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Women and Identity: Study of Vikas Bahls Hindi Film Queen(2014)

Renu Raj


This paper deals with a feminist approach to the character Rani in the Hindi film Queen (2014) directed by Vikas Bahl. The purpose of my study is to examine how the female protagonist Rani, a vulnerable and shy girl, finds her voice and create an identity of her on. When Rani being rejected by her fianc, draws up all courage and decides to go for her honeymoon to Paris all by herself. Through the journey she discovers the joy of crossing the borders?, and living on her own terms. She gains the spirit of inde pendence when she is exposed to the new world. Her experiences and interactions with different people in Paris shape her new attitude to her life. Unlike other stereotype female protagonists of Hindi films, Rani makes a difference. She is more of an emerge nt woman who finds a meaning in her life and in fact becomes Queen? of her life itself.