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In vitro anti-cancer activities of few antihypertensive agents against carcinoma of scalp by MTT assay

G. Swarna Latha*, S.Bhavani Charan Prasad, C.S.V. Ramachandra Rao

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Cancer disease arises from mutations and other aberrations of gene regulation and the expressed genes encode various growth factors, growth factor receptors and nuclear proteins which have a central role in the control of cellular proliferation. Though various drugs are available in the market, a therapeutic search for novel, potent anti?cancer agents is under process to combat the dreadful disease. In this study we report the anticancer properties of few anti?hypertensive drugs (Atenolol, Lisinopril, Nefedipine, Aldactone and Propranolol) tested against scalps cancer cells in vitro by MTT assay. A gradual decrease in the viability of scalp cells was observed in a dosedependent manner for all the drugs used in the study. Nefedipine at a tested dose of 256 ?g/ML exhibited maximum percentage inhibition of 40.43%.