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Leadership and Management in NAAC A Grade Higher Educational Institutes of Maharashtra

Smita Patil


Higher education covers teaching , research and extension. Higher education is the source or feeder system in all walks of life and therefore supplies the much - needed human resources in management, planning, design, teaching and research. However Present scenari o regarding quality of these Higher educational institutes in our country appears to be grim. Education system has increased fourteen fold in terms of number of universities and thirty three fold in terms of the number of colleges, in comparison to the number at the time of Independence. Nevertheless, the fact illustrates how difficult it is for developing countries to bridge gaps and to keep pace with the developed world. The Indian higher education system is in a constant state of change and flux due to the increasing needs of expanding access to higher education, impact of technology on the delivery of education, increasing private participation and the impact of globalization. Taking cognizance of these developments and the role of higher education i n society. The accreditation of HEIs is must to maintain quality of HEIs. NAAC has developed five core values: contributing to national development, fostering global competencies among students, inculcating a value system in students, promoting the use o f technology and quest for excellence. The sixth criterion lays stress on the goverence and leadership qualities. It is very necessary to have competent leaders and managers who will direct the HEI towards the fulfilment of the NAAC criterions. so that the institute is able to maintain the standards set up by the NAAC committee to maintain quality of higher Educational Institutes. Management and leadership are concept which are very important to maintain the A grade of any HEI.