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The Impact of Philosophy of Jainism on Various Aspects of Education



Jainism is a very old philosophy. It has exercised a great influence on the mind of man. Even Under the present - day educational system, boys and girls go to schools and colleges to follow a syllabus which has been set for them. The aim of education can be both social as well as individual. From the view - point of education for an individual, it should be su ch as to help develop the physical, mental and moral aspects of an individuals personality. The aim of education is thus not restricted to t he one sided development of an individuals personality; it seeks on the contrary, to develop the perfect Man. Jainism presents equal background to the aim of education and life. The aims of education would be influenced by the aims of life. Education is the important means of fulfilling the aims of life. Jainism is quite a sound philosophy and provides permanent aims of education. Jainism is not only a real source of getting worldly enjoyments and heavenly pleasures, but is a science to purify the mundane soul to attain perfection, omniscience, and undying infinite true happiness. It is original, independent, sci entific, rationalistic democratic, universal, systematic and primitive faith not only of mankind, but even of birds and bests. It provides freedom, pure bliss, self - responsibility, self - realization, all equality voluntary, co - operation, reciprocal help, sp iritual advancement, all love noble thoughts, sweet temper, simple living, pure food, contentment, international peace, exemplary action and brave conduct.