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Fluoride contaminated ground water and its implications on human health in Deoli Tehsil (Tonk District) in Rajasthan

K.S. Meena*1, R.K. Gunsaria,2 Kanta Meena3, N. Kumar1 , P.L.Meena1 and R.R. Meena3

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

There is a severe fluoride problem is Deoli Tehsil of Tonk district. Populace are suffering from dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis. So that physico-chemical study of 130 villages was done. The ground water samples collected in clean polyethylene bottles were analyzed for different parameters such as pH, total alkalinity (TH), fluoride (F-), nitrate (NO3 -) , total dissolved solids (TDS), chloride (Cl-), total hardness(TH), electrical conductivity(EC), Ca-H, Mg- H, CO3 -2, HCO3 - Na+, K+ by using standard techniques. Results showed that fluoride was found even up to the alarming limit of 9.60 ppm. Minimum (0.30ppm) and maximum (9.60ppm) concentration of Fluoride was observed from Akodiya and Jalseena villages respectively.