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Occupational Stress Amongst Teachers: A Study Of The Professional Colleges Of Education In Jammu, Pr ovince Of J&K State

Mohd Zubair Kales


Occupational stress can be inadvertently linked to success or failure at ones job. The general impression about occupational stress is the feeling of failure due to work overload. But if this is the case and so simple a problem than merely by reducing the amount of work, occupational stress could have been done away with. However the problem is not that easy to pinpoint. It is here that a comparative investigation of the reasons of stress in different occupations becomes important. Herein lays the most cru cial significance of the study. To combat a problem the awareness of the conditions, which lead to it, are very important. Stress is a part of everyones daily life. It means that the person cannot cope with the demands put forward by his or her work, whic h is opposite to their expectations of rewards and success. It affects both the person concerned and the relationships he or she forms in the society be it with family or friends. Although the importance of individual differences cannot be ignored, scienti fic evidence suggests that certain working conditions are stressful to most people. The excessive workload demands and conflicting expectations and puts a greater emphasis on working conditions as the key source of job stress, and for job redesign as a pri mary prevention strategy.