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Educational Approaches in E- learning

Vidyadevi Patil


SRJIS / Vidyadevi Patil ( 1157 - 1162 ) VOL. II/X I , MARCH - APRIL , 2014 www.srjis.com Page 1157 Educational Approaches in E - learning Vidyadevi Patil Principal, Jai Ganesh College of Education, Pune. In this paper we are delighted to be able to support E - learning as an effective tool of learning. E - learning gives an opportunity to the learner to complete his/her education/sessions easily and conveniently. It is a very flexible and self paced method of education. E - learning is a worldwide service and it motivates adults to learn. The urge to learn can be a result of desire for recognit ion, self esteem, natural curiosity, enhance the self confidence and the opportunity to self actualize which itself is a learning at its core. E - learning allows a needful based learning. The paper presented throws light on the approaches used to deliver E - learning. Also the technological support is an absolute necessity of e - learning. This paper tries to explain the technology used for delivering these approaches.