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Electrical transport in three different citrus fruit juices; bitter Lemon, Grape and sweet Orange

S. S. Oluyamo

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The electrical properties of three different citrus fruit juices (i.e bitter lemon, grape and sweet orange) were investigated at electric field values 0.05-3.00 V/m. Fresh and certified ripe samples of the fruits were obtained and the juices extracted using suitable juice extractor. The current through the samples were found to increase gradually with voltage from minimum to maximum values. A small current through all the samples at low voltages below a critical point (i.e. decomposition potential) was observed in all the samples. The averaged decomposition potentials for the three samples were 0.56 V, 0.45 V and 0.30 V for bitter lemon, grape and sweet orange juices. The conductances of the three samples were also found to increase with increase in volume. This is an indication that the concentration of the samples increases with increase in volume. The sweet orange sample had the highest value of the decomposition potential, followed closely by grape orange, while bitter orange had the least conductance. However, the bitter orange had the highest range of conductance followed by sweet orange and then, grape juice.