academic Procrastination in relation to Socio - demographic variables

Prof. A .K.Kalia , Manju Yadav


Procrastination is a common behavior in contemporary societies (Ferrari, Johnson, & M cCown, 1995; Ferrari,O Callaghan, & Newbegin, 2005). There is also a great mystery in procrastination research. That is, although many students indicate needing help for overcoming procrastination (Gallagher et al., 1992), and there are case descriptions of students whose performance has been hurt by procrastination (Burka & Yuen, 1983). Thus the problem is significant enough to require utmost attention. Academic Procrastination in relation to Socio - demographic variables. objectives of the present study w ere To study and compare the academic procrastination of male and female adolescents and to study and compare the academic procrastination of urban and rural adolescents and hypotheses were there is no significant difference between academic procrastinati on of male and female adolescents. Urban and rural adolescents are similar on academic procrastination. A sample of 400 adolescents equally divided on the basis of gender and residence was randomly selected from +1 stage studying in senior secondary school s of Haryana. For the purpose of sampling the whole of the Haryana state was divided into five zones, i.e. North, East, South, West and Central. One district from each zone was selected by Random Lottery Method i.e. Rewari, Punchkula, Faridabad, Hisar and Rohtak. A list of senior secondary schools from each district was procured from the concerned D.E.O. Four schools from each district (2 urban + 2 rural) were selected randomly from the list supplied by D.E.O.. From the selected schools 20 students (10 mal e + 10 female) of +1stage were selected using lottery method making a total sample to 400.