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Microwave mediated Solid phase synthesis of N-phenyl- 3-(substituted phenyl)-5-aryl- 2 pyrazolines and their antibacterial activity

Sheetal Shaktawat, Anju Devpura, Mangalshree Dulawat, Jayant P. Singh, Sumer S. Chundawat and Shiv S. Dulawat*

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

An ecofriendly approach for the synthesis of title compounds using inorganic solid support for its catalytic role as well as an energy transfer medium is described. In this methodology pyrazolines have been synthesized by Michael addition reaction under Microwave irradiation using Alumina as solid support. The reaction time is brought down from hours to minutes along with yield enhancement. The structures of these compounds were established by elemental analysis and spectral data. All the synthesized compounds were tested for their in vitro antibacterial activity. Some compounds showed significant antibacterial activities