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The study of human values on creative development of teacher trainees in relation to their Academic achievement

Minakshi Biswal


Distortion of values is partially due to imbalance between ancient values and explosion of knowledge in war field technology. Atomic weapons, bio - weapons, explosives, missiles etc., are threatening the whole man - kind. Developed countries possess all types of dreadful modern weapons and trying to boss over developing and underdeveloped countries. Todays, the entire mankind is living in the shade of fearful atmosphere. Mans very existence is at stake and hence he is indulging himself in all wicked activities. As value crisis is rampant in our s ociety, there is a need of value integration society. This could be possible only through incorporation of values in education system which in turn directs value oriented teachers. This is a study deals with the effect of academic achievement and creative development of the progressive teachers on their attitude towards human values. It is found that creative development and academic achievement have a positive effect on the attitude towards human values.