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Comparing Air Quality Standards in Developed, Developing, and Underdeveloped Nations and Its Relative Analysis with Indian Standards

Vijaya Sharma and Prashant Mehta*

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The fast growing economies in the World, and continued urbanization in countries, have increased the demand for mobility and energy in the region, resulting in high levels of air pollution in cities from both point and non point sources. The World Health Organization estimates that about 500,000 premature deaths per year are caused by air pollution, leaving the urban poor particularly vulnerable since they live in air pollution hotspots having wider exposure to variety of pollutants, which have resulted in pollution related diseases besides low respiratory resistance due to bad nutrition, and lack access to quality health care. However, by initiating air quality management measures, reducing the pollutants at source at various stages of economic development, communities and countries can avoid the severity of air pollution impacts and related costs and attain better air quality.