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Microwave assisted improved synthesis of chalcones under microwave irradiation and their antibacterial activity

Vikas Tiwari, Jayant P. Singh, Parul Sharma, Laxmi lal Dangi, Shiv S. Dulawat*

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Chalcones have been synthesized under microwave irradiation by Claisen-Schmidt condensation between substituted acetophenone and appropriately substituted benzeldehydes using catalytic amount of aq. NaOH. Reactions on microwave irradiations (MWI) resulted in enhancement of yield and reaction rates. The protocol offers several advantages such as simple procedure, fast reaction rate, mild reaction conditions and excellent yield.Structure elucidations of synthesized compounds have been accomplished by elemental analysis and spectral data. All the compounds have been screened for antibacterial activity by the cupplate method.