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Developing Training Program for the B. Ed students to teach the subject Science using Models of Teaching and finding out its effectiveness

R. A. Pathak,


Science occupies an important place in school curriculum yet the status of science teaching has shown considerable decline in developing countries. It should be taught through scientific method. This study attempts to develop a training programme for B.Ed. students so teach the subject science using models of teaching and finding out its effectiveness. The present study included Concept Attainment Model (CAM) and Inquiry Training Model (ITM) for teaching science. For this purpose 30 science teacher educator s from 15 B.Ed. colleges from three zones, thirty science method B.Ed. students (purposive sample) and classes of standard VI, VII & VIII were selected as a sample for present research. The training programme was developed after carefully examining the sug gestions given by the teacher educators during survey. After attaining the taw scores and applying statistical techniques like t test and chi square test, it was found that the developed training programme was effective, CAM and ITM were found to h ave a significant increase in the achievement of students subject science. The handbook is useful for B.Ed. students to again theoretical and practical knowledge about models of teaching.