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Cultural Values of Teachers influence their role as Cultural Transformers

Kuldeep Singh and Seema Dhawan


Culture is the "lens" through which one views the world. It is central to what one see s , how one make s sense of what he/she sees and how one expresses hi m /herself. Cultural intelligence is the capability to grow personally through continuous learning and good understanding of the diverse cultural heritage, wisdom and values and to deal effectively wi th people from different cultural background and understanding s . It is key to the success of todays cross culture, cross border, cross organization al jobs . Cultural values predict multiple forms of cultural adaptation, including psychological well - being, general adjustment, work adjustment, and communication adjustment. In today's globalizing world, cultural Value is a necessary tool for every teacher who deals with diverse teams of students, parents, competitors, government and others. Teachers are the transformer of cultural values to the society. The present paper deals with the study of cultural values of pupil teachers.