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In - Service Training spells its Impact on Classroom Practices: Observation of Some Significant Variables at Elementary School Level

Sankar Prasad Mohanty


This research paper speaks about i n - service training for teachers at elementary education level with an objective to explore any Changes in Classroom Practices of Elementary Schools as a result of such training. The classroom teaching processes were observed through a Classroom Observatio n Schedule (researchers made) from 90 (ninety) classes of both trained (56 classes) and un - trained (34 classes) teachers working in elementary schools. The analysis was made through simple percentage calculation on the activities of the teachers and criti cal ratios (CR) were calculated to find the significance of the difference between two percentages obtained from classes of trained (56 classes) and un - trained (34 classes) teachers. The results depict that in - service training has significant positive effe cts, in favour of trained teachers, on dimensions of classroom practices: teachers response and treatment/ pupil - teacher interaction students attentiveness; activities during lesson / scope for interaction among pupils; and student evaluation and textboo k usage.